: i tell you why tft died for me. i loved this game mode. it was chill and alot of fun. it died for me when the new hextech class came out. just disables your items for 8 seconds.. like.. thats waaaay over op. you may have lost all game because you never got the items. finaly with 20 hp you get the champs and items. all of a sudden you just win and smash evrything. and then it is taken away from you because 1 class has a passive to just remove it for 8 seconds.. not 2.. not 4... 8 seconds.. some people lose and happen to be wiped out before 8 seconds has passed by wich is waaay op. i could understand a class buffing you up or weakening the enemy.. but disabling them completly. cmon! this is so not fair. it should get a rework. depending on how many hextech you got going for ya, decides how long the hextech last. and maybe take it up a notch for how many hextech you need to activate it. for example. 2 hextech to disable you for 8 seconds?? too easy to get. put it up to 3 hextech and you would be disabled for 4 seconds. the next stage would be 6 and you disable your enemy for 8 seconds and it would be more of a balanced class for me.
lmao op has nothing to do with why the gamemode itself is dead, do you only read the title?
Ritmann (EUW)
: People who Alt + F4 right before the Victory/Defeat screen
It's scary how much of a habit this has become for me. When creating a new account the tutorial actually does not register the game as complete if you kill the nexus and don't wait for the victory screen, instead of playing the 3 games of the tutorial I think I played 10 because I kept on forgetting that I should not alt f4 before the screen comes up. riot pls fix
: Increase the penalty for dodging games
I read that u want pre 30 but they wont see a point in doing for only one level region, and if they increase in ranked then it would become a lot harder to farm lp, cos dodging is one of the best things in the game tbh.
Nyqvistarn (EUNE)
: BE Overkill!
You think this greedy ass company would do that, hah.
: Well you must play pretty bad to have such a shitty mmr tbh, never saw that before. And new players start most likely in silver i thin.
New players start with pretty good mmr, I recently got to 30 on a new account and went from bronze to silver 1 in placements, and the following games were mostly in gold 1 mmr. Check the account : https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=dobsson got 14 day banned, I guess I didn't learn my lesson to hide chat.
Likiem (EUW)
: Really upset with the sale of worlds tickets
Better you don't go, they will probably find a tribe and make them do tribal music for the opening ceremony.
: Da heq is going on with Yummi on PBE???
Yummi is disgusting right now, just because you are having bad games does not mean she is underpowered, in a team environment she can make insanely unbalanced plays before you mention her win rates I want to know your source. Also, the 9.19 is the worlds patch which means this is targeted at the worlds update. Watching every worlds game have Yummi is so boring. A cherry has no top, the cherry is the top
VorenDier (EUNE)
: How can Gold Players CLimb? +13/-20 LP. Making New account is better!!
You have used two examples to show the problem, I'm sure if you played 100 games (let's assume it's 50% win ratio) then the wins will always be more than the losses, the elo system works based on the average mmr of people on your team vs enemy team so if you beat a team that has more mmr you should gain more lp because you overcame the difficulty and if you lose vs a better mmr team you should lose less lp because the odds were against you, the imbalance is what makes matches interesting.
: Discussion Thread About Riot's Envisioned Future (Please Join To Give Your Opinion)
A big issue is the midseason and end of season updates that they just shit out and think about later, these create huge imbalances since pbe isn't used as a beta, it's used so that people can play urf earlier and for people to get sneak peeks at upcoming changes. I have never seen them change something because of PBE so that is also an issue.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: May this post get 100k upvotes It was also so cleanly written it was a pleasure to read it
JustClone (EUNE)
: This is example for utter trash item. A SINGLE, VISIBLE WARD, FOR 3 MINUTES? Who ever decides to pick this: Report, Perma ban, Uninstall. You will deny what? Vision in one bush? For that time, you can swipe huge area 2-3 times. This seems to me like the "to-go" choice for unskilled people who want to place one ward in random bush, that never ever anyone goes through it, and never do anything else... Saying "I AM HALPIN YOU..." Get used to clear with lense... it a %%%%ing oracle elexir. You know, common sense should tell you that there is a reason that this item got removed. It is that strong...
