: U dont play better this is a shitty bs crappy coinflip game and its got 5 times as bad this season... Its not u its not ur fault its these idiots riot places u with who somehow end up the same elo as u because bad players elos are inflated with the LP system its aload of %%%ing garbage COINFLIP GAME also JGL DIFF game..
Ofc its your fault where you got placed lol, you are sole person responsible for your elo so stop saying bullshit like its not your fault . It is our fault where we are placed and where we stuck. If you cannot improve or carry games you simple do not deserve to gain rating. It is as simple as that. Are you better than your lane opponent in most games? Are you only even? What do you do with your lead if you are ahead? These are all questions you gotta ask yourself. If the answer to one of those is I dont know or NO you are the reason you are stuck in ......(current elo)
: MM working as expected. Platinum 2 matched vs silver 4 bronze 2.
So, is there any proof to what you are saying? Which gamemode was played? There is a huge difference if its Soloq, flexq oder just normals
: Riot not banning trolls for money? Here is a solution
Report system is working fine in terms of flaming, in terms of afking and inting should be stricter imo, but well its Riots thing to decide that. There are tons and tons of players who come crying to the forums that they have been banned, so as you can see if you look at forum posts, in terms of flaming its quite good already. Inting on the other hand is rly hard to decipher with the programm the currently have so it always take a long time(2-3 weeks) to get someone punished if they dont run it down 24/7
: These champs are lookin for a nerf
ADC: I dont think any of the mentioned adcs are too strong, Aphelios which you didnt mention is too strong for a sidenote. Maybe caits passiv procc needs a slight nerf but thats it tbh. Mid: Diana ye she is too strong I can agree with that but some sligth dmg nerfs or ult cd nerfs can fix that. Kassadin is just busted no point in arguing about him tbh, either his wreck his passiv or you lower his scaling so it actually does shit when he goes 0/6. Fizz: Ye not rly too strong, people just need to adjust their buildpaths and playstyle, thats all there is to beating him tbh. Jungle: Ekko :like some other guys said, fixing his passiv dmg to normal dmg instead of double should easily be enough, no need to touch a hard to hit stun. Olaf: well ye he is too strong due to conqueror, but it would be easier to just nerf his q by 10-20 dmg and that should easily fix his brokeness. Nocturne: Not rly too strong in the jungle, its more the fact people are just too stupid to play against him. The same shit with Eve. Top: Kled :maybe tune the heal reduce and he should be fine. Camille and Irelia both dont need nerfs, you can play against them pretty well, also there are some matchups they can hardly win. Disabling New champs for ranked for about 2 weeks imo is actually a good idea. 1 Month is too much. Yasuo is just a noob stomper, the higher the elo gets, the lower his winrate gets. So its safe to say, People which lose against yasuo are most likely bad at the game
Gashru1 (EUW)
: If you think old pantheon had no counter play, then you clearly don't understand what you're talking about. Being first pick and picking pantheon would 100% mean you lost lane. The old champion only had one real strat and that was to abuse your lane and snow ball of that, while using your ult to gank other lanes and give them a lead also. I pretty much perfected my pantheon plays to even where counters would lose to me because i understood my huge weakness, which was any one with more sustain and poke then me would bully me out of lane because i couldn't kee up. New pantheon isn't even strong, i've been in the situation where i've had the same items as old pantheon and have been unable to do the same damage as old. because new pantheon isn't an assassin he's a bruiser, but yet the bruiser don't work well on him because again he's an all in champ with no real sustain. They even made his ult uncancle able.
I see it doesnt do any good trying to talk to you.
: it was really a cool thing and i used to do it everyday. I really dont know why they got rid of it
Cause it didnt work well and was way too slow. There were a lot of cases in which extreme flamers continued to flame for 2-3 months and after that time they got their punishment which is way too long.
: Welcome to 2019/2020 ranked league of premade trash!
DarVux (EUW)
: Nerf Kassadin
I admit Kassadin is an annoying champ. And yes imo he should be nerfed, but not dmg wise imo. He should be punished more when misstepping with his ult like lower his Passiv from 15% dmg reduction on magic dmg to 10% and even Ap champs could have a decent chance against him. The way he is now, its either play an AD champ which are strong against Kassadin but he completely outscales you or play an Ap champ and start crying once he gets his first item. And if you think this is all helpless crying, you are wrong. I even got some stats to back up that Kassadin actually needs a nerf. Look here: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/de/champions/stats/kassadin The higher elo you get the stronger he gets. His pickrate is even ridiculously high with a high winrate aswell meaning he is just too strong. The feeling of playing against a Kassadin past lvl 6 is just disgusting. Imo giving his ult on early lvls more cd would solve this problem a bit cause he wouldnt be unkillable after lvl 6 anymore.
