Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion makes you feel happy when you play it no matter if you win or lose? ^.^
I don't feel happy playing any champion when it's not going well
Elígoss (EUW)
: testing, just ignore
Just testing for his "HOW TO GET INSANE FREE KARMA ON EUW BOARDS TRICK (GONE WRONG)" video coming up
: Every goddamn time
But then you realise yasuo is the jungler {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Dexsy (EUNE)
: About the capsule abuse
Still blaming the people who abused it instead of the company. Acting all holy as if you guys wouldn't abuse the bug ^^ Riot should revert the capsules, and yes they can do that, they did it before.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: how about you crybabies shut it already-. even if whole server went on strike riot wouldnt lose anything. they would shut down the servers and call it a day, make a new game and carry on
No game they make will ever raise the amount of money League of Legends does. However a few people not spending rp wont change a thing
: stop banning for toxicity
Heavier chat restrictions. Toxic behaviour in chat should be punished by ways of chat. If behaviour translate to gameplay it should become bans. Chat restriction should be less pings and no chat at all. Idc that u cant communicate, u %%%%ed up for being toxic, u lost that privilege.
Antenora (EUW)
: Friends should show on the in client version
Oh wow never even realised it was on client, thanks it does show up there (for some reason)
Rioter Comments
Suptra (EUW)
: i will never spend any money on RP again in this game, i've been supporting the game over the past few years with more money than the usual person and this just piss me off, riot is a small indie company which apparently prioritize the abusers over the legitimate supporters of the game i used to spend a lot of RP on my own account but also i bought a lot of Rp for my girlfriend here is proof that i spended 3453 euros since i started (if you convert all the valutas together it is 3453 euros) im sure riot lose a lot of ign Whales on this error which they will have to make up for in RP cost of the average player:)
Maybe this is a good thing, to make your realise that spending over 3k on a game is actually insane, and you should probably find someone to help you with money management
: new prestige Aatrox was a mistake
Wait what is this weird paralel universe where people don't even wanna know how much they spend so they can keep spending? Why would you want these tricks to be used? Just because the feeling of spending 100 euro in one go is awful, it is suddenly okay to spend 5 bucks over some time to a total of 100 euro? These tricks are very gambling like, which is usually 18+ and 21+ (casinos) but instead for 13+. In casinos people are at least aware that you will lose a lot of money, in League of Legends people who are more vulnerable to these gambling-like tactics have no clue that they are spending so much, untill it is all spent. Delete the entire lootbox system (gambling authorities in Europe have already banned a few games for lootboxes) and replace it with a pass. Pay a few bucks and get new stuff every so often. Show what the player is getting instead of giving chances of getting stuff.
: Higher than normal ms (latency)
: Dude.. I'm used to this.. It's called "The EUNE Server" people on this server are just like that..
It's same on EUW, but they usually don't hang around on boards
: the ping in Turkish server is same in euw we need another one also if they make one you will lose something ? why you dont want middle east server ?
It's not about wanting, it's not like they can just put a server in a country boom like that, for sure not in more corrupt countries
Rioter Comments
Rizer (EUNE)
: The Turkish server is no good from EU It maybe be worse Turkey already has a close server EUNE So I see no need to the Turkish server to be made . Just saying
Like the other guy said, there is already a Turkish server, which is a lot closer to the Middle-East than EUNE server
: [SPOILER] Community Boards Updates
Why not using something like [green] text [/green] instead of these impossible to remember codes _***~~help~~***_
Rizer (EUNE)
: Middle East
I think Riot already said that thanks to some policies of some countries they couldn't, and you should play Turkish server, way closer>better ping
CJXander (EUNE)
: 9 Games in pre-season, instantly regreting
You lose 7 out of 9 games and feel bad about it? I have lost 25 out of 30 games back in season 8, but I got back up and kept climbing. It can happen
: Is it viable to climb as support?
