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: Coding isn't... quite that simple. Slight chages in a code can produce more bugs than you had in the first place. It likely that this is something that is "known", but after triaging has been labeled a low priority, as it's a pretty niche scenario most of the time. On top of that, doesn't Asols passive also disappear whilst mid blast cone?
: yes and sylas magically receives 3 orbiting balls around him
Good one. I obviously meant the cancelling mechanics.
: sounds like a bug that would have taken way too long to fix compared to the impact it has
Swapping the code behind ANivias ult for Sols passive+w coding should solve this issue.
: >So this leads us the the obvious question of why the hell is this happening? Spaghetti code. No seriously. My best guess would be because Anivia's channel is interrupted by any form of CC, but useable whilst moving of course. The reason I reiterate this point, is because it's the same sort of thing for Sylas, _however_ , Sylas has the added fun of being able to "cc" himself with his chain throw ability (he hit's something, he's going to move to it wether he wants to or not). I would hazard a guess that the coding they used to stop this from cancelling the ult is also affecting the blast cone. THIS IS JUST A GUESS BASED OFF OBSERVATIONS to reiterate.
Well they should just slap the code of Sol passive/w to ANivias ult imho.
: They don’t count... those are just cast times, anivia has them as well just not as long... but if sylas was to take thresh lantern it’d cancel the ult. Plus anivia losing her ult aint the worse 3-6 seconds later and it’s out again, sylas has that on a much longer cooldown
Anivia ult breaks when she uses blastcone, if Sylas uses a stolen Anivia ult then cones, it doesnt break.
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: The way her ult is coded is that she has to be able to cast in order for it to continue going off... anything that prevents a champion from casting abilities will cancel anivia ult (I beleive hourglass is an exception but one that was coded in not too long ago). So blinks don’t prevent casting, but a knock back or pull like what allied dashes essentially are do cause you to stop casting.
The problem here is that we have Sylas, who has 2 spells that lock him out of casting his other spells (w/e2), just the way Rootcaller/Lantern/Tunnel locks out every spell. Yet if he steals Anivia ult, he can use both spells without cancelling the stolen Anivia ult.
jacktjong (EUW)
: I think those two exceptions you named have it specifically coded in. Ryze's ult isn't really defined as a channel, rather an ability that gets cancelled from enemy cc (I know that's technically the definition of a channel but it means it functions a bit differently.) The ability itself is channeling, rather than Ryze channeling the ability if that makes sense, and the ability checks if Ryze gets cc'd by an enemy specifically. If he does, the ability destroys itself. However, because it's checking for enemy CC only, it does not register blast cones or ally induced CC. Aurelion probably got it for balancing reasons as his W is his most important spell, and other than that all channels do get cancelled by any displacements I believe. Most can't dash to Ivern's Q while channeling, but if you blastcone a Malzahar or a Vel'Koz while they're ulting it will cancel it for as far as I remember. But other than that; I think Anivia should get that exception as her ult is basically the same for her as W is to Aurelion.
Those (Malza/Vel) are hardchannels, Anivia and Sol can both move. Besides there is an other wonky Anivia interaction: her Wall doesnt break Ryze/Sol/Anivia channels, despite being a knockback effect. Also: Sylas w/e2 grey out his other spells, yet he can use both while using a stolen Anivia ult.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: No, it just means that players can't target her directly when she is attached, except towers, which can still lock on to her, anything already in the air will still connect
Which is a fundamental difference from other untargetabilities.
: Yuumi is "untargetable" not unhitable Other champs like fizz and hi are also unhitable
Untargetable is a defined League mechanic. There is no such thing as unhitable.
FixxeS (EUW)
: I think she only really gets untargetable on the moment that she is sitting on the shoulder, not while she does the animation. despite the health bar and stuff become small and looks like you are untargetabble, I think that during the animation she is still targetable to spells that are already locked to her, like veigar R, but can't be targeted during the animation as you can't click her. I think that she just has a big animation, if you look closely, vlad is only untargetable after he becomes the pool, while he is becoming the blood pool he is still a target. I did saw her getting hit by a veigar R WHILE doing the animation to become untargetable, because the R was already locked to her. BUT, I also saw one time that yummi got really low and went to my shoulder. Urgot hit her with the first R right before she came to my shoulder but urgot took a bit of time and yummi got fixed on my shoulder and urgot couldn't use the R again to pull her ,or I think so, since he said in all chat "wtf my ult" after he died. Here Jhin q targets me, and I finish my w dash to Lucian (he gets my Aery shield), then get damaged.
: Untargetable =/= Invulnerable Yuumi _can still be targetted_ until she latches onto an ally. At no point is she invulnerable to targetted attacks and abilities. She just cannot be clicked on essentially.
