Hansiman (EUNE)
: I don't need to come up with suggestions. I'm trying to point out arguments against the ideas we commonly see on boards. I get that support is an unpopular role, which is a shame, because it's a very impactful role in the game. Many people just want to queue up with champions that get them kills, while support aren't built around that.
tbh I wish people would play more diverse roles. I try to learn all the positions, but they all confuse me, as playing jg, adc, or sup mind as well be a totally different game, due to their completely different set of strategies. If I were Riot, I would get rid of the duo lane, and make League 4v4; it just adds unnecessary frustration. I would also try to reward the "one-trick" style more, as opposed to encouraging the "jack-of-all-trades" style so much that it hurts the other type of player.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: They'll still queue up as support only intending to get the reward. Rewarding people for mastery grades is also not a good idea, as it's easy to inflate your mastery score by not doing your best to win the game. As a support, sometimes I'll throw myself in to die if it means saving allies that are more worth to keep alive during a teamfight. If I'm rewarded for not doing this, since the death reduces my chances of a good score, I'm not going to sacrifice myself and rather run away to safety, which ultimately would hurt my teams chances of winning. Rewarding mastery grades makes people play how is best for themselves, not how is best for their team.
Then what idea do you suggest? From what I see on this thread (replying to others too), you are rejecting others' suggestions without coming up with any on your own.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Great idea! I have a suggestion on how to encourage auto-fill, without requiring it. This introduces the problem of people queuing up only with the intent of getting bonus rewards, without actually intending to play the role they're assigned. Riot has looked into providing incentive IP for picking support, but it's never been introduced to my knowledge due to the above problem.
That's why I included a small RP bonus if victory or good score, as that might encourage people to actually play.
: Forcing players to play with (or againts) trolls,inters and others type of scums like this.
That's why Riot bans people. If we make it more precise, more people would be upset about getting banned. If we make it less precise, more people would be upset about the quality of their games.
: The way i see it, there has to be a change (in position prefference or any other area).
Great idea! I have a suggestion on how to encourage auto-fill, without requiring it. One position: 50% IP, +1 min. low priority queue Two positions: 75% IP, +30 sec. low priority queue Three positions: 100% IP Four positions: 150% IP, 1% chance for 1 RP if S+ Fill: 250% IP, 10% chance for 1 RP if S+, 1% chance for 1 RP if S, 0.1% chance for 1 RP if victory
Ymir (EUW)
: Upcoming Upgrades to Chat Restrictions
Yay now I feel like a five year old getting punished by my parents over again! :D Now it's time to look up doge memes and mes u!P mee gremair to complete my transformation!!!!!11!!111! Edit: lol when you reply to a 2 year old thread
: You weren't forced to. It's more about your incompetence, as you apparently can only play one champion.
If you can give me suggestions on how to learn more champions, that would be great. I struggle with doing so, as it confuses me; I tried learning many simple champs, but every time I get a 20-30% win rate for games even after I play 20, 30, 40 games.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That is a horrible strategy. Here is why: Assume the champ chosen is highly contested. Chance of your team taking the pick: 99% (1% chance last-minute switch) Chance of opponent team taking the pick: maybe 7-8% if I am generous Chance of you getting flamed for banning their pick: 5000% Additionally, it is a good idea to op.gg the player in question, to see if they can win if you ban their pick. https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Dragon9youtube If you look on that page, you can see that I play the vast majority of my games as Kayle. Many websites also show you the mastery ranking of each player's champion; if you went to one of them, you would see that I have 450k on Kayle. Either way, it is pretty easy to conclude that this strat is a horrible idea.
: So you dodge and are angry about you taking penalties for doing so? I don't see the issue here.
I am forced to due to my team's incompetence, as they cannot look to the left of the screen, and see what champ I want to play.
Rioter Comments
: no you misunderstood? its means that when someone feed an enemy as international feed which is being toxic , we have bad games but that not what i mean
: [EUW] [Silver] - Professional Slayers (Squad) - for Bronze 1 and silver- gold players
I don't understand what you mean by "don't feed". Do you mean not to int, or not to have a bad game? If your team would kick someone out for a bad game, ESPECIALLY since it is for low-elo players, I think that no one should apply.
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: could riot seriously explain the balance in fizz?
