: why TFT still not up ?
@Eambo will i need to relog to see it go live? or will it magically appear under the list of modes when it goes live?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: but it could be a champion who enemys ain't know how to counter or which enemy haven't readed about how to counter ,which in definition could offer and advantage , more than this there are heroes who are broken when they release such as zoe , so there is no point for such implements, it would be just a waste of time , and accordingly to this, no one would anymore buy it on 7800 ip ,and when she would become 6300 be .. the new champion would been played same ranked without giving players that much time to master it ... , so equal to 1 week or not it would be useless ,i doubt many people lose time now to train on normal games...
can confirm, i never play normals
Mopoii (EUW)
: Why is EUW "English" in American English and not British ?
As a English person, i couldn't give a damn what version of English they used. it is funny reading different peoples responses to this question. and it all this talk about "British" English just makes me remember how i hate it when an American is like "oh hey your British right? and i have to sigh and say well actually i am English i was born in England. dunno why it tilts me so much, but the UK is full of so many diverse and wonderfully different cultures and regions i hate us being lumped into one group. let us celebrate who we are. ask any Welshman or Scot where he is from and they will proudly say Wales or Scotland, i doubt many would say Britain. and that isn't a bad thing. buuuut im ranting... *quietly walks out backwards*
Arzzo (EUW)
: wait wait wait, you actually believe zed needs a nerf? Boi he actually needs a few buffs to be a viable pick again. Zed's kit works best during midgame (it was designed for it) yet his winrate is HORRIBLE from start of the game up to 25 minutes, in lategame he becomes decent and honestly, that phase of the game just isn't the best one for an assasin. He has no lvl 1 - 3 trading potential what so ever. Until lvl 3 you can't really fight the enemy laner at all. at lvl 3 most midlaners still outdamage him. At lvl 4 he gets somewhat of a small spike that allows him to trade.. twice a minute at max (if he even hits his stuff) Lethality sucks ass since it got nerfed past it's 2 glory weeks when it was strong. You get 0.6 armor pen at lvl 1 per lethality point and you get 1 armor pen per 1 lethality at lvl 18, so with a max build it reduces 56 armor in lategame, every tank just laughs about that. Any bit of armor cucks Zed really hard. He has NO base damages what so ever, no sustain, a pretty weak passive and all AND is difficult to play since basicly his entire kit needs his skillshots to land. He has nothing statwise, no offense, no defense, no real utility. Build tank and well, you can just aswell play without a keyboard cuz you won't do any damage. So you are forced to go raw damage and get outclassed by anything that builds Ninja tabi early. Rune System rework: With runes reforged zeds winrate dropped SIGNIFICANTLY hard overall. Thunderlords back then did slightly less damage but had a 20 seconds cooldown and with the runes he could manage his early game to not get bullied as hard. During that riot nerfed him a couple of times pretty hard, then the assassin rework came which hit him even harder and THEN they made the reworked rune system, no more early game for zed and Electrocute had a way to high cooldown to be useful for him. Zed was actually balanced around thunderlords back then to make his trade damage "more balanced", as soon as that got reworked and a lot worse, zed has little to no trading potential whatsoever early on. His waveclear costs him a lot of energy which will make him struggle to use any abilities for almost 30 seconds, it's only up once every 26 seconds. Viktor as example has a lazer that has like what, 8 - 15 seconds at max, cooldown which instaclears the wave for him. Zeds E doesn't not stack damage, even if he hits you with both shadows and his own E you only get slowed, the damage is the same as one E. His Q gets reduced damage by 50% after the first target, making him hit a full damage tripple Q even harder since he will need to place his shadows good so they all count as first target hit. If a Zed all ins you, LITERALLY hits 3 Q's full damage, procks electrocute, hits his E and does 1 autoattack with his passive on, if you're not a tank, you SHOULD die. Looking at other champs like camille who deal 1000 true damage with an enhanced aa, ALL YOU CAN DO IS BUILD RAW HP TO TANK IT OUT. I see you seem to be an Ahri main, she is according to stats and WR the best midlane pick up to platinum, from diamond on her winrate drops slightly. If you get to a point where Zed can trade you with you having to back off and no option to trade back since you cannot really get close, you have done previous mistakes to make the lane shift like that. I played many matches as Viktor vs Zed in every state those 2 champions were. I bullied zed early so hard that he has a significant lack in farm. If he tries to trade me I just go aggressive on his ass and he looses it to a point he literally has to base. If he tries an all in, well guess what, just sidestepping his Q after his ult will make his damage insignificant, if you don't trust yourself with it you can run exhaust and wait a little after his ult until he starts his Q animation, this lowers his damage a lot, endresults is you got an inting zed. Your suggestions on a nerf for him are simply a joke. Oh wow Ahri is allowed to have 1 Ability that hits TWICE and needs 1 aa to prock electrocute, and literally an autoaiming W that activates electrocute aswell, but zed isn't allowed to place a shadow and hit 3 skillshots to prock his electrocute. Why should his WEQ not activate electrocute? It's the only thing that makes this champion somewhat playable in the first place. It's not that hard to dodge his Q's and as soon as you dodge only 1 Q of his combo, he won't prock electrocute and the damage he dealt to you with just 1 E and 1 Q are not even needed to be mentioned as how low that damage actually is. Seen any people in challenger who play zed a lot recently? Neither have I so think about that. If zed is SOOOOOOO broken and SOOOO unfair to play against, why is not 1 challenger abusing it? Imagine what would happen even if Faker said he will try to reach rank 1 KR by just playing zed, everyone in challenger would laugh at him cuz that will never happen in the current state of the game. All I can add to this wall of text: "Gold 5 hardstuck with a negative winrate, even dropped back to silver once in the past few months" l2p the game properly boi
to add to my original comments about zed and this topic, id actually agree (as much as i can since ive never played zed so i cant say how he "feels" to play and judge if he needs a buff) he is certainly easy to play against so i guess that would mean he needs a buff of some kind, maybe just QoL adjustments i dunno
Rismosch (EUW)
: Sure it is off topic. I suggested a balance update an you come here and lecture me how I should play against him instead of judging the idea.
