: They buffed Nasus?
Hey there, it's me again ! Simply put, Nasus is late game champion only become viable once he have enough stacks. The games have became too short in this meta and decided in the first minutes of the game before he can do anything. So this buff was quite necessary for him in order to have any utility in games. (I don't know if they overshot with doubling, but I can't really discuss numbers) People are just no used to seing him this strong so they just try to fight him carelessly, die, then rant that he is broken. His W last for 5s, If you're an adc, you can say your prayers XD Btw, you can add me on discord : Lunatyk#1230
: now i see why balance team is hated
It's not. If you admit being a newbie, then you must know that you're lacking game knowledge (like how to benefit the most of some champs, or how to counter others). The balance team isn't doing a poor job at all the most things are quite fine actually. I'm not saying that we have a perfectly balanced state, but saying that they are doing a terrible job and that the game is very unbalanced is quite wrong. Here are 2 examples about the points you said : Adc aren't in a sorry state. They are champions that should be played around the team and become good in late game. So if players want to solo people with an adc the same way they do with aatrox, then their your fault for playing bad and taking wrong decisions. Nasus is a late game champ that relies on his stacks. With all the recent changes, the games has become too short for him to be able to do anything. So the buff was justified and they had to do it (maybe they overshot with doubling, maybe not, but I'm not here to discuss the values since I'm not a professional of balance). People only rant because they are not used to seeing him this strong and try to 1v1 him and lose. If it was another champ, they would have taken more precautions.
: It was apparently targeted towards lower elo players...
It's the opposite
: Help with the game
Hey there ! I'm a bit late, seems like others already gave you very good answers. You can add me ingame if you ever need any help. I'm open to answering any question you have.
Karnisse (EUW)
: Can not get the available Chest with more than a S- grad
Hey ! Go to your collection and hover your mouse on those champs. If it says "chest acquired", then this is why. You can only get 1 chest per champion per season.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Yea, that's some good suggestions. Forgot about ziggs but I was thinking about Illaoi even though her ulti is pretty small range commpared to the others.
With Orianna and zac, they will all be inside her ulti range ;)
: Great idea! Somewhere to play and not be crushed by smurfs all day :)
Thanks for the comment. It means a lot {{sticker:sg-lux}} It's working pretty well with the people we have. But we don't have enough visibility so we are lacking members {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Snowbrand (EUW)
: The best aoe ultimate combo? ft. Zyra, Amumu, Nunu, Neeko & Galio
That one is quite good, but quite hard to pull since nunu needs to be standing near them, and they will also have some time to escape after the amumu stun ends.. A better one would be this {{champion:154}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:115}} 1. Orianna puts her ball on Zac and he jumps on them when they are close enough to each others 2. His E will stun a few of them (it's alright if he miss) and he will directly start channeling his ult. At the same moment Galio will start Ulting him 3. Orianna will ult at the same time which will make them all gather at the center of zac ulti. Then zac ulti will knock them in the air (In the same place, he don't need to move them away). All of that cc is more than enough for galio's ulti to land while the enemies can't do anything and get knocked up again. 4. Ziggs will ulti too 5. Yasuo can follow that to keep them in the air even longer. 6. And since they are all sticked to each others thanks to Orianna's ulti and they are in the air thanks to Yasuo's ulti, galio can fully channel his W for a maximum provoc if anyone is still alive. 7. GG you got an Ace You can use {{champion:54}} instead of Zac. and the 5fth member can be anyone with a lot of AOE like {{champion:143}} , {{champion:63}} or {{champion:518}} since she will be able to get close and channel her ult. I choose Ziggs because his ulti deals much more damage at the center and all of them will be there. But even {{champion:420}} can be insane (maybe even more than ziggs) since she is gonna be able to get tons of tentacles and keep slaming everyone as much as she wants while they are perma cc-ied especially since she is AD. This combo is much deadlier because all you need is that the enemies are near each others. Once you land the first part (zac jumps at the right place), they cannot dodge the combo anymore, it's just cc after cc for many seconds. It also have an AD member for mixed damage. I've also seen people do a {{champion:59}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:3}} combo which works the same and trap them inside Jarvan ult. But this one have a few weaknesses (people who can dash over walls for example) and needs better timings
MsDoubleTap (EUNE)
: I was really wondering what kind of perspective he had. I don't main the role to understand how much camps affect laning phase. XD. I mean it was one camp to affect the whole early game. The strange thing is that he ignored all types of communication at the beginning and later he asks what happened. Like dude maybe u got a cup of water while waiting, but as u leash the blue buff, certainly u can see what's going on in bot side. XD
It does affect him quite a lot, it's a lot of gold and exp. Losing that red might mean that he was one level behind and he wasn't able to complete his jungle item after backing... But, you getting it is, without a doubt, way better than letting the enemy team get it. So you took the right decision. > Like dude maybe u got a cup of water while waiting That might be it lol... Maybe he went to get something to eat or was checking his phone during that time. A lot of people do it actually {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I have always wondered why do people get chat restricted when they answer to flamers or why if 3 premades report you, you get instantly chat restricted. In short, you don't. --- > why do people get chat restricted when they answer to flamers Honestly, people tend to think that retaliation is "answering" to flamers. If you're flaming someone flaming, are you not just flaming? --- > why if 3 premades report you, you get instantly chat restricted. You don't. They don't hold extra reporting power over you. Their reports will **never** get you chat restricted. It's your behavior that gets you in trouble.
