King Lego (EUNE)
: Vel'Koz and a bee can become best friends. Why?
: "more punishement" Currently the dodge punishment goes : 15 mins for the first dodge, 30 mins for the second dodge and 1 hour for every subsequent dodge
Problem is you can log out, play on another account, dodge on that account and go on your first, etc.
: Missions rewards get fewer every new event
I'm more shocked by the discount on the key fragments. I used to have 12 chests > keys but then I bought a bunch of key fragments for 10 tokens each while orbs were 100 each (3 keys is better than 1 orb I concluded) Now it's about 7 keys for 1 orb. Man, the key fragment value is so low now but I don't actually play enough to get the 4 chests/month anymore.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: dunno where ppl get this bs... every single event you get the same stuff, you get at least 1 orb and 1 chest+key from missions only (not sure about the box this event since they didnt list the missions/rewards they used to) and enough tokens for 1.5 orbs, and thats all for free, what else do you want? 2 years ago you got NOTHING maybe an icon for logging in during the event, but that was all...
Indeed, since hextech crafting was released, we get stuff much more regularly (because they can give them in smaller fractions). We used to get like 1 maybe 2 random skins per year.
: Will Odyssey mode ever be back?
Hopefully something more longterm. I think there goes a lot of development efforts into these modes. I don't mind them re-releasing the older ones, though, for a short period (but that also takes a lot of effort I guess).
jogga44 (EUW)
: Isn't Caps confirmed to be G2's mid and Perkz moves to adc?
WHAT? Is Caps going to leave FNC?? I loved the Caps Bwipo Broxah trio!
Eambo (EUW)
: Both servers are undergoing maintenance at the moment (Wednesday morning is our scheduled maintenance time). We did not take the platform down entirely, but are performing some network maintenance which is why ranked queues were disabled. We'll remove messaging and open ranked once we have completed the maintenance in question :-)
I can't log in right now. Still working on maintenance?
Kimmaz (EUW)
: Intentional feeding too loosely used
when someone calls me inter i just say "sorry i'm boosted".
AlphaZero (EUNE)
: Neeko's minimap icon should remain visible ONLY for teammates after she transforms into an ally.
DarkCagé (EUW)
: Well, who gives something about skin tiers?
I mean the current current ones. What we have right now live. I agree that the icon should be displayed over the skin tier. I understand that they want to add the skin tier to make people buy more expensive skins for bragging rights but it shouldn't be at the cost of something else.
: ⚡ Spam ⚡ This ⚡ Static ⚡ To ⚡ Help ⚡ Fnatic ⚡
DarkCagé (EUW)
: I made a re-design of the upcoming loadscreen because of missing elements
: Europe Versus the World– Can They Do It?
Is China the world? Well, I guess you could say IG is an international team with the 2 Korean carries.
: After the years of banter, of NA > EU , we finally beat them. And we did it with style. Getting 0-3d, is huge. Our region's bests, beat their region's bests. They didn't even try tbh. I felt like C9 said "we in semis guys, we made it ! let's have some fun now and go home after". C9 did get far, but they weren't even on the same level as FNC - they got stomped. And this is how sports work, there will always be some shit-talk, it's healthy actually, keeps people motivated.
What years of banter? EU performed better than NA in most of the international tournaments. Both of them did better at worlds now than they had ever done before. So both should be proud.
: >Well, if you can make a kill with a flash play every 5 or 6 minutes, that's amazing. If you must have a flash to get your basic ability off reliably, that's terrible. Imagine having to use flash to escape. That means you can't engage for 5 more minutes. Or if that flash doesn't result in a kill. It's simply not good. >He doesn't have to solo carry. He just needs to support his carries and feed them. Yes but that is not the point. Why pick rek'sai when so many other champions can do her job better? Rek'sai is just a worse version of xin and lee. A much worse version.
