Smerk (EUW)
: Those give champions you do not currently own. They are automatically added to your collection
Nice! Thank you. Didn't want to buy one and end up wasting 3950. Guess I'm just gonna buy them as I only have 6300 ones left to buy.
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: Searching jungletryouts now! Gold 5 up to plat soloQ you have to be silver at least on flexq
: Ridiculously unacceptable. Why players lose their game so often?
You're complaining about pretty much nothing. Yes runes matter, but not too much to the point where having a slightly different rune page is going to make you just automatically lose lane. Plus. Have you ever considered that maybe. They haven't got the IP for all the runes?
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Perilum (EUW)
: If you just C&P the folder somewhere then there is no registry entry for it. If you want to uninstall through the system you've to reinstall LoL, so it gets a registry entry in the control center. Guess when you fail to actually properly install something, then we have no loss.
Good point. Now that I think about it, I did copy and paste the game from my old computer to my new one.
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314exeexe (EUNE)
: So what does the one win or lose do? Lets say i have 1400 MMR and i win one game where do i end?
The rank that you should have been placed in initially. Let's say you were gold 1 in season 6, you should have gotten around silver 1 from the initial placements, but with the bugged placement, you got platinum 4. That means you got placed 7 places too high. With the replacement, you got placed in the correct division and rank.
: Then why on the other hand players who start ranked get placed for nothing to silver 5? I've seen several people last season being placed silver 5 with 2 wins of 10 in their seedings. Doesn't seem very logical to me. If it's perfectly fine for a silver 5 player to go to bronze 5 in the next season, there shouldn't be placements at all for new ranked players but they should generally be put into bronze 5, right?
Not necessarily. The difference is, they were never placed in a rank, so their placement is based off of their MMR. You however were already in a rank, and if they placed you back into that same rank, then wouldn't it be boring and not show your ability? The reason they do it is to make each season interesting and to see if you are still worthy of being at that place. RIOT's system I think is very good (except for LP gain and loss).
Tailed Foxx (EUNE)
: It's not fine when you are Gold 1 and you get placed in Silver 5 (with 7 out of 10 wins... and the extra game loss). The only reason that everybody is tilted now is because after the 10 matches we continued to play and try to climb... (i was at promos when I got demoted). And this is not the biggest problem, because you can climb out of silver fairly easy if you are against silvers. The real problem is that all the players that dropped from high gold/low plat in silver are mixed up with silver/bronze/unranked. And you can be lucky or not. Also, now in the new meta everybody wants to play full damage and low elo players or new players don't care or know about team-comps.
The people who dropped from being placed in gold/platinum to silver in flex queue were put too high. Think about it this way. Let's use someone else who commented on this thread. They were gold 1 last season, and in flex they were placed in platinum 1. After the re-placement game, they were then put in silver 1. Now, you could say that's unfair right? Wrong. They weren't placed 10 divisions too low in the re-placements.But instead, initially, they were placed 10 divisions too high. Yes. A lot of new players don't care about team comps because most of them get into this game through streamers, for example Nightblue3. What champs/how does he play mostly on stream? Full damage. These new players then see that he is fairly successful with said champion/play style, so they copy it. That's what I loved about the old tutorial (don't know if it's still the one when you play Ashe and it makes you buy thornmail).
Justive (EUW)
: If you want us all to start in Bronze/Low Silver again you could`ve just skipped the placement games.... Whats the point of going 7-3 or 8-2 if u just end up in Bronze anyway because you as Riot Inc. fucked up the Matchmaking system and want to "fix" it by just placing anyone in the lowest tier possible. The first 10 games just didn't matter at all, placement my ass I really dont get what youre talking about with "Clown Fiesta", I had to play against/with high golds/low plats in accordance with my mmr, won a fair amount of games, ended up in silver I and now you place me back into bronze without any good reason? Now thats a clown fiesta if ive ever seen one. Much better solution wouldve been to just leave the players in their respective tiers and (if they are really place too high) wait for them to drop, instead of making them climb 10+ divisions Disappointed!
