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Isc00wli0 (EUW)
: Im gold 3 dats fine?
> [{quoted}](name=Isc00wli0,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=k54Z5o0H,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-05T21:11:51.918+0000) > > Im gold 3 dats fine? your main roles seem to be mid/adc if we do make our own team, both of these positions will be taken sorry... the rank was fine though
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Lorènz (EUW)
: Plat 3 Jungle main (S5 Dia, S6 Dia) Looking for SERIOUS Duo queue
: Uncharted Gaming looking to make a Platinum team
LonePower Void Mid/Jungle, high game knowledge, P4 add me ing if interested
: Hey! What champions do you main for both adc and apc?
> [{quoted}](name=Unox,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=IJ195d02,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-11-17T20:20:23.023+0000) > > Hey! > What champions do you main for both adc and apc? adc mainy vayne atm cy opop in this patch, but mages i play most in 3s is vei and 5s lux but i am quite felxible
: Team Lightning looking for members for 3v3 ranked.
hi i am dia 5 soloq maining mid on 5s and was plat5 in team 5s id like to play adc or apc in 3s even doe i dont play 3s normals too often i am spectating dia+ games frequntly
Cusax (EUW)
: Making Ranked Team!!!
IGN: LonePower Void Age:18 Country:Ger Rank last season:d5 solo p5 team5s Role:mid/supp Available times:everyday 1800 to 2400 cet exeptions fridays and day before exam Experience(other ranked teams/soloQ): good shotcaller Champion pool/playstyle: lux and assassins passive early much wards just dont die and wreck them mid to lategame Why do you want to join: soloq is way to random and i like tryharding Biggest weakness and strength: when to endgames(weakness), high gameknowledge
Jigsâw (EUW)
: Elite Esports looking for a Top, Jung and Mid
dia 5 mid main lux add me ingame if intersted
: Plat Team LF Plat+ Midlaner
IGN:LonePower Void Age:18 Nationality:Ger Rank:dia5 Championpool:lux, most assassins, tf, vei
: New Platinum Team Searching for Dedicated People to Climb the Ranked 5s Ladder! ALL ROLES NEEDED!
Name(What would you like us to call you during a game?): Void, ing: LonePower Void Current Rank: dia 5 Peak Rank: dia 5 60 lp ish Role: mid/supp Champion Pool: lux most assassins tf vei Previous Experience in Ranked Teams: was shotcaller for a gold team for half a year before we disbanded due inactivity of others Why should I pick you over other players for your role and what will you bring to the team?: good calls, high gameknowledge, i tryhard to improove
: [MID NEEDED] Platinum team looking for Plat 1+ mid with experience!
just reached dia 5 myself in soloq i ve got ryl good gameknowledge i played mid for a gold team like half a year if ur intersted add me LonePower Void
Valentío (EUW)
: Infliction eSports Recruiting (Diamond Players Only)
IGN: LonePower Void Position preferred: Mid Age: 18 Rank: dia 5 Nationality: ger
Sâm (EUW)
: Forming a SERIOUS team - Platinum + - Aiming to improve as player and a team.
Application: Nationality:ger Age:18 Mid Experience: just reached d5 and was like half a year in a quite searous ranked team and have some shotcalling experience 5v5 team peak division: gold ...something not shure SoloQ Peak divison: dia5 Something about me: i am a very direct person, and good at analysing What I am best at: teamfighting, skillshots, when to be where, gameknowledge What I need to improve on: when to go for end, championpool, everything a little
: | PLATINUM | Mirium Gaming Recruiting | Serious Team |
: | PLATINUM | Mirium Gaming Recruiting | Serious Team |
Ingame name: LonePower Void Age: 18 Role: mid / supp League: p1 Why are you not higher ranked?: i win my games through calls not machonics most of the time and if my team dont follow my calls... ... aint a solocarry without lux.....and i wont firstpick lux ever Why do you want to join Mirium Gaming?: i want a searious team to play with with around 4 times a weak, to improove myself, because i like the strategic gamplay of teamranked more than the messy soloq, because in teamranked every game is searious and u wont get trolled by ur mates nor the enemy team trolls wich both aint fun, Strengths?: high gameknowledge, playing save, teamfighting, rotations, Weaknesses?: decide when its possible to end, laning phase preshure, some ppl dislike my direct honest way of speaking(if someone sucked balls in a game i will say so and the reason why it went so wrong, i also expect others to be as honest with me), for me all of em days and times are fine
: Das Rankedteam United E-Sports sucht aktive Mitglieder.
