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ImMaleLol (EUW)
: And what do I see?
Maybe farm less champions and more minions
ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: Idk, in >50% of games (i.e. more than half) there is someone tilting/toxic so I /mute all. Seems unfair to punish people for that when the community is so toxic. I don't mute pings though unless someone abuses them. Truth is, this is a competitive game and you're going to get this in SOLO queue. Don't like it? Go play flex.
Hydrix (EUNE)
: Riot games 3/2/2018. if this happens.. you know something is wrong.
Probably a case of AFKing, wondering if you did? EDIT: Just saw your ">leave buster" oh well unlucky
Eveninn (EUW)
: A guide on collapsing
? I was thinking of this
Master Scar (EUNE)
Solash (EUW)
: Skin Concept/Fan Art - Star Guardian Shyvana
I would hug the dragon, looks cuddly <3
Doomley (EUW)
: >those who flame are generally considered worse players. This is not actually true. People hate flamers but they are not considered worse. The person who is very competitive is usually the flamer and competitive players are the best players in the game simply because of their will to be the best. By game i don't mean a single match. I mean overall. Ofc in low elo people flame for stupid reasons so they might not be the competitive ones.
Imagine having 2 players on the same skill level. The one guy spends time on flaming while the other one keeps focused and watches the map, keeps playing defensively when behind and catching people out with their team motivating them to keep going even when it's 4v5. _Magiiiic_
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, it isn't really random, you won't demote if your MMR is much higher than average MMR in that division
It was supposed to be a joke :P ofc I know that but yyyyyyeah, demoting to d2 24/7 is no fun
: saying noob at the end of the game is allowed true fact
Nope. Still counts as an insult. And by the way, there are multiple factors that cause a game to be a victory or a loss :), so saying "noob" is against logics, like flame is in general and those who flame are generally considered worse players.
: It ain't happening. Riot does not rescind permanent bans, unless they are a very rare mistake of the system. Also, just sharing account with your brother is grounds for permanent ban according to Terms of Use. So... You won't get back your account. Ever.
Agreed. As hard as it sounds like. Keep the account to yourself next time
Smerk (EUW)
: It is completely random, so such thing can happen. Quite rare thing, but still normal
Like not demoting instantly after your 3 game demotion shield
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Barnous (EUW)
: Adding a new Language
Get a voice chat. Use discord for example. I also know that you can write it in english letters (tho it may take time getting used to it). Salamun aleykum.
: > [{quoted}](name=RallerenP,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZMEvHe9d,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-08T17:03:37.229+0000) > > No need to worry, you&#x27;ll never get banned if you never do something against the rules :) > > No matter how many reports you gather. I know that. Just pissed me off seeing how dumb my teammates were flaming me all game and even afterwards even though I objectively had a large impact on the game.
_Fellow Jinx main pats shoulder_
: Some logic is baffling
Logics? Can I eat that?
: You can't have balance. You want to make a comparison between a fully stacked adc vs a fully stacked tank. Make that comparison when both have 1-2 items. If you were the tank and let the game reach 30+ minutes then you didn't try hard enough to finish it when you had the advantage.
How about you remove lethality all together? I mean a Zed is going to one shot me after all with those stats and items o.o. Maybe something needs to be done in the damage calculation and armor/attack values. I dunno myself. All I know is that I'm frustrated to play adc. I can't even build armor without being useless.
: Varus/jhin/mf in this order with only slight differences all 3 are gettikg nerfed next patch but this patch they still doninate From the rest Draven(insane right now) is probabaly the strongest
xClutchKidx (EUNE)
: Best ADC atm?
As a Jinx main I disagree. Everything kills you and if you don't have a challenger support WHO KNOWS what to do good luck. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
XxkitsunexX (EUNE)
: Yes but what i do wrong guys can you tell me how i can do something to become bettter thanks.
Press R. Press E. Ignite. Auto attack. Target dead.
aissa ked (EUW)
: we deserve Server to North Africa!
I lived in Tunisia for one year but I only partially agree with them. Although it really does depend on your provider and how many people are on the internet I am not sure if you make up a big enough part of the community to get your own server. I mean Russia and TR has one. But well... I climbed with 110~79 ping but I really understand your pain. I just hope the situation concerning internet in North Africa gets better.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I predict it will be released in 2 weeks time, followed by the EUW server crashing.
: Get Jinxed by R! :D
Nice one, Jinx main is proud ;D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Couple of things imo that adc needs - 1. Tank itemisation nerfs or buffs to our anti tank tools. 2. Certain tanks like Poppy, Maokai and Nautilus getting some hard nerfs, hard but not gutting ofc. 3. Mid game power. Being relevant earlier 4. Some defensive buffs, being 1 shot is not fun. A 0/6 Syndra for example can just press R and delete an AD. I'm not asking for ADC's to have tank stats. I'm asking for ADC's to not be like dominos, Flick them and they fall over.
l MrD l (EUW)
: I dont think ADCs need a buff tbh theyre damage is the same as ever i think rathe rthan buff them directly the supports need working with to help ADCs more. IMO the problem isnt teh damage but the fact that they die to easily now
Yup. Everyone's damage went up so hard in the past years . Adcs didn't really get an adjustment to that.