Petorital (EUW)
: It's so weird how Swain still hasn't been disabled yet
Its not like a lot of people are playing Swain, maybe me and some couple of lunatics like me. As my good main Swain Support already said, E is not bugged in the slightest, while returning the effect has a little more AOE spread than it has when it gets cast. Imo he should rather be buffed than beeing disabled or nerfed, an no , do dmg buffs needed imo, just lower his Q cd on higher lvls for 1-2 seconds and he would be the perfect champ.
: nerf xerat
Actually there are alot of counter for Xerath, like Fizz, Ekko, Zed, Yasuo and some other assasins. Zoe is actually pretty good against him aswell cause he needs to stand still when casting his spells, with that in mid Zoe can easily get her sleep bubble on him. He is like very easy to play against, you only need to understand how he works and the rest is easy
Gashru1 (EUW)
: No one cares about worlds, and worlds was a few patches ago so that really means nothing. Pantheon isn't even hard, he's very easy to play with only one combo engage in his kit. Which always WQE. He's only good in worlds because they have coms and can work around his ult. There was nothing wrong with old pantheon, it's not my fault you wasn't good enough to beat him in lane. Litterly how to beat old panth pick any chamption that has decent armour scaling or can use a shield. Only pantheon was only an all in chamption, any who could remotely poke him back and had so sort of sustain would demolish pantheon in lane. New pantheon on the other hand doesn't even have decent lane pressure anymore because you're forced to take Tp or else you're losing lane from one gank. Ah yes 46% win rate is very normal for a champtions main role, with his win rate only really peaking in mid, and that's only in 900 which doesn't even form a decent statistic.
Actually there was a lot wrong with old Pantheon. Old Pantheon was either snowball and win prior min 25 or you get crushed even when you are like 18/0 which was imo stupid AF. New Pantheon is way stronger than old Pantheon altho he was nerfed a bit too much if you ask me. Old Pantheon was also rly toxic and unfun to play against, some matchups couldnt do shit against him, no matter how well you played. (as I Pantheon player myself, I thankfully wasnt on the receaving end that much) Especially with the new runes , the old Pantheon was rly rly hard to beat, he didnt have much counterplay in this department. On the other hand once you were behind like even 0/1 behind and the enemy wasnt an Ape, you couldnt litterally go afk under your tower. This is the thing that made him broken in a bad may. The same reasoning led to old Swain beeing reworked(which I also mained xD ) If you are ahead unstoppable and if you are behind, no chance to comeback.
rageLT (EUW)
: Bard almost no skin 3 years and almost one month
Well now you know my troubels back in the past, I was a Viktor main and he didnt get any skin since his release 2011 for around 4 or 5 years xD and Hello Urgot is calling aswell back in the day. We all must live throught harsh times only then can we see what it is worth living for - Dreadlord Mike 2019
Lippenlos (EUW)
: I'm having another lane in my Promotions
Well if you get jungle second you can get jungle aswell you know. If you are in promos you can either get your first or secondary role and will not get autofilled, thats all the promotion shield does
Jeesp (EUW)
Ye and the reason is that Morde actually feels nice to play now, he was rather shit as they Reworked him, his Kit was still clunky and he was easily shutdown with CC, now he actually feels like a juggernaut , as he should. He may be on the strong side now but ofc you can just ban or play him yourself whats the big deal?
Norglics (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dreadlord Mike,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tufuc0op,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-25T08:36:40.452+0000) > > There are counterplay possibilties tbh. > > They are called summoners, items and Champion picks. > If you have Problems with assasins try playing Morde Cho against them, they are especially strong against ad assasins. > > If you Play mages seekers armguard and zhonyas or banshees are also rly strong against them. > Go for a tankier itembuild on a mage or an adc the problem with that you buy dmg item first to be able to farm well , then the next item is so far out that the assassin can just ruin your game
well untill you farmed your dmg item which is 1300 Gold for most mages and adcs ist actually easy not to die, you just have to do good backports. Even if he engages you can still disengage with summoner spells like exhaust/barrier/heal ecc . Its not like the assasins hits every single spell all the time. Once you go back again you can return with a stopwatch or have a free one at 10 mins. If you have Troubles playing against assasins, try taking inspirtation with stopwatch and Cookies second, it will help you immensly
Shrekler (EUW)
: Never said its a bad thing, its not a bad thing when a woman is masculine. But my problem with illaoi is that especially her splashart just makes her look really ugly. She can be masculine, but please at least pleasant to look at. Unlike champs like urgot its not in her theme to be ugly.