Not all. Just the majority of players are gold/silver, and with these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR (not your rank). So a silver being put into bronze is perfectly valid. A gold into silver, platinum into gold (that happened to me) are all perfectly fine.
: What is the point of resetting my rank back to bronze 5 after climbing up to silver 5 playing against plats and diamonds if you are giving me 35 LP on a win again? It clearly means I should not be in this Elo, than why put me in it? So I can skip divisions once again? atleast in silver 5 I got the normal 20-is lp on a win...
With these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR (not your rank). Your MMR states that you are that of a bronze 1 player, so technically, bronze 5 is where you should have been placed (as there's not a rank below it). I got gold 5 from being plat 5 last season, and the whole "getting placed 5 placements below your actual MMR" has been fairly consistent across a large number of players that have been complaining on this post. I haven't played a flex game after I got my re-placement, but I expect I would get a much high LP gain per win. Same for you. If you say you are getting 35LP per win. That should take you ~5 games per rank. Climbing will be easy.
hadobas (EUNE)
: Interesting bug fixation... I did my placement games with 10/8 win ratio, I got S2, it's fine. Today I played that last game, won it, and now I'm B2... Good logic rito again. Why all game devs hard try to piss off their customers nowdays? It's a new trend? o.O If you would delete those 10 match and allow us to replay all of them... maybe that would be a good idea. But this... Love to see how rito never learn and fix their problem with some tard idea as always...
With these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR (not your rank). Just based on your rank from (as it wont get let me check your MMR value), you were placed better than you should have.
: I had 2/8 in first placements,I wasn't really tryharding and got s5,after the first game yesterday I got placed into p1.Kinda suprised but I guess that's where I belong.Diamond 2 in solo/duo
With these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR (not your rank). So you were placed pretty correctly.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dadas,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Pob3UmE4,comment-id=00e90000,timestamp=2016-11-16T14:22:47.372+0000) > > there are 2 different ladders now with eachone having different mmr. Solo/Duo queue will not affect your mmr on flex Okay, that's a good point, yes. But they said they've reset our MMR to the one **before preseason** started, meaning that it does play a role in Flex. Further more - a player should not be, under no circumstances, placed in Silver IV after going 7:3 in placements. In my opinion - Riot messed up big times with queues this preseason and they refuse to admit it. They took down Normal Drafts, even though it's preseason and there are tons of new things to try out. They introduced Flex queue, which is an enormous shitfest in terms of matchmaking and game health. Someone from the Riot Games staff has to explain what's going on here and what will be done before the season starts.
Based on, your MMR is that of a gold 4 player. With these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR (not your rank). So technically you have been placed in the correct rank.
Prinsiwo (EUNE)
: Tell me how is this fair. Platinum 5 got placed in Silver 3 after going 6-4. I CLIMBED TO SILVER 1 AND NOW I GET DROPPED TO SILVER 5 BECAUSE REPLACEMENT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHAT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? AND YES IT WAS A CLOWN FIESTA BUT ON BOTH SIDES SO THE CHALLENGE WAS THE SAME
Based on your MMR is that of a gold 4. With these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR (not your rank). Therefore a a gold 4 MMR should get placed at about silver 4. It's been like this every year.
NidaleeeGG (EUNE)
: I got placed at plat 1, after 10 placment matches i got 8/2 i went to diamond 5 allmost diamond 4 with the winrate 60% So after (re)placment games one to be exact whic i WON against HIGH DIAMOND players, next i ve seeen was U HAVE BEEN PROMOTED TO GOLD II ?? Good game well played riot.
That's about right. Your MMR says that you should be roughly platinum 2. With these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR. Therefore in your case, a platinum 2 MMR would be put to gold 2. It's been like this every year.
