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: Wouldn't it be Tahm with his E replaced with Zoe's W?
Well, let's see, Tahm Kench has: Slow, Stun, Surpression, Peel, Regen, Shield, Teleporting Ability Kirby has: Slow, Knockback, Engage, Shield/Damage Reduction, Stun, Surpression, Spell Thief Yeah, I guess they are somewhat similar. To be honest though, I really didn't take it all too serious. I was just bored and thought I'm going to make Kirby into a LoL Champion, mainly focusing on his moveset in smash bros.
Declined (EUNE)
: Well I guess your laptop is on it's last legs after all.... I can think of two possible solutions, one would be to optimize your ram usage, and the other would be to invest in some new RAM blocks. If you try following the steps in this video that should free up some RAM while you play the game. Make sure to don't have any unneeded programs open at the same time you've got League running.
So, the process that blew up my CPU is definitely Superfetch, so I have disabled it, which got me some results. Strangely though, after checking, the Log still tells me my game crashed, which is kinda weird, considering... well... it didn't
Hajrulla (EUW)
: Usually you should check for MS, how high it is and you could simply say on how much FPS do you play?
My ms is usually around 20 and fps 60 or above (of the top of my head) EDIT: After checking, it is closer to 25-30 ms and 100 fps
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: master yi has one glaring weakness: he is vulnerable to crowd control when his q ends and has 0 escapes apart from his ultimate which is basically an improved {{summoner:6}}
The one thing that can get extremely annoying is Master Yi with essence reaver having his Q up every 2 seconds. But I guess that only happens when he is fed, and well, when he is fed... gg
: Help On Fizz
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Dokuroboto, Your description is unfortunately a bit too vague for me to figure out what's going on, luckily I have a solution for that. Please use these two log readers and tell me the results. One is for connection issues, the other is focused on performance. * [Connection]( * [Game]( With a bit of luck, they should also be able to give you advice on what to do once you have the results. Let me know how this went!
Ok, so I checked some logs. My connection is close to perfect, so that's cool. My Hardware, so it says, might not be capable of running LoL, which I guess indicates that my hardware is pretty beaten up at this point. It specifically mentions I do not have enough RAM, I don't know if that is at all fixable at this point, given the current state of my laptop, that I so eloquently described in the original post.
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: Looking for Dutch people to play with(Normal&Flex)
add me als vriend: Dokuroboto Ik zoek ook een team om 5-man premade mee te spelen
Fwupie (EUW)
: 2 Gold players looking for a team
Add me, I'm Dutch :D Gold Elo, Fun and competitive, I like it
: make accounts pay a monthly fee to be able to play ranked!
One word: No But repeated a bunch of times: No No No No No No No!!!
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Toxihex (EUW)
: ***
They probably are talking to him right now: "Hey buddy, don't be sad... it almost worked... you'll get it next time, I'm sure... keep up the good work and don't feel bad about yourself."
: They are trying to fix it as I know. This was beta run for testing. everything needs time to make it work
Sure thing. That's why I report the bug.
Shiyrazz (EUW)
: Same issue. I also talked to the player of the opposing team and they had no idea why that happened. They did not mention anything about a "ready" button tho and we did not see it as well. Timer part is exactly the same. Currently we are in the consolation brackets waiting for the 2nd opponent.
We decided to no longer wait and voted to forfeit the second game We expected to instantly lose it anyway. Please let me know if you could play the second one.
Xenyes (EUW)
: Clash is withdrawn for no reason?
Same here :( this was my post
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: Funnily enough she was one of the strongest junglers back in 8.7 :) Right now it feels like she is doing poorly due to picks that beat her like Wukong, Graves, Xin, Pantheon etc She kinda fulfills the same niche as Pantheon and Camille as strong early game gankers but doesn't scale or duel as well, so unless her numbers are strong there's not really a reason to pick her right now unless you need her Tremor Sense. I'm not convinced her rework is the cause of those issues though, just her kit *in general*.
I would say that the rework has forced Rek'Sai to compete with a different type of champion: a diving frontliner/bursty bruiser. Nocturne and Jarvan are the first champions that come to mind and they both have a kit designed around diving unto priority targets. Rek'Sai cannot compete with these types of champion. The old utimate made her more of a strategic champion that plays the map and she would compete more with the likes of Twisted Fate or Tahm Kenchor Shen to some extent. And with these champions she could compete, because she offered something unique to her, which in my opinion was the fact that she was a tanky fighter that could teleport to a point on the map that she herself set up. That was unique to her. With the new ultimate, nothing is unique to her anymore, so she loses out to other divers every time, as she simply delivers nothing unique. Also, because you cannot teleport to your tunnels anymore, the tunnels themselves are pretty much useless. Sure, you can argue you can reuse them, but that will be pretty gimmicky at best. If you need an escape or an engage, you will make sure you E is off cooldown before you make the play and you would most likely never count on an existing tunnel helping you out significantly.