Fizz is ridiculously op. I main Kayle, and even though I am an anti-assassin, his r has a faster cooldown than mine, so I die. Then, he hops to me, under turret (even if I used my r against his r) and insta-kills me. Riot please tell me that is good champion design. PLEASE
Rioter Comments
: So which is better: 75% of people having an ideal experience (-20% for support, then -5% for any other 3rd pos) OR 100% of people having an ideal experience, but 1 minute longer queue while you could watch YouTube anyway. I'll let you decide.
Why the fuck do people complain about queue times? Can't you just do homework or watch YouTube while it is loading?
JakiStow (EUW)
: You don't play IN ORDER TO helpothers, but the least you can do is respect others and not ruin their experience.
So which is better: 75% of people having an ideal experience (-20% for support, then -5% for any other 3rd pos) OR 100% of people having an ideal experience, but 1 minute longer queue while you could watch YouTube anyway. I'll let you decide.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Well you're selfish, that's your choice in the end.
I don't believe that people play video games mainly to help others. If you do, you might be going insane.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Because you are not alone, there are 10 people in a game, not just you and your ego.
So I waste my free time to help people? Great suggestion, but there are so many better ways to do that. Anyway, I don't believe that Rito is advertising to that market.
: Kayle is a great farmer jungler like master yi, but she can do some decent ganks with her mobility and slow after lvl 3. Its not a bad jung if u want to play a jungler capable of dealing tons of damage lategame. She is not a tank so you cant engage with her, i think she can work realy well in teams with a tank/bruiser top laner and a tanky supp that can do the initiation for you. In teams without tanks she can work if u get feed or if u can reach late game without losing badly, but it is a risk. I think Panth works better in top lane, he is a early game champ that needs to dominate realy hard before his oponent reaches lvl 6. If u cant get an advantage with him (in kills, cc or lvl) he loses power and u need to build him tank (he becomes a stun bot). Panth jung can work wonders or fail miserably, depending if u can get a lead or not. If u need one cheap tank jungler that win games u can try Amumu or Rammus. (My personal preference is Amumu) If u want something tanky that can deal some damage you have Olaf, Warwick or Udyr. (My personal preference is Olaf)
Great. I meant panth/kayle top/mid lol ;p I will try amumu in norms
: If u need to go supp, even if u dont like too (because whatever) try to go with a tank supp. I can advise u to try Leona, she is always good in teams. She is full of CC and can survive realy well... u can build her with a little damage and she can kill ppl too. ------------------------------------- For adc, if u dont like to play adc but sometimes u need to go with it, Ashe is all u need. You dont need to follow your supp with her, farm as safely as u can (even if that means hugging you tower... you got a bad supp). If u dont see your enemies never facecheck bushes. If u push, ward some times and make your supp ward too (they have 2 wards even if they dont buy sightstone). If your jungler gank u can ult and stop one of your enemies, (if your enemies are pushing hard this results in kills for u or you jungler). Your autos and skills give slow (even if u do bad in lane, you can still be usefull to your team with your utility). Your ult can catch fleeing targets for you and your team. With the right build she can be a monster in team fights (press your "Q"; with 1 hurricane and 1 infinity edge ashe kills many ppl with Q). The bad side is u dont have any escape =( If you want an adc with escape, try Tristana. But tristana have a problem, she is really weak early game and she dont have utility like ashe. You need to farm, and farm, and farm... ...play Ashe, play her as safer as u can. After lane fase never go alone and if u dont feel safe going with someone dont go (if u fell that its going to be a suicide dont risk it). Ppl sometimes think that to win games they need to kill many opponents... but the best thing to win games is dying as minimum as possible. If u need to die to kill someone its better to give up the kill, they can pop a heal and ruin your day.
Thank you so much!!! What junglers do you think I should play? If it helps to give you information, I play kayle/panth right now.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Stop playing then, you'll do a great service to yourself and the community.
How is it not acceptable that I don't play a role in a **FUCKING VIDEO GAME (MY FREE TIME)** that I don't like?
Elepole (EUW)
: Actually no, the better answer is that they don't want to hire a translator for every language possible in every server for the sake of translating all the server exclusive article and message. Which make sense.
I don't see why they can't let NA play in Spanish.