: Wow! Last season I was silver 4, then I got 9-1 placements got silver 1, and now again a placement match and I WIN IT! And guess what, I get ranked Bronze 5. THANKS RIOT!
With these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR. Therefore a gold 1 would be silver 1 etc. It's been like this every year, and everyone is complaining. The kids (such as yourself) are just upset because you got demoted to what you should have actually been placed.
TheCurSADer (EUNE)
: Mates, MMR is what it is and as Eambo told you, this was essentially a soft reset and you all know how that goes - you play 10 placements and based on your MMR you get placed in a League where your MMR is within the average of that League. It pulled down all the diamonds, masters and challengers to Plat 1, so it's pretty natural for a silver 1 to land in bronze 3 with 5/5 placements. It's the same every year and the same for all the 100 million players so it's high time you just accept it. Furthermore it has been 1 week so all the cries by people that "really earned their rank" is not serious. Regarding the other complains - this is what the preseason is for - roll out all the new stuff, fix all the bugs caused by the new stuff and balance the new stuff. Again - same as every year. See it more like a live beta test and that what you experience is monitored and used to make League great in the next season and you will an easier time accepting it.
With these rank resets. You usually get placed 5 placements below your actual MMR. Therefore a gold 1 would be silver 1 etc. It's been like this every year, and everyone is complaining. The kids are just upset because they thought that as gold players, platinum was a fair placement for them in the flex queue. Guess what. It's NOT. Wanna know who gets platinum? Diamond/Master/Challenger players.
: honestly go fuck urself. i was placed plat 1 after winning 9 out of 10 promo matches. in every game i faced diamond or higher, i even faced master players 2 of em in one game and we won. ok i got placed plat 1 im fine with that, even when im gold 1 in solo q i faced diamonds and masters so i earned that and didnt get it for nothing. i would understand it if i get demoted to whatever if i would have gold or silver players as enemies. i did that replacement match, won that one too. all in all i won 10 out of 11 games and i get SILVER FUCKING 1 ARE U SERIOUS? do you want to get rid of ur clients?? because thats the best way to do so. im really tilted. that pisses me off! and then u are like "bug bug thing" why dont u just say WE ARE FUCKING SORRY WE DID A FUCKING MISTAKE SORRY GUYS fuck urself tbh!
So you got gold 1 last season, and think that plat 1 was correct? Looking at, your MMR is of a gold 1 player, and EVERY season, you usually get placed about 5 placements below what your MMR is in, therefore silver 1 is the correct rank. It has been like this EVERY YEAR. Also, being placed in plat is what people of diamond/master/challenger MMR get placed in. You really think that a GOLD 1 player should be playing against DIAMOND/MASTER/CHALLENGER players? Silver 1 is 100% correct for what you should be placed in. I was plat 5 with a plat 5 MMR in S6 and I got gold 5. 5 divisions below my MMR. Don't be so fucking pissy because you thought that you should be playing with diamond/master/challenger players as a gold fucking 1.
: I mean, it was already a clean start for me, what the fuck Riot?
You still have an MMR, even if you haven't played a single game. I don't know why everyone is complaining. This is how it has been every single year. Just kids getting angry because they were placed in a lower division than what they think they should have been placed in. I just looked up your MMR. It is roughly that of a gold 4 player. So no. Your MMR was not very good, and silver 5 is a nice placement for a low gold. You usually get placed about 5 placements down, so yours is fairly accurate. I was plat 5 s6, and I got placed in gold 5, so again, it was accurate.
