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Gleenis (EUW)
: Team Elysium LF Players.
Hey man! I tried adding you but your friendslist is full. Add me! Dr Seuss
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Veer (EUW)
: Looking for players to create a new Team.
IGN: Dr Seuss Role: Jungle or mid Mindset: Perform well, carry games, do your part to win the game and no excuses...ever. And try to have fun on the way as well. Playing since: Beta (took many breaks after it) started playing ranked in the end of season 2.
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ZapperCat (EUW)
: Aetas eSports LFP
Name: Per Lokind IGN: Dr Seuss Age: 18 Country: Sweden Lane: Midlane (Can also play jungle and support) Elo: Platinum 5 Main champs: Twisted Fate, Lissandra, Orianna. Laneable: Most champions, been playing the game for a very long time. Teamspeak: Dr Seuss (Think you mean my name on teamspeak atleast?) Reason to join: Because I find it boring to always play on my own and want to socialise with others whilst improving together, also I just really enjoy more competitive enviroments. Already in an team: No
yΦhei (EUW)
: 47 Squad looking for Jungle / Sub
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: Diamond ADC Main Looking For Support Main (P2+) To Duoq With!
Fador (EUW)
: 5's Team looking for Jungler(Gold/Plat+) - we play tournaments
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: Galactic Gaming looling for members
: UK: Plat+ Team Recruiting
IGN: Dr Seuss Rank: P2 Name: Per Lokind Position: Jungle/Mid Champion pool: Gragas, Lee sin, Vi, Elise and many many more. Why me: Because I have the most experience in teams that you can probably find around here on the boards, been playing jungle since Season 3 and played league since beta (with many breaks in between though). I can always adapt to what the team needs and can also make a clear statement of what I want from others in the team.
: Shadow Stalkers - Professional Team Recruiting - TOP / Jungle / Supp UK !
Wèeb (EUW)
: Making a Plat + Team (Look for Jungle, Supp)
: [LFP] Looking for a Top Laner + Mid + Support [LFP]
Age: 18 Location: Sweden Role: Mid Rank: Plat 3 (promos) Hobbies: Gaming, friends and writing. Champion Pool: Twisted Fate, Zed, Leblanc, Lux, Lissandra and Orianna. (Want to add many more to this pool but I have not decided on what I want to "main" ) Favourite Food: The tears of my enemies.
Gummix (EUW)
: Plat-Dia Team Searching Players for Ranked 5 tonight
Don't add this guy, he's bullshitting everyone.
: Fuc*** feeders, I'm looking for smart safe player teammates
Calling others out as feeders with a below 3 kda in bronze 4...what has league become!? Boosted monkey.
: Constructing a Team [Gold - Plat] [Serious]
-Jungle: Gragas, Ekko, Lee sin and graves. -Current Rank: Gold 2 -Age: 18 -Why you're looking to join a team: Because I find it fun to play with other people and to actually talk to people while playing, I also like the possibility to communicate with my entire team, which is not possible in most cases (soloQ). I also want to play tournaments. -What your ingame weakness is: I have really high expectations on myself, and I quickly tilt if I get invaded allot early and nobody does something to help me out. -Something you'd like to add to this club (Rule/mentality/something to aspire to): My mentality in league is "Either solo carry or you deserve to lose" when it comes to soloQ, that does not mean that I'm a bad teamplayer, but more that I always want to have a high impact on a game, and if I don't I consider it a bad game. It's a good mentality in my opinion since it helps you think more about how you, individually impact games instead of blaming your team. -Any Questions/Remarks: This seem very clear to me.
TheNhire (EUW)
: Leveling a new Account, looking for people to level it with!
: Lf support plat/gold for DQ
Added you but it said that your friend list was maxed out, feel free to add me back.
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: Team Doctor LF Jungle, Support & ADC
: Looking for silver2 - gold1 players for a new team
Your rank at the moment: Gold 1 Your role: Jungle Do you have working microphone: Yes Age: 17 Languages u speak: English, swedish. (Fluent) Why would you like to join the team: Because I want to play with other people and have fun, and at the same time get better at jungle. I mostly want to expand my champion pool and try new play styles and soloQ does not let me do that mostly. I also have very much experience in teams and think I will be a big asset for a team.
Twinbo (EUW)
Able to use TS/Skype (Yes/No) - Yes Age - 17 Language(s) - Swedish, english (fluent) Division - G4 Primary Role - Jungle Secondary Role - Support Main Champions - Reksai, lee sin, rengar, elise. Will you stick to a time schedule (Yes/No) - Yes Why should we play with you - Because i am confident in my role and my ability to bring a good opinion on how how a team works based on my experience in 5vs5 previously, I don't see myself as a person that flames either and i am always open for criticism, aslong as it is said in a mature way. The only negative part about me is that i have high expectations on myself and when i don't play on the level i want then i tend to get angry at myself, though this is something i am very willing to work on and am always trying to get better at. Looking forward to working with you Twinkie <3
: Ranked team looking for Mid and Jungler [High gold or above] [S6]
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Sâm (EUW)
: Forming a SERIOUS team - Platinum + - Aiming to improve as player and a team.