Doesn't matter dude. Play whatever you like, you can climb with any role.
: If those guys don't know how to play around her or have wrong itemisation. I'm not saying that she's weak, I'm just saying that on a normal situation she can't delete a tank
The only reason for that is because the game is decided in 15 minutes, so if an Irelia is behind she cant go that insane mode because late game never really happens
: I know it seems that way but it isn't that simple: all the support and tanks top/jungle are actually trying to keep their brain-damaged adc alive. Of course, individually they are trying less than a 10/0 bruiser who needs to think about hitting skillshots, when to engage, when to use their defensive abilities, ecc ecc. The problem is that riot needs to decide who deserves to win: a whole team putting in medium effort and skills to keep the adc alive and well, or the guy playing a bruiser who is going above and beyond to carry his %%%%%%ed team. If it was for me I would obviously say the bruiser needs to win since he is better than any other individual in the enemy team. The sooner we answer to this question the quicker we can get the game in a position where some of us will find annoying, but at least doesn't upset everyone like the situation is right now
Your theory is constantly based on the fact that you are doing great work by keeping your adc alive. If the meta truly does shift back to tanks/support and hyper carry you literally can't do anything when your adc is even slightly bad. He misssteps once and you lose the teamfight. No matter how much effort you put into engage, hitting skillshots and when to use defensive abilities it won't matter. If your adc is worse than the enemy adc, you wont be able to change the outcome of the game. I like this meta because I can play support (a role I like because I can focus on other things than farm simulator) without having my games be decided by my adc.
: First a few seconds is a looot in league. Second, there is no way a 3/8 irelia would pop a full Sejuani unless she is really behind and irelia lands all her combo with all the resets. Having {{item:3075}} and {{item:3110}} will make her kill herself before she kills you lol... And it will reduce her attack speed by quite a lot.
I dont think you have played vs an Irelia. Once she gets a few items it doesn't matter that she is behind, she still destroys everyone
: Amen ! Finally someone has spoken the truth. You can't imagine how much I've been trying to explain this to people. Adcs are still very strong, they just need a real support and a team around them. Having a {{champion:63}} supp is not helping at all. The real problem is the champions popularity and people's mentality. Everybody want to pick a squishy champion that deals tons of damage from top to support. It's only normal that everybody will pop like bubbles and people are gonna start complaining "There is too much damage "Adcs are weak". Play a real team comp and everything will work really fine. Team play will always win. But yeah, everyone wants to do flashy plays nowadays and things are more focused around cool champs like {{champion:39}} and {{champion:84}} . In my opinions, I think it's quite healthy for adc's to be mindless point a click. Because their role is to be marksmen that hits you from afar and can deal constant damage in opposite to assassin's or mages who relies on burst and don't really mind dying after they finished their whole spell rotation. Adc's only become good late game so if the enemies aren't able to beat them in their weaker state (early game / mid game), they should deserve to be stronger and win since they played smarter and reached their win condition. I believe this is where team comps and team play comes in play about how to reach your win condition and how to deal with the enemies.
In this meta u do need a brand or zyra support. They %%%% the enemy team up for you untill you are strong enough to do it yourself. Why would we want a 'real team comp'. Back to season 6, 2-3 tanks minimal and 1 adc being the only useful damagedealer. It's so boring to play. Now you don't have to depend on your team as much. Now I can join a game, see my adc not even able to lasthit half the minions, but not feel bad about losing 20 lp. Because I have a chance to win this game, not through my adc being the only useful dmg dealer, but because me and the rest of the team have the tools to win the game
FleaLess (EUNE)
: you can sort them by price, so i dont think you really a new one for it
I usually sort them by price, high to low and ignore everything above the BE I have
: This isnt funny anymore. League of legends 2016 (and before) vs 2018.
