: Why do you call yourself Dragon? You got wings, can fly and breathe fire?
Because on my first MMRPG my char was a Dragon =) now it's the name on all my online games.
: Why wouldn't a board **GAME** count as a game?
Because that board game it's nothing related with "League of Legends" in terms of mechanics, but bro, they still were RIOT GAMES before the board game was launched so....they should have been RIOT GAME before.
: Because they have 2 games currently. "League of Legends" and the board game "Mechs Vs. Minions" Thus making it Riot Game**s**.
ahhhhhhhhhhhh comon....the board game doesn't count xD
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Terramos (EUW)
: [Rework Concept] The Teemo can P off already...
As a Teemo main, i dislike this, being unable to be that usefull with the R, discourages me to play it if they change it. Cheers
h4wwk (EUNE)
: Check out maybe ?
Ejay Dance 7 pro guy! wowowow nice song, i expected a sudden DROP, thats what it's missing, just like TRAP songs
Major Cat (EUW)
: if you didn't apply for the alpha test, you wont be approved for the alpha client anymore. but dont worry, open beta (for all players) is comming soon.
soon like, a few days after the SEASON ENDs?
Major Cat (EUW)
: your "normal" league account has to be approved to use the alpha client. if you applied to be an alpha tester before today, your account will be approved in the next 24h period. the file you downloaded will install the new client in the same folder as your current league installation, and will launch from the exact same game-data. this means you can switch between the alpha client and the "normal" client whenever you want. the alpha client has a new icon, so you can distinguish them rather easily (i.e. the shortcuts on your desktop)
but i didnt applied....so i can't use it now?
: You can already use your normal account, this isnt the PBE, they just unlock your account for the alpha if you get accepted into it
but i didnt applyed to anything...what now? =S
: yeah you just llaunch the new client instead of the old one
but it says i need an alpha account
: The Alpha/Beta client is just that a CLIENT it does not run on a new server so you wont be working with a new account or gameplay features. It#s just that the thing you spend your time on before going into a game will loo much sexier. And no you dont need to uninstall league of legends to run the client
so i just run the .exe i downloaded for my server every time i wanna play LoL?
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: AHAHAHA that's so funny
Wex0r (EUW)
: dude u just reposted my post O_o its happening on LoL boards now too !! the Horror!
the 9gag post you mean?
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Xenoid (EUNE)
: If you aren't first picking, then Yasuo ban is correct.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Which is why i think Riot should consider lowering the entry level into ranked. It's already known that majority of players are in normals, they probably try ranked and get turned away from it because of how competetive it is even in silver, maybe if ranked started at the bottom then it would be easier for players to start ranked.
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DragonH (EUW)
: Critical Errors
Wrenchmans! Eambo! Where are you! =(
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Kenshi (EUNE)
: Because they can and they don't care about what we think. That's how Rito works now. Nothing new here ...
Maybe they should make the ban system more eficiente for those who claim that are drunk and feed intentionally
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: you're playing a mage with 0 cdr? so you're doing 1 spell rotation per teamfight...
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hey Reinstall the game and let me know if it helped you, if reinstall won't help you, then I'll give you further assistance.
Ok, i will proceed to the reinstallation and if i don't post nothing else in a few hours, it's because the probleme is fixes hopefully.
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Najns (EUW)
: Since they were not in the patch notes, I'm guessing they will come out in the next patch. Makes me wanna cry D:
So much time to put a champion to mastery 7, just because of lack of blue essense....='(
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: Riot are adding the ability to by a random champ shard with ip... We are likly to get it next patch so you will get shards soon.
when it will be? any idea?
: Ok Im gonna kill your mood now. In next (tomorrow or thursday) or next next patch, there are coming COINS for +-1700 IP and with them you will be able to upgrade your Mastery Level
you didnt killed my mood cause at least i got skins xD if i had champion shards yea....that would make me angry by that side
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: You don't, you just fucking disable global chat and fucking focus on working together with your team. Fuck D:
: First world solution. Disable "All" chat.
how the heck will i know that right in the last seconds someone who didnt flamed the entire game will say those GG EZ words? i can't guess that
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Nakhishia (EUW)
: It all depends on who you like to play more. It would be redundant to get a skin for a champ that you don't play that much.
i play none of them xD but back on season 4 i was used to go Nunu top lane AP TANK
Luxray93 (EUW)
: Nunu bot is just to psyke the enemy with his laugh so dont play nunu bot in the jungle.
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Rito PI0x (EUW)
: Greetings. I think there are quite a lot of people who own those Riot skins because they were buyable in 2014/2015 if I remember correctly. Good Luck finding someone with Riot Singed, there are only a few players who got this ( really really rare skin). I wish I'd be able to play with you, but unfortunately I have no time D: Sincerely, Your Tilted Toast
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: early morning is best time =) On a serious note, have you tried connecting your pc to the router via an ethernet cable? That way you get more bandwidth and less lag
nop because i'm not in "my house", im in a rented room, i got excelente quality signal, my friend got weak signal, and idk how come those configurations can't handle us both....='(
: The other guy in the house was probably watching porno thats why
Comon.....early moorning? xD I dont have any kitchen microwave on the way from my laptoo to router etc, so idk why that happens, im pretty sure that we could both play without any problems...
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi DragonH, Based on the information given online and on this site I doubt it's doing anything that would be bannable, but I also doubt it'll help your latency much either, and can also cause issues. This makes tweaks to your windows settings which can help or hinder - but if you're experiencing latency issues, it's unlikely that windows tweaks are going to do much. It's better to try and figure the root cause and work from there, rather than install something designed for an entirely different game - World of Warcraft is much more forgiving of latency issues due to how it's designed and because it generally requires less split-second decisions and input, as LoL does.
Thanks! I will remove the programe from my computer and try to force my ROUTER, via net cable, to focus it's PACKAGES delivering on my laptop, reducing the lag i hope.
: You can use it to fix lag. You can't use it if it gives you advantage against any players. For example you can't use scripts that dodge abilities.
idk why but i started laging more...xD so i disable it...
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I'm almost 100% sure it's legal. This programs doesn't contain any features that have a direct connection to LoL, and it doesn't give you an illegal advantage over other players.
thanks....i will also not use it until Cosantoir or Eambo tells me something! =(
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