TTekkers (EUW)
: I agree on both fronts :P You can't trust SoloQ and all drakes are useful, but yea, if you can't get your ideal thing, get something else instead - it's better than nothing.
i'll try next time to always grab something else when they do drake then. i just feel my gameplay is soo bad compared to my friends, and i never seem to understand why so i'm glad there's someone i can discuss with
TTekkers (EUW)
: Vision control is the team's job - if you're aware of what's going on, applied the right pressure in the right places, and let your team know what you're thinking, and they still don't act on it, then they're at fault in that specific scenario, not you. But then you may all have been fine because you may have had a really poor fight in comparison and it was only a cloud drake - it's waaay too situational to explain generically. The other thing you could have done in that specific scenario is push the wave, then run top and push the tower with the top laner - it may not have resulted in very much - again specifics, but the Rift Herald is also a thing and you know they're all on the bot side so the top side is free.
ye, but in soloQ you can't always rely on your team to provide vision the right places, when i play with my friends (they're premade bot lane and almost play together all the time) then we have control over almost the whole game. hmm it's true that i could go top when they do drake, that's an option i don't consider often as i really like the drake in general i feel like there's use for all of them
TTekkers (EUW)
: Well, you understand the core concepts and to explain it to you is exceptionally difficult without an actual game to analyse, thankfully Riot introduced replays, so watch your friends' games and ask yourself whether you think different players were doing the right things at the right times. Don't watch your own, you'll just get sucked in by what you were thinking at the time xD The only general things I can think of feel painfully obvious, but then, they may not be for everyone :P 1. Dragon, keep an idea of what's going on in that area of the river from ~6 minutes and especially if the enemy bot lane disappear for a second. It is however the bot lane's responsibility to contain them in the lane and keep track of when they recall, but still, your focus should be towards the bottom side of the map in the first 20 minutes. 2. Baron, after 20 minutes you need to keep track of the giant purple worm AND the dragon, but the giant purple worm is the bigger more important objective. By this point, if everyone is still in standard lanes something has gone wrong somewhere and keeping track is everyone's priority. 3. Elder Drake, once this badass spawns he becomes the number one objective to look at, but it's close, so you need to be aware of where the enemy team is and any pick-off means that you may be able to take one or the other - it depends on team comps and stuff and who's fed, but generally, it only takes one kill. 4. Lane pressure, minions can give vision deep into an enemy lane and if pushed up allow you to keep siege pressure. Also, if the enemy team are hemmed under tower you can roam out without sacrificing any turret damage, whereas for them to follow requires them to give up a minion wave of turret damage, and the value of the minion wave itself. 5. Pushed up waves, quick access to enemy tower, if you get a good fight you can instantly hop in with the minion wave and instantly push the tower rather than spend 30 seconds escorting the minion wave, then the enemy respawns and the advantage is gone. To give good solid advice on macro play really requires you to see the map and who's where and what's available, but those are some generic things that will either make you feel suitably patronised or get a scrub out of bronze xD
i'm just trying to improve my macro play as i feel like that's what i suck at the most, being at the right place the right time, and i feel like you explain it pretty well, it's just difficult for me to keep vision of everything everywhere and if their bot lane goes for a drake, most of the time i'm aware of it but not in power to contest as they probably are 4 and we most of the time don't have vision in that area (i still try to get a ward into the river bush near drake and over the wall) so i decide to just push the wave into the tower and run as they will come for me when they're done with the drake
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Oh for that, it's more difficult, you need to play jungle yourself a bit and just overall know as a jungler how to track enemy jungler. Kind of a way to judge where junglers is to look at where your jungler is, enemy jungler is probably on the same side too. There's another way, but it's hard. Still it's a bit of a combination of good map awerness and experience in the jungle.
so to get better at that is to play jungle for a bit my self and find the most optimal jungle routes. because it seems my lack of knowlegde on jungle routes is the reason i get camped so much
TTekkers (EUW)
: Being a 1-trick isn't a major issue, but I would still recommend playing a few champs - maybe start with 1 champ for your off-role, then a 1 champ who's quite similar to your main, eg. an Anivia main could grab Viktor and probably do alright, and then spread from there. If you lack map awareness just try to put more focus on the minimap, and make sure you check it before doing anything that may put you at risk. A good general rule is to assume that every enemy you can't see is in **that** brush about to jump on you. The next extension of map awareness is to be aware of where you gotta be and when, and then how to keep all 3 lanes shoving in your team's favour so when you make a play you can capitalise instantly with a tower. Also, bear in mind that I've been playing with the same players a LOT and have built a good synergy over stuff like this, so I probably make it sound a lot simpler than it is in SoloQ :P
it's exactly that next lvl of map awareness that you explain that i lack, because i got no issue almost having an eye on the minimap as my top lane main is shen so as soon as i'm 6 i look at the state of my teammates, and plus when i'm mid as mainly katarina i always try to look for roams and stuff
CiomkaRU (EUNE)
: We can't because you are on EUW and I'm on EUNE.