MsDoubleTap (EUNE)
: It's OUR red buff!
Hey ! Support / jungle main here. You did the right thing ! Your jungler wasn't going to get it anyway. It's always better that it's someone on your team that takes it instead of the enemies. That goes for everything, not just red buff. Don't mind that jungler really.
: How to play with my style?
Hey ! Join this discord server I made for new players : [Invite Link](https://discord.gg/RJQ8cF2) I can help you there {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
This website can help you : [Blitz](https://blitz.gg/lol/champions) It have a tier list (classification of champs in the actual meta) that they always update each patch
Cowseps (EUNE)
: https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUN1/222801492 he plays everyday. shows unranked and level 30 in client and same games in match history
The link you sent now is from someone called "ìllaoi" and not "Azras". It's not the same profile you sent in the first post.
Cowseps (EUNE)
: Gigantic bug
He didn't play a single match in season 8 nor preseason. Did you check the links you sent us? His op.gg is empty... Are you sure you got the right profile/server?
: Any website for checking champions tier or w/r
I think you're looking for this : [Blitz](https://blitz.gg/lol/champions) They update it every patch and you can see the win rates and pick/ban rates to have your own idea. I just want you to always take the websites with a grain of salt. They take different amount of games from different elos. So you may find some differences between the different rates on different websites. The tier lists are also subjectives (unless a champ is completely broken) so the websites will have some differences regarding that too.
Rieplip (EUW)
: It is my Q that killed them, click on the link there are 2 screnshots (before and after Q hits). And no its not the E... I just didn't find a convenient way to upload a video so just did 2 screnshots but it definitely is my Q that killed the minions
You can upload it on youtube as a private video and send a link please. Or make it into a gif and upload it on imgur like the other pics. It would also help the devs see what happened
Na3am (EUW)
: How to get an S in Aram
Scores are very inflate in ARAM. So a 5/0/8 might not be enough
MesarosS (EUNE)
: Chest acquired on collection but I don t have a chest on my loot.
If it says that a chest is acquired while your chests were on cooldown, it means that you already acquired one before and forgot. When you get one after a game, a little animation telling you that you got a chest will appear
: Animation cancelling
As you know, each spell have an animation that takes some time. For example, when you use your W as Riven, she stops in her place (you basically get locked from moving) and raise her hands in order to stun the enemies (so they might dash and avoid it) But if you use your W directly after the E (you need to time it right), the animation of the W will get canceled and you will stun them while dashing. So you basically gain time, and you're less predictable to the enemies. [Here is a video showing that](https://youtu.be/bkvlyU1csIQ?t=332) Keep in mind that this is just an example, Riven have tons of tricks and animation cancels.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: It proves it quite well though. On the first image the minions are alive and the Q is going towards them, on the second image the minions died but his mana is still the same.
Not really. Here is how a Vel'koz Q look : https://i.imgur.com/FCaYfGw.png[/img] It have a big trail following it. In the first image, it already touched something or it's splitting. So it wasn't not really going toward them as the image suggest. Also, you can clearly see the stun mark on top of the minions in the second image, which means that they were maybe killed with his E (knock up) since it's his only spell that have cc and use that mark. [His spotlight as a proof](https://youtu.be/IWA2C8tUG-g?t=158) The image shows the minion die, the mana wasn't added. But's it's not proof that it was his Q who killed them
Rieplip (EUW)
: Vel'koz mana bugs on Q spell
This image doesn't prove anything. You need to post a video.
