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: Hi, I took a look at your match history and it looks like you prefer jungle. Not to be discouraging i must say that that´s one of the hardest roles in league and a jungler can make or break a game. Toplane is a good place to learn the ranked environment, i also noticed the what i feel is "newbie syndrom" to go "glasscannon" (everyone wanna go PEW PEW), my suggestion would be to learn the game on tanks (atleast you´ll live long enough to get some experience). A last tip about ranked climb is pick a few champs/roles and play them until you master them, i was stuck around S5 for almost the whole ranked season but managed to get to G5 by spamming and mastering Malzahar midlane. Was sooo tired of just spamming the same champ over and over using the same item builds etc but obviously that´s whats gets the job done. (so first ask yourself what your goal is, you wanna climb --> Ranked. You wanna have fun --> Normals) Oh and even though Gold is actually top 20% of the playerbase it is considered "low elo" for some reason....(some people are just too elitist). Good luck.
well, I know it's probably the hardest same kindred as a champ I think but that only motivates me. I have enough experience playing online PvP games. And about the newbie syndrom you're wrong. I have never played a tank or a healer in my life in any game. I have always picked champs which are stealthy and depends on you. Typically assassins. Even I wow I played a rogue which is kinda similar because you can burst very hard and you die even faster if not cautious. I already picked few champs before I even started playing I just saw it in a guide. I am a horrible tank xD
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: I don't agree with you here. Good guides are still worth watching (in case of LoL I think that watching a guide is worth more than reading them), probably you're just using them wrong. Builds given in guides are situational, you don't watch them to know what to build, you learn them to watch what stats are crucial for your champion. Should I buy attack speed, crit or attack? But the final build depends always on situation on map. Guides can also learn you some patterns (like jungle guides teaching how to make a good gank at level 3), order of skills, potential masteries that works with your champion and the basic game knowledge. Use them this way (seeing someone pulling out a combo gives you way better knowledge how this combo works than reading that you need to spam E-W-R-Q). Still the best method to learn is watching your replays after each game. This way you will learn about your own mistakes analysing them without emotions that happens in game.
I have watched some people play, not sure if they are some really pro from e-sports etc but all of this is time consuming and as I have work it's not really possible. I've used some montages etc to get jungle paths, builds combos and that's fine for me. The problem is that I lack knowledge about specific stuff like: if I go through here the turret will see me but if I go by the wall she want. Or when I should jump into the teamfight because I usually go in a die after half a second because i get stunned. I can't imagine reading the spells for 130 champs so that happens slowly by the time and it's fine. Warding is also unclear to me and I usually always forget to buy wards. I play agressive and risky and usually get punished for it. But whenever I try to play save i get stomped because my farm is worse. So ye, I guess I know my my errors and stuff that I should change. Also I think there is a bug with Kindreds E, today and yesterday on 3 stacks the last auto does no dmg and no visual or sound to the target. The second time i saw it the target was pretty close and boom nothing happened :D Also I know toxic people are everywhere and such but I find it disturbing when I get a ban for leaving a game because of personal reasons IRL and guys who make bad wishes to others, flame, troll are not getting punished. Also a friend got banned because 5 ppl intentionally made a report and the bot banned him Don't know if it's true tho
: Like one guy above me said, it's human nature. There are good humans then there are clowns and then there's bad ones. You'll face all of them in your ranked games too. Just because you play ranked doesn't magically mean everyone's gonna be all butterfly, obviously everyone's going to play serious, but there's still a ranking to people. The good teamfight friendly etc players you described are in Gold elo :P (And they play really well, not pro but well.) Until then you have to fight yourself through the war on who's gonna get out of low elo, who will have an edge compared to the average player in an endless battle... :D Bronze, Silver, Gold are concidered low elo, but you'll have a much better relieving time in Gold. Just remember that climbing is NOT easy in this game. It takes alot of blood, work and effort... and your own bloodshed XD as you walk through the battle I mentioned. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} You gunna get hit with some pitchforks and stuff (flame), some Silvers wield Swords stronger than you can imagine. How they use those swords is up in the air tho. **It's not the Sword, it's the wielder of the Sword as they say (hint, they still use Swords tho)**
> The good teamfight friendly etc players you described are in Gold elo :P (And they play really well, not pro but well.) This is the main reason I started playing ranked. I believe that these kind of games are made for people who have a team with communication etc. I used to play wow and I had team mates for ranked pvp. Here I join a normal game and in many cases I lose like 30-40 minutes of my life because of trolls. That's why I didn't start playing League in the past.
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: > Thats understandable. Everyone takes it serious but yet, yelling at a person who is already stressed out and let down because he did some mistakes and died few times will make it even worse. don't forget that's a bit deeper thought that would need a bit of time to realise, player is already busy with his own things in that moment. I noticed you mentioned guides alot, the thing is you started playing ranked a bit at a wrong time, it's pre-season with alot of new things introduced so alot of guides kinda became useless. Also just a personal thought, i find reading guides useless, the best way to learn anything about the game is by playing it.
I've been using the guides to understand combos for spells or builds mostly. And I started now on a purpose. I don't read those guides anymore, they are useless as it seems. Basically I made a conclusion that many of my mistakes are because I have been building based on a guide from the net and not on the situation for some time. I stopped and things became much better. xD
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: Ranked is serious, people go there to test theyr skill and obviously to win. With ranked ladder and LP gain/loss those games have weight behind them, which means realising that this specific game could potentially cost you your rank is not a pleasant feeling. Humans have a natural selfprotection mechanism that protects them from seeing theyr own flaws, they're perfect and can't be wrong it's obviously others and if not others then the next obvious thing is the system itself. It's just human nature.
Thats understandable. Everyone takes it serious but yet, yelling at a person who is already stressed out and let down because he did some mistakes and died few times will make it even worse. It funny how in normal games I am carrying a lot and when it turned out to ranked I just blocked out. Enemy jungle was some smurf for sure which made it even worse because he owned me every time. And since I started playing I have read millions of guides that pretty much are useless because I still can't understand how builds are made. For an example there was a garen few days ago with 150+ armor. I thought the armor pen item + black cleaver and still i did almost nothing to him xD
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: > The decision to play ranked was based on the thought that there won't be as many toxic people because they are determined to win the game. Ahhh, that's so cute, but you're wrong. Well you probably figured that out when you got into your ranked game > I just want to know how one is supposed to learn to play when 80% of the people you meet start blaming you instead of telling you what you have done wrong and how it's the proper way to do it. don't worry you just havent met those people yet. It's not that hard to find someone even in a normal game who knows meta, demands others to play it, blames others if they don't play it and people just in general love telling others what they're doing wrong or not by the meta. > It's not that hard to carry 1 person as 4 simply by telling him to stay near them or away or w/e it is needed so he doesn't feed the enemy. play some more, you will realise it actually is that hard.
I mainly play 1 champ - Kindred since I loved it when I first saw it. I have few others as a sub ofc. I have exp with PvP games etc. I can't understand how you can even rage and flame the people with whom you have to win something and without them you're nothing. I have only seen like a few people who were friendly towards others and open to accept ideas about where do we go and what do we do etc. People tend to love telling others what to do and even worse higher rank gives them ego boost. When you're 16y old that ego boost makes you to think everyone else is less human than you and he knows nothin cuz you're a beast in a video game lol
: Would you like to someone to add you and try to lend a hand? I've helped a few new players in the past.
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