: Then i think that the best for u is to play the jungler role and ignore adc and supp role, for now, since u have trust and/or comunication issues. Playing jung can also help u dealing with your auto fill problem. For u to deal with the jungler tipical flaming u can do 2 things: 1.Mute the flamers and do your game. 2.Waste some time making ppl realize that u are not playng jg to be everyone babysitter. If u are new to jungle u can learn the farming camps cicle in the web with a 5 minutes google search. The inportant thing u need to chose to play jungle is what kind of jungle u want to be. There are 2 big types of junglers: farmers and gankers. There are some junglers that can do a litlle of the 2 things. Farming jungles usualy have weak ganks before lvl 6 and get strong in damage late game (master yi, nocturne, ... auto atack based champ's) Gankers can do good ganks at lvl 3 and realy good ganks at lvl 6, they usualy become tanks in the late game (vi, zac, gragas, scarner, ...) There are some junglers with a more unique game play that can do great ganks at lvl 3/6 being damage dealers late game (shaco, leesin, evelin, ...) Some can do decent ganks, be tanks and deal alot of damage (trundle, olaf, warwick, ...) If u google some more i bet u will find 1 or more champ's to do jung that fit your play style. Abuse the blind pick to try jung. Never stop to try new things in the game (in blind pick) and have luck in ranked with what u learn.
Awesome! Thank you. What do I do if AutoFill gives me adc or sup? I can't dodge since I already have 5 min punishment and if I regularly do so they might ban me.
I And l (EUW)
: But will i have to rank in again in Season 7 or will my Rank from preseason stay like that?
To rank in? I don't understand you, sorry.
Valynx (EUNE)
: Help me!
At the end of the preseason/the beginning of season 7
I And l (EUW)
: Question about Preseason / Flex Ranked
They should have already given out borders, so feel free to do whatever you like.
: Why can't I choose every language in the launcher?
Quite simple actually. Rito is a greedy company that wants you to pay up to get to play in a different language. I had a similar problem, I am from the United States and have to play on EUW so I can practice my Spanish.
JakiStow (EUW)
: 1) That's where you're wrong, the people on forums are the exact opposite of most people, since the real "most people" are more casual and don't go on game forums. I'm not saying that this silent majority likes it, but you cannot judge the community's opinion by what you see on the forums. 2) I can agree to that, but again "most people" complain about queue times. And it's not as if autofill was here permanently. Once you've done your suport duty, you won't have to for many games. You can do a sacrifice now and then if you really like the game and want it to be better.
I play video games to have fun though, and I find fun carrying and not being a dog.
MateProZz (EUNE)
: xd is this reason to get perma banned?
I am so fucking happy that you are banned, based on your chat log. Plz don't unban yourself.
Rastaga (EUNE)
: RIot plzzz :((((
It is pronounced "Rito plz"
: Serious note about autofill and why it is a good thing
I don't care about queue times, and better skilled opponents are good for my MMR. I just want Rito to give us choice on autofill and not shove it down our throats like we are kids.
: the other thing is you dont have to learn a support champ if you get autofilled in support there are a lot of champs that normally solo lane but can work as support for example {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:98}}
Kayle doesn't work for sup. You run out of mana super fast, you have no cc, and your splash kills minions. -Kayle Main
: Autofill 24/7 is taking steps back
I am quitting lol until autofill goes away
: With permaautofill, the normality has returned to the rift. (welcome to my LoL history lecture)
I don't care. I hate support, and I am quitting League until support is fun or I don't have to play it
: PSA: To all the people complaining about Autofill
OMG YES THANK YOU!!! I hope this isn't troll.
: Autofill should be an option
Panth (EUW)
: Lose lane -> Get blamed & negative chat aimed at you, 100% of the time
Thank you. That is why I hate being stuck in Bronze, why I am scared of playing Jungle, and my main problem with League.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > most people (including myself) are unhappy with AutoFill. Just a question regarding this statement: Do you honestly know that most people agree with you? Have you checked with most people? Any system Riot creates, even if they would do the impossible and create a 100% perfect system, will be hated by some people and get complaints.
1) I know because many people complain on forums about it. 2) I like being able to choose my priorities, rather than Rito deciding that I value quantity over quality of games +) Support just isn't fun. I play video games to have fun.