i can just make an acount on eune i just made an account called Docsup
CiomkaRU (EUNE)
: Ok then. If you play Katarina mid, you can safely all in level 2/3. If you get first blood - fantastic. Now they will be scared to come near you - and that's really good. Zone them hard and they will miss more and more CS (just so you know, 17 minions = 1 kill). You can roam, to put the other team on pressure or possibly get some kills, but first think, is it worth it. And also before roaming remember to push the wave under your enemy's turret so he loses experience and he doesn't push it fast. And one more thing - play aggresive and zone, but only if you see their jungler position, or you know he recalled. It happens really often that you push and then someone ganks and you give them free kills. If you want to one-trick a champion - it's alright, especially if it has high outplay potential, but remember to try other champions to, so if you don't get mid or Katarina you can play something else. CiomkaRU
do you mind if we have a chat over the client or something as it would be easier for me to explain my self? ^^
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: To improve map awerness here's what you do: Go into a game and evry few seconds look at the minimap, don't worry about csing, trading or anything, of course do them, but don't focus on that. There are also signaling sounds you can find on the internet that beep at decided intervals which you can use to remind you when to look at the minimap, it's like some youtube videos or some specifc websites.
i tried that once before, i think it's more of a know where the enemy jungler is, that i lack, as i'm always unsure of jungle routes and stuff cause it's seem so inconsistent. and for some reason when i get ganked they come from behind most of the times, does that mean i play too aggresive?
CiomkaRU (EUNE)
: Well, I'm not a pro, but I can give you some tips. First of all: farm over everything. Harass your opponent when no minions are to last-hit. If you are a one-trick, then I'd recommend you to choose your 3 favorite positions. And for every one of these, choose 1 champion that you like and train, train, TRAIN. Be a god at 3 champions for 3 different lanes. And if you lack map awareness, remember to buy control wards, change trinkets at level 9, and you can also watch some guides on how to ward corretly. If you have any questions, ask me. CiomkaRU
i play katarina, so it's either farm or harass especially when i'm vs a ranged enemy i got one champ for mid and one for top, for mid i got two other champs as secondary but i don't play them at all on the same lvl as my first because i'm just not good at other champs for some reason, and for top i also got secondary champs, tho my top lane pool is bigger than my mid. i tried to train other champs but i never got hooked on them so that i can play them over and over and over, compared to kat which i can spam with no issue i buy control wards but they get taken out pretty often as i can't really contest them due to my lack of range or the enemy jungler being nearby, i rarely change my trinket because i like having the long duration stealth wards i forgot to mention in lane i never seem to be able to catch the enemy off-guard, when ever i get a lead they play behind their turrets and don't even go up to farm and just wait, and then i try to look for roams but there end up being nothing to do as at the time i would get to another lane the enemy would know i'm coming for them and they would be gone and i would've lost time on my lane to push it back out as the moment i disapear my enemy pushes the wave hard Drsup
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Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Sup,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6km8MEQx,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-11T10:22:23.034+0000) > > isn't that the na boards? NA boards is the only one which gets some measure of Riot attention. They don't give a crap about EUNE boards (much like the server in general).
that's not true i've seen multiple rioters speak on these boards
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Sup,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6km8MEQx,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-11T10:03:02.005+0000) > > they said up to two weeks "All rewards distributed" {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Deus Sol,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6km8MEQx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-11T09:51:57.363+0000) > > Don't worry, you will get them eventually, if you aren't restricted to get them of course Well the scary part is that on the official thread, Riot says they're done handing them out... :/
aCup of Tea (EUNE)
: How lol proves time to be relative yet again.
true but it's the same every year xD
: Yeah, I usually just played Katarina really but feel like now with the rework I won't be able to play her much in ranked if I do decide to try it. I'm not sure which champs yo play but if you play Katarina it'd be nice to get some tips on playing her :) I think playing against a high rank player does help me realise on what I am doing wrong as he actually goes off by my mistakes ( and I make a lot.. ) So if I realise what exactly I'm doing wrong I can work on improving that. Will add you tomorrow if that's okay. going to get some sleep.
i'm an otp katarina reached diamond with kata and shen in top lane but mainly kat. if you feel like improving with higher ranked players then keep doing that
: A few questions.
usually you would just play the roles and champions you're most comfortable with in ranked as you should be trying your best. some people can play any lane and almost any champ with almost no restriction, while others like my self can almost only play one champ. can't really answer your question with cassio sorry about that. well for improvement it's always a good idea to know what it's like on other lanes, so in general is having good game knowlegde can make you go far, playing with better players is okay if you feel like you get something out of it. i would like to go into details but wont do that here. if you want you can add me if you got any other questions ^^
: Recently played with
you can click on recently and right click the name of the player and chose view profile
Alexyto (EUW)
: Are you Serious ???
well i would say first off our accounts are not ours they're riots they said that in the terms they put up every time we patch and install the game and to be able to play you have to agree on that, so they can basicly do what ever they want to any accounts and it will be in their right to do so.