Player47 (EUW)
: You're as close as I'll get to a certified S guy.
Player47 (EUW)
: bro ur as close as its gonna get
Euh? What do you mean? (I'm not a native english speaker)
Player47 (EUW)
: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/433351032269963265/536315289151995904/unknown.png Here is another game please tell me what went wrong.
Everything was perfect, except vision. Almost a 39min game and only a 36 vision score. You bought no more 2 control wards in that game :/ I'm pretty sure that if you placed one more control ward or if you destroyed 1 or 2 other wards, it would have been enough. EDIT : the longer the games goes, the harder it is to get an S. Why do you keep asking me? XD I'm not a certified S guy hhh
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Player47 (EUW)
: I participated in most objectives and drakes. I last hit 3 of them as well. Idk about the kill participation thing though. I got 50% kill participation in this game with less objective participation and we lost as well and i got an S-. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/433351032269963265/536249874400804885/unknown.png Surely the 11% less kill participation doesnt warrant me getting a B? Thats what i get in bad games.
It basically means that you participated in less than half of the kills for your team which is quite bad theoretically speaking. You also have only 4 assists. Well you got 50% kill participation + 11 assists (you are a support remember) so of course it's much better !
Toruso v2 (EUW)
: Feel free to add my, if youre looking for someone to play with;)
Player47 (EUW)
: How is this game not an S?
Getting an S means being exceptionally good in all the aspects of the game : * You only had a 39% kill participation which means that you weren't helping enough your team in team fights or not roaming enough. (I'm pretty sure it's because the Jarvan was super fed and was just one shotting everybody so there is nothing you can do about it). * How many objectives did you participate in? I'm pretty sure just those 2 would be enough to lower your score. Also, they compare you with other people who player Irelia in the support role (they can't compare you with other normal supps since they have other metrics like cc score etc) so having a high damage "for a support" doesn't really count. EDIT : hahah the lucian killed me XD 0 vision score ahhaha
Jirrgen (EUW)
: Alternative for Perma due to flame
> Everyone can tilt once in a while. Flaming once or twice don't cause a perma ban. You only get perma banned after flaming many times, getting a normal ban and not learning from your mistakes and repeating that. So saying that it just something that slipped once or twice and it shouldn't be punished that hard is wrong. I understand your frustrating and the fact that you might tilt. But do you think about other players who are real people behind their screens? That's just being selfish and hurting them. > However, i think banning players for permanent due to flame is not fair either. Why wouldn't it be fair if it's ruining other people's experience? Removing the ability to chat would just remove your ability to flame and wouldn't really be a real punishment.
: Iron III player LFT - want to improve (Flex/Duo) Any group
Why were you gold last season and silver the seasons before? The difference between gold and iron is too big
: There is nothing wrong with smurfing, change my mind.
It really depends on what's the objective of the smurf : I don't see a problem with someone making a new account. It's especially true when you want to go to a new server. It could be nice if people have the option to link their accounts so the new one is the same rank as the other one. The problem is that they end up playing against real players and ruin their experience. Do you know how frustrating it is to be a new player with bad mechanics and clueless about strategy when you end up playing about someone doing 999 animations resets and flashing on you with 30 kills in a game??? You feel bad, worthless and start questioning that maybe you're not skilled for this and you should just quit... It's also no fun to spend many games just getting crushed while you can't even fight back since you don't have to time (not the skill) to understand what's happening to you in a fraction of second (which is very different than just losing a balanced game). You don't come to play to feel bad after all. So yeah, while making new accounts is not bad in itself, it does have some very bad repercussions on other players below your level. That's why most people hate it including me. Having platinium player in my game is just me being stuck in a frustrating game without being able to quit {{sticker:sg-janna}} And there are also some people who make new accounts just to troll and crush newbies... But those are for another discussion. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Thresh af (EUW)
: Is it possible to get good at the game just by practicing?