would like to play mid for u i am plat 1 atm doe..... but if if u are willing we can play some tryouts to show you that i am worth it
Wèeb (EUW)
: Looking to make a new team Plat +
IGN: LonePower Void (changes quite much ip....better look the name over post) Age (Prefered 16+ but prove maturity can be younger): 18 Role: mid Best Champs or Prefered: lux, ekko, diana, ahri, kassa, tryin to learn tf atm From: ger but my english is rly good Playstyle: passive early much wards, roming much with assassins, lategame orientated
Àlyssa (EUW)
: Looking to join or start a ranked team
if your still searchin i am main lux 100k masteris plat 1
: rofl ur saying 100k mastery like its something lmao
> [{quoted}](name=xXReZXx,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=5jvxzyEX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-22T10:22:37.523+0000) > > rofl ur saying 100k mastery like its something lmao 100k masterie is more than most plat pll have on their best 3 champs together also downing someone who has nothing to do with you is jsut a sign of bad charakter and bitterness i hope you find a good therapist
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OlaSenôr (EUW)
: Plat I looking for duo
main lux mid (y lux doesnt some romy but lazers op just jungle fights) i can also play jungle quite decent mainly devourer fish and xin add me if intersted
Andiego (EUW)
: Searching Duo Partner
i am plat 3 atm i main lux mid i am not talking very much.... if ur interssted just add me
> Age :18 > Country :ger > Division :plat3 > Main role followed by main champions on that role :mid {{champion:99}} > If you have a job, college or school commitments : cant play fridays cz sport
: very serious team lf top and jungle
: very serious team lf top and jungle
: very serious team lf top and jungle
Píxél (EUW)
: Need a ranked team name but i want the name to end in Gaming
Twisted Gaming Hartless Gaming Hunted Gaming
: very serious team lf top and jungle
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: new super searious plat + team
: d5 jungler searching for a team|duoq
: d5/d4 adc lft
apply now
Pathless (EUW)
: Diamond 5 Jungle Main LF Serious and Active Ranked Team
: Plat top player LF team
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=GeDude,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=GwRzXIPA,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-07-26T22:06:28.016+0000) > > I don't think you are that serious since you can't even spell the word... and what exactly has spelling to do with skill? right nothing
: new super searious plat + team
: Dia lf duo
i am plat one main mid i was dia 5 for short time, but then i got into dia 5 trolleage and tropped again =( i too searching for someone to get out of that elo add me if interested
: new super searious plat + team
: new super searious plat + team
: Jungler plat3, 28yo, playing my prefered junglers not always follow the meta. I can play the most junglers without problems tho ( not hard to build as tanky as possible right ? ^^ ) Add my smurf ( also plat 3 ) since my main is banned untill 5 aug ( no comments )
Shwiftey (EUW)
: Highly dedicated midlaner, dia 4/3, 19 y/o, playing close to every champion however favorites are = Ori, Azir, Viktor, Vlad EUW: Shwiftey Incase ur going to need a new highly competitive midlaner add for more info
we dont need another midlaner, but coach or substitute position still open
: new super searious plat + team
: Jungler Plat Need serious team tryout tomorrow bro
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Raichta (EUW)
: Team Encryption looking for purely skilled players
Your IGN: WG Shinigami Your current placement: dia 5 33lp Your role(s): mid Your main 3 champions: lux diana nida Level of English: 2-3/3
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