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: Tip for junglers
To further prove my point I once again lost a game because my jungler deprived me of all sources of gold while i was a late game scaling champion (corki) because he was going to ''carry''. I mean whenever I don't play jungle i get these people once in a while and i'm pretty sure it loses all of us more games than you think... I mean my team was ahead in kills and in everything but they were just on the wrong person, there was no real carry.
: This is as deep as "jungle creeps give gold and XP". Feels harder to teach players not to let kills get away because they want to let the laner have it
That's more of a situational thingy tbh
: if my jungler comes ganking i dont really mind who gets the kill dude. nah i think its nothing wrong with a jungler taking the kill. he gets fed, gets to carry/gank more lanes with more dmg, while you have free farm and level advantage over your laning opponent. if the gank is successfull i get: gold for assist, free wave and a second wave most of the time which puts me quite a bit infront of my laning opponent. but if i can secure the kill ill do that too. but sometimes as a fed tank on top i tend to wait for my jungler to do the killing blow
The problem is if as I said your jungler is playing a champ like zac or nunu, and the enemy jungler is of equal skill, their jungle will always win if he gives the kill to the laner and if you don't, because you simply can't carry that hard with these champions if no one else on your team is doing good. But I get where you're coming from because sometimes you have a really good kha'zix on your team that just destroys the whole game. But hypothetically speaking you have a good comp with a frontline most of the games so it shouldnt really matter if he is fed...
: "The reason for me mostly is that I rely to much on my team and I expect too much from them." That's your problem. You need to treat your team like morons. Complete and absolute morons. As nearly 95% of this community are morons. Just imagine them as large, really stupid minions that wouldn't help you find your own arse, let alone think for themselves.
Yeah that's why I said the reason for me :P but I thought that this dude could have had the same problem.
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: Can't perform in my ELO
What I've been experiencing myself is mostly emotional too. I have too admit that I can sometimes get a little bit toxic in elo's that are lower than previous seasons but i'm trying to better myself... The reason for me mostly is that I rely to much on my team and I expect too much from them. For example I take hard dives that require my jungler to perform good aswell (or support whatever). Basically you should just take trades fights and dives that you always win, i'm trying to do that myself too. It gives you less deaths overall and you don't get tilted when the fight doesn't succeed. Hope this helps! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: What's with the High Delay but Low MS?
I've been experiencing this too lately, I live pretty close to the servers and have constant 12 ms but sometimes it just looks like random package loss. My provider is ziggo
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: You're not wrong neccesarily in my opinion. To play devils advocate, I think Riot is waiting on the dust to settle a bit, before making any large changes. If they'd act too early you'd get a ''hunting effect'' like valves do. They compensate, then have to overcompensate, on which they have to overcompensate in the other direction in response etc. Games are nuts fast, preseason 20 minute games feel like 40 minute games before pre season. Somewhere I like it, somewhere I don't. The only thing that rustles my jimmies is the amount of CHAMP shards I get out of my boxes and honor capsules. I've got all champs, and 60K blue essence. This while riot said they changed the droprates to favor skinshards more (why they tweeked orange essence). I might be the most unlucky guy ever...but bleh. Nothing too bad, just my own little frustration which might as well be RNG fueled. so w / e xD
I guess so, but I don't know about the skin shards I haven't received one either.
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