: When does Season 10 start?
so preseason should start today, or in this week. Then usually the very start of January the new season ends. Bit of advice, if you don't want to be placed super low wait until February or at least late January before playing ranked on your main accounts. I found that accounts that I play later into the season get placed higher than those I play earlier. Of course your mmr is not influenced by this, it just sucks to be placed silver with low plat mmr.
: An unpopular opinion
Yes its pretty sad that it left, and the ques were not even 2 minutes, so the map was clearly played a lot. The amount of bots was pretty insane though, so not sure if this was like the final straw? Not that it should be.
Nahemah (EUW)
: Tired of those late game "cooldowns" .
There is some problems regarding this, and i think the main issue is that it would be utter chaos in lower elos as well as none team games in general. On pro level this would probably work pretty good i guess. My main issue regarding this is that League of legends for me is one of those games that does not matter what you do a comeback is almost always possible, and you might feel that this is the problem, but I feel like that is the reason league does so well on pro and amateur level. most people wants the underdog to win and what better way than in a comeback? If league becomes less comeback related you might as well just play DOTA2, which is also a great moba, but main reason i play league double the amount i play dota2 is the fact that once your behind the odds for your team to make a comeback is just a lot less than in league. And then you have to play 50min game of basically no chance of making a comeback. Which i feel like is just horrible.
: Low elo ranked system..
I feel you man, but don't think as if its your promos, just think it as another ranked game, we all get a bit hyped up for promos and then we are already a bit stressed and agitated, nowadays i try not to know where i am currently placed and just try to win every game regardless of how important it is.
íGengar (EUW)
: No I take any advice on merit and you have a point. The cs scores are a fair point and not too far away from where I am in all fairness. I play mid and generally achieve 120-130 in 20 mins on a lane that doesnt contain a plat Xerath main wrecking my s**t. CS, Warding, Harass etc I feel my level is currently high bronze / low silver which is to be expected, I only lose lane or run into problems against high golds and above which I accept will happen as it has happened to everyone. I have also enjoyed good success on Zyra support, yeah its not a support support but it performs well and my zoning is as good as I have faced. I will take on board what you have said about other bits too, thanks for the input :)
Zyra is a pretty normal support to play, she is probably one of my favourite after tresh and bard
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Where's the Lux nerf?
I honestly think the ultimate skin itself is a bit of a buff, damn i cannot see some of that spells, especially the snare, the visibility is just freaken horrible, in teamfights i honestly sometimes dont know why i cannot move.
íGengar (EUW)
: Soooo placements
Okay, so i would suggest and i know you are going to hate this, but for the next month do not play ranked. The reason being early in a season people tend to flame a lot and you are probably going to get flamed all the time since, no offense you probably have no idea what to do. Now it might be that you are some kind of prodigy so here is some things I would ask of you. Play about 10 draft pick games, 2 games in each role. If you are playing top lane, if you do not have 150 farm at min 20 both times, you are not ready for ranked. If you are mid lane, if you do not have 140 farm at min 20 depending on match up you are not ready for ranked. Playing adc if you do not have 170 farm at min 20 you are not ready for ranked. Now it is not possible to get these numbers so high for a new player and sometimes even for people playing at very high level, but it is just a guide line to see if you are even close to those numbers and if you are going to be more of a drag for your team or a plus. As support you should know that you should be reading some guides, reason being a good support makes a massive difference, and a bad support ruins the game completely(from an adc and jungling point of view). As a new player you probably want to stay away from jungling, unless you have an crazy amount of experience you are probably going to be a massive drag for you team. At the end of the day you are probably going to get placed low silver or high bronze, maybe even low bronze, but i would suggest not to play ranked until you get those numbers up. And the best tip i can give you is to play really really easy champs. I main malphite on my one account, the most brain dead champ you can possibly play and