: *we don't want urf to get boring*
> [{quoted}](name=ned the kled,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=x0yiYhcM,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-09T08:26:25.078+0000) > > 1 month and a week of legend of the poro king, seriously i play 2 or 3 games and i get bored quickly > > Wtf riot Urf is boring anyways, only picks people take are broken ones, it's just not interesting.
: Stop complaining about auto fill
Only reason the autofill feature is here because Riot fucked everyone in the ass by removing the draft pick feature from EUNE and other places, which meant it completely destroyed the queue times for even normal games. Before this change I usually waited like 1 minute but now I usually find myself waiting upwards of 3 minutes, and all because of an incredibly stupid decision. That's why they need this autofill shit, because the queue times were so ruined by that dumb change that they had to add it in order for queue times to not sit at upwards of 5-10 minutes (Which they were) tl;dr - autofill is necessary due to riot's fuck up.
Applekami (EUW)
: People that says GG EZ at the end of the game
: TylerT1 and the Singed support ban...how certain members of the Community defend toxicity.
I wasn't one of the people who said Tyler1 should be unbanned, but I do support him because he's a genuinely good streamer. I don't know, maybe people outside the UK don't really get the whole insult everyone humour but that's why I enjoy him, he's got our type of humour in him. Regardless, Tyler1 has already stated that he DID deserve the ban, and even wondered why it took so long for Riot to actually get round to doing it lol. It's not like it's going to stop him from playing anyways, the only way they'd be able to do that is probably through an IP based ban but even then he could use a VPN. The truth of it is that they can't actually stop Tyler1 from playing, they can only try.
maribou (EUNE)
Please do. The queue times for EUW have fucking shot up from 1 minute or so to 3 minutes every fucking game, it's not awful but it is really annoying.
Perilum (EUW)
: You would reach Challenger, if you would listen to your grandma. https://media.giphy.com/media/3jhF8ZBMP1vna/giphy.gif
Is this the new "...but graves can't have a cigar" replacement?
Eambo (EUW)
Eambo (EUW)
: https://i.imgur.com/2J3etZ5.png ######Disclaimer: Riot don't actually hate them. We fully endorse and recommend this 'workaround'
: How i deal with tilt
To be fair, how could anyone be mad while watching that lmfao.
: Now I know what dog toys are made from o.O
i found this way too fucking funny lmao
: blink twice if they're listening
: We're all joking around ^^
guess you could say the joke was a little bit of a RED HERRING _help me please they're forcing me to make bad puns call the police_
: umm no.. this is a skill based game... your telling me a diamond player i belong in bronze because you act like a 4 year old? lol stfu up kid.
Just quickly.. You don't need to say stfu up. You can just say stfu, stfu means shut the fuck up, so unless you're trying to say shut the fuck up up then it might want a correction >_>
: CALLING OUT - Riot's "A Red Herring"
This thread is confusing as fuck. Rioter's are all up in this thread either being passive aggressive with each other or they're joking around. MUMMY WHY ARE OUR DADDIES ARGUING WITH EACH OTHER I'M SCARED
: Thats why I suggested some pushups. Workout can help you to transfer the rage into energy through the muscles. You gain mental and physical benefits without any cons. Jyvaskyla is in Finland btw.
I shall correct that right away, apologies, ironically the one thing I didn't look into more was the cities mentioned. And yeah, exercising is a great way to let out that anger, especially if you have a punching bag!
: lol. Actually I can't listen to calm/relaxing music when im tilted. It pisses me off, even tho I like relaxing music when Im in the mood.
Nah I feel you, what I said was on a very baseline level, without anything much really being explained, if you read my response above you'll get a better idea of what I was talking about. But, in regards to your post now, I'd refer you to this bit: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Chromosome,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=myowVAFU,comment-id=0004000000000001,timestamp=2016-10-26T01:01:33.805+0000) > > However, obviously, personal taste needs to come into it, if you like sad sounding music, this can bring listeners pleasure, which was proven in research done at Durham university in the UK and the University of Jyväskylä in ~~Iceland~~ Finland. (Thanks for the correction Leon!) Up until recently my way of calming down was actually punching a wall a few times.. Until I realised that I was probably seriously damaging the bones in my hand from doing it, and I don't want to get rid of those at this age, so I stopped doing it. Now funnily enough I don't really get all that mad, I sometimes rage out and hit my desk not too hard (Though this is from Dark Souls, so it's not all that surprising) but other than that not really all that much at all.
: Yes be careful what music you listen to guys. I heard if you listen to rock you get angry and if you listen to rap you go out and shoot people.