I was thinking of placing a red ward with trinket then swapping to another trinket, I think trinkets should be flexible throughout the entire game based on what situation you need them for, settling on one trinket for the whole game is kinda stupid tbh.
Mada (EUW)
: Have control wards not take up an item slot if you carry a support item
Just add pink ward trinket already, 180 cd with 1 charge, and make it optional to buy extras, or even better yet make the supp item place pink wards with a high cd and 1 charge.
: But comparatively to flat armour pen it isn’t... remember flat armour pen gives you the full amount straight away while lethality scales. So 15 armour pen ignores 15 armour, while 15 lethality will only ignore 6-8 armour early game.
Im so confused, isn’t lethality =flat armor pen and armor pen = % armor pen Thats why serated drik has 11 flat armor pen And the crossbow thingie has 15% armor pen
: How to learn other roles than support?
Honestly when I want to learn a new champ(s) I make a new account so that I can practice vs real people of lower skill, which progressively get harder the more you play, this unintentional design by Riot is really good, since if you suck you won’t care too much, make a new account and only play the role you want to get good at or learn. And to further your knowledge check out videos and stuff about the lane. Also farming is the number one factor between being an iron and gold player.
: Can't believe this hasn't been done yet.
If you make an item build you can set which item goes where, I have it set so that on all champions those two items go on the first slot, the feature is there you just have not used it.
: TFT - third mode to normal/ranked
I don't personally play tft but I think they should include a match history, with everyone's teams and you can copy them to team builds similar to item builds in the main game, and you can have a cheat sheet in-game which you can pop-out, I am sure that they will include features like this and many more as time progresses but for now it's still a fairly new game.
: They where difficult to balance. The thing was that instead of lethality there was flat armour pen which didn’t scale no matter what... this meant that it was weak later on but very strong early game making ad assasins very feast or famine... they bet everything on an early game stat and either failed or where oppressive. Lethality is armour pen but scales, so it’s weaker early game but stronger late game... they also added more avenues to unlock it. Lethality itself is actually a nerf to assasins, reducing their snowball potential by a lot... but at the time it was added duskblade was too strong causing lethality to seem too strong. These days they are about as powerful as it was before the lethality change
Lethality is stronger early game, its a flat reduction, %pen is late game because more armor they build the more you shave off.
DrPacheco (EUW)
: accepting rp for anything xd
Reminds me of when a girl sold sex for an epic mount in WoW
: what about {{item:3074}} and {{item:3748}} basic attacks will make CONE or AREA?
No, the Titanic is an auto attack animation cancel and is overall tanky, the ravenous is life steal with no tankiness, no one buys them for whether they want the cone or area, they use the stats when determining which one to buy.
: Why do players think that the game is about them and not a teamgame?
I learned that the game is about /mute all, the hard way of course. It so nice knowing that you don't have to read what mentally ill people write in-game it's really peaceful, put on some music and just play the game. :)
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: And it may be a long reply , but this is my message against your abuse against players accounts !! , if you abuse us as players i will not consume myself to get again banned , neither to care about your game ,neither to throw my money on effects for kids , my mature mind will outplay your game ,because if you harmed my account,cause of trollers triggering my sense of making them play normal , then be sure you pay for that as your players too ,cause i can't touch in any ways you ,cause you don't play the game !!!(Rioters... ). P.S : this is not for you Mr Hansiman , is for those riot employers... , i hope they hold themself good cause if i make account euw , they will scream like some little girls who get nervous about something , i have that talent to just take people mind , as i perfectly know what triggers people toxic behaviour !! , rarely they don't saying anything toxic .
