: Riot Hear Me
Riot won't gift you anything not even if you give em a blowjob ( maybe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Xeronan (EUW)
: "It's just Aram"
All i wanna say to you is: It's just ARAM and if i want to play full AP Panth because i wanna have fun, I will still play it and there is not report reason for that Just because you don't like a build or a pick doesn't mean it's forbidden, I also play AP Lucian mid in rankeds, and I get flamed, but who cares, I will play w.e i'm comfortable with, not what you like AFK is the only valuable option, there isn't even the "troll" option, that means nothing, but "int feed" Also, it's just ARAM, a simple 20m fast game where people can seriously enjoy the bronze-clowfiesta-fights without losing LPs.
: I solemnly decree that when 10 bans hits live...
Rip those players that think lee is a skilled champ, rofl-
: She doesnt need nerfs or buffs, I think she is actually the only one champion in league well balanced. Thats why she is not changed.
If she's has the highest win rate (mid) and the highest ban rate (mid) and the most popular (mid), that means it's way far to be balanced
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: Erm,taking 1/3 away of her mobility is really,really harsh move. Ahri's strenght revolves around being nimble and if she had only one ability to go in and one to get out I wouldn't see the point of picking her over nearly every assasin (typish) champion.All in all that would kill her and we would see her only with around 40% wr if not lower. I would say putting 10 sec more cd for each level of ult would drop her wr by around 3 % when thereas removing 1 dash altogether would cause consequences mentioned above.
Even tho if you split 3rd dash dmg to 1st and 2nd, Ahri would have more burst dmg Removing her 3rd dash would just make her less of a pusse type champion, dont think it would even be lower than 52% win rate
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DuckQuack0,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vdOIn449,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-04-23T16:56:27.428+0000) > > adding some dmg to ult and removing 1 dash would be enough Far too harsh,rather would add few secs to ult cd and I think she should be fine.
the fact that she is the most played and the most banned and has the highest mid champ win rate, makes me thinks it's not even close to be harsh
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: something that alarms me a bit with fox is that she has around 54% wr while having whopping 22% playrate. I think slight nerf directly or indirect changes are needed.
adding some dmg to ult and removing 1 dash would be enough
Q Ren (EUW)
: Can you remove ward dashing please
Because so Lee Sin players feel like they're skilled, lol Do you actually want to make Lee Sin a skilled champ? hahaha you crazy
Tarolock (EUW)
: >insane mobility she is an assassin... and as such she have good mobility >self heal which needs to be charged... its not up 100% of the time >insane dmg overall + pure dmg no idea about that, i dont really see her in my games afaik she only does true dmg when her ball comes back to her, so if you are still standing in her SKILLSHOT after it turned around thats your fault >a 3 years long range charm skillshot, you can block it with minions >she never is a bad pick no idea about that either, as i said i dont see her in my games
> she is an assassin... and as such she have good mobility No one has more mobility than her, except Kassadin that received 1 billion buffs before becoming decent again, any other assassin can't run and get out after their combos or just a simple 1v1 fight > which needs to be charged... its not up 100% of the time Doesn't matter, she still has it in her kit, and when you get morello you can spam abilities and pretty much heal all you want > no idea about that, i dont really see her in my games afaik she only does true dmg when her ball comes back to her, so if you are still standing in her SKILLSHOT after it turned around thats your fault She's the most picked mid champion in all elos, i've played Ahri enough to say that hitting her skillshots aren't a problem, shooting the Q just at the limit of its range makes you hit with both going and returning damage > skillshot, you can block it with minions Unless you're bronze 5, you will not obviously shoot your skillshots into minions, also her combo doesn't start with E, you can safely hit it by dashing into enemies with R > no idea about that either, as i said i dont see her in my games Once again, she's the most played mid champion during last 2 Patches in all elos, and also the highest win rate She definitely needs to be toned down Btw this is not a QQ post, i didn't lose games vs Ahri, just simply performs way too good even when she hard loses lane, not counting she's one of the best roamers of all champs, way to many pros in her kit
MacDeath (EUW)
: Between 38% and 41% in all elos _lel_
We're still waiting for the april rework tho, who knows
: > [{quoted}](name=DuckQuack0,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vdOIn449,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-04-22T19:27:20.100+0000) > > I oneshot Ahri with Veigar, doesn't mean Veigar is op or Ahri is bad > > Her kit is overloaded > I'm not saying I'm not able to 1v1 Ahri, it's not even hard She is not strong at all trust me. It's just a matter of time till you realize that. People who play her who most of us call them mains are skilled and they know how to play her. If i was you i just go and try her then post this shit around here.