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: In fairness the Q change is the better of two evils... either it stayed the duration it is atm and became a camouflage which means people detect you when you get to close or this exact change happens. This is kinda the only way to allow it to be useful at all. Just adapt how you use it... instead of using it to sneak up on people save it to use as a juking tool.... it's also now worth actually putting points into it early as it doesn't just increase the ad ratio. Actually I just looked on the pbe changes... it's only decreased in duration at the beginning ranks, returns to normal at rank 5... it also has an ap ratio??? Ap shaco buff I guess idk. Also remember that auto crit which used to be on the Q is now his passive, which means if you back stab people it will result in much higher damage than before (old was a 20% increase, New is now up to 145%). The Q damage also interacts with this so while it won't do much from the front, if you get them from behind it will hurt. The E deals 8% of the targets missing health... this is about the same as lee's second Q and that does amount to a decent amount. I agree that the way that shaco currently uses it will get hurt but I think that it can do a decent amount of damage if the way it's used changes. And I don't see why your complaining about the ult change... yeah they die pretty easily but you've literally lost nothing for this so it can't really be a bad thing, it's nice for ap shaco as if the clone dies in a box field that's gonna hurt and for ad shaco you aren't really wanting your clone to die anyway and if it does it might still pick up a kill especially if it does in a teamfight. So it's not a straight nerf... it's just shifting the power to his passive so shaco has to constantly be trying to get behind his target in order to be effective (which is a theme in the whole update, making it so assassins have to out play to get kills, shaco has been no different).
I'm sorry, but how is 145% every 3 seconds better than 120% every auto from behind? How is 50 +(your auto damage)(+a stupidly placed AP ratio) better than a 220% crit? AND NOTE: This isn't a crit with PBE Shaco, meaning he won't get bonuses from say {{item:3031}} or {{item:3087}} Let's say Shaco engages with his Q auto from behind the enemy, while having 100 true damage on his basic attack, 0 AP and 1.00 attack speed LIVE SHACO: Q, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, Q. Totaling 11 autos and 2 Q's (all backstabbing). OR in damage terms 264 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 264 = 1848 damage. PBE SHACO: Q (backstab), auto, auto, backstab, auto, auto, backstab, auto, auto, backstab, auto, auto, Q (backstab). Totaling 2 backstab Q's, 8 normal autos and 3 backstab autos. OR in damage terms 217.5 + 100 + 100 + 145 + 100 + 100 + 145 + 100 + 100 + 145 + 100 + 100 + 217.5 = 1525 damage. Thats 323 less damage. His passive and Q are nothing but huge nerfs. NOW, lets talk about his E. His E, currently at level 5, deals 210 (+100% AP)(+100% bonus AD). His E on PBE at level 5 does 125 (+85% total AD)(+90% AP) (+8% of missing HP) Lets say Shaco is level 18 (base 117 AD) has 0 AP (because AD Shaco), and 100 bonus AD, and the enemy is missing 1000 hp (yup. Because the squishies (your main targets) are ALWAYS going to have 1000 hp missing aren't they? Seriously fuck off Riot). LIVE E damage: 210 (+0)(+100) = 310 damage (372 backstab) PBE E damage: 125 (+0)(+173.5)(+80) = 378.5 damage (oh and this shit doesn't get backstab bonus anymore because fuck you too Riot). Ok, it deals more damage. JUST. 6.5 more damage than a backstabbed E, and 68.5 more damage without the backstab. NOW! Let's look if the target has 100% hp. Live E damage is the same PBE damage is now 80 less, = 298.5 damage. Thats 11.5 less damage, and 73.5 less damage than backstabbed E. OVERALL. PBE Shaco does much less damage.
: > Shaco q crit lvl 5 = 220% dmg)(Shaco new passive crit lvl 18 = 145% Shaco Q is a 11 second cooldown... his new passive has a 3 second cooldown... shaco can now do it just under 4 times before the Q could do it twice... that's 435-580% for new and 220-440% old (depending on if we are rounding the amount of times that new Q can go off up to 4 or down to 3, either way it's stronger than old Q). Also as how the Q now works ap shaco now has more of a reason to use both Q offensively and his passive as the Q damage has an ap ratio and that extra damage will crit using the passive... So a straight up buff for ap and a meh buff for ad. You've gotta take in more than just raw damage... cooldowns can affect the dps of something by quite a bit.
