S0kaX (EUNE)
: Share a story of you as an ADC.
All supports I get troll me with ks and try to trigger me because I'm a Draven main, obv copying the Tyler1 build because it's the best build. So being a Draven adc main is literal cancer imo..
: if you find an answer remember me :D
Play draft mode, the heads won't appear
: Scripting
Can I see the scripting video?
: Worst april's 1st ever
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: Yasuo's Wind Wall ( W ) Wont Block Lux's Ultimate Why ?!
: [Rant] Dear Riot
So you're meaning that Riot is purposely putting you in troll games? Lmfao EUNE players are on some next level drugs..
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Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Lol what xD League of Bugs? Guess write a ticket?
Where and how do I write a ticket?
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Catchdown (EUW)
: huh? :o
The EUW servers has crashed..
: Azur's New [WEQ] (5.24 with new moves/combo)
: Funny Game Mode: Scramble
Like the idea but if riot made this they would have to remove some abilities that are unique for the champions
: when will urf come back to us :/
It will probably come back 1st of April, like the 2 other URF's did
ZiinKz (EUW)
: Custom GM: "Protect the King"
Looks like a pretty dank game mode :) {{champion:17}}
: I submitted the thingy - still no icon :D And I'm not surprised by Riot, it seems that they just wait for every possible opportunity to take money from us.
I think you get the free icon 30th november
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sixthdrop (EUNE)
: rito fix turrets
"did you saw" made me laugh
4urum (EUW)
: Demon Katarina Skin
Rito can make skins as sexual as this but {{champion:104}} can't have cigarr, GG
: Gangplank is dead.
He had a bad orange.. That's why he died R.I.P {{champion:41}}
Trexlo (EUNE)
: Why does Ekko have so much money?
That was Hil{{champion:103}} ous
: Need a friendly team.
Hi OmegaCrime, I would want to play with you, but I need to know what your name is on CurseVoice.


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