> [{quoted}](name=Dr Chromosome,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=myowVAFU,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-10-25T14:25:18.049+0000) > > to have an influential effect on your mood Influence is the key word here, I'll define it for you since you're unaware of what it means: "the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself." I said that it would have an influential effect on your mood, this has been proven by researchers, it affects your mood in a variety of ways. You see, when we listen to music, our heart begins to synch up with the rhythm, that's also why we associate mood with music, music with a fast beat is often associated with excitement, intensity etc. and a slow pace song can be associated with calming or even sad effects. The University of Missouri did a test which showed that listening to happy sounding music can actually make you happier overall as well as improve your general mood. However, obviously, personal taste needs to come into it, if you like sad sounding music, this can bring listeners pleasure, which was proven in research done at Durham university in the UK and the University of Jyväskylä in ~~Iceland~~ Finland. (Thanks for the correction Leon!) I personally find it fascinating how music can actually influence our lives so much that it can actually make a difference depending on what music we listen to. As much as I know you were probably joking, please don't strawman my argument. I'm trying to make a genuine point here and you strawmanning to make it look wrong isn't really all that nice.
Najns (EUW)
: Well, I liked this years Doom Bots. I didn't find them repetitive. I know a lot of people who enjoy them, so if they get the old ones back, people will complain why they aren't like this year. And just think of the ammout of programming it would take to create two doom bots modes.
No effort at all because they're literally no different other than in one you can choose your mode of difficulty.
: Doom Bots of Boringness
I do actually agree with you, it is actually the same thing every time. Start game, survive 15 minutes, kill teemo. End. There's random buffs that happen which make it a little bit more interesting but overall the gamemode is just repetitive. I definitely prefer the old version.
rekopitam (EUW)
: Offering Coaching for low ranks
Just a tip, you might want to explain why exactly you're qualified to teach people, or why you think you are, you're more likely to attract with credentials :p
: 1. Workout. Take some pushups or go out for a quick walk/run 2. Take a shower. Cold shower or Scottish shower (warm-cold-warm-cold etc) 3. Eat something and watch a video or a stream or play a single player game 4. Socialize. Even here in internet can help. 5. Listen to your favorite badass music with headphones on and max vol. (RIP ears :P) ([suggestion)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWMqA20nKd4)) 6. Fap it out! Kappa
Just in relation to the music one, be careful what type of music you listen to. It's already been proven to have an influential effect on your mood, if you listen to rock heavy music, you'll get angry easier. If you want to calm down from being angry, then you need to listen to calm music.
: League of Legends Casting Real Life Actors | LOL Movie Fan-Made (2016)
A real life movie would never work, the voices wouldn't be the same and thus it would be awful. It's substantially better as animated as you could then make use of the actual voice actors. Edit: That being said, nice job on the video.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: * Because when we screw up, we deserve to get called on it. * We learn from Player comments about what works and what doesn't. * Because we would rather take some unwarranted heat than stifle honest feedback and yes, excessive comments will get flagged/deleted. We don't want to remove your message, but sometimes the way you present that message is simply beyond what's needed to convey your point. TL;DR: feedback is good, even passionate feedback that stings. Just don't get offensive. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
~~FUCKING RIOT KILL YOURSELVES RAGE RAGE RAGE~~ plz giv graves his cigar ;(
Weelah (EUNE)
: Riot Report an unreportable offense
Unsportsmanlike behavior is the report option here. It's against the rules to not play the role to which you were assigned. Please try to look more carefully at the report options, does this sound like unsportsmanlike behavior? Is there another more fitting category? If you answered yes to the first and no to the second then you report under unsportsmanlike.
: STOP BOOSTING! upvote this petition if you want to end this mockery for good
Boosting is already not allowed, this petition serves no purpose at all.
: > every champion in the world has a low winrate upon release So they were old, yeah but still op > it makes people not want to learn new champions, and that's not what we need at all. Well thats the oldest discussion on lol, one trick pony vs master of all traits. I think Ivern and Bard are great champs, Bard is a total Dota2 rip off, but a fun champ and Ivern just needs his time. Maybe is actually is the first champ release that is too weak, maybe we just underrate him. Picking Ivern should not be judged on win rates, otherwise we would be playing Sion/MF support all the time.
You're not getting my point. The reason that champions have low winrates upon release is because nobody knows how to play them, and they're incredibly new, there are more bad players than there are good players, hence they lose, hence the winrate declines rapidly. I do agree, they are tuning down how strong champions are upon release substantially, Taliah and Ivern are brutal indicators of that. However I can't help but thinking that it's for the best, I'd rather have a champion that performs worse than one who stomps the living shit out of everything. And yeah, I agree, nobody should judge **at all** what pick someone makes, League is a game and if they want to play a champion that's new or isn't considered "META" then that's their right.
