: Well, I think that all champs should have some mechanics to master... Nasus has no mechanics at all... explaining Nasus skills is like talking to a baboon... in circle... more dmg... out of circle... less dmg... kill with Q... more dmg... I mean, come on... every champ should have ONE skillshot... something he could actually miss... for example as an ADC main, I hate Annie... not because I die to her... I stay the hell away from her and I don't... but because I can't even AA her since I get into her range to do that and she instantly deletes me with her on click skills... a good example of what Annie would need is Ryze... his skills are on click but his Q is a skillshot... he needs to keep landing his Qs though to be dealing the amazing dmg Ryze can dish out... but at least to do that dmg, Annie has to pick items for dmg... Nasus doesn't even have to do that... Why does a champ that picks items with 0 dmg in them can do a penta? it's like saying I would do a penta with Garen full tank.. or with Darius full tank (and I don't mean last hit 5 people with ult... I mean do most of the dmg)... tanks and dmg dealers should be separated... you can't have both... either build tanky or build for dmg... Anyway, I think that every champ should have at least one skill shot... something he has to hit to be good... a good example is Olaf... his skills are ridiculously easy to use, right? But he has to keep hitting the Qs to keep slowing the enemy and chase him... it's a fact... a good olaf never misses a Q while chasing... a bad one misses a few and misses the potential kill or messes up the gank... There is no real way to mess up with Nasus except being so braindead that you walk around like a zombie with no brain... I don't mean Nasus can't be killed or countered... he can... but no champ should be this braindead... Even Yi has to time his Q well to avoid CC... make nasus work for his meals a bit...
Well, that is your poing of view. For me as long as you can kill him early game, and prevent him from doing anything late game he is fine. An easy champ to play is useless if you deny him that advantage.
: Should I buy aatrox or no
Nah he isn't fun to play at all. I stopped using him as soon as i got a chest with him. Probably one of the worst champions i ever bought? Well, he can't be worse than draven.
: Afraid to take turret
And that is why you place wards? Generally, if you are doing good in your lane and so is your team you can easily kill their jungler or atleast not die against him.
: Again... I'm not saying I can't beat Nasus... what I'm saying is that Nasus is THE STUPIDEST CHAMP IN GAME... it takes 0 skill to play him... smashing Q Q Q Q Q Q Q all game long until the Q key is broken and you need a new keyboard... and yet they reworked Irelia, a champ with decent skills, good mechanics to play her well and no need for a real rework... and Nasus, the king of stupidity is never even considered to be touched by RIOT...
And he isn't telling you how to beat nasus. He just stated his Pros and Cons, but you assumed directly that he is telling you how to beat him. Nasus mechanics are easy to master, noone is disagreeing with you. In the same time, he is very easy to kite and weak early game. If you can't survive early game with nasus (which is the hard part), you're a bad one. If you manage to do it with a good number of stacks, all you have to do is press Q late game. See what skills are required to play nasus now? A good waves management, and decent map awarness.
Sebmik (EUNE)
: Transfer from EUNE to EUW (Dia 5 on EUNE) will I get demoted to plat 1?
Well that depends on your current MMR in relation to the MMR of players on EUW. So it is possible to go down or up. That will take affect after playing one game in the new region.
: So is this Client Limit Breaker?
Well, it finished yesterday. The Client been updating the game ever since. I had to download a 2.1 Gb first, it failed when 100 mb was left. Had to download another 2.1 Gb, it failed at 60 mb. The third time it failed at 150 mb, and now i have to download 3 GB.
RallerenP (EUW)
: It'll finish about an hour ago dw
: Never
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