Are you telling me Ahri needs skills to play? cmon man, im not B5 NA
: Ahri is a champion that i love to fk as zed. So no, she doesn't need a nerf :D. If she get nerfed noone is gonna play her so my relationship with her body i mean boobs will be gone D:
I oneshot Ahri with Veigar, doesn't mean Veigar is op or Ahri is bad Her kit is overloaded I'm not saying I'm not able to 1v1 Ahri, it's not even hard
Tarolock (EUW)
: how do you expect nerfs when all you have to say about the champ is that she should get them? she is strong early or late? you just suck at dodging her charm or her hitboxes are too big? you have to provide more info before you ask for nerfs
**_Pros_**: insane mobility, insane waveclear, self heal, insane dmg overall + pure dmg, a 3 years long range charm, low CD on all abilites, she never is a bad pick **_Cons_**: That's more than enough infos to give her some nerfs
MacDeath (EUW)
: I still don't get them {{champion:13}} nerfs. He is clinging on a 40% winrate atm...
Same, probably one of the hardest champs, especially when it comes to teamfighting Syndra can have the click to win R but Ryze gets nerfs over nerfs, rito spaghetti man
Infernape (EUW)
: Ahri mains will crucify you.
For the good of everyone, I will sacrify myself
Rioter Comments
: there still is skill and mechanics. but they have less impact on the game. the better teamcomposition ( and with more tier1 champs) will most likeley win the game, even if there is one division difference between the teams. also u cant really"solocarry" anymore, but hope that ur team doesnt fck up. just look at the two new champions. Rakan is overloaded as hell and xayah has an evading ability as adc....
Yeah indeed, just as i said Riot keep making overloaded new stuff, making the game less and less based on player skills but wins are more based on team comp or just whoever has a not feeding team Maybe they think putting more in something makes it harder to play with or against, so need more skills, but apparently it's the complete opposite
: Delete/Nerf/Rework Annie!
Does skills even exist in this game anymore? Riot creates overloaded new items and Champions, back then u didnt have so much CC in the game, or either so much no counter oneshot potential All we can do is crying on forums so Riot nerf those champion in 20 Patches (see Rengar after rework, totally unbalanced and broken and got the first nerf after 50 Patches)
: Riot permasuspended my friends account because....
I still dont get how can people get hacked in this game, i'm pretty sure all of them share their pw with friends and stuff and then cry on the forum when they get banned Or maybe he's just too stupid to click on spam shet where you get free stuff
: >No counterplay ultimate How about {{champion:98}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:90}} and etc? + Duration nerf + Allies can help you >No CD on E There is actually 16 seconds on 1st lvl and 10 on max lvl... >Percentage DMG Oh well, we have item {{item:3153}} with % HP damage and some amount of champions with it, didn't noticed yet? >Heal Same situation with %DMG. If you can't counterplay Camille - well, that not means she's unbalanced.
I dont understand what those champion are supposed to mean Camille ultimate cannot be dodged, flashed or even Qssd, no counterplay except fiora W and maybe 1-2 other spells in the entire game that makes the target untargetable or immune Percentage damage, yes, i was not saying percentage damage is OP, just pointing out that her kit is insanely overloaded, sustain, tankyness, dash/escape, CC, damage, and also low mana costs, what do you want more from a champion? Totally broken, nerfs deserved and probably will still be nerfed if necessary (win rate not decreasing), but for sure won't be buffed just to be played in jungle that's for sure
NieQuel (EUW)
: Intended or not, but she is. And a very good one.