i have win rate of about 67% on about 60 games played. Even though i would consider myself a lot better lee sin my winrate is only about 50% with him, just because easier champs are easier to pull of facing better players or in clutch situations you rarely mess up with a mechanically easy champ. easy champ suggestions are Toplane: Malphite, Naut, Maokai. Midlane: Annie, Lux, Brand Jungle: Warwick, Jax, Ammumu Support: Leona, Braum, Soroka Adc(marksman):Ashe, Jinx, miss fortune Now it is really debatable if these champs are easy or not but what you mainly want to go with is the utility and crowd control, reason being as a new player 70% of the time you are probably going to lsoe lane, but each of these champs brings a number of things to a team fight that other champs do not, that might help you win team fight even when playing from behind. The list is not flawless and some champs might even be super difficult to play depending on your playstyle. there might even be champs not on the list that you find easier but i would say it is a very good number of champs to start with. note: almost none of the mentioned champs are for the moment champs, which means they will stay relevant forever!(or not)
: Ranked Suggestion
okay so i understand where you are coming from, and I think it could work but i think rather make a champ not available for ranked until you have like mastery level 3 or 4 with a champ. So this means you cannot play ranked until you have 16 champs on level 3 mastery, which is insane and this post is dumb.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SingedTheChemist,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MQVHXKEU,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-13T01:02:16.008+0000) > > I'm proud of the fact that they've changed so little after so many years since their release. It means they're both balanced enough to survive whatever weather the meta may bring. I'm sorry to tell you, but you are wrong on Singed. Singed is not balanced. Singed is unhealthy for the game. He's in line for a rework, but there are a lot in front of him. Singed isn't changed because his kit is simple and non-interactive. There's nothing they can do with him. The only solution is a full rework.
tortsY (EUNE)
: > including any duo or flex partners do u mean that players who are premades with afker should lose more LP than other players in their team even if they didn't afk?
not more just the normal amount like always, the reason being if you would duo q with someone and you do not want to lose the full amount you can just ask them to afk and you would lose less, but if you still lose the same amount you cannot abuse the system. It is not about treating them more severe than now just they do not get the less elo losing benefit since it is there mate dcing. So abusing the system would not be possible.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Are you trying to explain, that ELO Hell exists? Sorry mate, but it doesn't. If you got skill then you will climb eventually.
Guess you did not read anything in this post lol.
komytea (EUW)
: What's up League players
Not bad montage, not crazy about the sound effects though. But keep it up I am always looking for new league content.
Rioter Comments
ImAFattie (EUW)
: I think it's time for Riot to implement this thing
Kicking in chat in general are inviting players to be more toxic, so i do not agree with this, even if you could somehow make it no abusable it also just kick creaitivies in the ass. not everyone thought ap tryndamere would be a thing 3 years ago, and yet people just completely stomped with it, so someone might get branded for being troll even when they are a prodigy. But when a player dc after the 3 minute mark for more than 5 minutes there should be a way of losing less lp, the person going dc or afk loses the full amount(including any duo or flex partners).
: Suggestion for Elise
not sure if troll
: > So the player base will decrease for each que, meaning that silver might actually be an accomplishment to reach for a silver player. Hm...not quite. The amount of players doesn't change anything about how difficult it is to reach a certain elo, except the two extreme ends of the spectrum. > And as i mentioned before this is my 6th preseason, and never has it been like this. Actually it worked exactly the same way last season. Just take a look at threads from January 2016, it's the same stuff. But in the years before you are right, the strong reset of Leagues was only done in Season 6 and 7, never before. > lets say all bronze and silver players for instance just play solo que, then playing flex que all the bronze rated players are technically the level of gold players. do you understand what i am saying now? I understand, but that's a highly unlikely scenario since it requires an extremely strong collelation between queue preference and elo. I see no reason why this should be the case.