How dare you say , that Urgot is ugly!! You creep!
kauketsu (EUW)
: I understand what you mean, but there should be a possibility to counter play it, not that you sit out the fight completely at base.
There are counterplay possibilties tbh. They are called summoners, items and Champion picks. If you have Problems with assasins try playing Morde Cho against them, they are especially strong against ad assasins. If you Play mages seekers armguard and zhonyas or banshees are also rly strong against them. Go for a tankier itembuild on a mage or an adc
: I honestly think they should just remove being banned from "bad words" unless it is racism or something like that, cause they have added a mute button, Let me repeat, A MUTE BUTTON, that you are free to use and your teammates can talk through pings instead, Nothing tilts a flamer like being ignored.
You are correct, a mute button doesnt mean you can behave however the %%%% you want tho just bc others can mute you. Its like saying , you can go Naked in public just bc others can Close your eyes so they cant see you. Tháts not how this works friend
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: his damage is way less but his healing is surprisingly high i tend to heal for upwards of 1k-1,5k per ult while being really far behind and spirit visage makes it even more disgusting but i find his Q really awkward now not being able to pierce champions when you kill them also removes some really cool moments i feel like they made him less fun to play and more frustrating to play against
Dont know why you think that his dmg is less, nowhere does it state that his dmg got nerfed in any way Are you maybe thinking bc the angle of the bolts got slighty larger that his dmg got nerfed? Cause the dmg is literally the same when you go in, and the poke is even better now cause you cant actually hide behind minions anymore which was annoying afk. Second, where does it state that it doesnt pierce after kill anymore? I felt like he is way more fun to Play now cause you can actually do something in lane now, and not only hope that the enemy is braindead and walks into your E
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: his damage is nerfed tho and before if you went ludens deathcap you could have also done that the difference was that it made you paper thin and if you got hit by 1 cc you would die
His dmg is the same, or even more if you have more stacks, also you can burst harder with the ult now which makes it much better imo. I didnt see no dmg nerfes, range yes but dmg? where did the dmg get significantly nerfed? And just on the side, who the %%%% goes Ludens deathcap with swain? Literally 99% of games you go Rod into Hourglass into whatever you Need after that.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: what does rank have anything to do with this? im silver 2 for a few seasons now because i cant be bothered to play enough games to rank up, i know ppl who have more games in a few days than i do the whole season
Elo has a lot to do with it tbh. If you for Example spamm 1 champ in ranked all day Long and get a couple of hundred tausend Points on him, but you are still in low silver, you simply suck at that champ, even tho you have lets say 600k Points.
: You want him banned, this is why you are against solutions which could save him. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Save him? Using macros will accomplish the opposite effect xD
: community is mean but i am not mean when i describe disgusting followers of nubrac troll bs strategy "A words" because that's what they are, they think they lead a justice movement by trolling people games then cry OFF META STRAT don't you think that's crazy?
I rather be a nubrac supporter(which I am not) than a Nb3 supporter. NB3 is a toxic Piece of shit kid who goes afk alot of games and still didnt get punished until a couple of days ago, Hes arrogant, has no Intention of arguing with someone cause he already thinks he is insane and is always in the right. I would rather take anyones side instead of Nightblue. Disgusting Piece of shit who is abusing his "streamer power" just to bully the weak.
: I Don't want to be toxic!
First of all actually changing your Name might be good as People could think you are part of the toxic Shit squad . Second: You might consider taking a break everytime you have a harder game, it doesnt have to be a large break, a small 5-10 min break after every hard game is more than enough and doesnt take much time so you can grind enough games still.
: Here is a solution for you, which is unique and not the boring, useless crap you can hear from.. Like everyone..? You do not need to mute everyone or go to therapist. Here, do that. Download a macro and set it up like that: • Whenever ENTER key is pressed ► Execute ► Hold ALT ► Execute ► Press F4 ► Execute ► Delay 50 ms ► Execute ► Release ALT Start this macro before every LoL match. You won't use chat for long I guarantee. _PS.: Do not forget to stop the macro after you finished a match!_
Stop giving People advice on macros that can easily get People banned, its not helpfull at all
Tarolock (EUNE)
: having 500k on a champ means that you played a lot with that champ and in silver that means a lot, as i said he won easily even in 1v2 as a teemo
Playing alot doesnt mean playing well tho, and no actually 500k in silver means he is far worse than the average silver Player, cause he has 500k with that champ and is still in silver.