íGengar (EUW)
: I play her rarely and I agree, as it currently stands if you get a solid start you can snowball the early game but there are quite a few other jungle champs that can do this task easier and for longer. The Ult is a weird one, I quite like having a kind of execute (even though that can flash out of it) but the map pressure of the original ult as long as you could maintain tunnels deep enough was good. As it stands she is just a weaker version of other champs which is a shame because I used to love playing her. Same for Elise, that champ needs some love as it takes way too much effort to perform the same as other champs could with less snowball.
Maybe a possible execute should be like this: The burrowed Q marks a champion, which empowers your unborrowed E to deal missing health damage. Something like that. It would greatly reward skillshot accuracy and positioning. Just getting ideas here :P
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: I could definetely, if i actually tried, unless this guy, who probably just wanted quickly something op to make every tanks life a hell
Every champion is a bit OP, right? Isn't Trundle a completely broken champion on paper? I mean, he just beats the shit out of tanks and they can't counterplay him. The ult I came up with is a skillshot, so don't expect to hit their entire team every time. The fun part is you have to position differently when facing him, so front-to-back teamfighting will change. On a side note: ''unless this guy''... is that about me? I don't mind you criticising my creation, that's why I posted it, but there's no need to get personal, ok?
: Absolutely. Bad. The Abilitys fit to 0 % with his lore, and neither do they fit to themself, or they are totally broken, that the Q can root 3 enemys all together is plain out op + he gets Armor and MR pen from building tanky... where did you came up with that? The punishment of tanks is that they do low damage for building tanky, but you increase it too by building tanky Not to mention that he is not good at killing tanks, he is extremely broken at it, he can blink behind the frontline and knock the entire enemy team away, and with your passive the tank which already dies in about 3 seconds thanks to this {{item:3135}} {{item:3035}} will now die even faster... There is no tank meta, it's all about ADC's, did you forgot that?
Thanks for reading through the entire thing, even the lore. I appreciate that. I'll think about your opinion.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Actually it will make the tank meta, not brake it. Not only that the shred is effective against both squishies and tanks alike, having it increase from resistance, means you'll be a damage dealing supertank. exactly the concept riot wants to avoid. Only answer to that champ would be a kayle morgana combo
First of all, thank you for reading my concept. Allow me to reply in defense of my creation. 1. The Passive - Decay is way less effective to Base Armor and MR, meaning squishies will mostly come out on top in a 1 v 1, given they are both at the same level and item spikes. 2. Servil doesn't deal significant **damage**, rather he is all about **shredding**, but even against a tank, he shreds the resistances but will often not be the one to kill it, as his damage output won't be that high. In a 1 v 1 against a tank, he will most likely win, given he has the right items, but he should not be able to survive an uneven fight. 3. Servil does not have tank abilities (shielding himself, gaining max health, massive AoE cc) so he will not be a late game supertank like Dr. Mundo, Ornn or Cho'Gath. He should be somewhat outscaled by damage carries if he is building tank himself. Basically, if you rely on resistances to be a factor in the game, Servil can make your game very difficult. If you rely on damage, Servil can cc you and try to outplay or play around you, but does not naturally win against you (unless Servil himself built more carry items)
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: i havent got graves skin allthought i was gold 5 {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Ranked rewards are not yet distributed
: Here to bring the first issue (sorry) I finished the season Gold in 2 queues, but I got a silver profile insignia. Could this be related to me placing Silver in TT Flex AFTER I got gold in the other two? Just a very wild guess there.
...or is it just a generic insignia as placeholder for the real one to arrive?
Verdaloth (EUW)
: [Known Issues and FAQ's] Preseason and End of Season
Here to bring the first issue (sorry) I finished the season Gold in 2 queues, but I got a silver profile insignia. Could this be related to me placing Silver in TT Flex AFTER I got gold in the other two? Just a very wild guess there.
Raxyel (EUW)
I got a silver profile insignia, ending the season in Gold in 2 queues


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