: Whilst everyone is complaining about Normal Draft's removal, I just want to praise Riot for a moment
totally agree on that, spray and pray sounds soooo much better :D
: Katarina (Thaughts?)
personally i love the new kat and i don't mind the length of the w to hit the ground.
TheMinii (EUW)
: What I'm talking about is the alpha client... It currently does not act this way.
ah i see what you mean, just tried it out my self
TheMinii (EUW)
: Choosing masteries: What if I don't want all 5 points in one talent?
just right click to remove one point and then put two points into the other one
: Katarina is ruined and does not work anymore what so ever
why does everyone hate her? am i one of the few who adores her rework and having alot of fun with it?
KygoNky (EUNE)
: No ban should be permanent
have you read the terms for playing league?
h4wwk (EUNE)
: sarcasm right ?
nope not at all, i'm totally honest sorry
h4wwk (EUNE)
: I agree about skill, she needed that, but come on how can u call this fun ?
i love the new kat all the jumping around and dealing shit tons of aoe dmg, the only moment i didn't have success was in my first 2 games then after that i've been 15+ kills almost all the time positive kda and almost rolling over everyone, and as for the escape she's got other means now than ward jumps as the daggers almost reset her shunpo, and you can still walljump some walls ^^ ps: and her dmg is so much higher imo
: People just need to avoid staying close to the daggers, there a free lane for you
for me as the kat player or for the enemy?
: Why Katarina needs a buff
i'm having no problem with her i get fed and i kill everyone and i even perform better than the other katarina's i meet in-game my first 2 games were shit but once i got to know how she trades and how i should use the daggers then just faceroll :D ps: i think she got more dmg than before
Fidda (EUNE)
: Hello, I thought it should be your most played champion. I tried to change my icon as you mentioned, but it stays at {{champion:7}}. It may be a bug which you can report [here](
i will ty for also trying it out ^^
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swaganao1 (EUW)
just sign up for it and wait like everyone else, and some have waited for years so don't expect to much ^^
: i am not saying it for my self i am playing frm the end of season 5 u can say this is my 1st season and i have only 1 account i didnt get a chat ban i dont know much about warnings i was just discussing this with a friend he say my friend got perminent ban he was diamond with lots of skins before 2 season now after that he play in my account.. so i tought they should get a chance .. they wasted 3 season on one account... but now all are saying that u get 3 chance.. i didnt knw much about this actually i cant properly explain what i want to say coz of my shittyy english :/... i agree u people they deserve perminent ban after getting 3 chance they dont deserve a last chance....
i understand what you say, i read the other comments where you said you didn't get ban and you're just a new player compared to some others. i my self like your friend have played since s1 and i'm also diamond and i also spent alot of money atleast maybe 1.000 euro or something (i don't know) but then i care for my account, if someone flames me i mute him, and i try to avoid to insult others mainly i do because i mute them and then i just focus on my gameplay and sometimes i've actually won "flamed" games just by muting everyone. so if your friends account got perma banned there should be a reason and he should have had a 14 day ban before or something. if the person get banned without a reason, they should write a support ticket or something and btw i'm happy to explain something if needed too
: if 8 9 people disagree me so might be i am thinking wronggg.. they deserve perminent ban..:)
well maybe (this is just a posibility) you didn't specified what you meant with what you said. there's some people who come to the forum with this topic because they got banned and bitch about it and when they get said they had their chance they get mad and "toxic" and start insulting everyone. did you read my bit longer post here? i tried to explain without being mad at you. i just wanted to explain that actually our accounts are not really "ours" i'm just a person who tries to clairify a situation ^^
: okk maan why are u all so angry it was just a questions .. i am wrongg i shouldnt have say this.. may be they really deserve perminent ban may be i am wrong coz u all disagree me ..
i'm not angry i just posted my post twice sry, so i deleted the double
: ban accounts
did you read the terms for the game? if people have read them they would actually know that our accounts are riots property and it says that they acutally can do what ever they want to it, but they aren't such assholes to just ban an account for no reason normally when you're "toxic" or something first you get a smaller ban like a ranked restriction or something then the 14 day ban then a perma ban during that time you got your chance to "reform" and start changing during your first punishment, but the thing is if you may have had a ban or a restriction before you would instantly get the 14 day ban or the perma ban.
