: the case
Case? If you mean bundles, then the price gets lowered for items you already possess. If you mean hextech chests, then the shards you have can be held onto until a new champion is released to unlock it for free.
: Regarding the Taric rework, perceived masculinity and sexuality.
To clarify: I think Taric's new design is amazing and I love how there's so many different types of champions/physiques out there. I just think he's just as much man as Gragas, Braum and Ezreal are ^^.
: What's going on here? Having seen the Taric pictures, I really need to state that it's about time to start a QQ about Rito publishing beautiful men in the game. Recently there was a post here about sexism and the women being too .... "womanlike" --- and now this? I feel unjustly treated; this is sexism. While the last few female champs were pretty UN-female, what's the point in throwing out such a thing? If women aren't allowed to have boobs, why have the men broad shoulders? If women aren't allowed to wear kinky clothes, why is Taric running around bare-breasted? This is not fair. And no, I am not gay.
Interesting point of view. I don't mind any type of sexualisation/idealisation, as long as it done equally. I think Riot is doing a decent job at it. That doesn't mean I don't see your concern :).
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Pandour (EUNE)
: - Common....there is a BIG difference like I said. Only delusional and naive people would say there is no difference. I told you in the other comment that ok maybe ur case is exceptional, 1 of the very few, but in most general it's an older person taking advantage of a naive teenager. - No, I'm not that type of a guy. I'm one of those who find this system really stupid (the turning adult at 18). - Sorry but no, I "wouldn't like" a 24 y/o trying to take advantage of my easily manipulable 16 y/o daughter .
The issue isn't the "possibility of a young girl OR GUY getting manipulated", the issue is that you're saying it is morally wrong to date a younger girl. Tout court. > Of course I can find a teenage girl to date but that's just wrong and you know it. It's either you are an a**hole and a player guy, or a loser who cannot date someone around his own age. It's really simple ! You're constructing a strawman fallacy, you're explaining your original quote by bringing forward a tangential argument and using that one to prove your point. Nobody is being taken advantage of in most situations, but you're using that as the main focus of your argument. > (Btw most 16 y/o people are NOT old enough to make their own decisions, and shouldn't this be considered a pedophile case ?) It's only a pedophile case in some countries (which should honestly get over themselves), and 16 years old IS old enough to make your own decisions. It's not like you're telling a chick to "tug on my winky and get some candy", at that age they realize well enough what you're asking. It also bothers me TERRIBLY how you seem to be certain that only young girls can be taken advantage of. Any person can be taken advantage of, no matter the sex.
: He did not adress you so why the f are you replying on his forum? Or are you having trouble to read?
This IS a community board where everyone is allowed to comment.
Pandour (EUNE)
: Dude... I'm 24, last time I had a gf I was 18 and still I'm not low enough to "date" (take advantage) of a even 18 years old girl ... wtf.. Of course I can find a teenage girl to date but that's just wrong and you know it. It's either you are an a**hole and a player guy, or a loser who cannot date someone around his own age. It's really simple !
Or maybe they are two people who really like each other and can do whatever they want? They are both old enough to make their own decisions. A lot of people don't date people around their own age, and I actually like guys who are older than me as well.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Ahem* I understand but i really don't like 25 minute snowball-fest games that are literally stomps and have no play-around. I hope THIS gets patched and then i'm cool with it when the average game actually lasts 30-35 minutes.
It's a preseason patch, I'm sure they're going to iron out the quirks ^^
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: no no no i have him **but **all what i say is that i noticed that he isnt free since along time ago
Ah, like that! My apologies for the misunderstanding then, but yeah, you're correct. If I am not mistaken, there's an algorithm that decides which champions end up in the free champion pool, so I guess there's no helping it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uZXEXH7A,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-16T10:23:52.034+0000) > > as i mentioned before > if 1% = 10 > then 100% = 100 (10*100). > Now please tell me, on what AD character you will have over 1000 AD at lv 18? > > to be worth your statement of saying that its less than 1% > same thing for AP characters. To be worth 1% or less, you must have over 1500AP Tell me. How much increase the damage if u have 10 ad more , cause you have to calculate that spell have a ratio in it too and you talked about Mf wich ult stacks with a really low ratio. so please i rather always (since start) 2% of life steal than 10 ad at lvl18 since he will heal me 2% of my damages. Another thing , both mastery are pretty useless and i think that is better to fix them actually. I'm not saying that 2% is good i'm saying that 2% lifesteal/spellwamp is better than 10/15 ad/ap at lvl 18