They aren't the players' accounts they are Riot's accounts, and Riot could delete them all if they wanted to, I am sure once the game makes enough money Tencent will shut the game down and due to the shady terms, you can't get any refunds.
Vallen29 (EUW)
: Concept: Permanent ARURF
Complete garbage game mode played it once and quit, so the argument that you will lose a big part of the ranked community is invalid, in fact, you will get all these casuals out of my ranked games and will improve ranked in the long run, so I am all for permanent arurf.
: Actually I had Platin 4/3 mmr cause I trolled alot in preseason. I had 90% winrate over These 30 games just saying . And you implying that ist harder to get to a high rank with a new acc is actually working against you. Its way harder getting to a higher elo with an old acc than with a new one. New ones start with fresh mmr and you get way higher LP gain in winning streaks. Its hilarious that you actually have to make/buy new accs cause you cant controll your emotions like an animal.
WOW fresh mmr (iron - bronze) is SOOO MUCH easier than being plat. ye mb
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Billion dollar company....
Now try getting someone banned for trolling, I wonder how well you will do with that.
: They tend to lag behind but they will be updated usually by next patch... it’s really common for reworks and VGUs to have an outdated abilities page for a few weeks.
do they ignore stuff like the veigar changes?
Rioter Comments
: ***
Well u took my name so what do u expect. U dont even play camille smh
: i think adc is fun, even if you have to depend on a good supp in any case even if you're top or mid, you still have to depend on the rest of team to win, unless you're 1v9ing adc aren't so much kill reliant as you think, but are farm reliant, your farm has to be consistent and high so that you can scale even if you get only assists.. getting kills early as adc is difficult in any case so it won't bother me if the occasional damage supp gets some kill early.. i know if i farm i will scale and i will get the kills later, so that's not an issue
Ye, but most of these supports don't know that and start dying for no reason when trying to go for plays that are unneeded when you have like 20 cs on top of the enemy adc.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Stop buying this recolored skins it's all chroma. Prestige is just simple name to fool you
Xaytah (EUW)
: Welcome to botlane ADC.
I really want to play adc, because the only reason I play this game is to improve and be the best that I can be, and I get this fulfillment by doing well, well when someone drags your whole lane down then ofc I'm gonna quit after just 1 week. And when someone drags the game down by feeding you can tell how my mentality goes, if I don't win then I see it as something I did wrong but It's hard to see the game that way nowadays.
: Can't tell if this is a troll post.
GamingVelja (EUNE)
: ***
Damn I am not even from your country and I can understand what you are saying :D
: i want to join fnatic(application)
Can't tell if this is a troll post.
Rioter Comments
: Kayle is the new Master Yi
not really, she is pretty useless before 11 and B-tier before 16, after 16 she is really busted, her counter is literally ending the game before 30 mins or making sure she doesn't get to her power spike if you are struggling to end early.
: Ye I am too lazy to fact check, cause toxic People like you are not worth my time tbh. It just amuses me when People like you get banned rightfully . Sadly to say I have a reallife and cant climb higher than Dia without playing 24/7 as most master+ are. I got into dia with 30 games on this acc, I wouldnt say I suck as Dia and above are only the top 2% so ye guess I "suck" at league lol.
Wow you have diamond mmr and it takes you only 30 games to get to diamond, you must be good. Still not reading that I make a new account every 1 to 2 months which means I start with fresh mmr.
