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: Why you do this riot???
Well 1 of my friends was ranked s4 in flex played the one game.. lost.. and came s1 thats some fair shiat right there :3
: Yes it really sucks, but atleast it should be way better balanced :/ But preseason only influnces your starting point in season 7, so you can get a head start, but the reset atleast didnt screw up everything! Good luck and best wishes for the climb!
balanced?????? idk bout that but thanks for gl u2 :)
: Same here, dude. Got placements 6\4 ended up in Silver 5 (solo gold 5) within 50 games i've got my gold 5 in flex, and guess what? I'm silver 5 again, Rito what the hell is this? I've already got my gold in flex, why you do this?
i playing now my 1st game after getting ranked in.. top laner picking vel koz thought he would swap with mid but.. oh sorry thought i was mid.. thats bs getting so toxci bout that... sry guys
: Because of the MMR mismatch in Flex Queue, you got reseted to the original starting point(pre placements). But remember this is only Preseason, the rank you accomplish now **WILL BE RESETED AGAIN! ** The rank you get in preseason does only influnece the placement in Season 7 to a **SMALL** extend! Sidenote: 1-2 Tier drops are completely normal in preseason. I.E.: _You were Plat 5 at the end of the season, were placed high Silver after placements, now got placed low Silver. If you now climb to Plat again, you will then **only be placed in low Gold** at the start of Season 7!_ So dont worry to much about the current placement!
Thanks for the fast reply. But still it sucks.. have to go through all this silver *thing* again.
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