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AFK players have rights? Nice rule in place.
: about ppl posting to duo smurf
riot doesn't like or promote smurfing? they do it themselves. lol
: Honestly, I dont even want to play Ranked anymore
maybe he was autofilled. which is a lame system too. i don't mind waiting for my role.
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iG Rakan (EUW)
: Got suspended for 14-days. The other flamer did not.
ganks are a privelege not a right
Drag3nz (EUW)
: Carry Low Elo Games
can't give you my advice you're a filthy trynd player
: Tips for Low Elo Bronze/Silver
all common stuff but thanks
Dudyr (EUW)
: Any reason why promo games are rigged with trolls?
put it simply i worked my butt off to get back in promos and climb, i want to get gold then boom. i see players intentionally ban my main because of that one game i did not do well..
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Dudyr (EUW)
: Im on my 7th loss..
lol Im just sad that I didn't make gold for the first time since season 2. Ive been in bronze 3 seasons with a shitty mindset and toxicity. then 3 seasons in silver and now Ive tasted bitter defeat.
Dudyr (EUW)
: Im on my 7th loss..
YUP. 7 in a row..
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10sexes (EUW)
: Picks OP in the order i consider they are, please riot react. it's not late for reacting.
: When should I trade with my opponent as Katarina.
watch one tricks and see what they do..
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: Weird lag
Yup. Second day in a row I can't play league without my skills lagging.
Rondö (EUW)
: Totally yes. They have hidden pool of freak (trolls, int feeders, afk) players, special to balance your game and keep you at 50% winrate or less. Just try to win 10 games in row, and you will see the worst side of this game
ive won 10 in a row its possible but a win streak can only go as far as balance allows then you get cesspool of shitters.
NLG Aero (EUW)
: no joking BAN SMURFS
ban smurfs.. hmm thats going to be tricky since riot employees smurf too.
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: What is the purpose of Kai'Sa?
biggest fail? she's op in high elo.
: LoL EUW Servers lagging?
just gave the enemy a free win over this crap. playing as udyr and my abilities are delayed. often times standing taking damage or dying.
: One bad game, 14 day ban. Seriously Riot?
your next offence is perm so be careful.
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Arnoter (EUW)
: >what is going on with this game? You are not good at it ?
: Season 8 Player Behaviour
We already got severe bans and its made this game not fun to play since season 2.
: For everyone who is diamond and is on a smurf. Quit with it! Ruin peoples mmr is not cool
Had a plat player telling me his account decayed to silver so he is essentially silver. Yet he smashed our team.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Is it me or kai'sa...
child bearing hips for sure
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KonQuerGate (EUNE)
: Is riot punishment fair?
No point losing your cool over this game. If you're not a pro player or a twitch streamer that can put money in riots pockets, you will stay banned.
: Account named [removed] in a club called "execute all muslims".
Appreciate you bringing this to light. Unfortunately a lot of people hate muslims for the sake of hating.
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