If you aim a lockon spell (Anivia e/Janna w) to Vlad/Fizz and they w/e, then that spell doesnt hit them. ANd this is how untargetability worked before the relese of Yuumi. If you aim a spell at Yuumi, she gets damaged even if she finishes her dash. And there is absolutely no documentation about this behavior (as her w states that she is untargetable while attached), you can only find it out the hard way.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Yeah its just to stop her being able to make people waste ults on a spell that is literally free, so she still has to eat that attack
Which mechanic is completely understandable, and i am not complaining about this. The issue is that "untargetability" is an already existing term in the game, and without further clarification this is confusing. Especially since the tooltip already includes "except vs towershots", which implies that there are no further exceptions.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: yes, there is, but still both makes you immune to spells, but sivir/noc will block only 1 spell and the shield just wanishes, while morgana shield can block a ton of spells, but only if you dont do dmg with the cc, in theory you can boost that shield to absorb like 1k dmg, and with that you can block any cc until you absorb 1k magic dmg (or the shield wears off)
Sivir/Noc makes you immune, Morgana doesnt, just absorbs damage/dispels cc. This is a pretty clear difference, which is important when dealing with Karthus w, or Brands e-w combo for example.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: it would be a long text if it would say crowd control immune! btw it does eats spells, so spell immunity is right, you dont take full spell dmg, its a spell SHIELD, and you are cc immune only while the shield is up and not consumed by spell dmg
There is clear difference between Morg e and a real spellshield (Sivir/Noc).
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Working as intended. If you get hit by a Sion Q for example, you still take the physical damage but aren't CC'd.
and thats why im saying that "spell immune" is wrong and misleading. If it were truly immune to spells, then neither the cc nor the damage woud apply, which is the case for real spell immunity, aka spellshields.
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Necromant (EUW)
: Camille ult don’t silence. She is just untargetable during the jump.
: Ye, this is intended. Also, Viktor R does the same thing when hit.
The key part is not the silence, but WHEN it applies. Viktor ult is instacasted, so there isnt much interaction there, but Camille silences ON CAST, istead of ON IMPACT.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: some channeled abilities are actually not channeled, for example ezreal ult, lux ult etc, they have a "channel time" but as soon as you start casting them the only thing that will stop that cast is death, not sure about lucian but ryze ult is definitely like that, aurelion sol is flying above terrain with his w so putting up a wall in front of him does nothing, try to dmg him, that knocks him out of w, anivias ult is on the ground, the ony thing that stops it is if either sylas getting too far from it or if he is out of mana
Wtf are you talking about? League is a 2d game, and Sol w doesnt break on damage. And im aware of the difference between channels and spells with casttime, thats why I brought channels As examples.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Anivia's case is a weird one in that it's not exactly a proper knockback, but the game forcing your out of terrain, unlike, say, Trundle's pillar which has a separate knockback effect. This is why Lucian's ult may not be interrupted, because he isn't actually getting knocked back, but merely prevented from clipping into terrain. At the same time Yasuo can ult off Anivia's wall, because it doesn't have a proper exception coded _(It's a FEATURE)_. If it wasn't for exceptions you'd be able to Yasuo ult enemy Tristana while she's using Rocket Jump.
Its a proper knockback. It procs Aftershock, and it can stop any noninterruptable dash midflight, and it can stop displacements by enemy champs (Lee/Gragas r, Blitz q).
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: A longer cooldown for each player might be better I guess. Like 10-15 mins. Because there have been many times that I started a surrender vote, but it failed. After a while I started again and everyone voted Yes as one. Indeed, there are too many players in lower elo who becomes 0/8 in 10th min and blame jungle, then start spamming surrender vote. But longer cooldowns mat deal with them indeed.
9 min should be decent, that means that if somebody starts a vote, then he cannot initiate it in the next 2 available cycles.
: Why?
to prevent one guy from spamming ff if he is doing badly, even if overall your team has a good chance to win (overall your team is ahead like 20-16 in kills, and a tower up, but the tilted 1/3 laner just keeps spamming surr %%%%ing up the morale).
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Mada (EUW)
: They fixed that some time ago. It used to put you in combat. Was so annoying.
%%%%, actually the title is incomplete, it is supposed to say: you arent in-combat for the purpose of Mobi boots and relentless, but you ARE in-combat for the purpose of Unsealed spellbook
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: The reason why Anivia R can be interrupted by displacements (Protobelt, Ivern, Thresh etc) and hard CC is because unlike the other toggled DoT abilties, it has a cast range. All the others are self-cast and hard based around the character model. Don't forget any of these abilities also work as a zoning tool. Anivia R is one of the most powerful zoning abilities in this game, denying access and funneling enemies. And she can activate it continuosly and keep it up from range, unlike say Veigar E, Zoe E or Viktor W which run out with time, not mana.
Enemy hard cc is fine, that is not a problem at all. And the cast range (leash range rather) makes no sense, even if you use protobelt/lantern/tunnel in the middle of your ult, it instacancels while staying in leash range (and you can flash, and if you stay in leash range it keeps going, if you flash out leash range it cancels). Im fairly sure that Anivia can use Ryze ult without problems (if the destination is still in leash range). It seems that blinks are fine (if you tp a nearby minion, ult keeps going!), but dashes arent.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: sols passive is doing dmg and you can easily avoid it, on the other hand anivias ult gives your e double dmg, its a huge aoe spell that slows like hell and you can move around in a big range and its still there, so imo its fine as it is
the point is the core mechanics of certain spells. Anivias ult doesnt behave like any other toggle spells, but it gets all the drawbacks of being classified as a toggle.