: Choose the new tristana skin
Yeah, the demon one looks cool continuing the demon vi sort of skin line but the gun needs to be something more impressive, this just looks like a very good chroma for dragon trainer. They need to make chromas that change more than just colour.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I'll read your full reply when you have the time for it, but until then i'll reply to this short note. First of all, your system does not eliminate boosting. It makes boosting slower, i won't question that. But climbing will be still possible with bad stats. Otherwise if we tune this system in a way that makes climbing without good stats effectively impossible, then once again we face a situation where smurfs, premades and trolls have a much higher impact on an individual's ability to climb. >my system makes sure you can climb regardless of teammates playing bad. No, your system makes sure people with certain play styles will climb regardless of their teammates. Let's look at an example: The two junglers meet each other around lvl5-6 on the top side river. The red top stays to push while the blue top decides to move to the river to help his teammate if needed. Red jungle sees this and he stays ready to escape and eventually flees the scene. Now the blue jungle takes the crab and the herald, while blue top stays on the edge of the river to zone the red top from both the tower and the herald. Summary: **Red top **farmed and dealt a bit of damage to the top tower, so his stats are looking nice and with the gold bonus he will probably have the upper hand on lane for a good while. He should get **bonus LP**. **Blue jungle** won a duel, took two objectives and ends up destroying one and a half tower with herald on mid. Well done, **bonus LP**. **Blue top** however just wondered idly on the river and stopped farming. After all, responding to calls for help, zoning out enemies, covering for objectives and keeping the escape routes safe are not numerical stats. He should **lose LP** for his actions. And this is why i don't support your suggestion. In ever match people face dozens of moments where they have to choose between keeping the power to themselves or distributing the power they gained among their teammates. This is a lesson everyone has to learn who wants to climb over silver. Your system helps people to climb who have not learned a basic lesson about teamwork.
It's hard to disagree with you, because things like lane pressure, matchups and map awareness would become less important to people because they will attempt to get these stats (which will increase their chance of winning) instead of roaming or having lane priority. I guess I am more thinking about the csgo system where it awards you regardless of whether you win or lose, it takes how many MVPs you got in a match and adjusts your MMR, this is easily abused however because people just go for bomb plants and defusals which grant an MVP in most situations, the only way to get mvp over someone that plants or defuses is to get 3 to 4 kills which is unrealistic when both teams are of equal skill.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Something like this is used in determining the performance ratings after the matches. And a stat based system like this is perfectly fine for box hunting, but it utterly fails at determining a player's skill level. This has been a well known issue with the performance rating ever since the beginning. The problem is simple: there are tons of skills a computer simply can not accurately measure and most of them are far more important in determining the performance than stats, especially in higher ratings. Examples: 1. Decision making. Sure, you took 3 kills a dragon and a nashor, but you could have ended the game instead. Your stats are looking nice tho. 2. Leadership and shotcalling. What's the difference between a match ending with 2-60 when everyone is running around like headless chickens and a victory? Often just a good leader. How do you count that? 3. Teamwork. Because good leadership is one thing, a team needs 4 people who are able to follow others than themselves. How do you quantify a player's performance who stopped following his own instincts and started listening to his teammates? Just take a look around the boards and you will find tons of people who would sacrifice a goat every day for teammates like this. Yet a computer can't measure it. 4. Micro management. I don't know about you, but if i play tank or support, i'm ready to take a Nidalee spear in the face to cover for a carry. The computer has absolutely no way of telling if that spear would have hit someone else, so i'm just lowering my stats for potentially no LP gain. A stat based system discourages self sacrifice. 5. Aim and Dodge. Prediction hook from Thresh? Stealing a Nashor with a skill shot? Sidestepping an insta-kill combo from Zed? The computer simply asks: what are those? 6. Communication and Trolling. If player X got player Y tilted, then because of the actions of X, the stats of Y will suffer. Should trolls have more power? A purely stat based system would say yes. 7. Jungle pressure. How do you quantify it? A good jungler does not even have to go to a lane too often or at all to apply pressure there and help his teammates. But again, lane priority and jungle pressure are skills that do not directly translate to numbers, but rather increased power for the other teammates and victories. 8. The Opposition. Have you seen the end of season stats? In a lot of cases, people from gold to challenger have similar CS for example, and it is not hard to find bronze players with higher KDA stats than high diamonds. Again, the solution is simple: getting 30 kills against Bronze is easier than getting 5 against Masters. This list is by no means complete. As you see, several key abilities can not be measured by a computer, yet they are vital for the team. A computer simply is not able to measure even half of the skills a player has, so just following the numbers would end up in bad results. The idea behind your suggestion is nice, but the technical limitations would render your system absolutely broken.
