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DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: What champion do you permaban guys?
: League of Legends | Edit | DEAD TO ME
How don´t you have like 100k subs?
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Vićα (EUNE)
: Can't load into the game
I tought it was mby my PC. I´ve had it happened once where after the champ select the screen just went black and froze couldn´t do anything plus alt tabbing while on the loading screen causes it to freeze too sometime.
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: Something unexpected happende while trying to create your lobby
Riot tries to fix 1 problem, 2 problems come up. GG
Icepaw (EUNE)
: 2/2 SoloQ ravaged and destroyed by "!¤"!%¤ SMURFS
Yes but eventually youll want a new account and there is nothing you can do about it really, cant forbid people from starting over
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: > [{quoted}](name=DumpsterKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=o0uy2Ufh,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-25T23:54:38.743+0000) > > Cmon get this guy banned. Scripters will get banned in waves so he will get banned eventually.
I´m sure he will get banned but what about his duo?
: > Most obvious scripter .. > At the end of the game I didn´t even realize that he was scripting because our thresh didnt hit his hooks on no one so it was hard to think he was scripting. So it was not obvious.
I just tought my teammates were bad. After replay it was obvious
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: He's on 56% with yas,in the respective ELO. I wouldn't call it THAT bad...cmon. Gotta have more faith in ppl. If however you hate the champ that much, just ban it, even if sum1 picks it. They either dodge or play smthn else. Problem solved.
The 50% was the one I dodged before that was the 56% that went 2/11
: Why not just perma ban Yasuo?
Then who bans Graves, LB, Zoe?
: 50% win-rate is what most people get. I're sitting on 49%, technically speaking people have a higher chance of winning a game with the yasuo you just made the thread about, than you.
49% is my overall because i took a break from league and when i came back i tried different champions. My highest winrates are still 60%+. But if you have a champ that you have played 2 seasons and you barely hold 50% then it´s a signal that something is wrong.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Why would I try to play a totally lost game? Because you queued up to play, and the rest of your team is still trying. Standing afk in the fountain is then you taking an active decision ensuring that 4 other players have no chance of a comeback. It's not ok behaviour, so you get punished for it.
Rest of my team? Only 1 guy was ´´trying´´, 1 was afk others were just running around and I was standing in base and I get punished lmao while the guy who ints and afk just ques up next game like nothing happened.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Nice self-delusion there... in the current meta, no there isn't.
True. That´s why Koreans are so much better than us because when they see the game is lost they just FF or open mid and reflect on the mistakes they made and they move on but trying to win a lost game for 15-20 minutes is utterly useless. There is a chance of a comeback but it is so small that try harding will just burn you out and when you lose the game you just tilt hard because you play your heart out to lose a lost game wich doesn´t make much sense.
: Just because you think a game is unwinnable (which it might be) doesn't mean you can just stop playing. You can still learn a lot from losing, or even have fun in the game. If the surrender vote doesn't go through, you should respect that! By just leaving the game, you are being selfish and disrespectful. --- I really dislike people who say crap like _"surrender, it's lost anyway"_. You lose about 50% of your games, if you seriously can't enjoy playing a bad game, you're just signing up for a miserable time.
The problem comes in when your entire team is feeding and one of them is afk. I´ve played this game for years. I know when the game is winnable and when it is not so letting them end quickly shouldn´t be a problem when you know for a certain that you can´t win. Someone trying to win a game with 1 afk 2 guys feeding, down all turrets, 10k gold lead is pretty much delusional. You should know when you´ve lost and not waste 15m making their KDAs better and entertaining them.
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Thendoren (EUW)
: Looking for a plat Jungler EUW
Hi! Im plat 5, looking for someone to play ranked with, last season i was diamond 5. If you´re interested add me and let´s chat. Username: DumpsterKing
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kurnubego (EUNE)
: Maybe you've just reached your current limits as a player? You realize that you won't be climbing whole way to the challenger like you did it with gold rite? You lose more, you get frustrated, you try to find what to blame. And notice all those different things, which were real before too, just didn't bug you because you used to win and it didn't matter. Problem is you. You are where you deserve to be.
I think you are absolutely right i deserve my current place but how can i improve myself? If I look at my replays what should i look from there?
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