Backstard (EUNE)
: oh my God you got me.... I lose games on purpose and not because of feeding trolls rage quitting at 10 min. I am so busted.....
You actually did ye, Just 1 look at your match history and kda Shows that what I am saying is the truth and you are just a simple troll that wants to make everyone miserably, well I am off to Report you to the Support bye !
Ruaidrí (EUW)
: Just got smurfed on
You should acutally Report that guy to the Support as it clearly is a bought account.
s6c (EUW)
: When i should start play ranked?
Imo you should go for ranked, normals are useless anyway if you want to get your past skill back. The only mode where you can get your former glory is ranked solo/duo pretty much
Tarolock (EUNE)
: we are in the same boat then... going for a ranked, checking mastery on loading screen i see a player in the enemy team with 550k mastery on Teemo, i dont say a thing since in silver if you say ANYTHING in chat that says anything about gameplay or playing safe they go full troll mode, so that teemo wins his lane pretty easily even 2v1, after 5 kills i tell my team that maybe they shouldnt engage in fights with him since he played teemo tons of times and he knows how to win with him, after this you can guess what happened :D
Just to get this straight, mastery Points dont mean shit. Having a lot of experience with a champ is not the same as playing a champ well. I crushed multiple People with millions of mastery Points with their otp champs and aswell lost to People playing the champ for the third time. Mastery Points basically mean nothing except that you have a lot of free time
: The best memes have a hint of realism and existential dread.
Wait I wasnt Involved in that one
Backstard (EUNE)
: Rage quiters , Super Feeders and Trolls, WHY?
Poor example of trolling gone wrong. You are basically smurfing and losing games on purpose(just 1 look at your match history Shows that) just so you could cry on the Forums about it? Gosh some People rly have way too much time.
Kimpap (EUW)
: what about 4/17 poppy support with arcan comet against blitz and sivir?? and my 2/10 heca jngl 0 ganks?
What about it? There will be Feeders in every elo and you cant Change that. Focus on yourself and your mistakes instead of others
Memuru (EUW)
: Yeah maybe it is stronger now on tanks too, need to have a good look at the numbers. But yeah exactly, the base resist is absurd. Halfed on ranged champs would be ideal, and then I'd take away Sylas' stun, which I don't think he'd miss too much beyond losing Aftershock.
Imo Sylas stun is ok, they weakened his shield if he misses so thats fine with me tbh. Like you said aftershock is just way too good on ranged so , my Suggestion of halfing the resistance would serve the Problem for ranged but would still make it strong on Tanks
Febos (EUW)
: TL;DR: - NB3 was matched with a dude that played Teemo Support. - This Teemo, instead of staying bot, went to **support** his Mid laner. - He played like a typical support would: didn't take CS and warded. - NB3 insulted, and threatened him, all game. He even started shit in champion select. - NB3 contacts with Riot Zephyr to get Teemo banned. Sure enough, Teemo was 14-day banned.
Seems to me both Nb3 and Riot Zephyr Need to be punished for that. Teemo guy should be unbanned aswell
: How many seasons?
Around the end of S1 and I still love to play league. Its still my favorite game
Kimpap (EUW)
: Help me (lvl 341 hardstuck in silver)
Ofc its way easier to blame the team than youself. The truth hurts I know but you are thr Problem not your team. Why do you look at your teammates and watch what they are doing? It doesn't matter what they are doing, the only thing that matters is what you can do. You gotta carry your ass out of silver. Nobody else is gonna do it for you. Look at your mistakes, your plays, your positioning, your itembuild, and your runes. You are the only thing that stays the same every game. So live up for yourself and carry your ass outa there.!!!
: The reason Riot is dropping so much new sh.t with flashy ults and flashy mechanics is because LEC became super boring to watch and has a constant decrease in watch numbers therefor Riot is trying to release new flashy stuff nobody asked for to get people back to watching LEC which is the complete wrong move that they are doing.
Actually lec is getting watched more and more if you compare it to the last couple of years. League esports and streams have a huge rise in popularity.