I honestly cannot think that last years reset is the same as this years. I had an account that were gold V, i played my placements and i got gold V again. after winning like 5 games. this year on that same account i got placed in bronze winning 7 of the games. Now I understand that it depends on which games you win and lose and how good or bad the enemies mmr is in those games, but dropping 2 tiers is very harsh when majority of games are won, why am i then getting placement matches vs people with such low mmr? Its not fair to them to just lose a game facing me and its not fair towards me to win an easy game and still get place so low. Even if riot claims it is the same, it absolutely just cannot be, if it happened to one account sure, but it happened to three of mine. If it is eventually the same i would reach gold in a month anyway if I get to play enough. and I still need to play placements on this account but I think i will wait a week or two on this account just to see if its possible that getting placed earlier the season makes a difference to getting placed later. The main reason i do think they screwed up is the fact that in the preseason i had to get replaced 3 times because of an error regarding placement matches. Honestly even then it does not matter, because with the right amount of games it should be easy to climb the ranks, but i do feel like across the board the general players i am facing are better than before. Regarding the player base, I do not actually think bronze players and silver players favor the one que above the other, it is just an interesting thought to have a bronze player base being pretty decent. which in previous seasons to be bronze was to be honest the worst of the worst players. (in bronze)I actually had a game yesterday with a top laner(darius) running smite and ghost as if its the most normal thing ever. or am i out of the loop? is this new meta?
: > Now i want to just know how your experience has been in the lower elos than you were before. *sigh* It's not a lower elo, it's a lower rank. That's not the same. Everyones RANK was reduced, not everyones elo. It always surprises me a little to see threads like this one. Apparently you noticed that everyones rank was reduced....but for some reason, when judging the games you play right now, you seem to forget that and think those players are actually bronze players and not downranked player like you. You are not in bronze elo, you are still in the same elo you played on before. And so are your teammates, no matter what rank they have right now. > So my question at the end of the day is, can it be possible because of the splitting ques that the new bronze might be the old silver/low gold? or is just the new season being a bit weird with placements? So, to answer your question: It's actually pretty simple. Everyone starts on a lower rank, but is still matched with (roughly) the same players as before. The rank changed, the MMR/elo did not. So the only difference is purely cosmetical. Matchmaking didn't really change, the only thing that changed is the rank that is displayed. And this change is only temporary, since pretty much everyone is ranking up quickly right now, so pretty soo all active ranked player will have their old rank (or something close to it) again.
I have been playing season 1, the start of a season has never been this severe, and i know I am not actually playing vs bronze players that is the whole point of this thread, I don't actually think if you were gold the previous season that you going to be able to climb to gold this season as easy. I think that with the 2 ques that it might be possible to get stuck in silver since the new players in silver are of better quality. I know for a fact that some players will not be focusing on both ques as much as they focused on one que like last season. So the player base will decrease for each que, meaning that silver might actually be an accomplishment to reach for a silver player. And as i mentioned before this is my 6th preseason, and never has it been like this. lets say all bronze and silver players for instance just play solo que, then playing flex que all the bronze rated players are technically the level of gold players. do you understand what i am saying now? Like the old 5 man, i were in a team that were gold V , but all our enemies were anything between high gold to low diamond.
: Same result as with the other account: Most players you played with are not Plat, but range from Bronze to Gold (mostly Silver).
obviously you did not go back far enough, it was during my 10 placements, i went to check and 5 out of the 10 games the adc were a plat player, and twice the jungler
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Your opinions on ZZ Rot Nautilus?
Naut is pretty good at the moment especially with the new keystone. I think he could be good in all elos, he wont out damage a fed fiora late game but his cc is pretty stupid in team fights. As a tank always get zz'rot. It is one of the coolest mechanics in the game and i play it on supports top lane and sometimes junglers especially when behind
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: Not in this season, no, but in the preseason. Feel free to guide me to the account you are talking about.
Trollingisniceno, not sure you can go back far enough, had a few games with platinum adc, I am mainly talking about flex que, have not really played solo/duo. I have been placed in Bronze 1 which is fine to be honest, and i prefer being low on this account. But if its still possible to go back far enough in my 10 placement 5 of the games there were at least 1 platinum player.