10 AD is a 120 dmg increase on MF's ult.
: A joke but the sad truth. This community cannot handle any change. They always talk about "the good old days of..." like they are these wise men that has an understanding for life. XD
You mean the Good Old Days when all ADC built the same 4 items? You mean the Good Old Days when most champions had boring point and click abilities? You mean the Good Old Days when everything looked bad? You mean the Good Old Days when some champions were hardly playable? I could go on :P But yeah, it's inherent of human nature to fear change, even though it's often for the better. Lighten up summoners, this game gets better with every patch! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Ive looked up your match history on and I see your last 3 games you got carried by a xin and veigar, why dont you make up a post, thx riot for giving me free LP. I also see you aren't doing great sometimes 0/7/1 as Janna, and you just had a bad game. But you didn't do that on purpose did you? No, they just had a bad game, just like you sometimes have.
You definitely killed his swagger. Kudos to you! But yeah, most of these threads are written in a blind rage during which the OP is most unreasonable.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: I am sorry you feel this way, the in game match making is based on your personal MMR across each game mode. In regards to being matched with a team that does not troll, AFK or Feed, while I cannot guarantee that your team will not die I do know that if you play with 9 bot's in a custom game they will not troll or AFK. I hope this helps.
OP is going to need a whole lot of water to recover from that burn, but I get your point. Isn't there a statistical higher chance for the enemy team to contain a "troll"? After all, you get matched with 4 randoms vs 5 randoms. So you're the only differentiating factor from your point of view. Ergo, you end up in the rank you belong. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
RageFuel (EUW)
: Kog'Maw Bio-Arcane Barrage (W) Idea!
{{champion:101}} used to have an ability called "Locus of Power" (don't quote me on the name though). Which was functionally the same thing. Because it was clunky and annoying to use they removed it though. I do not think this would work well on koggy at all either, for the same reasons. Keep in mind that if you want to get the full dmg out of Bio-Arcane Barrage, you already have to be standing still.
: Idea for a new Anivia's R
Hello Crystal Paladin, Your suggestion is interesting, but it doesn't fit Anivia's playstyle nor lore. While it is true that a phoenix is sometimes known for bursting into flames, they will generally only do this at the end of their lifespan. The flames actually kill the phoenix (like in Harry Potter for example) and the phoenix gets reborn from the ashes of it's own former body. Anivia, on the other hand is a **cryophoenix**, which literally means "ice-phoenix". Her rebirth is already represented in her passive, the rest of her kit refers to her role as the Guardian of Freljord. She's basically the personification of the Freljord, which is why she has the ability to bring blizzards etc to the battlefield. Suggestions are always nice though :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
bigambrus (EUNE)
: Game is really unfun atm
Really? Because I haven't had that much fun in ages :D.
Xiffy (EUW)
: What the heck is Kindred???
If you look at {{champion:203}}'s R in a vacuum, it might seem like the skill benefits no team, but that just isn't true. Seeing as you're the one controlling the ult, just pop it when You need it. This shoudl mean it's always in the benefit of your team. I've actually seen it being used really well to disrupt teamfights or to extend them long enough for your other members to arrive.
Light Show (EUNE)
: I get it. But I would rather have it because it would help to hear "hey watch out zed is coming bot" far more than a couple of pings. It would help those who can't really pay attention to the chat or the minimap if I could directly tell them some critical information. Or imagine if I see some Shaco orange dust on a lane that I'm not on (I main jungle). I literally have 1 second to tell someone "SHACO TOP/BOT/MID" and he has that same second to read and react. I understand he should be able to realize that as well but if he does not it would be very helpful to hear it from someone.
Hmm, have you played Smite? They have a nice command system which allows you to give more precise info using a combo of keys (like VF2 makes you character shout "MIDDLE LANE MISSING"). I actually really like that system, what do you think about something like that?
: Victorious Sivir splash, underwhelming ?
It's actually much better than the others in my opinion. The J4 especially is "meh".
Light Show (EUNE)
: also don't get me wrong but it's kinda insulting when people say this game is superior to dota 2 when such a team orientated game does not allow players to directly communicate with each other without stopping them from moving around of performing any action.