In soloQ, I agree, Rek'sai is terrible because you have so few plays to make. In Professional play, those few plays might be what a team needs. The rek'sai flash plays are way more consistent than a lee or xin flash play, so you can't say she's just a worse version. Gragas is more comparable and mainly overshadows reksai, but then again you have the uniqueness of the tremor sense. Still, there's a reason why gragas and xin are way higher pick priority. I think they risked the Rek'Sai just because they were 2-0 already and wanted to style. My point is that rek'sai isn't useless in competitive play, but yeah, there are better picks. In soloQ she's even worse.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: After watching worlds and playing against le blanc, you have to admitt her revert was a mistake
With her rework I was expecting her to get that mirror item as one of her abilities or passive that allows you to copy the appearance and health bar of an ally. Perhaps that's also too unhealthy, though.
: Well, Clown9 done choked boiz...
I think we shouldn't ridicule NA just because we're doing better. C9 still performed amazingly throughout worlds just like FNC and G2. C9 and G2 got stomped this weekend but that doesn't take away all the amazing games they've had so far. C9 showed that you can get far with players from your own region (and EU mid of course :p) rather than hiring 2 koreans to carry you to worlds and then choke in group stage.
Eambo (EUW)
: EU > NA
I didn't care too much about this match but I'm glad FNC won because they seem the most promising in beating IG. I just want the west to take it home, whether it would be C9 or FNC was less important. FNC looked strong against C9, almost as dominant as IG over G2. This will be an amazing finals with so much at stake for League's history. Both China and EU want this title so badly. And it's not because FNC 2-1'd them already that they've got a big advantage. IG has only performed better and better since group stage. Maybe it's because their opponents were worse, maybe it's because they are warmed up, maybe it's just coincidence. I don't know, this worlds makes not much sense. Maybe we'll even see brand new champions coming up. So much is still changing in this meta.
: It's ignorant to just look at the score. Rek'sai is squishy, doesn't have a proper gap closer, doesn't have enough damage and doesn't have enough reliable cc. Those flaws are all combined on a single champion. She doesn't excel at anything and is pretty much as useless as olaf and pros still pick even him. About the uselessness, look at the game where broxah played rek'sai. What could he do on his own in that game? He couldn't duel anyone, he couldn't engage without a flash, he got bursted down super fast so he wasn't even soaking damage for his team. So how was that pick useful exactly? I mean just compare it to his lee sin game. The difference in game impact is ridiculous. He basically became a walking radar with his tremor sense. That's all he was really good for. It just didn't look that bad because his team was doing so well that his lack of impact didn't matter.
Well, if you can make a kill with a flash play every 5 or 6 minutes, that's amazing. He doesn't have to solo carry. He just needs to support his carries and feed them.
: I won't do it again. i did it last season to prove the same point. I made smurf because apparently my skill level wasn't higher then P5, even tho i kept stating that other players where keeping me down. My main last season was hard stuck P5 duo to other players. I made an alt account to prove to people that match making was trash and if you get good teams its easy to climb. I manged to end the season on the alt P1 with only 150 game's. While the main stayed at P5 with 500 games. I played the same champs, did the same things, and just by better match making duo to my mmr not being %%%%ed i managed p1 in 1/4 of the game's of the main in less then a month. This experiment was just a for a bit of fun, but still match making hasn't changed and people still %%%% other peoples game's up. But i think my just quit for good as skill level doesn't really matter.
You probably had a better mentality while playing on your alt. Because you wanted to prove something, you subconsciously focussed better on the game and your own plays rather than your allies. Sure, luck can play a part in it, definitely in a 150 games sample but at 500 games, you should be closer to 'where you belong' based on your own plays. To make a really valuable experiment, you should blind yourself (or the test subject playing) so you don't know which account you're playing on to prevent bias.