not really, im judging your idea on the basis that zed doesnt need a balance update he is fine, and he does his job as an ASSASSIN perfectly hes one of the few left in this game that are actually assassins. if played against correctly he is perfectly fine and managable
Rismosch (EUW)
: Kinda off topic dude. I never claimed Zed is unbalanced or something, rather he does too much damage with what should be poke.
its on-topic as he is an assassin so does alot of dmg, thats kinda his point. if you play correctly against him his dmg is a non issue thus on topic
: Hmm so what would happen if he joins me? Everyone would be lower than silver1 apart myself?
well aslong as he is silver 1 or below he can join up with you even if your bronze 5, its also perfectly ok for him to join with you if he is on a "smurf account" thats to say even if he is gold 1 in soloque on his main account he can use a fresh lv 30 and join up with you and its not bannable, i would suggest tho that this will inflate your ELO and you will come across players much greater in skill than you ( potentially) if your just looking to get out of bronze this may be good for you but dont use this to try to get into high silver or gold you will get smashed if you dont play with him and the game wont be fun for you or your team
: Is duoq with someone in a lower division considered boosting?
ofc not, if you can join and que up together its perfectly fine but bronze can only que with up to silver 1, silver can que up to gold 1 and gold upto plat 1 and so on
Rismosch (EUW)
: Idea to nerf Zed
i dont understand this personally, Zed is a none issue for me in lane, and i main lux and squishy mages. rush hourglass take stopwatch in your runes = win be aggressive pre 6, punish mistakes. SHOVE THE LANE if he roams (its unlikely you can beat him to the lane he is ganking) or backs. i cant remember the last time i lost to a zed, oh and remember he can use his shadow and proc electrocute if you go in for basic attacks. id personally recommend using more of your abilities to farm even if you like to conserve your mana. and remember 0/0/0 is a win against a zed after laneing phase and 1 for 1 is never worth for an assassin like zed punish him but this is coming from a scrub vs other scrubs sooooo
: I believe its WRONG to nerf champions because of lcs lck etc. I say this because the pro players are like 2% of the community. We the majority should be focused on when making dicisions to nerf or buff etc. And tbh few people watch pro play in comparison with the sheer number of summoners
its the ONLY way to balance the game, if you didnt then progames would be unbalanced and not competitive, and riot would lose investment and teams. realllly bad for business
: Season 8 is a joke
you contradict your self "everyone can be one shot" "everyone is tanky" lol what? the game is fine git gud joking aside, the game is fine. assassins are supposed to one shot you, as are burst mages. and tanks are MENT to be tanky, and they are also ment to stick to squishies. its your teams job to peel them
: Can I play lol on Ps4
unless you flash your PS4 with a version of Linux that can run LoL you have no way to do it on a normal PS4
: Tin foil hat or to Riot intentionally make your first round of promos difficult.
ive never felt the games are any harder than usual, however i do seem to have more people who generally dont know how to play or make silly mistakes and i have to put on my carry pants more often. and it does seem to happen more often than not in promos
: low fps
make sure the game is actually using ur GTX 1070, I had an issue with R6 Siege where it defaulted to my integrated unless I went into my GForce settings and forced it to run on my graphics card.... worth a check EDIT. which it later fixed itself during a patch that had no mention of a bugfix for this issue, so its possible a patch could have caused this indirectly
fardawy (EUNE)
: New server
wouldn't EUW provide a better connection than EUNE? but back on topic yes I think Middle East do deserve there own server, but as I don't work for riot and don't have access to the player numbers connecting from that region I don't know if it makes sense from a business view point. maybe an Asian server would suit you guys better connection wise at least maybe not language wise tho
Velkozemin (EUNE)
: EUNE servers ping from UK
well I get 24ping n EUW with 70mb from England, I havnt played eune but I get 90-100 on NA so id guess 40-70 for eune


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