Same with Galio, but he was not intented to be a tank jungler, but an AP mage, and so he gets nerfs over nerfs and AP buffs
: RIP Camille Jungle
She's such an annoying champion, no counterplay ultimate, bs heal, dat E with literally no CD, percentage dmg, can do like 1 billion pure damage just with 1 half item Wtf, are there seriously people wondering why she gets nerfs
True Sight (EUNE)
: We need to make a petition that Riot removes him from the game, sad to see that such a fun champion becomes unplayable
That is literally the opposite of "fun"
: As you climb higher the smallest thing can make a difference. Me not having the proper runes will really set me back when I do trades. I don't have any champions either so I have to start to grind in normal games, and that's something I don't have the time or motivation to do. I do not play this game to grind lp for champions and I've never done it, it just comes naturally by playing games. You can't simply climb in high elo without a champion pool, unless you are a hardcore one trick pony, which I am not.
I understand but > to see where I stand amongs the EUW players You can't just start from plat 1 cuz u got high mmr from EUNE, that's like cheating You want to prove everyone that they are the same, that's why i said you should do it on a new account, maybe plat is really as difficult as EUNE challenger but you don't know, cuz you jumped over it If we talk about toxicity, yes, EUW is full of toxic people, even with 2 deaths they're able to open their lanes easily
: I do have a smurf account that is lvl 30 that I use to play some aram games with old friends occasionally, but I don't have champions or runes on that account so I can't really play ranked on it.
im plat 3 with tier 2 runes, also, aren't you challenger? shouldn't be hard then
: What do you mean? You mean all regions are nothing compared to KR?
Well, it's not unknown that koreans are insane at any kind of videogames I accept the fact that im trash compared to a korean player of the same elo so should the EUNE players
: And why exactly can't I say I'm challenger when they are mistakenly thinking im diamond 5, and blaming me for losing the game? I've spent hours on this game and forced myself through the ranked ladder, so I can what, be treated like thrash by some random people? You are right about that stating that I'm challenger will make them use it against me, that's why I stopped doing that, but whatever I say will only be denied and they will used against me regardless.
With a challenger MMR ofc you got to plat 1, you should make a Whole new account and see if you can go over plat tbh if you want to prove your points
: EUW players are nastier than EUNE players?
I've seen so many LCS games, and yes, EUNE is nothing compared to EUW But, EUW is nothing compared to other regions aswell
Biuvoc (EUW)
: what suppose that to mean lol????????I mean i climbed by my own no friends no boosting...I give a %%%% what mmr if is low or not.Op gg tells me mmr is fine.I got diamond with my own powers now i give a fu ck what is good or not..I climbed doesnt mean i must take less lp and lose more..And 10 loses in a row its just poor unlucky. As you see im a decent player but i have to carry evry game if i wanna win and climb more.
Im just explaining why you get low LPs, you do not have a normal mmr, your mmr says that it's a Platinum 4 MMR, which is a lot far than Dia 5 mmr I did not say you're boosted or bad Again, I just explained why you get low LPs, you have to win a lot of games, like a lot, to get more LPs
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Yes but i win more then i lose...That doesnt make sense.I have mmr bigger then average so its pretty decent.And more i win less ip i get for example at 17 ip after another win i gain 15.. thats pretty dumb seriously.
You have like 10 losses in a row, that's not "i win more then i lose" And your MMR is god awful, you have a p4 mmr Don't want to be rude tho
Q Ren (EUW)
: Are you actually braindead or what lmao.Phreak isn't the nunu support player.Phreak works for riot Also no, challanger NA isn't silver here stop overrating this server there's no difference at all. I'm not inventing anything, do some research before posting bullshit bigger than ur ego. You have no idea what the topic actually is but still try to argue over it
You can say whatever you want, fact is, it is trolling and people like him get banned I will close by saying this Stop arguing Stop feeding the troll Stop abusing Riot quotes I hope you get a Nunu support with smite when you are an ADC, you surely will have fun and climb to that hard elo diamond
Q Ren (EUW)
: This board post isn't about singed and neither my comment,singed is gold I was talking about the diamond I Nunu support. What did I say? That he is better than you with an off meta pick, yes, off meta not trolling. And that's a fact I'd also like to see a cocky meta slave like you get challanger in NA in a week, you probably couldn't even if it was a whole year. Now sit down and stop talking shit about players that are clearly better at the game than you
Challenger in NA equals Silver in EUW, or atleast that's what i can see from LCS players Btw singed is silver 1 And if it's the Phreak profile i'm lookin at, he is diamond 4, not diamond 1 and he plays Rengar, Kha, MF and many other Champ in meta Stop increasing these trolls elo and invent stories about them NA.