: Its about strong champs at release, these are all good examples and {{champion:245}} is not an old champs. Lets not forget reworks {{champion:90}} hotfixed with a ninja patch. Riot always has to work on balancing, thats normal. Not only meaning that champs are OP on release but also just suck. {{champion:432}} and {{champion:427}} have no straight forward kit and arent easy to pick up imo which is one reason for the low winrate.
Yes. That's precisely why I said "the **MAJORITY** of those champions are quite old." Majority meaning most, but not all. Reworks are irrelevant. Yes, exactly, they're making champions that aren't super easy to play, it promotes practice, meaning you need to play them to get better at them. If people whine about the fact that others play these champions it makes people not want to learn new champions, and that's not what we need at all.
: Lets remember the release of: {{champion:5}} , {{champion:245}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:143}} and lets not forget {{champion:7}} who used to have a silence on her q and was hotfixed after less than 1 day. These were insane champions escpecially Xin. Everyone playing since s1 remembers how OP that dude was
The difference is that the majority of those champions are quite old, and Riot were a lot less experienced than they are now. They're getting better at balancing the champions so they're not as broken on release.
Kippiiq (EUW)
: He's complaining about luck. His friends got lucky by getting -70% of some skins, so now they don't have to waste much money on them, whereas if this guy wants the skins, he'll have to pay more than them.
He blames it on Riot. Read the post in full.
Smerk (EUW)
: Ivern is very situational pick, they can't know how good you are with him and he has really low winrate right now, so many players prefer to have more universal pick in their team
Of course he has a low winrate, he's literally just been released, every champion in the world has a low winrate upon release. People just need time to learn him, and the idiots telling people not to play him aren't helping.
pastilhas (EUW)
: The Teemoing Skin sales
Are you seriously whining about the fact that your **F R E E** skin reduction isn't 70%? I'm honestly at a loss for words mate.
Vailikki (EUNE)
: I think Riot is trying to sell me some project skins
I rolled complete crap in terms of skins. First time I actually rolled nothing at all that was even slightly decent. RIP :(
: I never said it offended me, i just wanted to get the point clear that i can't talk to people without them thinking im insane
If everyone you talk to about your issues thinks you have a mental health issue because of it, then you probably do. I offer the same advice, if it's really that bad (Which given that everyone you talk to seems to tell you to get help) then you SHOULD get help. Sorry to be blunt, but ignoring everybody's advice because you're not willing to go and get the help that you might need isn't something you should be complaining about.
: Can confirm.
I'm not sure if this piece of information is a red herring or not.. Hm..
: I saw what you put and its still stupid logic. Just because he is based around kicking doesn't mean they can't change it with a skin to fit the theme of punching. Considering his kit animation can easily be changed to fit it. Sounds like you just hate the skin and want to find anyway possible to say its bad.
Hate's a strong word, I don't like the skin overall, but hating a skin because it doesn't work in my opinion would be a bit stupid. The skin looks ugly, the outfit doesn't work, I buy the skins for the fashion, because fashion is more important than skill {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I digress, the skin is just ugly, like I said, it's all subjective. You clearly like the skin and I clearly don't, I'll leave it at that.
gyyyr (EUW)
: so i am very evil{{champion:45}}
You're also a midget!
: Last time i did that they told me to search for psychological help
And that's a bad thing? No. It isn't. If he genuinely believes you need to get help, then you should see a psychiatrist. Hell, I don't have any problems and I'd love to talk to a psychiatrist/psychologist just to see what they were able to figure out about me. (Movies and stuff always misrepresent what a psychiatrist/psychologist can figure out, to a stupid level) When people tell you to get help they're not insulting you, they're trying to help you by getting you to go and get some proper help. I don't know jack about your situation, but if it's enough for someone to recommend a psychiatrist to sort out, then it clearly runs deep.
: Just because someone else fits the theme better doesn't mean it can't fit someone else. That is just shitty logic.
Can you please read the whole post instead of straw manning? I said that he was based heavily around kicks, I did mention that Vi was a better match yes, but that wasn't the point. The whole skin **isn't** Lee Sin. It doesn't ring true to his abilities or his fighting style at all, the skin is basically an opposite day so instead of kicking most of the time he's punching, where's the innovation in that? There wasn't really any thought put into it imo, it doesn't have that League of Legends charm and thought in it. The outfit doesn't fit Lee, the theme doesn't fit him, the whole thing just looks and feels wrong. I mean most of it is subjective, but I do genuinely believe that this skin just isn't him.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Maybe they aren't immune but there is difference between "Krugs are resistant to aa" and "Krugs have resistance to aa".
