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: wait... do what now?
Are you still looking for people?
: Losing ai game
you still looking for team members?
: Oh no, Braum didn't steal a front door. He actually stole someones VAULT door XD But getting more money to use abilities does have it's downsides. The character gets too much money compared to everyone else, with Twisted Fate it makes sense since he is a gambler and gets 1-6 extra gold when he kills something. But a champion who uses money to cast spells, would need it so that the money used for spells doesn't go into same place as her gold which she buys items with. Draven is the perfect bad example on how you get extra gold. He gets 25 gold plus his stacks worth just by making a kill. You know, what if it was cursed gold?
I am confused, surely if she has to spend money to use abilities, she will end up not having enough money to buy items. That way to play her perfectly would require you to balance the use of her spells without over taxing your gold amount? I mean it seems to me you are saying she gets gold when she uses abilities? The only ability that grants gold is the one that drops coins randomly and that is like saying the ancient coin item for supports can be abused. To my knowledge no non-support champion has ever bought the ancient coin? Also as I said earlier the cost of using those abilities have yet to be developed, it may cost her 1000g just to resurrect someone which is very expencive.
: After reading your idea, it reminded me of an old idea I had for a gold using champion XD The difference was that he was a Zaunite mercenary, who has now had few chances as well XDD But the original idea was that he earns extra gold as a passive and that extra gold would be stored in the mana/rage/energy par. Now I never could decide should this par have a limit or not, but having gold there meant that all your other abilties did more damage then usual when he had gold in his pockets. The idea was that, as a mercenery he has to buy his own equipment. So he had his standard weapons, but he used custom ammunition, that is what he needed the gold for.
I came up with the idea of her using coins as weapons and spells due to the fact that in Hades, people used coins as currency to get across the rivers. I figured how neat would it be if you had a champion that throws money to win. I mean we have a champions that throws playing cards, a ball/yo-yo? and my personal favourite a door. Braum honestly forgot to bring his shield so just stole someone's front door. That and I remember seeing someone throw coins and playing cards to pierce watermelons as a magic trick.
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: Hmm. I think his attire needs a boost! I haven't read the piece you are drawing inspiration from but I imagine it a bit clunky with all those watches. Maybe he'd be dressed in a long fancy Victorian cape from which inside he has got different types of watches, so when he goes B he opens his cape and inside there are watches running on different times. When he does an ability like his slow or speed boost, a pocket watch flies out and snaps out in the direction of the target. I think your passive is very clever and would look cool!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
As a wise woman once said; "No capes!" I would have to agree with Edna Mode on that. Also capes clip which can be very annoying for people to see in game. I'd rather not decapitate my adc when my cape lifts into the air. But I do agree with your point about having too much bling, I just remember watching the Cat in the Hat and him having a crap ton of watches on one arm that all told different things. Also watches are kept in you waist coat pocket, never in a cape. Capes are easy to pick pocket.
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: The amount of toxic players today is insane
It's not just League, it is in Magic the Gathering and in life general. I can't help but see it all over london, I live near Watford where the majority of crime is actually committed by minors. They just built a new mall and there have been gangs of kids trashing it. When I was young we stayed in all night gaming on the 64. Only weirdos stay out late trashing parks and getting high. Sign of the times I guess, the kids in my magic play group are already drinking & smoking. They aren't even 16!
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: That is how it currently works. I didn't have a single player in in season 8 in any ranked queue. And if people wouldn't lose any LP on a defeat, what stop them for inting or intentionally playing badly in every match? Eventually it comes down to the fact that it is possible to win a 4v5. With enough repetitions, even a player which value is 0, ie basically being afk, he can climb with your system.