: Doesn't matter how good you are
Well, it sucks that this happened to you and it's a bit cliché but not every game can be won. Sometimes those games come in a pack together and it feels like the game is unfair. But there should also be just as many games where you won because of your team. If not, then you're either very unlucky or something is wrong in your playstyle that you don't see (most common is attitude towards teammates). But the games that are really worth playing are the ones where you have it in your own hands and where you are the deciding factor. Sadly, you're playing with 9 other players who also like to be that deciding factor and you can't all be the main character. Look at it from your opponents team perspective: if 4 out of 5 of your team win hard, but the fifth lost hard. Which team should eventually win the game? I'd say the one with the most members performing well. Ideally, your team is always very stable and goes about even with their team. But we all know that will never happen. People just don't play consistently on the same level. We're not robots who are programmed to play with certain performance. And neither do you. If you want to climb, you don't need to solo carry as many games as possible. You need to accept that sometimes your team loses you the game and sometimes you lose your team the game and limit the amount of weight you put on the team when you're behind. Also, play more than 10 games. Keep a record of all games of an entire season. If you still see this bias towards enemy team, I will reconsider my advice (although it would still have to do with your playstyle most likely).
Hellupus 03 (EUNE)
: Kayn's patience is running low, and so does mine
I agree 100%. I loved playing this game mode, I loved the ideas of the missions and the rewards were awesome. But the implication and the struggle to find a team was horrible. Not only that, but because everyone in soloQ is trying to do (different) missions, I can't simply queue up and enjoy a goofy build I like after completing all missions! These team missions should definitely require 5 man premades. But there have to be easier ways in-client to find random people to premade with. One option is to bring back chat rooms in some form (I think the only thing holding them back is moderation requirement, but I think plenty of people would volunteer for that). An alternative way is to promote CUSTOM GAMES by allowing us to queue up these PvE modes in it and complete missions through customs. I think custom games rooms are better than random matchmaking in PVE modes. I'd also love to play these modes solo if that would be possible.
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Dispraise (EUW)
: Probably not
I'd like to see the statistics of how often people are reported when playing specific champs.
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
: He has both the xp boosts stacked, he isn't even highest level. Highest level is probably 103 level by now and he told that he hasn't even being playing much because of personal issues.
"not playing much" probably still over 10 hours a day.
MrGerund (EUW)
: You can run but you can´t run! wait what...?
What's the problem? When Urgot drags you, he executes you anyways. He just did that base recall for the show.
: If the disenchanting values are already been decided why they don't add the freedoom of choice to the capsules lets take the levels that you are getting 270 be from disenchenting that means it's either 5x450 champs shard or 1x1350 champ shard why they don't give the choice of choosing the 5 shards of the 450 or the 1 of the 1350 for me i got a janna shard and whene i could've got a mordekaiser shard and didn't need to disenchant all of my shards just to buy him from the shop. For riot i'am sure it doesn't harm them by any means and it will just make players happy i'am 100% sure it's a win win situation for both sides unless riot wants their players to suffer and waste unecessarry resources.
You already get a guaranteed amount of BE. The champion shard is just an extra bonus that you get when you happen to hit the jackpot (the champ you wanted to buy). It's a surplus. Even if you never get the champions you want to buy, the new system still gives you more currency to buy them than the old one did.
Farce (EUNE)
: See the problem is - it's not free. I like the fact there are free FULL sets for starters but there is a major problem with that - you still get 2 editable pages only. Meanwhile, your runes are now customizable on the same level as masteries before. What does it mean? That to be most effective with a champ, almost every pick needs to have specific rune page set for it. It's true that you can now edit it in-game, but again: new players have pretty much no chance of picking proper runes in 40 seconds time before match starts. And due to the fact how animations in rune creators work now, along with multiple branches to choose, it's much harder to get around setting it all in fly. Hence, it solved problem of runes, while amplifying problem of masteries exponentially.
In the old system, new players would often leave their runes and mastery pages empty anyways, giving an even bigger advantage to smurfs. Right now, you're guaranteed to play with a full page. Smurfs will still be able to get a more optimized set-up (once custom rune pages unlock), but a sub-optimal setting is still better than no setting.