Application: I have played league for along time but never actually got into soloQ that much until recently, i've always been playing 5vs5 ranked with either friends or different teams, I'm a positive person that doenst tolerate flame, but i am still open for constructive comments aslong as they are well based and have a reason behind them. I do think i could contribute to this team allot and hope that you think the same. Nationality: Swedish Age:17 Jungling Experience:been maining support and jungle since S2 in soloQ 5v5 team peak division: Diamond 3 SoloQ Peak divison: Gold 1 Something about me: I'm from sweden but speak fluent english with no accent, im a good teamplayer and experienced in 5vs5 ranked. What I am best at: Supportive jungleing, I gank allot and focus on getting my team snowballing more than focusing on farming. What I need to improve on: Solo plays and warding, i could work abit on how to get back from getting invaded/camped.
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: LF Gold players for a SERIOUS ranked 5v5 team!
Added you if you still have a spot left
Hadasa (EUW)
: Silver/Gold Team is recruiting experience,mature players!
Name: Per Lokind (ign: Twinkiè) Role: Jungle Champion pool: Rengar, reksai, vi, olaf, fizz, Elise but could play almost any jungler atm on a good level of play. Rank: Gold 3 Age: 17
DB Asuz (EUW)
: Söker League Of Legends spelare. EUW.
Sjukt dålig inställning till ranked... tråkigt, tänkte gå med men om det är så du tänker så är du värre en dem som är "dåliga" i silver. Om du är så mycket bättre än silver spelare så skulle du inte vara där. Om du är 29 så måste du fortfarande växa upp mentalt gubben...
Silico (EUW)
: Gold elo coach LF Bronze-Silver team
I just wanted to say, as a person that has coached high Diamond teams, that even if you are low elo you could still have a an eye for mistakes, if you spectate a game it is very easy to see mistakes, even for high tier players. Good luck with the coaching, (btw im G3 aswell)
: [LREE] Creating New Serious Team, Searching For Jungler. (G3-P3)
Which lane are you applying for ?(only 1): Jungle How old are you ?: 17 Where are you from ?: Sweden What's your english skills (from 1 to 5) ?: 5 Your champion pool on lane you are applying for ?(keep in mind that I will ask you to learn new champs every week): Rengar, Vi, Gragas, Reksai, Nid, Diana but can play anything if needed What was your division last season ?: G1 What is your division now ?: G3 Your biggest problem in game ?(like farming, kiting, warding): Positioning as non-tank and can get caught sometimes by lack of vision Tell me a little about yourself !: I've been playing since beta but have been taking breaks abit now and then, I used to main support for 2-3 seasons but play jungle now, i've been in allot of teams before and have allot to bring to the table as a teamplayer. I still go to school but i always log on everyday when i get home, i can play weekends almost always but sometimes i do go away for the weekend. Would love to join the team and get to improve my jungling <3
Ahrize (EUW)
: LF players to join a gold/plat team
I added you yesterday, but you didnt accept :(
Ahrize (EUW)
: LF players to join a gold/plat team
added you, Gold 3 Jungle/top
: Making a new team with try outs (Silver+)
Ign: Twinkiè How we need to call you: Twinkie (i have ts3) Where you are from (because timezones): Sweden, (CET) Will you attend on the try-out: Y
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: [Sigmar] Searching for Support (S1-G1)
How old are you ?:17 Where are you from ?:Sweden What's your english skills (from 1 to 5) ?:5 (lived in south africa for 3 years) What's your main champ on that lane ?:Leona What are the champions you can play (keep in mind that we might require you to learn a new champ) ?:I can play any support but would prefer tanky supports What's your division ?:Gold IV How much time a week can you spend with the team ?:I can make the schedule 100% but can be on much earlier then that. (hard to give exact hours) Are you interested in participating in tournaments ?:I would love to! Which status would you like (Main player or substitute, this will change according to your performance) ?:Main Player and can also shotcall if needed
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Dr Seuss (EUW)
: Team LF Jungler
This post is closed! We found one and i'm sorry if you didn't make it! ;)
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Kingchat (EUW)
: Gold/Plat Team Looking for Manager/Coach
Hi, I added you (twinkié) but i'm guessing you want someone in a higher ranking? I might not be a high ranking player but i am actually a very good coach (confirmed by other teams) and would love to give you guys a hand. If you guys think after a while "damn this guy is a total idiot" then that's that. I have allot of free time and like to give advice on how to improve and I do like to call myself a good critic. I speak fluent english (if that's needed). Would love to get a answer either ingame or on boards. -Twinkié
: the prodigies ranked team recruiting
Hi, My name is Per Lokind, I am 16 years old and from Sweden. I speak fluent english with the typical swedish accent (thank god for that) My main role is usually support but im starting to main jungle. My top champions would be: Vi, J4, Sion, mao kai and lee sin (maybe) I am open for changes so if you want me to learn wukong for example then that will not be a problem since i am rather used to playing different roles and learning new champions. Im only in G5 right now and im starting to play more solo now. But i do like to say that i have a very good teamwork even though my individual skill maybe is not the best and can get some improvement, I can still be a huge benefit for your team. I have played in other teams before and we got to plat 3 i think. I liked to take the leading/shotcalling role and also like to play a very "supportive" play style based on helping others and ganking allot. In a team I will not be negative/immature and can take critic from people and think of it as a opportunity for improvement instead of a insult. I look forward for a response (I hope :D) and will look forward to working with you. Edit: I also added you (twinkié) because I had some questions.
Prontior (EUW)
: Looking for a jungler High Silver/low Gold
Im very interested to try out, add me : Twinkié. Im from sweden so our times are almost the same so i can easily adapt to your time.
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