: Hi Dragon9youtube (EUW) In my opinion, all your perception of the game is bad for you to be able to have success in ranked... Understand that to be able to win in this type of games all players must support each other and help each other. If you play the game more focused in yourself that in your team u will have more tendency to fail and lose. (Its a team game after all) The felling of importance u have is a illusion. Believe me, no one cares about you or me in this game... all that metters is the big Victory at the end. All the glory that u feel at the end of the game by making a good game is all the same, it does not matter if u are Top, Mid, Bot, Jungle or Support. If u are good u can carry your team from any role. If u play good ppl will see it, if u play bad ppl will see it... there's no "evades blame if they lose" in this game. The blame is on all 5 players if they lose and the merit is on all 5 players if they win. What is important is skill, if you are more skilled playing Top and Mid, try to understant your role in the game and master your champ's in that positions, but u will have a hard time winning if u keep thinking that your teamates are the "noobs" and u are the "in the driver's seat", "powerfull" and "important" player. I agree with you in that the support is the least favorite role in this game. But you are wrong thinking that being the support means "helping others instead of doing shit". Someone that knows how to play supp can be the carry of their team very easily snowballing games to victory by feeding the adc and create favorable fights to their team, u can still be "in the driver's seat" by plaiyng Thresh, Blitzcrank, leona, ... any support with Hard Engage. And if u feel that your adc is doing something suicidal... dont follow him.
Thanks for the advice. I play video games for fun though, and I consider fun being the hero. I just hate support because I don't like feeding people, I like feeding **myself**. Again, people get paid to feed other people (LoL Booster Sites) I just hate bot because I cannot trust another Bronze player, sometimes they flame or take a champ first time, and it is frustrating. In addition, this is Bronze we are talking about, not Diamond. If I follow your advice and not follow the adc, then they flame me and /all report Dragon9youtube for not helping. If I play jg, at least one laner is going to go /all report Dragon9youtube for not ganking. It is so frustrating. I also have problems communicating with team because if I try, they don't listen to me because bronze, and it is stressful to have to communicate with someone else in game. I also hear horror stories in /all chat regularly where the support farms so adc gets nothing, and I hear "FIRST BLOOD!" "ENEMY DOUBLE KILL!" too many times. Finally, I don't know any jg, adc, sup champs. I tried the roles before: sup is boring, adc depends on your sup, and jg is very fun but I get flamed. For support, I played Thresh (in norms obviously). It was kind of fun, some moments felt rewarding, but I had like no gold so I had to build boring items, I had less xp than everyone else, and I had to do boring support things for the entire late game instead of carrying. Then again, that was before the update, so it might be more fun, but I don't like being a dog, I like being a hero. If you can help me, plz reply. I just want to be able to play only top/mid or at least top/mid/jungle again. I don't know how to change my mentality, I just never liked not being carry, not getting high KD ratios and not getting appreciated/honored by team.
: Feel free to dodge and wait as long as you need to find games you like.
That doesn't work. They punish you for dodging, and eventually they tempban you.
: Why don't players take ranked seriously?
Please reply to me the only fucking purpose of **most** video games. Just because league has a large competitive scene does not make this any different.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Autofill is a necessary feature brought by the addition of SoloQ. I don't appreciate it either, but as I said, compromises need to be made.
Yes, but I appreciate being able to decide whether long queue times are more important than low quality games.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thanks... Is it free though? I no longer spend money on video games.
Durbe (EUNE)
: Unable to load game with 6.23 patch
I would check the specs of your computer, and the speed/quality of your internet provider. I've noticed from experience that the problem is a lot greater with a crappy connection.
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:37}}
kk thx. Isn't annie very mana-hungry though?
JakiStow (EUW)
: Please Riot, stop giving in to the "community", they will never be satisfied...
I appreciate solo queue, most people (including myself) are unhappy with AutoFill. If you would like my opinion of it, click here: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/7j5EZfkw-my-thoughts-on-league-and-autofill
: I got suspended on the forums, why?
You are taking advantage of a loophole in the ranked system, since your MMR is supposed to represent your skill in League.
Dyłan (EUW)
Would you provide information on how roles are decided in the tournament?
kjono1 (EUW)
: It's always the support :/
Exactly my point. You can check my thread for it, called "My thoughts on League and Autofill", yet it is more "harsh" when talking about support. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/7j5EZfkw-my-thoughts-on-league-and-autofill
MiNiMe125 (EUW)
: High ping in League of Legends only.
I would create a new account on a different server, as South Africa is very far away from West Europe. Then again, I am from the US and I play on EUW fine. What is your connection speed? It might be too slow for serious gaming, even if you can check your emails and play small games on facebook fine with it.
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