: What is rarer Black Alistar or Human Ryze ?
Hard to say as they were both in the pre-order bundles. note that "human ryze" does not exist. Young ryze is the skin you are referring to.
: And why??
Because ARURF is a more refined version. There no reason to bring back a worse version of something. ARURF is more popular.
: Normal URF
Most likely not.
Wxrds (EUW)
: What time does zoe become 6300?
Well the patch came on tuesday so it's either on tuesday or wednesday.
Wadud92 (EUW)
: I am not enjoying LoL right now, here is why
>The game does not feel free to play any more. But it is. Doesn't matter what it feels like.
: How and why is permanent ban better than 14 days ban?
: Got this account banned for 14 days for this???? (rtard player behaviour team)?
You are right, 14 day ban is the wrong solution. It should have been a permanent ban.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: [Runes Reforged] Fiora
Fiora always took AS from runes and instead of alacrity, you can take the lifesteal one. It doesn't force you to do anything. Press the attack is very good on her.
Spicetake (EUNE)
: You have never even been in D5 tho....????
I have. This is a smurf account i use to duo with friends.
: ***
If there was a joke. Everyone knows you were being serious. >Im pretty relaxed though, laughing at you This is what everyone says when they have been called out. Stay mad.
: ***
>I know you are pretty bad at being a good person and that you're sad by bringing down people on a videogame LOL. I'm not bringing anyone down. You are literally just trying to get a reaction out of me and failing miserably. Then you are resorting to pathetic insults. But hey, i'm the one getting the last laugh here. You are getting banned for your offensive comments.
: ***
I'm not raging though. you just wish i was raging and are mad that i'm not. It's very clear from your comments.
: Teemo scales better than karma? Guess it wasnt tank karma top then
Doesn't matter at all which type of karma it is. Teemo scales better.
: ***
I'm not salty but i am serious. I don't need you arguing with me here with your low elo understanding of the game. Especially without any actual arguments. Just pointless comments that do nothing but create conflict. Keep your wise cracks to yourself.
: Platinum is hell
>Do I really have to play what's basically a 1 vs 5 till I reach diamond? You have to do that in diamond too. Just went from D2 to D5 in a few days simply because i can't carry every single game alone.
CaitΙin (EUW)
: I think my honour level is bugged
You are most likely stuck because you are mildly toxic. Not enough to get a punishment but enough to halt your progression.
: Riot games in a nutshell - worth reading
Just for the other people reading this, This post wasn't actually worth reading like the title said.
: Why is teemo strong with aery. Wouldn't other keystones deal more damage. I mean, you essentially lose half the keystone since you can't shield allies?
When you attack the enemy, aery will hit hit the enemy and thus increase your poke damage but that is not all. Teemo has this beautiful dot effect on his e which means he can proc aery TWICE with just 1 basic attack. Another good part about it is that if someone walks on your shroom while you aren't looking at the map, you will notice aery fly out which will catch you attention, helping you avoid ganks or spot enemies and good kill opportunities. I will still use press the attack on on-hit teemo. At least for now. I might try lethal tempo again after the buff.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: with scorch and that rune that give you 5 AP at lvl 1 above 70% hp that poke is real
most of his poke dmg comes from his e. Especially since that is the ability you are supposed to max first.
: How to climb elo with support
Want to climb? use mage supports. You did say that you don't want to try them but then you are contradicting yourself. you want to climb but you don't want to use champions that help you achieve that. From your choices though, bard is the best one because he has the damage of a mage support but works like a support. Problem with your pool is the difficulty. All of the champions in your pool are from medium difficulty to hard. For a low skill player that is not a good thing because you have to put all your focus on the champion instead of the game. You should first get good at the game and then at the champions.
: Play Flex with a duo partner. If you play SoloQ as support you are going to be stuck with random ADC's who you don't know; it's a lottery. Some people get lucky and manage to climb in SoloQ, but it is just luck whether you get a partner who knows what they are doing. Otherwise, you are screwed. Good luck
>Some people get lucky and manage to climb in SoloQ Luck... that's a good one.
: So how many times did you deny your team a tank cuz you had to play teto? lel
None. I picked a tank if my team needed it. I'm not a one trick. Tank isn't needed in most team comps and i can go for a bruiser build if my team needs some beef.
: Yes you did.
I know what i said and i know what i'm talking about. I don't need your ignorant comments.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: teemo is OP with aery now (rtardedly OP)
I main teemo in high dia. I know how strong he is. Aery is just a small part of it.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: why teemo has 58.24% ban rate in the korean server while in EUW 12% & NA 22.44% ?
Well. They just can't get rid of the thought that teemo is a troll pick. Teemo has NEVER been a troll pick. So i guess you could call them stupid.
Walook (EUW)
They simply shouldn't have import slots to begin with.