Cant reply rn but take this quick commen. My system eliminates boosting, and usually a player with these bad stats that i mentioned will usually not have the things you listed if they do then they are doing something wrong and anyway the current system does not determine those anyway and it inflates and deflates people causing mixed ranks in one division. And in the current system will gain same lp as everyone who tried hard and carried.my system makes sure you can climb regardless of teammates playing bad.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I could be wrong but, do people have exams these days?
: I don't know why but in the last weeks most of my friends started to Quit league
Idk my friend was suspended for 14 days on his 6 year account for saying the 3 letter f word. He said it in a way that should not break rules but the bot doesnt know that. He had never recieved a ban in his 6 years but after this he was scared that he might lose his account which he spent thousands of euros on. So naturally he quit the game because of the fear of losing his acount.
Draugurr (EUW)
: That's it i'm done.
I wouldn't say this has ever happened to me apart from at like 4am when they schedule down times. But I will admit in some games I just get randomly lower fps for no reason, when I stream I get about 100 to 120 and in one of my recent stream games I was at like 70.
: Dont Nerf Zoe again.
I feel like Zoe is weak rn. Isn't she supposed to one shot people late game? I played against one and she could hardly 1v1 me when I played Camille when in reality Zoe should win 1v1 skirmishes late game.
: So you like boosting elo or what? this game supposed to be pick your style, not pick the champ we make it strongest and win without skills. Think logically not blindly. If you give someone to win as Aurelion sol and give someone to win as Inting sion, who tried harder? who has more skills? who deserve to win more ?
Please get off the boards, you skim through even the shortest comments and saw that the word "boasted" looks like the word "boosted". You did the same with my comment and that may be my fault for making words bold because you only read 2 or 3 sentences off of my message.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Sometimes I wish riot would close down this game. And sometimes I wish there was no privacy policy
: ***
BUT YOU ARE NOT READING WHAT I AM SAYING. I am simply PROPOSING that this should be how the ranked system should work. I am not STATING that this is HOW IT IS.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I've been a volunteer for 6 years now, and I've made several tens of thousands of posts. I can assure you that a lot of them are in disagreement with Riot, and I doubt you've read every single post I've made. But to repeat what Cyclone states, we're often accused of just blindly supporting Riot, quite often in PB matters. We can't investigate exactly what occurs in a game, and are limited to provide information as to what's right or wrong, and how systems work. That doesn't mean we'll blindly support everything Riot does, but we often get blamed for that just because we attempt to inform players of the information that is available to us.
+1 I honestly hardly see you guys on the top of the top posts, but checking your profile I can see you are quite active I can go through and see that your claim is true, I feel like people see the controversial posts and make conclusions about you from that. I'll still meme u tho :p
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Apart from the RNG passive, E's damage reduction (RIP clearing) and the ult, seems fine. Unpopular opinion: Fiddle doesn't need a rework.
killing wards should leave behind a scarecrow, the scarecrow should not grant vision and should die after 5 or so minutes or after an 11th is created the 1st should die.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > these green tags mean so much to these people that if they say anything bad or criticizing of riot they will get the green tags removed I can assure you that this isn't correct. All volunteers I know have something they dislike about Riot, including myself. Being a volunteer doesn't mean we have to agree to everything Riot does, nor does it mean we'll get our status removed if we voice our opinion on it. Riot doesn't mind that we disagree with them, because we have the opportunity to give them constructive feedback, something we often do. On several occassions have I stated things where I disagree with Riot, but those times are always ignored by those that claim that volunteers always agree with Riot.
> On several occassions have I stated things where I disagree with Riot, but those times are always ignored by those that claim that volunteers always agree with Riot. I personally have only seen this happen once with the guy replying to me in this same chain.
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