: Maybe that's how you perceive it, but in reality it's not true. I checked your history, the vast majority of the players you are matched with are Silver or Gold.
I have not even played placements on this account yet.
: > Now obviously this is just speculation And it's incorrect. The MMR didn't get lowered much (usual soft reset), only the leagues did. That's a HUGE difference. Leagues do not affect matchmaking in any way, so despite the massive changes in Leagues, the actual matchmaking did hardly change. People still play against the same kind of players they played against last season.
I have almost every single game platinum players raging me that i should not be in their games, this is not the same kind of players i have been playing with a month ago.
: Im am not raging, lets be honest here, im just trully sad and disappointed for this system or whatever, i like to play rank because is what give fun to the game, when you have to give the most of you (at least for me, as i know people that just play normals), and i really think it´s unfair in all ways, because as it´s a 5 game team play, even if you are Faker the God, you can´t do shit, sorry but it´s a fact.
Sorry did not mean to be condescending, if you would read the whole post you will see what i continue to explain. It is just how the reset works, although i do feel like the reset has changed a little bit, since it should actually increase the chances of a bronze player being placed higher and not lower.
: Riot, where did the match making, hahaha. On vacation? hahaha
A very big problem in first week of seasons, but since the reset has been a harder this year than the previous years(they can claim all they want its definitely not just a soft reset. ) it has a much greater impact. But i also feel like the reset worked differently than previous years, usually it would be something like your mmr + 1200 divided by 2. For example lets say your mmr is 1600 (1600+1200) = 2800 your new mmr 2800/2 = 1400 and now you would play placements and you can up and down from there. What this would mean is that bronze players would actually be placed a little bit higher than they ended last season if they would win placements matches and not just go 0/10. But this year it felt they were just like nah fuck this, lets just decrease everyone's mmr with lets say 600, because why not. Now obviously this is just speculation but i have not heard a single bronze player getting placed higher than they were(which was the norm for 3 years) and I have only heard about INSANE decreases across the bored. Sorry for long post! here is a potato (0).
: Placement Matches stuff thing and so on with a question inside
Has this been your first ever ranked placements?
inarii (EUW)
: is it just me or is sejuani's right arm broken to the back on the dawnchaser skin? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
hmm, funny when a bronze player rages about being in bronze, when there is platinum players landing in bronze. I am a gold player myself, if you are in bronze 5 and you should be silver, it should take you literally 2 weeks tops to get out of it. But do not try to climb for now, wait till January, the game is super difficult for low level players to climb during the first few weeks of a new season. Even for me as a person that has been gold for 4 years in a row, its a struggle to play in silver since you get very good match ups, like low platinum players and even sometimes a random diamond pops up.
: Annie/Syndra
I don't have such an issue with annie, her range is so low that basically any mage can outplay her, have you ever played vs a lux, brand, syndra, xerath, ziggs, karma, anivia, cassio(you cant even flash!!), viktor as annie? goodluck ever getting close enough for any spell. You might not outburst her, but she will rarely get close enough to be a threat. Syndra, I kind of hate but also not really since i see a lot people just suck with her, i do think she might have some r problems, i have seen some one shots with ulti, and her stuns range is suuuuuper far, like honestly wtf, it is already knocking you back and stunning, why the range so damn far? So ye i do feel like she might be really strong but she still has to be played fairly well. As a mage though she should be that strong to be able to actually be worth something, if you take for instance a full tank trundle or poppy, they are going to take her full damage and still walk away with probably more than half their hp.
: Irritated by rank after placements
What annoys me most is that as a bronze player i have to try and get into silver with a bunch of platinum players in my games. How am i suppose to win my lane vs these pros :).
: How does one control the wave?
