Shamose (EUW)
: > But everyone knows I am a God and always right, So you went from communism to facism in 2 comments. That's some intialD type shit right there.
Wait right there im gonna laugh in a moment
Drda (EUW)
: We need to bankrupt Riot
Of course fanboys are going to attack my thread and shut off the truth. It's always like this. But everyone knows I am a God and always right, therefore it doesn't matter and riot must obey me and serve me
Shamose (EUW)
I have spoken
: Good luck with that.
We can actually do it if we all unite
Rioter Comments
: Your name describes you pretty well, I have to say.
This guy, an ultimate fanboy, goes on riot "hate" (more like truth) threads and contradicts them, you know cause he is a fanboy. Dowmvote him and dont pa attention
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: Try to stop playing this game
I would but i have nothing else to play (with friends) Also my absence wont make a difference, I only ever spent money on this to change servers once Edit: got permabanned, good for me and good riddance riot, hope your geed gets you nowhere
: Got a 14 day suspension for literally typing 2 sentences
I also hate riot. They give out unjust bans and dont know how to fix champs and someone needs to put them in their place. But you can clearly see you covered the bottom part with a similar colour, because the quality of the colour dont match. Not cool. But yes, riot is bad
: > Fanboys are the reason the truth doesn't go out Well it did go out, but I guess your truth is not everyone's truth > Either way it makes sense and no one can prove me wrong since I am always right I laughed at this way harder than I should have :D
Drda (EUW)
: It all makes sense now
Fanboys mass downvote my thread, as expected Fanboys are the reason the truth doesn't go out Or perhaps it's riot that does it Either way it makes sense and no one can prove me wrong since I am always right
Rioter Comments
: I will buy extra skin today, just because you asked
ok fanboy i wish you best in life because i can see its not going so well rn
Drda (EUW)
: Because there is only 2 types of peope here Fanboys - you People who speak the truth and are opressed because of it - us I have spoken
You're all mad because I speak the truth This has always been true and always will be until humans artificially change their emotions
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Post SS of it didn't happen. +you use the chat way to much like holy play more. Here is my chat log, this game is to LGBT for friendly flamming lol, you cant even call an ezreal players F%% like the good old days without getting a random ass 14 day ban.
: Quality posts by the same people over and over, you mean. Every time someone whines in the boards, there is 70% chance it's the same person, who already made a whine-post recently. Or keeps crying in the comments of other posts.
Because there is only 2 types of peope here Fanboys - you People who speak the truth and are opressed because of it - us I have spoken
Rioter Comments
: Stop enforcing 50% winrate with your fkn algorithms
Pawosas (EUW)
: Sett needs a dragon ball skin
Nah he needs to be deleted from existence
: can I get a free pass to your European server
: You forgot to tell everyone that despite calling yourself zoe one trick, you have 30 wins 40 losses in gold 4. Another wall of text complaining about matchmaking yet not giving a reason why. The frustration of not being able to understand your own mistakes eh!
: We need more Items: More MR, Armor sustain Item and something opposed to Tenacity
: This game is so trash it's actually unreal
Fanboys downvoting you because they hate the truth
: Soo... how exactly do I see who replied to my comment on " new " boards ?
You dont Riot stops us who speak the truth about it by making it harder to keep track of our posts
: Interesting way to nerf Sett
Delete him from the game
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: down votes are from Rito
mistry (EUW)
: Please don't jump on the 'we hate riot' bandwagon. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent people trolling, it's part of the game unfortunately. With the availability to buy accounts cheap online people will keep returning no matter how many times you punish them.
Riot is bad though
ƒƒ 15 (EUNE)
: from gold 1 to plat 4 , actuall diana god.
Maybe cuz diana is broken I have spoken
: I've literally only played Ekko like once or twice, and that was in ARAM. The fact that I don't think a champion is overpowered doesn't mean that I main that champion. I just judge things by statistics, rather than making blind accusations. Ekko is only 48th based on winrates. Also he wasn't picked or banned once in this year's LEC so far, which had 20 games already. So really, if he's not the best at solo queue, completely useless at championships, are you really saying he's broken?