You don't need talent to reach high elo. A lot of comments already gave you good points on what to focus on. But let me tell you something, practice alone isn't enough. You also need knowledge, so watching real informative videos, reading the details of the abilities on the wikia is also very important. Just practicing the same thing (and doing the same mistakes) won't be enough to climb. I'd also recommend to stop following the meta and be loyal to your personality and play style. Example : If you're a passive player and like to play Janna, playing something like Pyke just because he is meta is shooting yourself in the feet and it won't help you get better at all. Simply put, become the king/queen of your champ/playstyle and nobody will ever beat you.
: You have 2 sides of this, those who are unfair and those who are fair. Main issue i see with this forum/board is that poeple just do not read, they see title and answers to the title. Tons of times i have to explain everything i write. Like my latest where i wrote "blocking a person should make you to not be matched with them in games" and futher down i write "this can be abuse in higher Elo". Then a comment: This will not work because it will be abused in higher elo. just shows how poeple do not read, this is not the first time. writing in text: This is a normal game. Comment: That happens in ranked. like come on... Read before commenting :)
I was talking in general. Don't worry, I always read all the post before commenting on upvoting/downvoting. Also, I think that the title should match the text. > Then a comment: This will not work because it will be abused in higher elo. This doesn't mean that he didn't read. Maybe he just wanted to highlight it since that reason alone is more than enough not to implement that.
DominoKid (EUW)
: Ah, so the xp required for my 125-149/50 is the same as my friends 150-175? that makes sense. Thanks dude!{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
DominoKid (EUW)
: Question, why does it take less XP points for my friend, who is 9 levels higher than me, to level up
Hey ! As you know, you can level up infinitely. So if the xp required to level up was getting bigger and bigger, it would become impossible to level up and gain BE to buy champs and other stuff. So Riot made it that the total xp of every 25 levels is the same. You start with small exp bar (2x00) then it gets bigger, and when you're close to the big level (the ones that will give you big rewards) it will get smaller again and then climb up etc.
: I apologized again for such post as mine. I guess I wasn't in good humor.{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Naah, many feel the same. The boards are constantly filled with those kind of repetitive posts
: You may be right about the return damage though, maybe make it proximity damage like Shyvana?
I answered this in the other comment. It's quite long XD But I wrote it with passion. Hope you enjoy it.
: Nope, not a marksman. Think more in terms of Slithice and her mirror images in Dota 2, they all do high critical damage and it is pretty devastating, except, now it's not mirror images but pets. Those were just examples. Cloaked champs would struggle against him, e.g. Akali. Burst champs who fight in the open would do well. The idea is to make him a counter for certain champs. That is also why I don't want to make his abilities too powerful in terms of damage, otherwise he would fill this niche too well. His build will determine his worth. Don't want to make it too easy. Also, nothing prohibits him from using his base attack while he casts Q. I hear you on early phase damage... Any suggestions on how to remedy it? I appreciate your input and it could only improve the concept if more people think it over. Also remember that this is only a concept... Riot probably won't bother with it. If they do, I am sure they'll fiddle with the champ and make changes where they think necessary. They're not exactly bound to what we write here. Even if they simply use the lore and change the abilities to fit for an assassin, I'd be happy.
