Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: Show me 1 support guide that tells you to improve your farming... take your head out of your ass and think a bit. When you loose the passive from your support item the laning phase has ended long ago and the game is about team fights and objective controlling and you get loads more assists if you do your job as a support and stick with your team, ESPECIALLY at lower elos where the games are such shit fests that there is always ridiculous amount of kills.
I was talking about guides in general... If u was smart, u could know that supports instead cs'ing, used supp item stacks. Point is, KDA doesnt matter. And no, laning phase didnt end long time ago when u get to t3, it ends about that time (20min max) And once again kills dont matter, (well ofc, now its 50% of ur income, besides afking) You miss the point. You used to get KDA, objectives, vision control AND BEING ACTIVE WHEN NOT DOING KDA, OBJECTIVES AND VISION BY EITHER HITTING MINIONS OR CHAMPS. Now u do less in game, and get less gold, making the item gap even bigger.
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: If only assists+kills and objectives would give gold... oh wait.
If only assissts+kills and objectives would be efficent gold income... oh wait. Literally every LoL guide, tips and players are saying: kda doesnt matter, if u really want to improve, improve your farming. You and ppl like you: oh %%%% that, just go for kills and assists. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} u get like... what 300g per assist? less? how often do you get assists, once every 5 min? objectives? same but even worse. Also.... you think supports didnt do that before? that they didnt kill/assist? just farm supp item gold? LOL Even with supp item gold ON top of the kills assists and objectives, supports were behind in items. Now, cut the supp item gold in half, and leave the rest as it is. You dont see the problem? Go play lee sin then.
: Just get good.
At last hitting Cs, as there's no other way to get gold as support.
: The support items give you extra gold every second. It is not advisable to farm since it lowers your gold income so keep that in mind. Also now you don't need to upgrade the supp item and can focus entirely on arsenal.
1.upgradeing support item before changes WAS NOT THE PROBLEM. Unless u did it to t3, then its ur problem. 2. U can't focus on arsenal when u got 740 gold from active of the item propably about 1k at 15 min with g per sec, CUS U HAVE NO MONEY. god damn people why are u that dumb. U could get 1,5k gold from active only at 20+min, and if u didnt know 1k<1;1,5;2k 3. U loose cdr and mana. So enchanters of other spelltheives users that used spells to use the active..... CANT USE SPELLS TO GET GOLD CUS NO MANA AND LONG CD. idgaf about 60 ap or 3 g per 10 SEC at t3 This item is worthless after that, so 20 min. To stay relevant u need to cs, as there's no support gold makeing after 20 min.
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: I'm taking a few days off League so i haven't tested the new things yet, but i have the feeling that between Pyke, Yuumi, Senna and now the item changes, Riot is trying to get non-support players into the support position. On one hand, this would obviously make sense for the most autofilled role. On the other hand, from what i've seen and heard, the current events seem to mirror the last time Riot tried to tamper with the bot lane: the ADC changes. Just like now, the idea sounded good on paper, at least for those who didn't experience the last few similar attempts years ago: make unconventional picks viable on the "Bot role". And they did just that, the unconventional picks became viable but at the cost of every single Marksman champion. What's happening now seems to be similar, but with the players instead of the champions: ADC, Assassin and Mage players will now have a better time if they get autofilled than ever before, but the real Support mains have to pay the price for it.
Dude TL;DR destroying support role... Is not encouraging for non support players to play supports....
: I actually like the new support changes
Ya blind or just pretending? Support changes are NOT only anti-cs'ing debuff. I would list all the changes here AND their affects on supports and theirs playstyle, but 1 u can find that on patchnotes, 2 u can use brain to think. Fun fact, supports werent stealing cs. Just becasue u had a bad support once, doesnt mean everyone does that. (and no, takeing like cs here and there for 20 cs at 15 min isnt stealing cs) Now, with how shit support items are, that completly **_REMOVES_** main gold income of supports after 15-20 min, one of the ways to get to the **second+ or, if ur ahead third +** item/s is to sell this abomination of a support item, and literally **_~~STEAL~~ CS_** . Otherwise u can just leave it, and do the following things after reaching tier 3 item: -afk -place ward -afk - afk follow the team. as u gain gold from just waiting after that, aka 3g per 10s all u need to do is to be. Fun
: > no gold after item completion. You still get 1000 gold with the item, before it completes. All the upgrades are for free. So let's look at relic shield. The upgrade costs were 450+950=1400. Sp you will only have less money than before the patch, if you got more than 2400 gold with relic shield. The other money items are similar to this. How often did you get 2400 gold with one support item? I don't think that it happened so often. And as you won't have to spend early money on your support item, you can spend your money on something else and get other items earlier.
"u still get 1k" is such a bad argument... why? You see... Old support items gave you 1500gold ~20-25min. not to mention that they didnt suck as items itself, aka they gave mana regen and cdr for champs that use MANA AND CD TO GET THAT GOLD STACKS. not to mention the 400g cost of the item itself, so u only get 600 g. u can buy.... 2/5 of an item for that? well unless u will sell it for 160 as its useless item after getting it.
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: I'm sad about there being no mana regen on the new items, as well as no CDR.
That and the ONLY 1k gold from it (840 if u count the item itself and sell it for 160 if i remember) TL;DR of support changes - u suck early and u generate gold harder (spellthieves users, which need mana, but oh yeah it doesnt give mana regen nor cdr anymore huh weird) - u do nothing after 20 min literally u do nothing no cs'ing no getting gold from item just follow team thats the game - u can get 1 item with that amount of gold from supp item, rest u need to wait.... with 3 g per 10 s... so basicly afk so u afk follow team gl&hf im %%%%ing out of supp to mid with my Rakan.
: {{champion:102}} can be effectively countered by the use of the move command. I think you just need to right-click with your mouse in the location you want to move to do that. Try it out.
Yaara (EUNE)
: Co-op vs AI event: Arcade Heroes vs Battle Boss
I have an idea. Lets add PvE to the game 1st, then talk about its diversity.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Nope. They should give us Draft / Blind pick URF instead of AR. Either let everyone pick BS OP nonsense or don't waste your precious resources at all.
yea, arurf: either ur teams gets op champs, or enemy does. urf: u want to play op? play op. wanna have fun with funny champs? hf. Dont want early game spam poke ruining 1st 5-10 min of the match? Ban it.
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: I left that out onpurpose, because I don't care all that much about the price tags when it holds a beautiful amount of content and perhaps better rewards like a eternal exclusive chroma. All I am saying is (or atleast, if did this correct) if they want to put a price tag on a achievement system, it has to be worthwhile and rememberable. Otherwise it was a half year of wasted time.
It would still be pay 2 play (more specific pay4reason2play), they get god amount of money from skins, icons, emotes, prestige, chromas etc, they rly dont have to monetise content. Cus the only content that is produced rn has a price and isnt much content but addition to game. PvE chopped ;-;

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