: it will be saved but locked intill u buy the champion -Hedy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
>intill Until* Also, i think that trying to masquerade as a Rioter by putting RIOT on the front of your name shouldnt be allowed and should be a bannable offense. or at least an automatic name change. even if you use a special character for the "I" i still think it shouldnt be allowed. alsoa rioter would put the emote ont eh next line down and not on the same line as a piece of text. and whats more, a rioter has a red thing next to their name and you dont. even if you were a forner rioter i dont care, but you shouldnt be trying to masquerade as a rioter, cause people might get confused. sorry if i sound like im super aggro, but i just have strong feelings about this. an actual Rioter may change my message if they so wish. they may add loads of smiley faces if they believe that my post is too disruptive. if they decide to do so, i will accept their desicion and smile to myself.
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: Imagine if everyone made a forum post every time they encountered a toxic player, whats the point of this thread
The point is that I felt like making a thread cause I wanted to. There is pretty much no gain in it for me but I do feel slightly satisfied making this thread. Why? No clue, but I do.
Rioter Comments
Drda (EUNE)
: Shh fanboy You dont get it because you fanboy too much I am suggesting a stop to intentional ban on a vcalled champ by a smartass teammate
Me having multiple champs waiting for me to play doesn't make me a fanboy. It just means that I've learnt that people intentionally ban champions, and I've learnt to deal with it and go around it. Do the same so you can stop complaining. And i know what you were suggesting. It's obvious even to a blind man. No need to repeat it.
: Petition to give Thresh 100 range more
Thresh doesn't need range. He just needs his E passive scaling to go from 100/125/150/175/200% to 100/200/300/400/500%. Oh and bring back old dark harvest. I want my one shot ad thresh support back.
: Would it be possible to give Shen the Garen treatment?
No proper etiquette to be followed, apart from following the boards rules. I think that Shens early game burst is actually quite good and therefore i don't think his early game q needs changing. But, if im correct, then what you're suggesting is just buffing his late game, and changing his scaling on q. That would be fine, at the expense of a tiny bit of pre6 damage. Also, his W? takes a lot of power budget as well. It blocks all autos in an area. It's like a team wide teemo blind. If that gets changed, then i don't see a problem with the changes you're suggesting.
Drda (EUNE)
: Calling your champ is for your teammates not to ban them And they have a 90% BR then the enemy will ban them ez You all need to stop fanboying and learn the game
I pretty much always call a different champ than the one I'm going to play. I also have 5 champs that i play for each role so i always have someone to fall back to. If you're complaining about your one-trick being constantly banned, then take your own advice and stop fanboying and learn to play.
: Wrongfully Banned, how long to recieve a response to my Ticket
I hope it clears up for you dude. But at the very least, you should get a chat suspension for 14 days, even if you don't truly deserve it. If nothing else, it will make sure that you don't get banned from saying something bad in chat. Anyway, good luck!
GilxeN (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dreugan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wkVyuPE4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-11T00:29:22.000+0000) > Damn a very long vortex of words and your BIAS. In my opinion Kha'Zix has been too long in S tier and it's time to get his kingdom gutted.
I admit i may be slightly biased, but I'm also thinking about how to balance him slightly, not gut him so that he cant do anything even when the enemy team give him 10 kills at the start of the game. If his early game is nerfed too much then he won't be able to hack until lvl6 or later. If his late game is nerfed too much then even if he goes 10/0/0 in the first 10 minutes, he won't be able to do anything at 30 mins. It's a very fine line between OP and UP called balanced. Sometimes it's so fine that it just doesn't exist. He's kinda like Ryze that way imo, but i do agree that right now, he needs a nerf. Just a gentle nerf would do for now, but he needs a nerf. Like increasing his isolation radius and reducing his q base damage by 10
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Evelynn Quality of Life change
Oo. This is actually a really good idea. They should totally add it. I had to go to the hospital because i sprained my finger playing Evelynn in urf =)
: When Kha'Zix will be adressed?