So with miss fortune freezing is a bit hard since your main harass in lane comes from last hitting minions with your q. Double up is one of the strongest harassing mechanics in the game and makes miss fortune an insane lane bully. You should try not to pick miss fortune into a support that can pull/hook, and if you still get a match like this your w should make it still very easy to dodge these hooks/pull. having said that it is not always possible. So as someone already explained if you want to freeze a lane make sure you last hit the last second, but as soon as the enemy wave becomes too big you need to start using double up, otherwise the minions will push into turret and you would have lost the freeze you have built up. There are however a lot of negatives regarding freezing lanes especially in bot lane. if for instance you would have to recall the enemy can easily deny you a lot of farm, you can also be so pushed in that you just cannot help when a drake is being taken, or someone is getting invaded and you either have to decide if helping them or losing 300 gold + experience to cs is worth it. And even if you feel like it is worth(which you should most of the time) walking through a bunch of minions can kill you just as fast or get you so low that by the time you try to help you are just another easy kill for the enemy. Freezing lanes with a lane bully is most of the time a bit counter productive to be honest.
: Thanks for Bronze 3 Rito (7/10) Elo Hell. Rank system is ****
Not places yet but expecting to get placed in bronze, new bronze is gold, silver is plat and no jokes gold is diamond. but in a month all will be back to normal. But ye the new level 30s are ending 0/13
: You want to be allowed to "shit talking someone that made some horrible plays". Which fits the definition of flaming perfectly. It doesn't matter that you stay away from the most egregious expressions, that is no excuse. But please, do tell me how fun it is for that guy to hear that he's so bad and so on. Or not, I don't give a fuck about anymore of self-serving excuses, I just hope that if you indeed take your fun in the aformentioned way, you'll get perma sooner than later.
Its a sense of sportmanship that you obviously do not get friend. Its more of a way telling someone they messed up and then laughing about it than just trashing them. I am almost always playing in 2 to 4 man premade and when you do this its literally the most fun you can have. This has already improved some of my premades significantly. And yet again Im not talking about trashing someone but i understand that shit talk is not something you completely understand as a concept. Btw i have played since season 1 and I have not even received a single chat ban. So obviously my way of shit talk is not very toxic. I never have any anger or other emotions attached to it so it never gets out of hand, its just for the lols. However I do get that people are sometimes a little bit over the top with flaming, and banning that I have no problem with. But banning someone when they are just pointing out a pretty stupid mistake like a flash or just a jump into a 4v1 is not that harmful. But im guessing you do not play a lot with premades so you do not get the humour, and that's fine.
: Say, idea of bashing you over the head with a crowbar sounds like fun. You wouldn't have anything agains me giving it a shot, right? Flaming might be "fun" for a single guy who dishes it out. Such people are commonly referred to as "assholes" or other, less flattering terms. For others involved it lessens the fun from the game. And of course I can empathize with your view that your fun is more important than their's. It is understandable to be selfish, you play League for fun, your fun is what you care about. Riot however are selfish too and they like when total net fun of people in the game is as high as possible - it maximizes chances that someone will leave some money in Store. Which does not go hand in hand with flaming. Hence their policy. I'd also like to point out, that for patch after patch you have agreed to Terms of Use, which forbid flaming. Even if it goes against your personal beliefs and ruins your fun you are obliged to keep those rules. And if you don't like it - start your own moba. With blackjack. And hookers.
: Ranked reset: Who benefits?
HOLY !!!!!! this guy is asking the real questions RIOT!
Faca5 (EUW)
: Riot treats this community like oversensitives infants...
One of my favourite things in league is the hilarious flaming, honestly this game would be boring AF if flaming would stop, and i am not talking about wishing cancer, i am talking about shit talking someone that made some horrible plays. This should be allowed since it makes the game waaaaay more fun. Even though i do not really take part of flame, i still find it entertaining like hell. Obviously there are limits but come on, people should not be so sensitive, if you get upset sooo easily by shit talk how do you even survive in the real world? League teaches you one of the best skills in life, and that is to be able to still perform when told you are utterly crap, and motivates you to improve.
