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: 1. Riot can't give you LP, that's impossible. 2. You could have finished the game, trying to win, even though it's hard a 4v5 is possible 3. Ashe might have changed behaviour in game. It's better to just play the game, try to win and report afterwards than to ruin your own lp.
>Ashe might have changed behaviour in game. Really? Also, it was other people's ranked games too, and one promo. I don't want all of us to leave 15 LP up to chance, I'd rather just lose it myself and have them continue. My irritation is that it's just a bit unfair.
: unfortunatelly, my dude, you will most likely not get your lp back. even if your client freezes or there is some kind of a bug, which causes you to dodge and in the worst case scenerio lose a game of your promos, riot is not going to give it back to you just like that. happened to me many times (or i couldnt connect to the game and my team remade - i lost ~20LP). soz for the LP loss tho, but you are in fact the hero that we need, but not the one we deserve (or something like that, you know how the thing goes:^) ), you did the right thing and i respect that a lot:)
Thank you. But... it's just a bit annoying that in this case, I did the right thing, to save 3 others, / 8 if you count the enemy team. Yet I - In this sense, am the one who gets punished, and that Ashe player is running around freely. Also, having checked her match history, it is 100% obvious that she is trolling as she has 19 other games playing support - 55% Zyra and 25% Fiddlesticks. This was the only game she didn't buy support item, didn't go in her lane, and did go a completely different champion to her normal set (5% Ashe). -- The other 15% was a clear Blitzcrank support game, Rumble Top, and Maokai Support.
: OK, from the top; New maps for the standard gamemode would be reskins of the current map, simply because the 5v5 is balanced around SR. Also, that 10v10 isn't the standard gamemode, and running that thing on a low spec system would be next to unplayable. Riot have explained why they aren't doing that. And it sounds more like a permanent URF thing to me. does the client show they don't care? Those points are opinion at best.
: I lost 20LP for an unfair reason.
The Vladimir in the game, who was our actual mid laner, added me afterwards, thanking me. I can ask him to vouch for me if needed.
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: Too low farm.
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, I know that feel. Not that long ago I came to conclusion that trying to get chests in ranked is not a viable strategy. Much easier done in normals, even better if you have few premades with you
Feelsbadman, I can try the premade idea though. I just hope someone at Riot sees this. Not to necessarily change anything, but just to realise it's a bit inconvenient.
Smerk (EUW)
: Have you ever though why this grading system doesn't care about ranks? Because results aren't that different between bronze and challenger.
View the reply I put to Shamshamm. Again, not complaining as I can keep trying. But it's just a little bit unfair for those in higher elos that just want loot chests.
: Don't forget that silver players also get matchmade against other silver players etc, they could perfectly have better stats than you do against worse players than the ones you play against, if you get what i mean
I guess that makes sense, but it's still unfair that Silver players, kicking each others butts can determine whether I get a good grade - when a Veigar gets ahead in low elo, he basically has a free win. However in higher elo it is harder, so it's a bit annoying that I worked my butt off in that game to do well, carrying the entire team. And still, an A+.
Fathands (EUW)
: > average of the statistics that I have just achieved in this game. It's based on the champion you play. Not your rank.
I was just using the rank as an example of the amount of people that play the game - so the average stats on Veigar are 70% Silvers and Bronzes, so I don't understand how these stats are A+ worthy and not higher?
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Farce (EUNE)
: Nope, it was damage to objectives. Might have as well been jungle monsters. And Shyvana's got quite a high clear rate, while her E causes max hp damage on-hit. So she was basically sitting in the jungle, possibly splitting. And bear in mind smite counts to that damage as well.
This was Dragons, Towers, Inhibitors, Baron. I just felt this was the best thing to show as it's objectives. If you would like me to send the link I will, as you can see all stats.
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