Now, you may disagree with me but this is my opinion, just as that was your opinion. I actually don't see k6 alot, so i don't have any real problems with him. I don't main him either, i just play him whenever Rammus gets banned. So, his Q deals an insane amount of damage when fighting an isolated target, and gets some Q cd refreshed against an isolated target once evolved. But there's the catch. It has to be isolated. If they aren't isolated, his damage output is really bad. His evolved E gives him an escape if he gets a takedown. But if he doesn't then he has pretty much no escape. His entire kit is based around jng. You want to remove him from the role that he was designed for? You want him to deal less damage to monsters so that he is unable to jng and is unable to get "free farm"? Pretty much all jnglers get free farm cause there's pretty much no one who invades the enemy jng constantly. Apart from kindred cause hunts. To counter k6 all you need to do is stay near your minions or walk around next to a second person. Damage output is reduced and as he couldnt kill you he can't escape with E. Did i mention that he's also an assassin? Assassins generally have great early games but bad late games. They rely on their ability to snowball and pick off the enemy team one by one. They are generally useless in a team fight when the enemy team knows where they are. A better nerf for k6 would be to increase the diameter of the isolation circle by one teemo. (100 units for those of you that don't know) (i think it's 100 anyway) The game isn't boring because of him and the assassin meta. It's boring because you personally find the game boring and don't want to play the game anymore. Being bored is a choice. You just don't see the fun in the game cause you think it's quite repetitive. So, do something different. Play draft and play as fill. Use a random generator to pick your champion. Use a random rune page as well. If you're still not having fun, then maybe it's because you're constantly losing? So play blind, you should have a lower mmr there, so easier wins. If you're still not having fun, then maybe, just maybe this game is not for you. Quit and find another game that you might enjoy. P.S. It's spelt queue. Not quau. Small difference but still. And it's frustrateing not frostreighting. Use a spell checker to keep the boards clean. It's not hard. P.P.S. yes he can 1v1 maplhite, but if malphite lands his ultimate then k6 is dead, cause combo, even after the nerf to malphite. P.P.P.S. it sounded to me that you got "raped" by k6 in one game and are now crying on the boards that the champion is broken and needs to be nerfed into the void to never be seen again. (i used some of your words so you can't cry that I'm being mean. I'm just speaking my mind. Typing. Whatever.) Also, while riot does listen to some player feedback, they don't listen to all of it. I was someone who played tahm support. He was the only support who could actually protect his adc. I would have preferred them to nerf his damage and buff his shields, slows and general survivability. They listen to the pros and the people who have a lot of mastery on that champion. People like faker and theshy. They look at all layers of elo when deciding how to bud or nerf a champion. Buffing a champ for low elo players might make that champ slightly stronger for them, but might make it unbeatable in high elo. Balancing a champion is hard to do. There will always be a champion who is unbelievably buffed. You are more than welcome to reply and moan at me for being very anti you but I'm not. I'm just saying what I'm thinking.
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: Higher ping than usual?
Its happened to me as well. I've been playing games at constant 100 ping. well. . .I say constant, but what I actually mean is mostly constant with spikes of 700 to 8000. I usually play at 25 to 32 ping. everything else is usually just fine. only league seems to suffer. I'm sure that they'll get it fixed soon. could it be a spoiler ability into Senna? maybe her ult lags the enemy team to death?
C12H16N2 (EUW)
: Except that every time I tell someone to stop feeding, I see them dying again half-way up the lane, behind both creeps waves trying to kill the enemy that has a 3 level lead and is 5/0 then frantically spam pinging "omg jungle he's 1 hp gank". It wasn't "close", they didn't get "outplayed", they tried to play aggressively when there was literally no chance for them to kill the enemy and ended up giving them another kill. Unless you are under the tower at 100% hp and the enemy dives and kills you (trynd, usually), it was almost certainly your fault that you died. I see too many people running back to their tower on 10% hp and getting killed then complaining "omg I got dived please help nothing I can do". Give up CS. Give up EXP. Give up your tower if you have to. Stop feeding. Oh, and while we're at it. If you die to jungle ganks, the solution isn't to have your jungler gank. The solution is to stop dying to jungle ganks.
So if I'm back at fountain and i die to a karthus ult, it's only my fault? If i die to a massive cc chain and can't move at all until i die, and it all started with a ww ulting from across the entire map then its my fault? If i die to a yasuo who got fed cause he has perfect cs and is 1/0/0 10 minutes into the game and hes scripting then it's my fault he got a kill? If my lane gets down to inhib in 15 while the other lanes are pretty much untouched cause they got herald and 5 man ganked me and none of my team wanted to help me cause it's not their lane so it's not their problem then its my fault that they won the game cause their outer turrets are way more important than protecting the nexus? >the solution is to stop dying to jungle ganks I'd like to see you go 20 matches without dying to a single jungle gank. >Give up cs Give up exp Give up tower if you have to Stop feeding So you're telling us to just ff at 15 just cause we might die? So you're telling us to just let the enemy win and take farm etc just cause we might die? What if they are playing nasus? They will only become unstoppable if we let them take all the stacks they wanted. And then the game really will be unwinnable. No thanks i'd rather try and fail than not try at all. Nothing ventured is nothing gained
: I'm just in shock ! Riot, do something already !!!!!!!!!!
