The 14 day ban isn't issued due to a single game. You likely have seen some penalties before. If you didn't show any sign of changing your interactions with the people you played with for the better, you get banned after X number of offenses. You inted, what do you expect to happen except getting reported? You just hit 0 on the countdown. Your intentional feeding is not something you can blame on someone else, that was your decision, not hers. Normal games are games where people want to play the game without getting trolled, just like ranked games. Your Vayne might not have done what you wanted her to do, but that happens, people make their own decisions. 'Soft inting' as you call it is more often referred to as 'having a bad game', the difference: they still try to play and win. What you did was refusing to cooperate in the worst possible way. The best way to not get banned is to not get reported for anything. You get reported if you violate other peoples games in any way, so: just don't do that.
: {{item:3026}} doesnt save any adc if champions like Zed or Kayn are fed. Should i buy another defensive item on ADC then? Like for example {{item:3022}}?
It is better to counter ad assassins like Zed or Talon with some armor item(s) to counter their lethality items.
: At this rate , EUNE should have 100 or 200 compensation event tokens
In the case that it is not a graphical bug: If the problem persists after granting the tokens, they would have to do it again. That might explain why they haven't done anything yet. If they would grant all the tokens now, and the problem would be resolved, they would have to cancel the missions… They won't grant tokens until the event is over (before the tokens expire) to avoid having to grant people tokens multiple times.
Lari (EUNE)
: Nautilus skin idea
Mecha Nautilus sounds like a cool idea!
: > [{quoted}](name=Dramex,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cYLe9E86,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-18T11:46:06.190+0000) > > I don't think so, is silver 4 your provisional rank? I have seen high elo solo/duo players in my 3v3 games but not as extreme as the game you are describing. > I am trying to reach gold too, currently S4 59 LP but I'm struggling. Yes it's the provisional rank. But the other's ranks are their "actual" rank. In 5v5 you can't Duo with anyone. Bronze players can only Duo with Iron and SIlver and Grandmaster only with Master or something alike. Does this not apply for 3v3?
I don't know it for certain but it would be very strange if 3v3 duoing isn't restricted in the same way as it is on summoners rift.
: Matchmaking in 3v3 Flex
I don't think so, is silver 4 your provisional rank? I have seen high elo solo/duo players in my 3v3 games but not as extreme as the game you are describing. I am trying to reach gold too, currently S4 59 LP but I'm struggling.
: How long we need to wait for NEXUS BLITZ again ;_;
I really liked the Snowdown Showdown, but I don't think I will live to see that come back...
: why are there so many people playing ranked when they have no clue.
League of legends is a game. People want to have fun. They should be allowed to try new things, even in ranked. Ranked queue isn't the perfect place to do so, but it should be allowed. If you are autofilled into a position you do not feel comfortable with, you die a couple times. The problems you are describing are ultimately isolated events. You feel like it is happening all the time because these kind of games leave a stronger impression on your memory (or you are just really unlucky, but that is probably not the case here.) And if you feel justified to ruin the game for someone else, how are you any better than the people you are describing? If you really want to do so, go ahead. But you can expect a ban/penalty somewhere in the future if you really do that.
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Finisher and Spawn Ceremony
Finishers have been removed, unfortunately… I think it had to do with epilepsy or sth similar
: My prediction for the upcoming a Blood Moon event
Blood moon Leona maybe, she has had her fun corrupting Diana (Infernal Diana).
: New skin for Kennen?
What kind of theme would fit with an epic or higher tier kennen skin? Maybe a fiery skin... I think this discussion should be on the "Creations and Concepts" page. You will reach your targeted audience there easier.
: Can i ask riot for a chat restriction?
If you really wan't this you should open a ticket on support.riotgames.com with the type "Discuss a personal suspension or restriction". (edit: as kubsar wannabe said) They can tell you if it is possible there.
: i completed the mission, no orb in sight...
> [{quoted}](name=MirirLightHammer,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=yYZramgT,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-05-16T00:09:27.790+0000) > > i completed the mission, no orb in sight... That might be because the battle academia content isn't added yet (unless that was done this night/morning).
: House finishers ?
My finishers did appear. You all chose the wrong house. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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CarryAll (EUNE)
: Finisher and Spawn Ceremony
Finisher also activates if you have an assist but the killer doesn't have the finisher.
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: Riot really wants me to try out nasus
I thought Riot wanted me to play Ezreal when I got TPA and striker skin shards one after another. Then I saw this... Not sure anymore
xprsn (EUW)
That is preseason, much bugs because of big changes. Only the most important things need to work properly before the patch goes live. I tried to change conflicting keybindings and the game crashed.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Getting BE is really unsatisfying.
I agree with you. Before preseason, every game, some ip. Now, every couple of games, a luck-dependent amount of BE after disenchant. This, together with the OE nerf... I don't like it.
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: Well, I doubt everyone would tick that box, you know. Most people like fast queues. I much prefer being in the role I know how to actually play. :P
that's true, I like that too.
: Dynamic Queue: An idea about our roles
that's a good idea, I would like it too. but that would make one of the problems of team builder happen again (not being able to find a certain role for the team)
Dramex (EUW)
: Play .jpg
eemmbbeerr reported that the bug does happen on EUNE too. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/6wxbaP6P-cla-instead-of-classic-at-selecting-game-mode-on-summoners-rift
eemmbbeerr (EUNE)
: Cla... instead of Classic at selecting game mode on Summoner's Rift
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