> Also remember that this is only a concept... Riot probably won't bother with it. If they do, I am sure they'll fiddle with the champ and make changes where they think necessary. They're not exactly bound to what we write here. Even if they simply use the lore and change the abilities to fit for an assassin, I'd be happy. I know, and I don't care. I'm just happy to see you make this and share it so I'm trying to contribute. I also love your idea. It would be pretty fun to play and it feels unique to have pets fighting and protecting you. I took my time thinking a lot about it and giving you new ideas Thanks for the clarifications. Time to give you my opinion on the champion : > Think more in terms of Slithice and her mirror images in Dota 2, they all do high critical damage and it is pretty devastating, except, now it's not mirror images but pets. I never played dota so I checked that on youtube. The mirrors of Slithice can attack from a big distance (like Azir soldiers). She also have a stun and can cast her other spell from all of them. So I think that comparing them wouldn't be correct. > The idea is to make him a counter for certain champs Making a champion too situational would make him useless. Giving him the advantage against cloaked enemies while being viable under normal condition would be more healthy. Just like Galio against mages with his magic shield and MR from his W. But he isn't useless against AD. > Cloaked champs would struggle against him, e.g. Akali I'm sorry to disappoint you, but nothing can see Akali. Nothing can see thought her W. It's not that she is invisible, but her W gives a debuff to "true sight" which makes it "obscure sight". So even your champ can't see her. Unless you can detect movement like {{champion:421}} which is different than seeing. Like you can see the silhouette, but you won't be able to auto attack her :/ Akali W is OP XD > You may be right about the return damage though, maybe make it proximity damage like Shyvana? Not at all, I really love that spell, it reminds me of Irelia W. He can use it to protect himself while dealing some damage and I think it works pretty well with him. It's much better than proximity damage that deals damage over time. > If that's not enough, his sled ability could include stun on first attack, though that might make him broken. Would be pretty good to secure his kills. > He is an assassin Making him only rely on basic attacks and crit means that he needs a lot of time (this is relative of course) to kill people. He'll basically be like {{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:24}} . This is not an assassin, assassin's needs burst damage to delete people > He'll basically be a chaser who no-one can hide or run from Unfortunately again, you didn't think about it enough. You want him to chase people but did you give him the tools to do it? As a melee basic attacker, he can only do his job if he have some form of stickiness. Just imagine this situation : You go and engage with your E. You'll run fast, reach that annoying Akali and give her a big strong crit basic attack. She then dash over a wall. What do you do next? You're basically useless after that right? Here are a few existing examples of basic attackers : * {{champion:11}} Have AA resets and double auto passive (+ true damage from E and conqueror). A point and click Q to follow anyone anywhere and avoid cc. A huge movement speed ult that ignore slows. You can't run away from this guy and the moment he reach you, he can do a lot of AA with the resets and everything. You wanna flash? He will Q. He also have damage reduction from W. * {{champion:23}} Have a big dash that can go over walls. Can slow people and can become immortal. * {{champion:24}} Can jump over people, wards and everything you want. He also have a stun and can block AAs. As you can see, those guys have the tools to actually chase people, but your champion can't chase anyone with that kit :/ > I hear you on early phase damage... Any suggestions on how to remedy it? I appreciate your input and it could only improve the concept if more people think it over. I'll give you some suggestions. Feel free to take anything you like and throw what you don't like or discuss something if it feels interesting to you. I gave them numbers to make discussions easier. **1/ **For his lore. How about making him someone that tamed spirit wolfs of the frejlord (like the ashe bird) instead of true wolves. It would fit more with the frejlord and make him more epic. The fact of them being "spirits" (like the darius god king skin) will be more logical with the E I'm gonna propose. **2/** Passive : Same, but make sure to give it a small range so it's not overpowered. Or, you can see everyone on a small range and can sense people like Rek'sai in a medium range. **3/** Another proposition for the Passive Since the ulti I proposed will have the scent part : Feral frenzy, you wolves gets frenzy when they smell a targets blood. The spirit wolves attacks deals bonus damage and deal grievous wounds when attacking a lot target. Very good for finishing people and with the wolves thematic. **4/** Q The dogs of war: Active : Order his wolves to attack a target .. Kha'ziks Q range maybe?? Or maybe Elise Spider form Q range since her spider pets remind me a lot of him???? Good for trading in lanes. It also deals damage to people you fight and have an AA reset (since it makes the wolves attack again after a normal AA). an AA (+wolves attack)+ Q reset on a low person means his death thanks to the passive. **5/** W : Passive : Some spirit wolves will follow you permanently. They will attack any target you basic attack or use your Q on. Your wolves grow stronger as you level up this spell (you can start with baby wolves and they grow bigger and scarier). The purpose of this spell is to give the wolves and passively increase your damage trough them instead of building crit yourself. You can just make them stronger and go lethality like a real assassin. Maybe start with 1 wolf at lvl 1, gain a second 1 at lvl 3 of the spell and a third wolf when you max it. **6/** E Brother wolf : Active : A loyal spirit wolf sacrifice himself for you. You will lose one of your permanent wolves (so you'll deal less damage) but you'll block a spell. Have a very short cooldown of 0.5 and can be used twice max. (so you can't have less than 1 wolf available for Q). This spell is pretty useful for survivability but you may prefer to take some damage to keep your wolves (and be able to deal more damage). If used 2 times, you'll have to wait for your wolves to come back before using it again so it's an indirect limit to it. **7/** R Hunters : Passive : Your wolves attacks and Q mark the enemies as preys to get ready for the hunt. Active : With the blessing of the spirit wolves, you howl and call your inner wolf. You turn into a wolf and chase one target marked as a prey with your wolves companions still available and deals tons of damage + "scent" when reaching them. Scent : For a short period, you gain true sight of that target and a burst of movement speed when running toward them. This is a new version of your E. It works like the second part of akali E (you can follow a marked target anywhere across the map) and it should sound scary like Rek'sai ulti (with the howl and big dash). I feel that this is pretty balanced since he needs to get close and touch the target first to mark them (he is melee). He also can't just run to them and ignore all the enemy spells with his E since it's gonna reduce the ulti damage (depends on how many wolf will help you in the chase). So you need to play it smart as an assassin while having huge chase potential, can see invisible units or people in bushes and keeping your wolf tamer thematic. With this build, you are squishy but have tools to survive and chase people down. Your AA + Q reset will deal a lot of damage to be able to trade in lane. But you are still weak against poke and ranged champs. You can build lethality and real damage instead of crit. I hope you like the propositions and they fit what you were expecting. I tried to make a kit that really fits with the wolves and hunter thematic while making him an assassin. I tried to keep the spirit of your kit (I know I changed a lot).