I'm not here to be mean. Just want to make that point clear right at the start. First, you said "i'm in shock" 3 times, not including the title. We get it, this doesn't happen to you normally. Second, even though people complain and type in all chat that the other person is being toxic etc, i don't think many people actually report anyone cause they don't know what's actually going on. (Based on personal experience.) Third, from this post we don't know how you told them to stop feeding. There's the "plz stop feeding" way, then there's the "omfg stop ------ feeding you ------- -------. I'll -------- report you, you --------". The first is acceptable. The second will be classed as toxic to which they have every right to complain about your toxicity in all chat, not to mention that it actually is reportable. Fourth, do you want riot to permanently ban everyone who goes afk or feeds (intentionally or not)? If so then riot would lose 95% maybe 100% of their player base cause no-one reaches level 50 without getting a leaver buster warning (to my knowledge). Fifth, ranked at low elo is usually full of toxic, trolling inters that just want to drag people down in elo so that they have a slightly better chance of gaining that single lp to get out of the hell that they are in, but that's never going to happen cause they don't learn and get better and they drop further and further away from climbing out of bronze and iron. They troll cause they don't have any skill. They feed when they don't get the lane they want cause they only know how to play one character in one lane. They are toxic cause they all have mained yasuo or teemo or riven or garen or lux or yi or any other champion where the player base is generally known for being toxic. Sorry to those that main a champ from the list above but aren't toxic at all. Anyway, if you still feel like the world owes you something and you still want to complain about how bad this game is etc, then this game isn't for you. I'd recommend playing a single player game like tomb raider. If you still want to play this game then just learn to cope with the feeders, trollers and toxic people. Tips on how to prevent/ignore the player that is doing your head in. Toxic? Do /mute all Dieing repeatedly? If they were trying to survive each time then help them out by ganking them even if you aren't the jungle player. They are obviously struggling in their lane. If they were feeding by just running under tower and letting the enemy kill them then just report them at the end of the game, there's nothing else you can say or do to make them stop. Not helping in team fights/ purposely letting the enemy kill you and not doing anything to help? Report at end of game. Unless they had no chance in hell of making a difference to the fight. Afk? There's a special option for it in the report menu. Use it. While reporting someone helps riot find them, don't go overboard and report that one guy that steals one kill and goes 1/2/56 in an hour long game while playing as support. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: > Idea for bringing back the summoner "Promote" Mhmm, this sounds interesting. > First, a bit of background. > > In the starting years of league, there was a summoner called "Promote". I do not know them. Let's read more. > It worked quite like a hand of baron buff, or more accurately, a banner of command active. Oh gosh, he is actually talking about the old summoner **spell** ! Holy! --- Am I the only one..? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Maybe I should have made it clearer that I was talking about the summoner **spell** and not a **player** called promote. Should be changed now. And I think you mean "Are we the only two . . .?"
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TryndaJeja (EUNE)
: I queue up for Top / Jungle. I'm lvl 26 and my queue times are 15 minutes+ regardless of time of day. Usually I play at times between 17:00 to 21:00 which should be prime time. Don't you think this is a bit wierd?
As you're EUNE and not EUW, what i say might not apply as different regions might have different play rates etc, but queue times for me are about 1 min to 5 mins max. Have you tried playing tft and seeing how long that takes for a queue, or a coop vs ai game? if they're short queue times, then idk what's happening. maybe also try queueing for supprt or fill as a test? might shorten queue times.
: 14 day ban for winning game with troll in team
Now as i don't have the chat log, i can only go off what you've told me. And everything i say is just speculation, so don't take my word for it, and i don't know how Riot think, or how they go about banning, (point and click, command, or something else.) You told him that he will get banned for it. Riot could have seen this as harrasment, and given you the ban for that. >no lol you will get banned cos you flame and i only troll This says to me that you could have been saying things like "f off, go back to your lane" and stuff similar to that. I'm only guessing here. Furthermore, there is no option in the report section that is "troll". There is "greifing" (or something similar, i can't quite remember) which i take as only applicable when you think you lost primarily because they screwed you over by feeding, hitting a blast cone so you die to the enemy team on the other side of the wall, etc. What he did might come under that catagory but you won so i dont think its enough for him to get banned. Did you take into account that they might have only got around to banning you at that time because of an earlier instance? Or maybe they clicked on you to give ban instead of clicking them? idk. They also have a strict policy to not go back on bans, so they wont remove a ban once given. I dont think there's anything you can do apart from wait it out. p.s. i dont approve of that shaco's actions and would have reported him if i had had him in my game. p.p.s. i'm pretty sure that what you wrote has been simplified, with bits missing, so i cant really say anything more. p.p.p.s if you think im ripping into you, or having a go at you in some way, know that it wasnt my intention to do so when i first started writing this.