Le Tongue (EUNE)
: Riot already said they are working on giving ADC's a boost back into the game, and they already started getting more powerful with the 7.2 Lethality changes + small buffs here and there for some marksmen + items getting buffed that marksmen use. They don't want to do anything drastic though (if I understood their post right), so they buff them a little if they think they need it during each patch so that nothing gets too crazy. (Once again, this is how I understood it)
The lethality changes didn't quite hit adcs. There are only a handful of adcs who actually use lethality at all. Looking at the game state right now, it actually made things even worse. Now you see tons of bruisers one shotting you from miles away and you can't even react to it. Pretty ironic what Riot did there. I'm seeing 3 assassins in the enemy team. How am I supposed to itemize? I can't go defensive items before I get my core, otherwise I would be useless. And even if I built defensive items, they would still penetrate it and instantly kill me.
: check out what skin i just got
Jinx main approves {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
duckarp (EUNE)
: Team builder took about 30-60 minutes to get into the game which is ridiculous. Unless they fix the core issue that majority doesn't want to play the support role, there's no way we will get rid of autofill or getting team builder back. Team ranked would be nice though, but I guess it wasn't as popular, because everyone wants to play just solo...
I mean I would have a lot of fun in ranked teams. It's like flex was an unneccessary addition. Maybe only if you limit it to triple queue or something? idk..
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AweSatura (EUW)
: Beta Client Suggestions & Complaints (Let us gather all suggestions in one place)
I'm just going to copy a thread of mine which I posted 1-2 days ago. I don't really know how many players have noticed but my beta client (updated from alpha) is slow as heck in general.. Things like this happen: Typed things sometimes take longer to be written than it should (not instantly, with delay) Animations in the client for example in champion select (new champ select) take way longer too. Profile loading and shop loading take way longer than expected. Selectings and hovering over things does not instantly select/display as hovered (for example: friend list -> when the name of the friend turns white shaded) When finishing a game, it takes eternities to load back into the client. I just had to wait 5 minutes until I finally got my screen saying I was promoted to plat 5 (flex, miss the tier switch animation :c like this one): Messages written to friends arrive way too late and during the loading into the normal client from ingame not at all until it's done loading. I also just pressed Quit on the endgame screen (from aftergame statistics) and I can't even see the home menu again. (just reappeared after a long time). Now it also plays the music when you're assembling your team in draft. So is it only me or is it the client causing all this? My normal client is as fast as always and my PC isn't that bad.
Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
Actually I just had to laugh right now. Not because of the fact that we needed to do another placement but I just played my game and it was a remake. So turned out it said it placed me plat III xD. So I was using alpha/beta client and just logged into the normal client because it was laggy. So I looked on my profile and it still said "18 of 10 games played". I mean I understand the 18 of 10 which I find hilarious to look at too XD but lol I don't know what happened there. Probably because remakes don't really count. Fun fact: Both teams actually remake and we had double explosion ^^
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: Oh ok, sorry for the late reply in that case ^^ Let me know if you get stuck again, and I'll try to help you out :)
: Ok, let's try some very simple things first. Could you try restarting your pc and afterwards running LoL as an administrator? If that didn't work, try disabling Avira and your firewall completely, restart your pc and try again. Let me know if that changed anything for you :)
Tried that too, currently reinstalling. Atleast it is patching <.< Time to learn some latin in that time I guess?
: gets killed by any assassin and got mid late game nerfed again
That's why I play with exhaust {{champion:222}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Her main problem was her early so yeah
: Hey MontanaMS , Would you be able to provide me with a few things? * Your LoLPatcher logs: * Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Patcher Logs * Select the "LoLPatcher.log" file from the attempt you had the error. This normally should be the latest "LoLPatcher.log" log. * Open it using notepad or a similar program * Go to somewhere like: and paste the content there * Set the expiration date to 1 week * Submit it * Copy/paste the link you get in a reply * A list of all the things you tried already * A list of protection software you're using (such as antivirusses, 3rd party firewalls, etc) * Since when did the issue started making its appearance? When was the last time you were able to run LoL normally? I'll try to look into the issue for you :)
I have the same problems and since he's not responding, I'll do. I tried: Repairing the client (still error) Disableing Firewall(s) Starting the launcher as admin I am already using LAN Using: Avira, Malwarebytes-Anti Malware Since 6.10 (today). Yesterday I was still able to play
: Any girl gamers here? Or grill gamers?
Joyi (EUW)
: Zed Counterplay as an ADC.
Time for {{item:3157}} {{champion:22}}
TrollyZZ (EUNE)
: Any tips on how to learn (and potentially play) vayne?
First off, don't be too confident in your skills. As Vayne "rookie" you might screw it up most of the time and underestimate the situation. Vayne is a very good mistake-abuser. Example: Leona fails her E, which means you can poke her down (you have to watch out on the enemy adc tho that he doesn't rek you and that the leona always stays on distance, not that she like ults or flash Q). TL;DR Abuse cooldowns Analyse what might possibly kill you (e.g. Thresh hook) and SAVE YOUR Q in order to dodge it. You don't need to Auto, Auto, Q (auto) because it looks like you deal a lot of dmg. You can just auto Q auto. Don't chase after you fail to Q in lane when you want to trade, you might just get a hook in your face. If you are still in range (safe) to attack, don't use your E unless it will stun 100% and you will stay in range for another auto attack. You can E+Flash and make the enemy knock back where ever you want. Guide Video:
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: Care to explain in more detail as to what the problem is as I fail to see anything wrong with the image you provided.
I just noticed they didn't have smite.
: Post Your Highest Mastery Champion
Etherim (EUW)
: Just need more editing, Good video :D
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My Syndra (EUNE)
: Ad carries worst state ever
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afonso87 (EUW)
: Urf forever for fun
No then it's nothing special and boring^^
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