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: I would strongly advise against any kind of lawsuit. If you can find some jurisprudence, that's fine; but a lawsuit without proper jurisprudence will often take months or even years (if it catches media attention) hence it will almost always be more expensive than a new account. Most costs will be reimbursed if you win, but even then a lawsuit won't be cheap. It should be clear that I'm not any kind of expert in this area (I'm a mathematician); my father knows law but I'll only see him coming weekend. If you truly want to attempt this route, please first try to talk or skype or something with a free lawyer, just to see if you have any chance. It is almost certain it is easier to fix this via media, but I'm afraid you case will not be shared easily. If you do have the money, it is probably easier to re-buy your skins. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Good luck!
Hey again! Yeah i talked to riot, and by bringing up any kind of law, they wouldnt speak to me. Also if i do bring a lawyer, i would surely pay more than the account is worth. I dont think its a reasonable way because of the money.. :/
Cypherous (EUW)
: I wouldn't bother it won't actually help you, there is no difference between a free or paid account, breaking the rules set out on a service gives them every right to ban your account and prevent access to the service, doesn't matter how much you did or didn't spend the rules are the same, riot doesn't "delete" banned accounts anyway they just block access to them, its why the summoner name can't be re-used as the account still exists You're held responsible for your actions on league regardless of your age
I will never give up dude! I want my acc back :((
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >It's just a big fail. Banning somebody from the game, just for chat and not gameplay is inherently wrong anyway. It's not justifiable. It is justifiable the same way as kicking someone from university or work because of what he says or type on social medias. People need to understand that they have no special privileges to act in the way that is socially unaccepted just because they feel anonymous on Internet. Not to mentioning, there is almost no difference between flamers and trolls in the long run. Both behaviours lead to losing the games.
PepijndM (EUW)
: This comment is, by EU laws, false. A €0 account is a 'free' account, while a €1 or more is a 'paid' account. A free account can be deleted at any point without backup; that is, if you get perma-banned on a free account, Riot can just delete you account. However, a paid account has to be archived instead, allowing the account to be restored. The difference is, that if you get banned unfairly and somehow convince the EU court of said unfairness, then a free user gets a new account (meaning (s)he has to make a new username etc) while the paid account is restored. Since we're talking about law anyway, I'm reminded of the law that states that an adult can not be held accountable for her/his 'mistakes' (s)he made as a child or teenager, assuming the mistake is something like small thievery, public indecency, insulting, etc. This law obviously exists because teenagers act wild en children often do not understand what they are doing, and does not apply to adults who have been repeating the same mistake multiple times or did not show remorse. However, it might be possible to use this law to argue that if a paid account owned by a teenager is banned, the adult should have a realistic chance to restore the account. A quick google search does not reveal any jurisprudence of this or similar cases. PS: Also, €2000 is quite realistic if you consider that the teenager play a lot of League are normally those whose parents work full-time and are rarely home. Parents tend to compensate for lack of attention by giving money or expensive gift, hence it would be possible to build up €2000 over the course of a few years.
Thank you so much!! I will definitely look into this! <3
: > I read that some people after 4 years got their account unbanned. You read wrong. Riot is extremely consistent on this, permanent bans are actually permanent and they are only lifted if the ban was an actual mistake. But if you got rightfully permabanned for toxicity, the account is gone forever. Just a bit of additional context, since these topics usually come up when there is a discussion about lifting a permaban: a) There was an experiment in the past when Riot unbanned permanently banned players if they managed to level an account to lvl 20 without getting banned again. This chance was only given to people who seemed genuinely sorry and where Riot was sure they would be able to improve. Almost 100% of them failed this challenge, which lead to the conclusion that apparently those people who manage to get a permaban are unable to improve. That's why Riot doesn't lift permabans. Right now this experiment is repeated in NA with slightly different parameters (not publicly known). However it's NA only and it's already closed, Riot is evaluating the experiment right now and probably for many more months. It's likely that the outcome will be similar to last time, so don't get your hopes up. It's mostly "for science" and it's extremely unlikely that there will ever be a process to unban permanently banned accounts. b) People tend to bring up Tyler1 when discussing this topic. Please be aware that Tyler1s permabans were NOT lifted. Tyler1 had an ID ban, which means that he was banned as a person and was not allowed to play on or create any account in League. THAT ban was lifted, his account bans were not lifted. Account bans are not lifted for anyone.
Feelsbadman. Well thanks to those players that got unbanned, and still wasnt reformed..... If they unbanned me, i would just never type anything in chat again.
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