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Lari (EUNE)
: BE idea
maybe just use it on new champs as they come out? Riot, make more champs.
Noroii (EUNE)
: Yeah, I just noticed that problem or bug too. I have 1 out of 2 (10 vision per game) and when I try the same thing I did the first time it doesn't register as completed. If you found the solution to this problem I'd be glad if you could share it! :)
When I logged on today, the mission had completed. so maybe you just have to wait and it will sort itself out. or maybe the rioters noticed this post and decided to do a quick patch or something? idk. Anyway, best of luck out on the rift!
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: The new IG skins looked very familiar for a reason
you said that they looked very familiar. . .to me this implies that the skins are very close in design and looks, but between the two pictures I only noticed one maybe two similar things: the hair and _maybe_ the metal plate on the jawline. Apart from that, the two pictures are extremely different so I don't see why you are saying that they are familiar. If you can tell me differently, then I'd be happy to read it, but tbh I think your point is . . .umm . . .unfeasible maybe? Sorry if you think I was having a rant about nothing but heyho, everyone's got to have a hobby. =)
: Champion Concepts - Tanyr, The Aspect of Balance (A former scientist from the Blessed Isles)
OMG!!! This is such an amazing idea!!! RITO!!! HIRE THEM!!! The dual-ult idea is amazing!
APM Silence (EUNE)
: Suggest me a nickname for Zed main
Here's some HiYourDead WheredYouGo Prrrrrrrrrr
Gerbster (EUW)
: Mastery score?
If you mean in the loading screen, then you can still see the mastery score. But if you're talking about something else, I don't know what you mean.
: Love this idea However rather than being a mage, What about being a Shaman type of character in control of all the elements
hmmm... that seems like an really interesting idea... like Q could be a fireball, W could be something water related, etc?
: Hey there blitzprank7. You're currently the 729th user to suggest a katarina (partial) revert this month, due to being bad at her. We thank you for your post, and hope you will return next month, with a similar idea. Good luck ! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
>We thank you for your post, and hope you will return next month, with a similar idea. You _want_ them to return with another ridiculous (imo) idea? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} can i take a spanner to your mind so i can see why you think that? (Rito . . . the above was not meant to be a threat or anything so don't ban)
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Ziven (EUW)
: aatrox
These are just my thoughts, so feel free to disagree with them if you like. > U can't do shit with this skillset, u can't 1v5 like you used to do it 2 seasons back. Well. . . this is actually a good thing. it means he is not broken like he used to be. so the fact that he cant 1v5 is good. (imo) >Aatrox was an og. toplaner which u could have 4k hp and do wathever you wanted. This is actually what I hated about him before his rework. And now he can move while he revives. so yeah. >the old one was way more fun u could be tankier and still do damage but this one u can't do anything. An impossible to kill tank that can still kill you easily. . . the worst combo ever. >His q is just bad, easy to dodge Nothing has changed there then. well...apart from the fact that you now have 3 chances to hit them, instead of one. And its not bad. Those 3 Q's of his can kill the adc mid-late game. using just those Q's therefore I conclude that your point is invalid and that aatrox is actually a decent and not trash like you say he his.
Declined (EUNE)
: It was very cute, you went with a format that fit perfectly for the champion. A rather bold move to present it like this, which certainly paid off for you. I personally aren't really interested in stuff like that, don't get me wrong I only really enjoyed 1.7% of the entries but that's just me, I see Draven I like, and then there was that one entry that was like.... 4 lines long I thought was funny although not particularly relevant for the contest.
>I personally aren't really interested sorry but this is bugging me a lot. I think what you meant was "I personally _am not_ really interested". . . Anyways, I'm surprised you managed to shorten it to 16 finalists, I expected it to not get past 20 before you guys gave up and let us vote. (not meant to be a flame towards staff)
: I hate Riven players so deeply [rant]
riven is hard to learn.. if you don't like seeing her in your game why don't you just ban her. no riven...no problem. or go top so that no one else can go riven cause she is a top laner
: StormRazor Make it great again
If they bring storm razor back to what it was, I want dark harvest back to what it was so I can go back to being oneshot thresh support
Sprongle (EUW)
: Thank you very much - I appreciate the quick reply! I'm still confused as to where the shortlist will be posted though. Will another thread be pinned on this board?