Yes but live Shaco's passive is 20% extra damage on ALL auto's and E's that happen from behind. Let's say Shaco engages with his Q auto from behind the enemy, while having 100 true damage on his basic attack, 0 AP and 1.00 attack speed LIVE SHACO: Q, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, auto, Q. Totaling 11 autos and 2 Q's (all backstabbing). OR in damage terms 264 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 264 = 1848 damage. PBE SHACO: Q (backstab), auto, auto, backstab, auto, auto, backstab, auto, auto, backstab, auto, auto, Q (backstab). Totaling 2 backstab Q's, 8 normal autos and 3 backstab autos. OR in damage terms 217.5 + 100 + 100 + 145 + 100 + 100 + 145 + 100 + 100 + 145 + 100 + 100 + 217.5 = 1525 damage. Thats 323 less damage. If I was Riot, I would think about the passive Q W and E changes they are making. Passive: Just keep it how it is Riot, or give it some AoE to help him with the jungle changes coming. An example passive I thought of, where if he lands a backstab on the enemy, his autos and Es gain either a {{item:3087}} or {{item:3074}} effect on it. Q: Keep it so it has less stealth time at lower levels, BUT, make it have lower scaling time. For example instead of being 1.5 (+0.75 per level) make it like 2.5 (+0.5 per level). Both would make it ending up at 4.5s stealth. The cooldown changes are fine. Kinda. Makes long escape plans more difficult due to not always wanting to auto the enemy, but oh well. W: Keep them how they are. They are fine how they are on live. Only thing they could possibly do is reduce the fear duration for consecutive boxes hit, BUT, could increase the fear time for stacked boxes. For example, a single level 5 box would fear for 1.5s, but 2 stacked would fear for 1.75s, and 3 stacked for 2s (anymore after 3 having no effect on the duration). But if you trigger the first one it would fear for 1.5s, walk abit, trigger a second it would fear for 1s, walk abit, a third for 0.5s. E: The E changes are stupid. Just remove them and keep it how it is on live. R: Honestly I like these changes. Although the boxes may be slightly useless if dealt with. I can see the potential in them if they were only killable via auto attacks. Riot need to realise that he thrives best as an AD champ, and to stop trying to force him to AP.
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: Whoever created matchmaking please justify this!
I understand your pain. My normal MMR is that of around platinum. What do I get put up against every normal game? Previous season diamonds... Every. Single. Game. Kill. Me...
: "better nerf reksai"
Irelia needs a rework, and not one that will make her more ridiculous than she already is. She is probably the safest champion in the game right now. Beat her early game. Ok... Wait. How... What? 0/5 Irelia just 1v1'd a 5/0 <insert champion here> Her E is too bullshit of an ability. "Oh you are winning this 1v1 by a landslide? E. Oh look, a 2 second stun, I win :D"
: Is it sadder than Angle Beats or Re:Zero?
You think that Re:Zero is sad? Oh god you have another thing coming when it comes to Your Lie in April. This anime will literally make you weep for days. *cough* definitely not *cough* speaking from experience *cough*
: An anime you must watch ;w (Your lie in april)
I watched this a while ago. I completely agree with this opinion. It IS a must watch, and it WILL make you cry. 100% recommended from me.
: Why do you play LoL?