: that is actually pretty cool
Totally agree {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
DeathR0p3 (EUNE)
: hey is it normal that some how my team is 3 iron ones and the enemy team is only silver 2's?
Matchmaking is based on MMR and NOT rank. Someone making a new account with a silver level will play against silver players even if his rank is iron. This is what makes matches with players of the same skill. It is not broken and everything is working as intended
: give supports credit
A support main here. I think that the role is very enjoyable now but it's other players who don't give us credit. Can you give any proposition on what riot can do?
: Some Improvement Ideas for Better New Player Experience
The third point would be absolutely life changing for new players ! Being able to read the enemies abilities before minions spawn (where you usually don't do anything) would be so valuable instead of playing against a champion you're clueless about
: Thanks for the link, Doom!
You're welcome {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: His W passive will make up for it. Remember, stacking crit for him AND his pets. Almost the same principle as Vayne's silver bolts but different. His R is also damage ability. He will also be good against champs like Pyke and Twitch but poor against champs like Miss Fortune. He'll basically be a chaser who no-one can hide or run from. Just to mix things up. If that's not enough, his sled ability could include stun on first attack, though that might make him broken.
I'm specifically talking about the laning phase, crit chance early on isn't that strong and in the early game, you won't have your ulti and will only using once or twice after reaching level 6. I mean, if I understood everything right, his only way to damage people is to walk out to them and AA them (except for his ult of course). Isn't that a bit rough? > He will also be good against champs like Pyke and Twitch but poor against champs like Miss Fortune. Wait a second, is this an a marksman? Designed to be played in botlane? > P- "Scent". All cloaked champs (brush or invisible) are visible to him within his field of vision because of his wolves' sense of smell. The passive feels too strong to be honest. Just being able to see everyone near you while making tons of spells and bushes useless
: Why is ranked purely win/loss orientated?
Hey ! I would like you to look at Senior Emissary [Humpelstilzche's comment](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/E8EAoV9L-lp-system-change?comment=0000) I think he answers your question pretty clearly and in details. But just as a very short answer, keep in mind that "skill" is very hard to measure. And if they linked winning to stats, a lot of players will start having negative behavior like letting their teammates die and never helping them in risky situations in order to not die, tanks never engaging, people afk farming to have the best farm in the game, etc etc... So nobody is gonna try to really win anymore since all that matters is having those beautiful nice stats.
: Idea for a Freljord assassin
Is it just me or does he have no real damage ability except for his ultimate? His Q is the only thing that he can use to deal damage but others need to give him melee attacks for it to work. His kit and lore (taming wolves) seems more like a bruiser wanting to do longer fights (crit chances) than someone who will assassinate you in an instant using his spells
: > It seems like I was wrong, and it actually means that you'll get demoted if you don't start winning more God damn{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Baladrok (EUW)
: Melidise, The banshee
Hey ! I really love the theme of this champion. It reminds me of the coven skin line. Can you add a french version too please? I'm very interested in that and I found some stuff unclear I can help you translate {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Btw, here is my discord : Lunatyk#1230 if you prefer sending it to me there
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