There should be another post pinned to the boards with the shortlist. I think they might even do an honourable mentions list because there are so many posts.
: Kayle players, what is your opinion on her kit?
lvl 6 ult is basically useless when used on yourself, except when you want to escape and make sure you live. her W is actually a short cast time. but you said "2 autos of animation cast", this depends on how much AS you have. if you have low AS it is less than one auto. so I don't see that as a valid indicator of cast time. but it is useful for when you want to sustain in lane and come away from a trade that might have been bad for you, then enter the next one on full hp without having to back and lose valuable CS. lvl11 ulti is pretty much the same as lvl 6 ulti. (imo) but the invulnerability lasts longer, allowing you to 1v2 much more efficiently. with more chance of coming out on top. ps ive only played kayle twice so far, so don't rely entirely on what I have said. I might be wrong in some bits but this is mainly just my opinions so yeah. anyway, hope this comment proved useful (even if only a little bit).
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Declined (EUNE)
: While I understand where you're coming from with this, you have to understand that the limit is there to help those who evaluate the contest from being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content they have to review. At this moment there are around 130 entries, and if each of them have around 1.000 words, that's a MASSIVE undertaking. If your request were to be granted, everyone else could also argue that their entry could contain a larger amount of words, which would increase the total amount of content to review by a significant amount as well. In my personal opinion, the scale of this contest is already beyond what was expected, so if it were up to me, I'd have to say no. While I agree that it sucks, the scale of this undertaking is already way beyond what could be expected. Ultimately it's up not to me though.
I know you're probably not the right person to ask, but nothing ventured is nothing gained. How does the short list get decided. Does a team of people read all the entries, and come together with their favourites? Or is it one person who reads them all and comes up with the shortlist themselves? Thanks in advance. Oh, and some people are confused as to whether the deadline ended at midnight between the 4th and 5th, or midnight between the 5th and 6th. if you can possibly clarify?
Kianoo (EUW)
: I just noticed that people were commenting about posting late? I thought that by the 5th of march midnight it meant tonight, has the deadline already passed? I really don't want to miss out on this contest! :( is there still time to post my entry?! D:
post it anyway. if it is too late you're not missing out on anything.
ZiR3xx (EUNE)
: Kindred Skin
Kindred has two. Shadowfire and Super Galaxy. Tbh, I think she needs another skin. I saw a really cool idea a few months back where kindred would change design based on how many drakes her team has killed, and what type. for example, killing an infernal gives the bow some spikes. killing 3 infernals makes the bow bigger and gives it lots of spikes and changes the auto attack colour. or something like that anyway.
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Moska Nax (EUW)
: One question. Does the Title count as words, including Never One Contest Entry? Because that would make my word count 1001, and I'm wondering if I should remove a word somewhere, just in case.
No, only the story itself counts as words. the title is just there to easily identify whose is whose.
: Haha ty! Honestly if it wasn't for the limit of 1000 words I'd have wrote so much more but there was no neat way for me to finish it in under or even at 1000 sadly. But seriously tysm! :D
Maybe after the contest post it again with the added bit? just an idea =)
: Never One Contest Entry: A Storm Brings A Chase
This might be a bit selfish of me but I REALLY want to know what comes after. I know that this is only meant to be a short story for the contest but there is just so much potential in here, its hard for me to not want more. Anyway, best of luck for the competition! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Never One Contest Entry: Cosmic Anomalies
Wow! you really captured Aurelion's character in there. I also love how you managed to get Zoe's chatty, chaotic attitude as well. I wish you the best of luck! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Masantha (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Skullthorn,realm=EUW,application-id=IRLJz88n,discussion-id=l3Uyd003,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2019-02-22T22:08:28.181+0000) > > Since reading this I've been churning out an idea it gave me. It looks like it's going to be a bit over the 1000 word limit (1200 ish). Is it a strict limit? It is a strict limit for you to have your story read by the team and be eligible to win - but you are free to write something longer along the theme and not be in a position to win, that's up to you!
what if we are like 10 words over the limit, would that still count as something that would make us illegible to win?
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: Amazing Big Sylas 23 Cho'gath stacks, League Of Legends.
wrong board, this should belong in the Champions and gameplay board.
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