Both, but leaning mostly towards being good at the game. The game is fun, but isn't at the same time. I want to have fun with my team, but hey, being socially awkward and having social anxiety is great right? That's why I am a solo player. I like to be able to carry, I do my own thing. I don't care what my team are doing, if they are losing fine, I'll try to make up for their failures, if they are flaming, continue, I don't know about it because I /mute all at the start of every game. That's why this game isn't fun. The fact that I know how bad the community of this game is, that I just instinctively just /mute all before anything when I get into a game. However, when you pull off a huge solo play, or find something that you did hilarious, they are the moments that make it fun. Or when something random happens. For example, the other day I queued up for a normal game. I get into the game, and I notice something. Someone on the enemy teams name looks familiar, but just let it pass and continued on with the game. Only till after I noticed the name again and opened up my friends list. It turned out, that not only was this person on my friends list, but he was in the same club that I was in (not really a very large club either). My role preference is Jungle, Top, Mid, ADC, Support. Why? Because I don't like having to rely on other people. 1. Jungle, I get to do whatever I want. Shall I gank? Shall I continue to farm? I get to choose the outcome of the game. 2. Top, same as mid lane, but further away from everyone else (neighboured to only 1 lane). 3. Mid, because it's another solo lane. 4. ADC, it's a duo lane. I don't like duo lanes, but in this role I have more of an outcome over how the game plays out. 5. Support, again, it's another duo lane. Support doesn't suit my style of play. Being able to have an impact on the how the game plays out is the most fun to me, hence why I love jungling, and I only really have fun while playing as jungle. Sometimes I will feel "Okay, let's have fun in top lane" if jungle is taken, then it gets to my turn to pick champion and think, "Can I just leave? I don't want to play top lane. Fine, I'll endure the boringness that this 20+ minute game will bring."
Feezlim (EUNE)
: I'm sorry !
What are you sorry for? You did absolutely nothing wrong. You didn't put any names in your post on who should be banned. Hey, you didn't even say anyone should be banned, but just for people to open their eyes to who they could be speaking to. If anything, ThrobbingPhallus (<--- seriously? It's not even funny...) should be the one apologising to you for what they are saying! THEY are the horrible person. Not you.
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Houzuki (EUNE)
: His face was all red when he told me about it :D . Thankfully he got his account back in two hours, even though it was a day off work. So he has totally learnt his lesson and LoL's support is great, making it so fast.
Wow that fast? Lucky him. Now, what are you doing on here? Play the preseason :P {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Houzuki (EUNE)
: Stealing accounts - Teamviewer
Why the hell did he think it was a good idea to allow another person to control his computer, after he had entered in all information needed to do something like this. Sorry, but your friend sounds like a dumbass, and kinda deserved for this to happen. However, tell him to file a support request immediately. Like, right now. He will most likely get his account back, and hey, if your friends paypal etc. wasn't connected with the game, then he will most likely have his bank account :P And please, please tell him to never: 1. Buy anyone else RP. It's not possible. 2. Share ANY sort of details about his account. 3. Instantly remove anyone on his 'friends' list, and block them if they ask for any account details etc. Hope the problem gets fixed, the guy who stole the account gets his account banned, and that your friend gets his account back (hopefully with all his money still sitting in his bank account). GL. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: How well did you do in season 5? (Legit players only, no boosters or smurfs)
Played my placements, got gold 5. I then played like 6 games after my placements. Got to promos, lost promos. Went back to normals.
: Tanks have been hit very hard. And with more armor nerfs.... I dunno though. I played 2 games too. first one went 0/3/1 Nunu. A Yasuo stomped us. Second one was my worst game for a long time I fed too god damn much I don't know what happened. As if I was learning a new champ. It most definitely gonna take me a while to get used to the changes.
I played 2 games also. First I went Graves top, just to test it out. Did fairly ok, went 9/9/2, with a loss. Ryze, who I stomped early game, ended up winning it for them. Second game I played Rengar jungle, my main champion. It felt like I didn't know how to play him anymore. I seemed to be out damaged by everyone. It started off terribly, only just managed to clear gromp and blue, and had to go back because I was on 50hp. When I could usually make a complete clear throughout my jungle, and also get a gank off before going back. From my experience so far. Snowballing has been made easier. The op assassins from season 5 have gotten even more op. Tanks for dropped off. Mages have dropped off. Marksmen have gotten slightly better.