No that is not how it works, you lose ladder points when you lose any ranked match, not just promos. As someone who plays often and I do mean often, too many players go afk for one reason or another. Should you be penalised ladder points because of them? No. Also it is impossible to win a 4v5 game if all players are of equal skill. Only by luck/feed can a 4v5 game be won. You are worried about players inting because of loss of punishment? People already intentionally play badly if they don't get their way in ranked. You should see how bad it can get in silver. Here are some of the responses I have seen in ranked Silver V; 1. Brand support: "It's not my fault I keep losing connection, I have a terrible computer that freezes all the time. If you have a problem with it buy me a new one." 2. Lee jungler: "You are all noobs, taking my kills, I refuse to play, report me I don't care this is my smurf account." 3. Garren Top: "Sorry it's getting too long, I have to go to sleep now for school, please don't report me." Those are just some of the horrible instances where I was forced into a unwinable 4v5 game because of one player. It's actually not fair for the rest of the team because it is a waste of their time and ladder points. Honestly there is no downside to removing the punishment for losing a regular ranked game. Players will not be as frustrated when these occurrences pop up and it will help make ranked more accurate. By allowing players to have an easier time reaching their promo, they will have a greater chance to have quality promos where only skill will allow them to reach new ranks instead of just luck of the draw.
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: A Letter To Riot
I think the player base has changed since before, now more players are in the game, even young ones who don't really understand how to play as a team, playing safe or even how to counter play. This of course means game become more frustrating because you can easily lose now when someone in your team decides to go 0/10 and just INT. You don't just lose ladder points but also time. The time it takes to load a game is surprisingly long. I think if RIOT changed it so you only lose points if you are in your promos and that only accounts that buy a Ranked Pass Ticket from the store for 1RP can play ranked, it may improve. By removing the loss of ladder points, one can easily grind to their promos without the frustration of afks. By forcing players to register a card to play ranked, banned players won't be able to play ranked as their card will be blocked for a time. Out of curiosity have you tried playing Twisted Tree Line? It still has some of the old items which I love and can offer an alternative experience. I sometimes enjoy the more freeing experience, as I find it is easier to play 2v3 than 4v5.
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: If everyone can only gain LP, wouldn't everyone end up in Diamond 1?
No what I mean is it COSTS 100 Ladder points to take the promo exam. If you fail the promo exams you don't go up and stay in Bronze/Silver/etc. If you pass then you earn your way up. When you do enter a new bracket you lose all ladder points you had accumulated. Also this way your not being punished for playing with people who feed like they have a fetish for it. Eventually you will reach a rank where no matter how hard you play you won't be able to pass the promo exams without having to improve your skills. It is very similar to having essence, you can hold on to it for a time when you feel like it or blow it all on multiple promo exams.
: making her legs "goat-like" would need new animations because of the different shape, that would be too much work for a 1350 RP skin and it would make it a 1820 one. also, she doesn't have hooves...because she is supposed to cut things? i don't recall hooves being particularly sharp...
No but I have had a horse stomp on my foot once and if I wasn't wearing boots, I'd have lost a toe. I get she supposed to cut but I also kinda want her to have hoofs. I mean if you ever red the Chinese Kungfu comics of The Four Constables, even their champion Iron Legs could cut things with a kick. Granted unrealistic but its a game. I mean the surf skins aren't meant to be taken literally.
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: Thats Like getting a medal for a 2015 Tournament when winning a 2018 Tournament. The victorious skins are to Show of that you got gold+ in those specific season.
Then they can add a date to the skin art to show what year the orb is from then. I don't see what the issue is other than your pride.
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: Lol Trading Card Game
I would love to see a TCG of LoL but not one where you have to summon your Champion. I have played around with one but I based it off Mtg's EDH/Commander format. Where the only creatures you summon are minions and monsters.
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Hey im G (EUW)
: People Based Skins
I'm not gonna lie I was secretly hoping you meant as in famous people in history/folklore. Like I would love a Boudicca skin for Kalista or a Jack Black/Brutal Legend skin for Taric. I think we'd all love abit of Tenacious D in our games. We already have Lubu and Zhao Yun skins; why not more?
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: R u still looking for another?
Ah realised ur not on euw server soz
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: Melee mission need one more person
R u still looking for another?

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