FPΧ Tian (EUW)
: Gold screen loading border doesn't appears in flex
In flex it shows your flex border, not soloq border. You are bronze in flex so you didn't get a border for flex. This is why you don't have a border.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: any poke champion is good against teemo because he is squishy and rely only on his q poke and i never faced a hard counter like karma you should try it shes is OP in top
>any poke champion is good against teemo because he is squishy and rely only on his q poke Teemo relies on his basic attacks and e. Not on his q. >and i never faced a hard counter like karma you should try it shes is OP in top I have played against her multiple times as teemo in high diamond and all she does is make the lane even. Teemo can't kill her and she can't kill teemo. Teemo scales better unless the enemy team has something like kog'maw and janna or lulu support with good frontline from the jungle. If you just pick karma into teemo without that kind of team comp, you are just making the game harder for your team.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: if i'm first pick i ban karma to get teemo and if i'm not first i will see if there is a teemo i will counter him with karma if he bans karma i will go vayne or panth to counter him so hard
>if i'm first pick i ban karma to get teemo Waste of ban. >and if i'm not first i will see if there is a teemo i will counter him with karma Karma doesn't counter teemo. All you are doing is neutralizing the lane and getting out scaled by teemo. >if he bans karma i will go vayne or panth to counter him so hard Pick vayne and you just countered yourself. Teemo is a counter to vayne and not the other way around. Pantheon does counter teemo in the early game but he needs to seriously win his lane and end the game fast because he gets outscaled by everyone.
: U switched Karma and teemo.
: I'm not so sure though. Ages ago I remember playing Ornn into Yorick and being able to instantly destroy his wall with E. I mean they might have changed it since but I can't see any mention in the patch notes.
Can't really be ages ago since ornn is rather new.
: Master yi
The attack speed isn't as good as many might think because it's not easy to make full use of it when you have so much of it. Not to mention its pretty bad in some scenarios i.e. when poking you will just put it on cd without actually making any use of it.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: since Koreans ban teemo a lot because he is OP in top lane
karma isn't even nearly as good as teemo.
: Player saying he has several accounts and doesn't care about a permaban: feeding on purpose / insult
: Pretty sure that something that is described as a "wall" in the tooltip should be terrain.
It's a unit like zyra's plants.
: Yorick W + Orrn E bug
Yorick w is not a terrain though.
: Lets build assassins with tanky builds
or maybe build a bit defensively yourself and notice how lack luster her damage becomes against you, especially in the late game, assassins with tank items become useless. Seriously, you got bursted by an assassin in the mid game while you were playing a squishy champion. What a surprise...
: Mission Spell Thief (ZOE)
But is it SR only? So do aram games count?
: The snowball meta is driving people away from the game...
Alëks (EUW)
: As a mechanical players that usually wins lane the game feels amazing right now.
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: After how much years league woud die
Dying in 3 years is simply impossible unless riot kills the game on purpose. The game is too big to die in that time frame. The way the game is now and how riot handles things, i could see it go beyond 20 years.
LordGyno (EUNE)
: I hate new runes 0 logical
Can we get the same in English please?
ProPlayeris (EUNE)
: It's rare. grab it.
Not rare anymore.
redmagier (EUW)
: Medieval Twitch
It used to be rare but it isn't anymore. It was part of the refer-a-friend system but that system was removed from use. Now you can get the skin from a honor capsule with a pretty big chance so it's not rare because basically everyone will have it at some point (except toxic ppl).
: Can we please stop with the lock in toss out of queue feature.
I haven't crossed this problem yet. Also once again, this is just something people have to get used to (making runes in champ select i mean) so they remember to lock in. It will not take long.
Bilizver (EUNE)
: Why not arent they decaying or smth if they dont play? P. S all the streamers are playing regulary on NA
imqt plays on his smurfs and not his main account. I haven't really paid attention on what accounts other streamers play on. Ofc, streaming is what makes them money so they need to keep doing that. Eune doesn't have any reason for challengers to keep playing on main accounts. There is no real pro scene, no big streamers and it's late. As far as i know, the decay protection during preseason also affects challengers.
Bilizver (EUNE)
: Why isnt there a single game in challanger on EU/NE played?
They might not actually be playing. It's late at night and they do not have any reasons to play on challenger accounts during preseason.
Waljkyria (EUW)
: How to counter Zoe
Easy steps: If your ally gets hit by the sleep bubble, block her q for your ally. The q itself doesn't deal much damage without her sleep. She is very immobile and squishy. Gank her and kill her. Have a champion with engage or catch potential. She isn't that strong in team fights because of the first point. Her q often misses or gets blocked by someone. She also only has her q as somewhat reliable damage source. Other abilities are just utility.
l C18 l (EUNE)
: Imo her stun should stack up during upgrading, since it's like 2.5 or maybe 3 secs of being asleep on 1st lvl of the spell, and it's extremely ez to hit. With only 1 item u can just almost one-shot someone, if u hit the CC and full range Q (which is just a formal thing, if u hit the cc).
It's 2 second on all ranks and should stay that way. The disable breaks on first hit on that target from anything, including minions and towers. So if you land the bubble on an enemy who is taking minion damage, the minion damage will remove the sleep and the target will escape. To counter it properly though, all you need is an ally who will block her q. Her q doesn't deal much damage without her e on the target.
: How does Rito grade us?
> 5/minute cs This is too low. If you want to get S ranks easily, focus on your cs/min,
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