Resistance means resistance, it doesn't mean immune or invulnerable. A difference in "are" and "have" makes no change in the sentence at all other than the fact that it's simply a different way of typing the sentence. tl;dr There isn't a difference.
: The more you roam the more impact you will have and it allows you to take the game into your own hands :3 It is a great decision and means you improved lots mindset wise ^^ Have you thought about trying j4 in the jngl too?
Yeah, I've thought of doing it but in my mind I just can't place me playing him there, I prefer him in lanes, though he's still indisputably good in jungle.
: But the boxing theme does fit him.
No.. Not really. All of Lee's abilities are completely centered around kicks, all that skin does is change everything to punches. How does that fit him at all? I'll tell you who it DOES fit, Vi. Vi is a perfect match for a skin like that, Lee most definitely isn't.
: These are the kinds of people that I put hours into finding their IP address just to DDos them, honestly.
Edgy as fuck. Do you also hunt down your prey and say "heh, nothin personnel, kid" before you kill them with your katana?
: When the biggest annoyance becomes your greatest ally
For once I can actually say yes, was top as Jarvan and was getting destroyed by an Ekko, I hate leaving lane, I don't like it. Most of the time I stick top and don't leave because I prefer to deal with my lane on my own. But this time I didn't. I just thought "Fuck it, I'm not going defeatist mode like usual, I'm trying something I dislike" - I started roaming instead of going top, and immediately landed myself a double kill. Then I went top. Died again to Ekko (Because Ekko is very fun to play against and really provides a fun experience :^) ) and then went back to roaming, got myself another two kills, at this point we started to destroy their team and long story short, we won. Also, I was searching for a champion with impact and Jarvan definitely is the guy for me, I'm glad I started playing him again.
yohnnysu (EUNE)
: Is Muay Thai skin any good?
It's his best skin. Sure, knockout has new stuff, but it doesn't look anywhere near as good. Why is Lee Sin being given a BOXING skin? Like really? The skin doesn't fit him at all. The Muay Thai skin however, it fits the profile perfectly. Buy it! The splash looks good, the in game looks good as well (Has a better dance than the normal Lee Sin as well) Edit: I completely forgot about Pool Party. I've not used the skin personally but I'd place it higher than Muay Thai purely due to the particle effects. It's mostly down to you, if you want to spend more money to get a better skin then you can, I personally prefer Muay Thai overall as it's the skin I know :p
ThePikol (EUNE)
: @Riot How am I as Kindred or any other AA based jungler supposed to kill Large Krug?
You're kidding right? You think they've made Krugs 100% resistant to all basic attack damage? Come on. Please tell me you're joking.
: Project? What fukin Project, get me away with this Neon Sh#t, #THIS Is the best skin theme i can ever imagine
I like the theme but they're very basic in terms of what they offer, from the looks of it at least.
: I personally hate it too. I'm a jungler main and hate having to adapt to a massively different jungle every year. I wouldn't care if they made minnor changes to upgrade it, but it's straight the opposite, they release a new jungle every season. I've got enough with item and champ changes, c'mon... I also hate the rng shit. Some people say drakes aren't rng because it's indicated or shit like that, but for example, if you're far ahead early game and your team manages to get a fire drake too because of that, it's not the same as getting far ahead too and killing a cloud drake... The fire drake spawn will increase much more your snowball and that's purely a matter of luck. Probably same thing will happen with this new tool, ofc the spawns are indicated... But that doesn't mean it ain't rng.
It seems like Riot are trying to completely change their game given the whole assassin rework thing, pink wards being changed. I don't even know what's going on in their heads right now but they're making everything more and more stupid. Katarina is going to be pretty useless now given that they've made wherever she lands incredibly obvious. The only saving factor is that she still has her ult so she's still got a bit of a chance to get kills in the hope that nobody will stun her as usual. Then there's this whole pink ward thing, removing their ability to detect camouflage, eve's going to be getting a MASSIVE buff in that case, which I'm on the fence about, this is going to make her really overpowered, but I also like eve so idk. Rengar will potentially be able to make use of this as well. In which case we all know what kind of seven hells we're going into. Rengar is already almost unstoppable with his ultimate, but if he's able to make use of this, then I'm honestly worried. Too much is being changed at one time, they need to take a step back and slow the fuck down, think about what they're actually doing before endlessly shoving 100 very big changes out there at once.
: How does a single target, AA based champion kill a whole team with one combo?
legend says he's so powerful he once killed a zilean..
: "Plants " seem like a concept taken straight out of Super Mario
Yeah, I agree. It seems completely half assed, and that's why I hate it.
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