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: I doubt anyone who has played more than few months believes that there is free RP sites but who knows
This page my friend went on looks crazy real, just the content was suspicious http://prnt.sc/cjgxdj
: By child, what age group do you mean? Before 10 years of age?
i think i was around 12 when i started to use a computer, but i learned it at that age, not everyone has the luck to have older siblings or friends to teach it
: The truth can be hard to hear, but how stupid do you have to be to actually fall into these traps?
i had 2 older brothers who told me not to visit these sites, as a child i bet i would have fallen into these traps aswell but my brothers warned me. Not everyone heard of these fake sites and they think its real, the page my friend went on had the same design as the real league page. I hope my friend will never visit one of these pages again,i think he learned his lesson
Najns (EUW)
: But if this is fake, do you want to tell me there are also no single ladies in my neighbourhood wanting to see me? D: Jkjk, +1 to you, sir :D Too many people get their accounts stolen and (or) banned this way S: More people need to see this !
dont worry, the single ladies are real :P
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: Honestly, yes this community is awful. This dude added me after the game to tell me how crap i was.I was flamed in ascension mode. BUT you can always queue as 5, add people who were nice in previous games and skype them (or whatever you use). And the joy of getting ranked up destroys the negative emotions. You can always mute everyone at the start of the game, but you can't control people, and i have no other games i want to play so i play this one until i find a game just as fun that i can play on a mac with a nice community.
yeah i dont know what to play neither, other games cant hold me that long like lol did, other game i quit like max. 1 month... but atm i play alot Diablo 3 and as i said. the community is much better there
: I don't think you can get refund for buying RP if that's what you're trying to say. That would be a little ridiculous! But don't quit the game yet you can still try to climb as high as you can get! And if you do hit challenger, make a korean smurf and then try hitting challenger there!
nahh, the last week showed me that im ready to quit league, i am very addicted to league and i dont want this account to get banned while i have all the gifts on it. The last week i had only 1 fun game,i mean its only 1 thats ridiculous! im bored in every game and the community is (sry) Shit!. Once u dont play like a master cuz u have a bad game or u just try a champ u get all the hate and ppl will insult u, some wish ur family to die painfull right in front of you.... then im like "Jeeesus... guys its a game calm down" but they are just stupid and sick in their heads... when i play Diablo 3 for example, i never get insulted people want to help me, they give me tips instead of insulting me, thats great and i want to play a game like this. **people help people**! I love to chat cuz i love every kind of humor, but wishing someone the death isnt fun... Or just the new player, a friend of mine wanted to start league so i went to his house and gave him a few tips but in 3 / 3 round he had tryhards smurfs in the enemy team so he quit league. I just dont like the game as it is right now. I know riot tried everything to keep the player playing the game, they give free skins and fun modes every week, but even the fun modes arent fun for me if they are every week or just like 4 different modes in 2 months. i guess i said everything i need^^ Most people dont care about what i wrote but maybe someone will read it and think about it. Maybe someone someone has an idea how to improve the fun for me but i already tried aram and 3v3, im getting bored very fast after it. And people... Dont forget its a game and games exist to have FUN!
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