: Their system just isn't finished yet. It's just flat out stupid how they managed to release it in this state: * The champion shards are a good idea however: * Currently their is no reason for players to use the try out option. Using it will just burn out it's usage for essences or essences discounts. * They need to change it so you will recieve a perma discount (let's say 10-15-30%) in the shop for that champion when you tried him out. * Other forms of discounts need to be implemented: * Like champion level for champions you don't own will give you an 2% discount for every level. This means that if you manage to get honnor level 5 with the champion with playing him on free rotations & trying him out 3 times you will have a total discount of 40% on the discount and a total of 80% you if you use a 4th champion shard. So basicly players get rewarded for playing the champions they like. The more they play him the easyier it will be for them to buy them in the shop. I give an example: Let's say a player tries out {{champion:412}} (6300 essences) in free rotations. The player likes him and gets to level 1 with him (6174 essences). The rotation ends and the player can't play Thresh anymore. But a few weeks later he get's a Thresh shard. He checks the discount but even with that discount the player isn't able to buy him. So the player decides to use the chart to try him out again (5544 essences). This time the player reaches level 2 champion mastery (5418 essences). A few weeks later the player recieves yet another Thresh champion shard. This time he has enouge essences to buy him with the discount that the shard provides. So the player will be able to buy Thesh for 2898 essences compaired to the 3780 essences in the old system. #**HOWEVER** Even with all this discount it's still not worth to use the Champion shard to try the champion out and here is why: * (6300 - 40% 2th champion shard) - 1260 sold champion shard = 2520 essences!!! * So you are still losing 378 ip even if the champion shard would get all these benefits!!!
I agree. The try out option is a noob trap. I've never used it, I even forgot that it existed.
: oh really i must of forgot that then whatever its not a huge fuss for me infact that just means you lost less in terms of value how anyone can be just hanging on to so many skin shards blows my mind tho xd the moment i see the skin is of no interest to me it went into dust i only kept a very select few and upgraded the ones i really wanted badly
I only disenchanted skins when I needed the OE straight away to craft another skin. There's no reason to DE them immediately and sit on a pile of OE (unless a rare occasion like now). You never know that a skin gets updated or you suddenly start liking it. Some skins that I found really ugly/not my taste I DE'd straight away. But most of them appealed to me in some way, just not enough to craft them.
FraCro (EUW)
: Im whit u,i like update,but i found 0 players to have fun whit...they all want to try runes like karma whit adc rune path or full tank runes...and similar nonsense.This update and changes are good,but not all can keep up whit them{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
That's just a temporary symptom of change. People try out the weirdest things because it isn't really known yet what is optimal, although some are more obvious than others (ie. attack speed karma is not a good idea). When you see these very weird runes, it's most likely due to messing up/not having enough time since they still have to read everything.
Doomley (EUW)
: I'm guessing he is referring to the bugs the system has currently. Sometimes the rune page bugs out so you can't edit it at all during champion select. And then there is the bug where if you are creating a page in champion select, when the last player pick his champion, the rune page suddenly changes to one of the preset ones which is very confusing.
: you make it sound way worse than it is xd it wasnt that hard to figure out the value changes it was apparently very obvious to me but i guess im different or something but it litterally went from 50% to 33% so you didnt even lose 20% of the value the threads complaining about this are acting like they reduced it by over 50% of what you would get or something xd Edit: did nobody else auctually look into the details of the blue essence changes anyway because if it wasnt clear in your language then maybe it would of been just as clear on that page it was in the notification thing just a webpage so i typed it in to read up and boom found out skin shards were going down to 33% so i dusted my hecarim skin shard nothing lost :)
If it was so easy to read, then how did you know know that it didn't go from 50% to 33% but from 33% to 20%? Yes, I disenchanted all my skin shards in time, even those I'd prefer to keep. But it wasn't really that clearly stated. It was only in a long list of FAQs, apparently not even in all languages. They said a dozen of times that champion shards would get reduced value and that you should disenchant them, but rarely did they speak of orange essences. It felt like most Rioters didn't even know what was exactly going to happen.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, We're aware of some things being a little slow to load (collections/profiles/missions/etc.) - things should load eventually but we know it's taking a few minutes right now :-( We're continuing to investigate!