: I need 6 random champion
{{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:42}}
How about Riot have a period called "Old School League", where you can queue up for the end of each season. So you can play season 1, 2, 3, 4 and possibly 5 if this is released in S6. The modes allow for you to only play and use what was available during those seasons, e.g: You can only play the champions that were released at the end of that season. All champions are at the point that they were in that season, e.g. 100% lifesteal sion. All items that were available then can only be used. This means that you wouldn't be able to play Tahm, Bard etc. if you queued up for season 3 etc.
Smerk (EUW)
: Riot won't do anything that can harm their profit, and your conversion rate will harm them, It's possible to get 1k IP every day, so any player can get 975 skin just after 20 days of grinding. Did you bought RP at least one? Would you buy them if there was option to get them for free?
975 RP after 20 days of constant playing. That's worth £5 at the moment. That's a lot of time put in just to be able to get £5 worth of skins, where as anyone with a job will earn a lot more than that within 20 days of working. That exchange rate, IP/20 = RP, is a very good conversion rate and Riot wouldn't even lose out on that much money.
RageFuel (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DragonBane91,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=bI9EKkPx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-17T00:32:45.845+0000) > > I had a similar idea to this a while ago. However they made it so you could go back to the end of previous seasons. > So you could play how season 1 was when it ended, with only the items and champions that were out then etc. and they do this for all seasons, 1, 2, 3 and 4. How?? :o
What do you mean , how? They make a gamemode where you can only use what was available at the end of each season. It's pretty simple...
RageFuel (EUW)
: Classic Mode (Gamemode Idea)
I had a similar idea to this a while ago. However they made it so you could go back to the end of previous seasons. So you could play how season 1 was when it ended, with only the items and champions that were out then etc. and they do this for all seasons, 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Kyriios (EUW)
: A ping chart
When starting up it used to show everyones ping. It led to people abusing others about how bad their internet is I believe, so they removed it.
: one for all yasou?
The reason people don't want to play all the champions like this. {{champion:238}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} etc. is because they all require a large amount of knowledge on how to play the champion well. That's one thing almost no one when they are picking their champion. Yes, you may be good on the champion, but that doesn't necessarily mean every one else is good on these high skill champions, meaning that 2, maybe 3 people will actually be useful in a game. Whereas if you were to pick a very simple champion like {{champion:22}} {{champion:74}} etc. then there is more of a chance that EVERYONE will be useful in that game, instead of 2-3. Pick simple champions, because then everyone will have a chance to actually be useful. I found this out the hard way, I wouldn't say I am the best on Yasuo, Riven, Lee etc. But the first couple of games I played, I picked these champions because they are powerful champions and I would say I have a decentish understanding about what I should be doing, however, there would be a couple of people every game where they just didn't know what to do, and fed, causing losses. So no, it's not that he is a bad champion in this. Pick simple champions, and trust me, you will most likely have a much funner experience with them. Couple of examples: {{champion:22}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:74}}
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: the passives regen increases as Kayatos hp dercreases, which means that he wont really die unless burst down instantly. the ultimates full energy reset is because he's based off continuous combos, if he runs out of energy he cant use any combos.
That's kind of like saying X champion that uses mana should have no mana costs because then they can keep using their abilities.
: I always build {{item:3074}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3046}}, I know all AA resets, I use spells during AA animations and I still get rekt by {{champion:106}}. Rengo used to be one of the best duelist pre - rework, I kinda miss old Rengo.
Try replacing one of the phantom dancers with a tri force. The sheen proc adds a huge amount of damage to your Q's and you still get 80% crit chance with it.
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: Finally a yorick rework that doesnt suck ass and destroy the champion, but overall. I think the passive is a bit dumb, if it prioritizes the bushes, because that way yorick cant deal dmg unless the enemies walk to the graves? also could you checkout my champion concept?
Thank you, and by prioritizing brushes, I meant that there is a very slightly higher chance for it to spawn in one instead. Maybe 55% brush - 45% anywhere else. I did also try to think of a way to include his gravestones into an ability like a Zyra seed, but didn't want to take away an ability for him to be able to place the gravestones. Looked at your champion concept. I left a comment.
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