Told you to stop talking Ekko is broken I have spoken
Hansiman (EUW)
: > 1. Got muted for 10 games legit for flaming in ONE SINGLE GAME Just to clarify, you're not given a chat restriction based on one game. IFS just doesn't work like that. The reform card you're given displays **up to** 3 recent games where you behavior was not ok, and shows them to you as an example of the behavior that you're displaying in your games that got you punished. The punishment itself is based on more than the games you're shown. --- > So I get 1 report from afk farming and griefing jg and now take a mute? What those players did doesn't matter when it comes to your case, because you are judged by your actions. And who's to say that nobody else reported you? You're spending a lot of time in the game being negative, and derogatory towards your team mates. --- > and other one who asks for reports gets muted. Asking for reports is completely pointless, since it serves no purpose. One report is worth just as much as nine, so as long as you report the players, that's enough to flag their behavior. Extra reports won't do anything other than fuel a negative atmosphere in your games. Besides, judging from your chat logs, you did more than just ask for reports: > IceGamingFr: this jg and mid lose too hard IceGamingFr: 0/1/0 IceGamingFr: in 12 min IceGamingFr: you are so annoying IceGamingFr: god damn this team IceGamingFr: we had NO JG
You are wrong. They are based on 1 game and it says exactly what games. I have spoken
: you are not too good to get out of ur elo, stop blaming your team
Im glad the title was ironic othereise I'd unleash the power of 1000 shuriman ascensions upon you
: Looking for premade 5 group
For the quest? Add me and tomorrow, during the day, we shall see 3 other people
Rakuraidesu (EUNE)
: The thing with league, you have to learn how to have fun even with an afk/troll. They don't impact how you play, they only impact the outcome of the game. If you try your best, even if you lose, besides improving, you actually have fun. Don't surrender at 15, flame others, or pay attention to their gameplay, just focus on what you're doing and learning from mistakes. Started doing that, last season had a bit of struggle in gold-plat, this season breezed through silver (placed in S2), gold and getting into plat in barely 70 games, with a decent winrate. All you have to do is understand that there's barely a 5% chance that you'd get the same player in your team. If you lose a game because of him? Unlucky, you played your best, go next. If you play better than the elo you are in, you'll eventually get out of there, and it'll be more fun then just being annoyed, not having fun, getting in games or going outside tilted/annoyed or even flame others and risk one of those bans.
My fun is based around winning, so trolla and inters ruin my fun
: That's why he has 0% pick/ban rate during the past 20 LEC games..
Yeah stay quiet ekko main fanboy
SSDrem (EUW)
: Ekko is still broken
Just delete that anomaly of a champ
: same to me, I just made a post about it. I honestly think that it is a very huge bug in rankeds, imagine a pro play where this could happen, they would have to restart the game and be shameful lmao
Well it has to happen for riot to start working. They only care about pro games
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Ezreal Jungle S10
How about stop breaking the game (more than it is) and play how it's supposed to play
Rioter Comments
mistry (EUW)
: Just to make it clear for everyone here. He had played 3 games of ap amumu in flex q and come to the conclusion the it's incredibly difficult to climb while smurfing. His d4 account is currently sitting on a 55% win ratio, with the only positive stats on taric and amumu. This doesn't prove anything, and just gives silver players another excuse to cry about nonsense. Even this account I'm using now, I was placed in silver 4,messed around with a mate to lower my LP gain, and still got plat 3 with an 80% win rate. Using ap amumu as an example of the elo system and its matchmaking is just rediculous, and anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a state of delusion.
Please stop talking, fanboy
: Matchmaking in low and high elo
Screw carries, this is supposed to be a team game
Timely (EUW)
: I have never felt this depressed and disgusted at the state of League of Legends
One thing you mentioned - that riot makes mistake after mistake without realising it This is incorrect. Riot does it on purpose and is oriented towards the fanboys that would spend their life savings on skins Riot doesnt care about us, its the sad truth
: Mission 5/5 , watch 60 regular season game on ! And we win a simply icon ! ! !
Esports is cringe and no one should support it especially by not doing these missions rn
MrKristo4 (EUW)
: Another day, another scientific breakthrough... or client bug.
Sorry no Need to make new skins for akali every 5 seconds
Sefiroz (EUW)
: You're seriously saying someone who is making fun of autism and telling someone to end their life should go unpunished...?
You also cannot read (no offense) so why should we take for granted what your opinion on anything is Rules of life
: "EZ!"
Saying ez is not and should never be bannable and everyone should be able to say it whenever they'd like
Sefiroz (EUW)
: PSA for anyone who think they got banned but think they didn't deserve it...
You dont know what youre talking about This offender clearly makes fun of autism and telling the person to end their life and such Calling someone's mistake out is NOT bannable yet still happens because riot ajd fanboys like you make it possible
: pathing and minion block are terrible this season
PreDaJ0R (EUW)
Surprised fanboys didnt storm this post
: Fix the client!
Sorry no banning people who say "%%%%" once in their lifetime is more important
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