Oh yes back in the good old days, when literally everyone was crying about tanks being too op. It's like, no matter how the game is, people will complain. Now we complain about dmg, but when they reverse it people would just start complaining about tanks again. Yeah remember season 5, 2 full tanks minimum in pro-games. Extremely boring the entire first 30 minutes of the game tbh
: I hear ya, I just started, but already deinstalling the game. I've won maybe 5% of the games I played. Almost 75% of the time somebody on my team leaves in the first few minutes. This is just total crap and it makes me sick. This aint a game, games are supposed to be fun, this isn't.
Think it's good to leave the game when it makes u feel bad. Good luck!
Darmuka (EUW)
: New Summoner Spell, involving pets...
People already whine about the runes, how would this, introducing a huge complicating mechanic, do anything good for the game?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: League of Legends turrets are made out of paper and that should not be the case
Well its a difficult thing to balance. Make them too tanky and the lead u get u can't even snowball with. Might aswell not get a lead at all and go for 0 fights for 30 minutes. Make them too weak and the game is decided in 15 minutes, ended in 25-30. Season 8 has been the latter, however I think they are bringing more lategame back
Tenjiin (EUW)
: Playing against Nasus
People always claim Nasus is unstoppable beast if he gets fed, yet I disagree. Perfect example of this was a game a while back: Enemy nasus was smashing in lane, had over 500 stacks in the late game. He seemed unstoppable but at the point when the 5v5 teamfights started happening as the only option to get any objective he became rather useless. Yes he could nearly oneshot the adc, but he could never get to our backline. Even if he goes full tank, he still gets dropped pretty quick when 5 people are hitting him. His weakness is that he is easy to be countered in teamfight due to his lack of mobility. However the game is more than just late game 5v5s. You just have to accept that when Nasus gets 1-2 items u most likely can't beat him 1v1 as riven. High lifesteal champions or tanks can beat him during that period. His lane is indeed weak, it could be better to just push in and look for roams instead. Get your jungler ahead is in my opinion 5 times more important than if Nasus gets 100 stacks more or less. Another issue is his insane dmg to turrets. You cant let him alone in a side lane for long before he takes an inhib. Yet unlike great splitpush champions like Tryndamere/Udyr who have high ms or a short cd dash (trynda e) that can run when enemies try to collapse, Nasus doesnt have this. He can slow 1 person, but with 3 people u can easily punish when he splits. So what you can do in lane when your team is not around: Pressure early game, get map controll. When your team is around he should be easily taken down, and collapse if he tries to split
vladiq (EUW)
: League Rewind 2018: Most Viewed LoL Twitch Clips 2018
Still upvoting your own posts I see
Northuice (EUW)
: Season 8 preason mmr farming -> Season 9 placements
Plat 3 to diamond 4 is 3 elos, dont expect to get placed 4 elos higher. However, diamond 4 usually got placed in mid-plat, where as plat 3 usually got placed high gold/low plat. So there could be a difference yeah. Placements also influence tho
: Dark Harvest in its current state is not good for the gameplay of Aram
It used to be op af yes, just like old dh before that got nerfed aswell. Yet sure 1 mf e triggers it, but its far from an execute. If you pay more attention to targets getting hit by a small dmg ability you notice how little dmg it actually does.
Lumji (EUW)
: Is it worth to play support in your opinion?
It's a more forgiving role imo. I also play adc but when you are losing you are totally useless. As support u never really feel useless (unless you play shielders maybe). Also, since im not Asian or female, focussing on many tasks at once isn't really something that works for me. So not having to farm give me the ability to be more focussed on the game for the entire team instead of just my lane.
: Actually it’s an intresting fact about the boards. We’ve had these polls turn up before, and every time support is the most popular... it’s because if you look at the board regulars here a lot of us tend to be support players, for whatever reason. So while support is still the least popular role there’s just a high concentration of them lurking around here, though we never really found out why there’s such a high support population in the boards.