Also ingame, I could only see one champion of each team on the scoreboard and could only see the icon with ultimate timer of one ally.
: Best birds in league.
: it's announced!!! I got a key hell yeaaaaa ^^
Oh so that's where I suddenly got these chests from ^_^. I thought it was some kind of bug, completely forgot about this. Awesome!
MrEnfo (EUNE)
: Like in s6 and half of the s7 u needed 15 champs for ranked now I need 20 to play ranked :P. And if I am sv 5 on ranked flex on Twisted Treeline I still get the rewards , idk this pls somewane answer :P{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
You used to need 16, now 20, because if you have less than that, it would theoretically be possible that you wouldn't be able to pick any of your champions as last-pick (if all your champs are already picked/banned).
: Yeah death for AHQ perhaps, they stand no chance against SKT and EDG, the real group of death is group C, where the teams should be the closest out of any group on paper.
And most like C9 or FNC whoever is unlucky enough to feed into A. But to be fair, every Korean group just means that one out of 3 others make it through. Hopefully we see some crazy upsets. I wish for the Korean era to end. One can only dream I guess.
Declined (EUNE)
: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Frequently Asked Questions| | |----|:-----:|--------| | *** *** #**Budget Cosplay** FAQ * To quality you will need to dress up and submit a picture of yourself. * Budget cosplay means budget, we don't expect you to spend hundreds of Euro on props, some glitter will do as long as you look fabulous ˆ-ˆ * Winning the cosplay contest does not prevent you from winning one of the raffles. * In order to prevent abuse, please include a sheet of paper in the picture, containing: * Your summoner name * Server * The name of this event * Year * You can only submit one entry. * Your entry will be judged by, thematic coherency and ingenuity. Remember that this is a Star Guardian event, so if you dress up as snow white you'll be disqualified. * Entries can be submitted until the Star Guardian event finishes. * Winners will be announced roughly a week later. #**Artwork Raffle** FAQ * To qualify you need to submit a piece of artwork, since we don't want to limit this event to players who can are good at drawing, any type of artwork will do. If you have a League statue, you can even bring it outside, where you can take a picture of it and use the stars as background ˆ-ˆ * Any entry that qualifies, will be entered into the raffle for a chance to win. * Every qualifying entry has an equal chance to win to Artwork Raffle. * You can only submit one entry. * Your entry must be relevant to the Star Guardian event. * Entries can be submitted until end of the Star Guardian Event. * Winners will be announced roughly a week later * You can only win one of the raffles, this include the raffles held by other regions for this event. * While you can only win one raffle, you are able to win both a raffle and the cosplay. * Because of cheating in earlier events we ask that you include something to verify that your entry was made for this event by you, if you're uncertain of what that could be, we recommend a sheet of paper containing: * Your summoner name * Server * The name of this event * Year #**Mission Raffle** * To join our Mission Raffle, you need to click the 'Participate' button. * You earn Star Dust by completing missions * Because our system only look at your 20 most recent matches, you need to come back to this thread and refresh the page in order for those 20 last games to be recorded. * Refresh the page to see the Star Dust you've accumulated. * To help keep your focus on enjoying the game, we've set a max limit of 420 Star Dust, that way you won't need to worry about having to grind every single mission. * Since this is a raffle your odds of getting rewards, scale proportionally to the amount of Star Dust you have. * You can only win one of the Raffles (including those hosted by other regions) *** *** If you have any questions about our event, feel free to ask, and we'll include the answers ˆ-ˆ
Looking for teammates to do the 5-squad star guardian quest 'united we stand'.