Q Ren (EUW)
: If it's trolling why is he diamond I? Mad at him because he isn't a meta-slave and still does better than you? Rofl
2.2k games with Singed, 54% win rate What did you say again? Also, he is in NA I can get to challenger in one week in NA, let's be serious. Also, once again, if i'm correctly looking at his probably new account (?), he is silver 1 He did 800 games, 51% winrate 49% win rate total What did you say again? Have you even checked my profile by saying i'm a meta-slave and he does better than me? Again, stop abusing of Riot quotes.
: Phreaks unmature behaviour...
The Singed guy with Tp and ghost and never bought any wards? definitely deserved ban Same with this Nunu guy, it's just trolling You can't play whatever you want just because Riot said that Nunu supp with smite is not off-meta, it's trolling Even if Singed and Nunu are crazy strong and tanky lategame I would be so pissed if i were the ADC laning for like 10 to 15 mins in the lane with a Nunu or a Singed support, not because they are bad, but because you just can't lane with those Champions as supports, would be just annoying as hell Stop abusing of Riot quotes to do whatever you want
: Yeah doesnt matter if her plants are shredding your adc.
I believe you didn't play Zyra once after the nerf I started playing a lot of Zyra AFTER the huge nerf that was indeed quite uncounterable for ADCs, if you don't know, now plants won't attack the enemy if not Hit by Zyra's spells, and also plants will mostly like hit nearby targets, which most of the time are minions Her strength is just her poke, which is easily dodgeable or countered, especially early game when a support has to build Wards and the support item If you talk about her damage mid-late game, she is just an AP champion with decent scalings, same or more damage can be done by Karma, Brand, Vel'Koz, just to name some champs that are also played bot lane as supports which have high base damages I agreed with many people on old Zyra, but the nerf hit her really hard, like a lot Also, many masteries have been nerfed too, which is another indirect nerf to Zyra, I think she's in a decent spot now, honestly talking, and not just because I'm playing her right now, which is still only after all the nerfs
: How do people have yellow health bars?
Daltonic colors on settings
: Zyra Support is still Disgustingly Broken
Thresh just needs to hook to kill the enemy with his ADC or take his flash Same with BC Janna can easily cover Zyra's damage Morgana counters Zyra Dk what u talkin about
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: Does it matter? You still gonna one shot people with his broken lethality build and armor pen, i really dont think this is important cuz it just makes the game much MUCH easier and does not feel challenging at all
I agree Lethality is super strong on him, but he also gets OSd :P I usually go for BC (+Dominik if there are 2+ tanks) and tank, or meat HP {{item:3748}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} (did a 4v1) > i really dont think this is important cuz it just makes the game much MUCH easier and does not feel challenging at all Yeah but there are so many champs in meta that are just click to win like Syndra, Vi, Heca (E+Q and its already half hp), just to name some It doesn't affect the gameplay that much tbh, but it would prevent the classic 1hp minion/champ surviving, that is kinda boring imho
: > [{quoted}](name=DuckQuack0,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AuiTcvTA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-18T16:23:04.967+0000) > > Don't you think a mark when a target is below 15% would be useful? Maybe but you can usually tell, 15% is just under a fifth of the way down so use the health bar to judge it.
yeah ikr. but on champs its kinda hard to tell when they have much more hp than minions
Rioter Comments
: I am not nightblue3, but jungle jhin here we go!