Yes, same with discord. I think if a player mains support, they are more likely to be looking for contact outside of the game as in discord and on the Boards
: It would be very worrying to see someone with a child still wasting his time on a VIDEO GAME
Stupidest comment of the week award goes to!!!!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Pathfinding problems in Nexus Blitz
It's not the pathfinding, it's the hitboxes of the wall that cause the problem. Middel horizontal wall, if u click just above the wall it will send u to under the wall
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: 7 days until Christmas! What is your wish? ^^
Getting rid of the Lootbox system. Sure free stuff is nice, but let people consciously buy what they **actually** want. (Riot knows very well they make a shit ton more money with the lootbox system compared to people buying the skin they want directly)
: i don't have level 7 teemo O_o i think i'm level 5 with him, shaco is like level 4...the hell are you smoking? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Why u gotta react so rude? You are only making yourself look, not smart.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Impossible Daily?
It's random im pretty sure, so if there are like 8 events and u only get 3-4 every game there is the possibility that you don't get 1 event for 10 games
: If bots quoting the wrong phrases is the only thing that you have to complain about, then I think that you must be happy with the rest of the game.
It's at least an tangible specific problem. Either wrong or right, instead of issues like balancing and inting which are harder to fix, or even try to fix
: I was just planned to play some ranked flex with friends they need a fifth player. I'm a partypooper apperently
It's okay, just convince them to play normals with u ;p
: Iron IV after first match
Ive seen everyone get placed in bronze 3 or lower. Why do people care so much about pre-season ranked, I don't get it
: Could you guys add ARURF
Imo ARURF and URF should stay away. Only brought dissapointment and hate. As a mode in nexus blitz its perfect. Not long enough to really whine about matchups like in a full game
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: then they should buff it?
Just like many things league has removed or reworked, some things are really impossible to balance. Being useless in lower elo but op in high elo just because of a small buff, it happens often.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Which champions do you hate?
{{champion:122}} Without insane winrate still always manages to 1v2 1v3 even when like 0/4
Rioter Comments
: Cough Actually telling the truth about RIot Games (the company itself) and quotes real articles Cough Cough Play Blue Shen 99% of the time when a teamate ban volontary Shaco which is legit because they wanna loose Cough Cough Starting to juge and hate people at the first sight without thinking a little bit is not a good way bros, you don t know why he is "toxic" and how he became "toxic" yet you already hate him that hard, kinda sad tho :/
I was a fan of him. I followed most of the controversy. Sure he pointed out things about this game which cause frustration. But inting and full on flaming is never justified. He got caught up with it, went down a bad path. Most of his loyal fans, like me, got to the point where it was enough. I was done with him, he went too far. But okay keep believing
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DutchPro,realm=EUW,application-id=EfgkoU7I,discussion-id=oWtVLJ8c,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-12-07T16:27:19.004+0000) > > You are both saying the same thing He said it's definitely becoming permanent# _dude, they said from the very start that Nexus Blitz WILL be a permanent game mode_ It's not guaranteed ... yet. It all depends on how much play this round gets.
They did say they are looking to make it into a permanent mode. The fact that they give as a side note that if the mode doesn't do well in alpha they will make it a RGM doesn't take away the fact they are aiming to make it a permanent mode. You are both right. But hey, league players never want to agree with eachother so why do I even bother
: Got 14-day suspension
Probably threathening to kill someone not the best idea, however if there aren't more games u are hiding from us im sure you can get an unban
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nemitora,realm=EUW,application-id=EfgkoU7I,discussion-id=oWtVLJ8c,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-07T13:28:55.932+0000) > > dude, they said from the very start that Nexus Blitz WILL be a permanent game mode. they also said they will be giving it 2 test runs for about 3 ~4 weeks each to work out the kinks, re-balance for that map specifically and see what kind of events people do and don't like, so don't worry You're wrong. They said the following.. "If Nexus Blitz shows decent play rates and seems in good demand, it will remain permanent. If not it will become an RGM"
You are both saying the same thing
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