: So if i got this right, about the stardust contest, players will only be able to choose from 4 Star Guardian skins? (Lulu, Poppy, Lux, Janna?) :C
You can choose from 8 skins. They're all 1350 except for Ahri and Jinx.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Volunteers Star Guardian Event: Artwork, Missions and more! A limerick dedicated to my favourite SGU (no, not you, Udyr!) ______________ Edit: I decided to give it a nicer font and a background. Disclaimer: The picture of the night sky is not mine, it's just for decoration, not the actual art I'm sending in. I hope limericks count as art.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Volunteers Star Guardian Event: Artwork, Missions and more!
Anyone wants to team up for the "united we stand!" mission? Add me.
: winning with adc's is easy but the third mission where you have to utilize no adc's is the fkin problem. there is no sustained damage, the boss herald does 100 to 0 damage with his balls, there is not enough land to hide from that and he does that randomly. On top if you, take velkoz lasers into consideration it's pretty pretty hard.
Try ADC Lulu for that quest. It's still the hardest one IMO, but definitely do-able. Try to find a good player to play the lulu, though. As for herald, it's not really that hard to hide from it. The wind-up time is pretty long so you can often travel a surprisingly long distance to safety. If you can't, then run away as far as possible so you get hit by only one ball. If you have flash, you can dodge them by flashing over the balls diagonally (since they come out in a spiral). If you're getting knocked up... Well, don't get knocked up. Always look on the minimap every few seconds to see which minions are spawning. When you see a velkoz, run towards them and/or warn your team with pings. They must die instantly. When there are too many and one is shooting at you, run from it perpendiculary and keep going that way, it's your only chance. I agree that those lasers are a tad too strong.
Snowi (EUW)
: Might be a bit strong on the wording but all-in-all I agree that the reward for effort is little next to 0.. If you own all the champs all you get for this event is.. 1 ward skin..? Teh fek? {{champion:516}}
I think they didn't want to 'force' people to play it by giving it actually good reward. If it gave like 5 legacy skins for playing it an entire week, people would complain about it being 'obligatory'. If the gamemode feels like a chore to you, just don't play it. ######Don't forget, you also get TWO icons!!!
Holymanster (EUNE)
: I won once in Onslaught , but there is another thing that annoys me why the %%%% to make the quests I must have a 5 people premade group ? When you don't have the old client chat system , so you can't find 5 people you have to write on forums or speak with people you just played ... WHY if you don't have a way to easily create a premade using the damn new client which is only visually better then the OLD one in rest it's behind the OLD one , WHY you force people to complete the quest in PREMADE groups and don't tell smth like there are quests for SOLO players because throwing a bone to SOLO players is insulting. WTF is wrong with you ? CREATE A WAY TO EASILY CREATE PREMADES THEN GIVE QUESTS THAT REQUIRE 5 people premades dumbasses . Finished GL HF . though don't think you will have fun {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Agreed, it's too hard to find a 5 man group now. I was lucky enough to get invited into a SG club with many players on, but even then it's a pain since you can't add or invite players directly from clubs. You can't even copy paste their names. Have to type it in manually like in the 60s.
Jyu Hell (EUNE)
: is this a joke? the new mode?
I liked it, although it was a bit too easy imo, as I got all the quests including S in less than 2 days. I guess there should've been a few more difficulty levels. I can imagine that for silver/bronze players it's really hard. But as a diamond it didn't take too long to get consistent S games, even while doing other quests. Takes some luck with your team, though. One terrible teammate can ruin the whole thing.
: Oh boy... highest win% with starting without potion, or starting with beads instead of potion... There are funny things indeed. Also they just classify multi-role champions only into the "most meta" ones resulting in stuff like a mid Zyra build showing up in a support role only page. X,D
70% winrate if you start with just one potion, nothing else. (Don't try it at home)
: Something I have to say about the beekeeper Singed skin...
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