Q Ren (EUW)
: This should only be removed in ranked games in my opinion. Ranked is about doing whatever you know the best not being a kha zix otp and getting forced to play support or adc like I often have to then i get flamed by my whole team for not knowing how to adc/supp DUUUUUUh I obviously don't know how if riot forces me to play a role that i rarely even play and even then I play it for fun in normals
People do w.e they want in ranked, from ryze jungle, to lethality tristana, to full ap thresh mid and there's no punishment for that, unluckly
: Autofill ruins games
People that can't fill ruin games Imagine yourself in season 4
Sykkuno (EUW)
: Are you saying that BBoBBo could not carry an european platinum game? I think he can really easily, and whats stopping you from becoming as good karthus as BBoBBo?
No lol I'm saying that he is playing with a korean challenger team, and i'm playing with plats BBoBBo has a strong team all the time, instead me as everyone else in low elo can have a 0/20 adc with 1k dmg just to make an example, something that would not happen in korean challenger Not sayin they're aliens or smth, but surely would happen 0,1% of the time
Sykkuno (EUW)
: Why do you think you would need Korean challenger teams?
Just to say that I win my lane 90% of the time but my team doesn't A losing korean challenger team is a lot different from a losing plat team (most of them just got boosted by dynamic Q) I could count solo players in my hand last season, unluckly I mean if i have all lanes challengers loosing, they would still know what to do afterwards, on the other hand golds/plats don't
: Mages have voidstaff the best pen item in the game Many champs dont have mr per level so armor pen is less valuable also karthus early is rather bad but his late is extremely good
ADs have dominik aswell + 20 more letality items Mages have VS, liandry and boots
Sykkuno (EUW)
: Karthus has one of the highest winrates in high elo Korea at 53%. You should watch BBoBBo, a Korea challenger Karthus player. You know he is doing something right when Faker thinks he's scripting.
I understand but usually players do not have korean challenger teams man xD
Pengüin (EUNE)
: 1st of all karthus was never meant to farm with his basic attacks,his q and e can melt down as much minions as u can count (He could use a faster animation,tho) And for his ult,it deals so much dmg and its scaling with ur ap is huge,no need to mention that it's global and deals dmg to all 5 enemies (takes down from 1,1.2k hp from apcs/adcs with no protection) so u have that And for his e,u shouldn't really use it that much early game since it takes too much mana,normally u should start using it frequently from mid to late,but earlier u should focus on farming with q,and buying a tear w/Roa gives u a lot of mana. You also get some time after death to cast abilities at no cost at all so u have that as well. Also why are u playing him? he's just off the meta completely,there're much better mages out there with better map control and over all stats
I don't think Karthus will ever come back in the meta if he doesnt get any change Riot is creating so many overloaded champs with escapes and CC, and Karthus is probably one of the most immbile mages in the game I'm not saying he is bad tho, i did 66k dmg last game with Karthus in about 40mins (most dmg) but i got rekt the entire lane phase, i was so squishy even with Zhonya and I Always think "do i go straight full AP or tankyiish?" but then again I thought full AP might be better cuz i was already behind and my team was loosing aswell The only thing is that I kinda don't like is the fact that Karthus needs to suicide into them to do his best (with so many click ult to wins nowadays he just explodes anyway) Also I think his Q is seriously too easily dodgeable, doesnt have that long range and takes forever the Q to explode when casted Not gonna lie, got unlucky vs Zed and his 9 Mr assassin items (another Con for Karthus vs any AD) which makes his early mid game impossible to win (if not fed ofc) Maybe Riot should start making some MRPen item for mages, ADs have so many items for armor, and mages have like 2-3? :C
: I'd say he's pretty playable as he is. http://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=%EB%BD%80%EC%98%A4%EB%BD%80%EC%98%A4
Well, we all don't have a korean challenger team behind.. everything is viable in challenger imo
: His ult is extremely powerful, like EXTREMELY. Buffing him in other areas makes that kinda overkill.
I would lower his dmg and his cd tbh I don't think Karthus is that strong early mid game, surely late game is strong af, no doubt, but matches almost never reach late game nowadays But mostly, his AA animation... so disgusting :c
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