UpZone (EUW)
: After 6 Years
I do not understand at all what you guys mean about abusing an afk system. If my team would lose a game and i got flamed the whole game for playing bad(we all have bad games) there is no way in hell i would leave so they lose less LP. I would rather stay online try my best to continue and recover and if we lose the flamers lose the full amount of LP. If you have a duo that leaves you should be punished the full amount as well, since you are part of the problem. Now tell me how the hell do you abuse this system?
: Got 2 week ban for inting a single game AMA
i cant think they would ban you for just one game, except if the chat was also suuuper bad. I mean i litteraly have an account where i only play singed ending with stats like 0/15/2 and i have still not get banned?
IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Honor Initiative feedback system
Great idea!, maybe an icon or something, not that i want the icon(not one of those free stuff please guys). It would just help fire the incentive.
Koson (EUW)
: Fountain bug
only thing like that that has happened to me was that just a blank map spawns, like no champs no minions, clean map and then you have to dc and reconnect.
: Why I'm Disgusted that Riot has enabled autofill
Okay so I kind of agree with you since i have a few smurfs i sometimes have this problem, I would however as someone already mentioned just go full ad page and full Ap page. the attack really does not matter in such a way that going ad kata mid for instance does. Also by now you should expect a zed or yasuo ban so maybe main something else? But regarding runes and rune pages i do feel like they are overpriced. I have played league for 4 years every single day before i could get all champs with 13 rune pages and basically all the runes. I have played this game more than 10000 hours and i still cannot buy 20 runes pages? hmmm seems weird to me. I have 3 other accounts that are also level 30 which 2 of them are gold and the one is silver. I have more than 500 games on the silver one, and I have no champions(less than 30 which some of them are like 450 champs and 1350 champs ). I just do not feel like buying rune pages are worth it for a champ trade of so i understand how frustrating it can be. It might be that people say yes but riot has to make money, well i have spend a lot of riot points on league, and not once was it for anything i could have bought with IP so that is sort of a bs argument(and i am sure i am not in the minority with this.).
: **Placements - The Amazing expirience!** - How it works
Most people should know this by now, but you stil get some turds that do not understand this. But flex q, that thing is broken, i even had a game where a diamond got placed in mid silver. I am also pretty low silver, which is fine since i ended as gold V, but wtf why plats and diamonds in my game!
doom maker1 (EUNE)
: They`re reworking the rune system completely, and besides, nobody uses scaling runes except for hp/lvl and cdr/lvl
That's the whole point, nobody uses them since they are almost always useless. Having the option to trade of a good mid to late game vs a good early and mid is waaaaaaaay better than always taking the early game. Also things like having scaling energy or flat energy is almost the most useless thing i have seen in my life. Why do they exist if they have no actual influence in the game what so ever? I have almost every single rune and have tried out each one. things like percentage health for instance is also insanely underpowered. Even if you would get every single health item and all the possible bonuses, armor and even just flat health is still twice as good. I cannot wait for the rune rework, but they have also said this every season and then like 2 things gets changed that has almost no effect on the game anyway.
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Tenchev (EUW)
: Riot's secret favourite server. A story about date style, timezones and IP boosts
Yeah this a weird thing to see to be honest, especially things like the date and time, I do feel like it was not always like this though, i might be wrong. Even though it is also not such a big deal and they probably will have some excuse for it, its the little things that makes you feel professional as a company. Btw its definitely worth the time to fix this.
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Stemw3 (EUW)
: Poppy/TF Assassin? (Store-Bug)
Well twisted fate makes sense in some ways but poppy is just weeeeeeeird
chill22518 (EUNE)
: H e didn't become worse, it's just people became better.
Ye that is true, I do not think he is not great but a lot of people caught up.
: They won the Season 3 worlds. Season 4 was SSW. And also, half the team has changed. Faker, contrary to popular belief, is human and has human weaknesses. Solo carrying in competitive is impossible, even for Faker, especialy if your team synergy is not optimal
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