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: Trundle pillar is a different mechanic with a different hit box. With the wall, if you haven't hit it perfectly (which it wasn't in this video), then it won't "CC", it will displace. Trundles pillar follows the same protocol, but it's "perfect hit area" is much much larger.
If you are displaced you cant use spells, correct? Im not saying his passive should have stopped, im saying his w expansion is what should have stopped, and go on cd.
: It's displacement, not CC. They're two different things in this scenario. Displacement will interrupt channels that require standing still, or can "stop" dashes if that dash doesn't make it over the terrain. As A'Sol's passive isn't a channel, and still follows him when moving, it requires _**full **_ CC to stop it, not displacements.
Im not talking about his passive, im talking about his w. After I hit him, his stars should orbit In his inner circle, but not the outer.
: It's displacement, not CC. They're two different things in this scenario. Displacement will interrupt channels that require standing still, or can "stop" dashes if that dash doesn't make it over the terrain. As A'Sol's passive isn't a channel, and still follows him when moving, it requires _**full **_ CC to stop it, not displacements.
Trundle e cancels Anivia ult, and its a terrain vs softchannel As well. Yasuo can ult off of Anivia wall. Dont tell me that it isnt hard cc.
: Think of it as the equivalent of if you get caught on the side of a J4 ult (not in it). If you're RIGHT on where the terrain is created, it gives nudges you across to the side - this isn't a knock up or form of CC, it's the game re positioning your champions hitbox to create the terrain.
Getting hit by J4 perimeter is a form of cc, just like every single playerbase terrain. If you get hit by it while channeling a Kata ult, it gets cancelled. If you hit Lucian while he tries to dash out with e, then he is knocked back and stays inside. In the same game I blocked Camille e1 As Anivia, by hitting her during the dash. Terrain is a cc, it can even cancel Blitz hook.
: so reading the wiki for anivia's W, it does state that a direct hit results in a knockup however, if A.sol had been knocked up he would not have been able to auto that quickly. what i think happened was you cast the ability ever so slightly behind him, because his hitbox overlapped, and the wall counts as terrain, he was 'moved' to the closest point without being IN the wall, kinda like what would happen if you flashed into a wall but didnt make the full distance, it puts you at the closest point outside the wall to your flash destination, so as stated by another poster, it was a 'gentle tap to the side' rather than a full blown knockup
If hitboxes overlap, it means that I did hit him. Wtf is gentle tap? I forced him to move, he wasnt In control of his champion for a brief moment (its duration doesnt matter).
: taken from A.sol wiki page W Due to being an extension of his innate, **crowd control that inhibits the use of abilities** will also disable Celestial Expansion and put it on cooldown. Passive Innate: Aurelion Sol is constantly orbited by three Stars, and beyond them exists an Outer Limit affecting his damaging abilities.** Ability-inhibiting crowd control disables Center of the Universe.** as far as i could tell, in the video, A.sols abilities were not hindered, only his movement was (seeing as he immediatly auto'd as the wall was cast), so imo, thats working as intended
Anivia wall when hit directly cancels every channeled spell. And being airborne inhibits spellcasting.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Riot is aware of this. > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=OJ4vTeaI,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-09T15:50:40.639+0000) > > > Impact of the 8.9 mana changes > > We've been watching the impact of the 8.9 mana changes (mages and some items) over the past week. So far the effect on most champions seems to be power neutral, which was our target (more casts early, fewer later, same overall strength). There are a group of a few mages who look like an exception to that though. **They're all champs who are able to burn a lot of mana repeatedly and do seem to have lost a noticeable amount of power (Anivia, Cass, Taliyah, Malz). Might need to put some power back into them as a result, still assessing.** If so it would likely not be as more access to mana later in the game though since one of our other goals was to reduce the power of mage waveclear as well.
Cool. I have the hardest Time between 6 and 12 min, especially if jungler takes 2nd blue (need to collect honeyfruit, and use clarity to get past that period). I usually get 3rd blue, and its no problem after that.
Infernape (EUW)
: >Right now she is one of the few midlaners who doesnt have any low cd low/medium cost spammable aoe spell to waveclear Isn't her ult cooldown six seconds? The reason why she doesn't have any spammable waveclear until she hits level 6 is because of her ultimate.
Its low cd and aoe, but not low/medium cost.
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: It's no bug, that is because all of them stun her in thy animation. "Glacial Storm is deactivated by all forms of Silence icon interrupting crowd control."
Well: Sol w and Ryze ult keep going after getting hit by blastcone, but i am willing to accept that blastcone should interrupt all 3 (but only Anivia doesnt make sense). How about Protobelt/Lantern/etc? I tested and Protobelt isnt cc, since Olaf can use it while he ults, but he is immune to blastcones. And the casting time on Belt isnt the answer, since GLP also has cast time, and it works just fine with Storm.
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