: He isn't that broken as you all think. You're literally exagerating his strengths and want to believe he is op when you lose to someone. But he is easily countered if you turn your brain on and do it right. Ranged champs and high mobile champs who can dodge his Q (like Irelia and Yasuo) and champs in general who have a good 1v1 early like darius renekton or Urgot have a fairly good time against Mordekaiser. His R is QSSable and therefor not the Big big unfair OP OP ability everyone is talking about and if your whining about his R play rengar or GP Oranges and empowered Roard get rid of it. Morde also is a big gankable easy to kill target pre 6 (after 6 he ults takes the 1v1 and probably kills the other guy too with the stat boost). There are so many things that can make the lane against Mordekaiser so much easier but you all refuse to learn the match up and straight up perma ban him and if you lose you just write Broken op nerf nerf nerf instead of actually looking at what you did wrong and trying to learn how to beat something
Well it may all be true but Morde is just too strong right now. There is a reason he has 15% pickrate and 57% winrate on top. The reason, his dmg numbers are just too high. It may have gotten better after his hotfix tho
Febos (EUW)
: I'm against firing someone because of a stupid mistake. Just admit what you did was wrong, apologize and revert the punishment. Same goes for NB3, but in his case he **should** be punished because of what **he said** in the game.
: Support Sona has had one of, if not the highest win rate out of all supports in Dia+ for a long time. Support Sona doesn't need any compensation. The champ needs a nerf.
: Why do People have the need to smurf?
I myself almost never smurf, got around 30 games on my smurf, but if I do smurf I still only play champs and roles I am not good at. My second acc is plat tho and my main ia Dia so it rly isnt that much of a difference. So why do I smurf, pretty much to play flex with friends and or practice champ and roles I cant play. I never play solo on my smurf, cause I see no use in playing solo on my smurf. Thats about it. Not doing it that often aswell cause I dont have much time and, if I have some I rather spamm soloq on my main than games on smurf.
Memuru (EUW)
: Yeah ik Ryze didn't really take it much anyway, but I wanted to include all the problematic ones. It is BS that it worked on him in the first place. And yes, RIot changed Aftershock so it would work on squishies and be weaker on tanks so long ago now. I think they wanted to target Riven and Leona specifically (imo it way too good on Riven, but Conqueror on bruisers is just lmao) and I think it's insane that they still haven't seen how much of a mistake it was. So yeah, agreed. Revert it to how it was initially, tanks need the buff imo (undo some more Nautilus buffs tho) Reduce/remove the base resist gain, and buff the resist scaling. Maybe take away all of the damage statbased scaling as well and replace it with level scaling. With level scaling, this would keep the damage lower for supports, and higher for Top and Jungle, balanced as all things should be. Do not like the idea of a Resolve keystone scaling with AD and AP, and generally hate the idea of damage scaling with resist.
I think you are muss understanding something. They didnt nerf aftershock for tanks and buffed it for mages, it was the other way around. Tanks are way stronger now with aftershock if you compare it to prenerf aftershock. The problem is the base resistances are just too high. I mean come on 70 armor and mr on lvl1? The should just cut the basic resistance you get in half and maybe let it scale better with bonus mr armor and health. Imo this would solve the aftershock abuse on mages
: Patch 9.13
Prolly Wednesday next week
luckymath (EUW)
: Ban from 1 report?
Many People seem to not know that 1 Report has the same effect as 9 reports. You can actually be banned from just saying 1 word, if its a blacklist word
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Is /mute all the way to go?
I normally dont mute all, cause you have to trust me on that one, there are acutally a lot of nice People in League too and if you mute all you will never have the Chance to get to know them. I only mute when someone is saying nonsense 24/7 or just randomly insults or blames People. So basically I join the game and if someone says something toxic I mute him and only him. Problem solved and I still can talk with the nice People(if there are any on the Team).
: So I can troll and INT all I want only if I don't use chat? Guess who's making a new account!
You cant, it just takes way longer to detect Players that int or troll while flaming is detected almost instantly. What does it give you if you call him garbage? If he Plays garbage and you call him garbage it will only worsen the Situation or it will remain the same. So there is literally no reason to flame someone, if you want to get your acc banned tho go for it.
MeganjH (EUW)
: RIOT ty for give me trolls 6-7 games a row!!!!!!!! a big joke!!
Statistically impossible to have that many troll in a row but of course you are the Special one who gets them. Stop kidding yourself, if you win your lane 80% of the time, how about you do something with your lead instead of whining about it on the boards. Why not carry your Team to Victory with your lead? Is it rly that hard to just be a Man and do something with your lead instead of %%%%%ing about your Team and "trolls" on the boads?
Noctiss (EUNE)
: "stop chat and play"
Chatting is not prohibited and ofc it can work to your Advantage aswell like Flash times and stuff like that. There are many opportunities when you can Chat and not get punished for it at all, like if you are dead or Walking from base to lane. Chatting normally and strategically is ofc ok, but chatting just to be annoying and toxic(what a lot of People use the Chat for actually) is not ok at all.
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