Kitava (EUNE)
: support ticket doesen't even have the option to report cheating,player behaviour and shit,this game just sucks,they shoud have removed the report system because it 0,FKING ZERO!!
ehm yes they have i've reported a guy in my friend list for getting boosted and asked them to take a look and they did O.o
: Anything lomger than 200 units is range. Thresh has 450 AA range if i remember correctly
: yea It is true but I said that I took my acc back again because that thief was super stupid and took my acc withoout changing mail. So I changed everything back and next day I played and got banned after my game because of security meh :X since then I sometime try to login and pass is still the same(the one I changed) but still banned.
you'll just have to be patient, you're account is not lost and good luck with getting it back. ^^
Artimedis (EUW)
: Okay now feel free to down vote that comment because it may be a bit harmful like ... Don't complain about money only losers complain about money :D Just have a great time with your friends and if something happens ask them for help Find what you're good at, your passion, not what you can make the most profit out of because you'll most likely fail. Start from the zero and make it to the top it's easy as that :D Just enjoy what you're doing event if it's not a in the disney world or something like that Think about what you can make out of what you have take the best choices you can ask people for assistance look prefessional and I'll see you in the beach of malibue after few years :D You're not special we're all humans but what you're reading now may metaly preapre you for a new start. Remember that next time you decide to give up! :D
i tried multiple stuff i found interesting but i keep going back to something useless that i enjoy spending my time doing, now i keep doing that, while searching for assistance to discover a way to live without relying on others and only my self.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Sup,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=3lQALnEg,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-23T00:07:26.552+0000) > > well he's not launching a projectile like most ranged so, it's understandable that there could be some confusion from some pov's While I can accept that, his basic attack far outranges every melee champion's basic attack. I wouldn't be a ridiculous leap in logic to assume that he's ranged from that alone.
well i agree with you and i just said from some pov's (not mine) it could be confusing as to why he's ranged he's just got a long "slap" like if you would say someone with a baseball bat is a shooter when you're just with your fists
: These threads seemt to get more frustrating every time I see them. It's pretty damned obvious that Thresh is ranged.
well he's not launching a projectile like most ranged so, it's understandable that there could be some confusion from some pov's
Artimedis (EUW)
: But that's just my point of view :D
i gave up, i feel like i don't excel enough in anything to make a living out of it.
DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Sup,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cvp2uO30,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-10-22T23:34:25.225+0000) > > mute all vocals :P I have yet to find this option! And some people are actually nice so I'd be sad to have them muted as well q:
i'm just to shy to speak, and i tend to screw stuff up if i speak so i'd rather not
DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Genielda,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cvp2uO30,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-22T23:23:55.503+0000) > > if you get banned from overwatch you have to basically move and buy a whole new computer and a copy of the game. Actually, no. > [{quoted}](name=Genielda,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cvp2uO30,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-22T23:23:55.503+0000) > > Would you like it if this happened with riot? Actually, no. > [{quoted}](name=Genielda,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=cvp2uO30,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-22T23:23:55.503+0000) > > I know riot is like "oh little brothers account" but lets be real if you play overwatch... how toxic is it? Rankeds are horrible. And you get vocally cursed.
> Rankeds are horrible. And you get vocally cursed. mute all vocals :P
Artimedis (EUW)
: As Athene said answering every single question in your life with "There is a chance" is actually correct If there is a afterlife even the smallest impact you make can affect you in the next version of yourself :D So it's like a investiotion but you can never know if your impact is actually a good one or a bad one but at the end it's all just a theory :D
i just make the choice i think lead the best way from my point of view even tho it's leading to less experience, i make the choice that will destroy me less and avoid situations that lead to no where ^^
Artimedis (EUW)
: [](
Artimedis (EUW)
: If you observe all the humans from a really far distance, seeing how self centered they are it feels like your problems and thought are becoming materially insignificant xD
well i got nothing else to do :P so i just center my world around me and ignore everything else, because why should i care about something i got no impact on?
Applekami (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Sup,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=5T1xN535,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-22T23:09:47.499+0000) > > had a 10 or 12 games losing spree with only 1 win in the end once well i mean 6 games i lost was cuz i went teemo XD mostly jungle TROLOLOL
lel xD, i went teemo jungle once went 2/0/4 in the early game then my team fed xD
Artimedis (EUW)
: That's also associated as primative thinking, if you don't know what you're thinking at the moment you most likely don't have what people call "inner voice" :D the voice that's talking to you inside your head I don't know if that's someting bad or not I don't even know if that's the case but I too most of the times ignore my inner voice :D
i have that voice there's just so many things that crosses my mind that i don't have one thing on my mind
Applekami (EUW)
: 8 losing spree
had a 10 or 12 games losing spree with only 1 win in the end once
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