LoL and Dota are equals to each other (and so are most other games in the genre), they just excel at different things. I actually enjoy both games, but I've kinda let Dota slide until they release Abyssal Underlord. I do agree that the lack of voice-chat in league is an issue, but I feel as though the open voice-chat in Dota is an issue as well when there are people only speaking Russian or having background noises. There were occasions where I tried to speak to pêople, only for them not to react and say "My sound is not on" after 20 minutes of saying stuff :P. I feel as though an ingame voicechat is nice, but it would have to be implemented really well.
: You have no clue what OP even ment. People quit RS because of combat system update.
And a lot of people stayed because of the combat update. RS combat was stale, outdated and downright boring. EoC did loads of good for the game.
Light Show (EUNE)
: Look I know but... I also don't care. See that's what you people don't understand. Good behaviour should come from both sides. For example if you are a calm player with good manners that does not flame and rage ingame then this feature should affect you in no way whatsoever. The guy flaming you can still be muted and with this feature you will only gain a easier way to communicate with those who are as calm and friendly as you are. What will end up happening is that flamers will just rage at each other (as they are via ingame chat anyway) and normal people will get to talk and communicate easier. If it does not bother you that someone is flaming you via messages in the chat then it should not bother you if he is doing it via voice chat either + that from my dota 2 experience (4K hours). It's far more fun hearing a voice that did not even hit puberty yet yell at you "f*ck you nub! I hope you die!". Helps me understand who I'm playing with.
But it does bother me that people flame in chat (check my older posts if you will), and i feel like muting is a really negative action to take. In Dota, the damage was usually done before I had the chance to mute someone, and I always felt sour afterwards.
Melonizer (EUW)
: Star Guardian Garen
YES, ALL OF MY YES. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Am I on tilt?
Take a breather, watch a relaxing video or listen to some music. Going for a walk/run is wonderful as well. When you've cleared your mind, you can try again. Don't give up, but give your mind some rest from time to time! Good luck! :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: So how long for Irelia nerfs?
Better nerf {{champion:39}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Light Show (EUNE)
: That's the Riot way of saying "Valve is far superior to us"
Dota 2 voice-chat is actually a nightmare. Imagine the flamers from LoL flaming, YELLING even in their mic. Oftentimes in a language nobody understands.
PoroChan (EUW)
: I do have heavy ranked anxiety as well. This basically tracks to being afraid of losing, being told I am not good enough, losing too many LP, being verbally abused which all track back to my anxiety of violence. I usually try to find somebody I can trust to hop on ranked with. It is one less threat to me and one more reason to worry less. Now, you may have two possible things going on: Low self esteem: You look too much at the negativities about you and having others critize, flame you will confim these negative aspects, it is a self fullfilling prophecy. Highly sensitive: Feeling stronger, deeper. Also... uh, I dont want to step too close to you. It is the feeling I receive when reading the comments down bellow: "But wouldn't it be more ethically correct for others to just not flame? Is it really fair to tell someone they can't play a game if they can't deal with how offensive some others are, if the others are the ones participating in the offensive action?" This is 2 things. First, it is right, it would be more ethical. But we spoil your children to hell, entitle them and make them become shits when they grow up by giving them too much and protect them from feeling bad too much. Second, I am sorry to tell you, but this is an excuse set up in your mind to give you a reason to not face your anxiety. Basically your anxiety is using a cheat to keep you protected from what you perceive as harmful. One advice: just mute them at minute 1 and the game will be very relaxing and very quiet. Report for refusing to communicate has already been removed.
This comment was actually very insightful, especially regarding the things you said I could have going on: I am a very sensitive person, I get easily offended and easily feel bad for other people (that's why other people getting flamed annoys me as well). I used to cry a lot as kid actually (good thing I'm over that). I've always have had a low self-esteem due to my family situation (divorced parents which tried to use me against each other) which reflects itself in my actions as well. I just wish people would be nice for each other unconditionally (like you guys are here in this thread). There's enough bad stuff the world throws at us already. I feel like muting people before they've started flaming isn't fair either. That way I'm not giving people the chance to act nicely.
: > [{quoted}](name=DytjeSaurr,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WJdh03iE,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2015-11-06T14:08:51.607+0000) > > There's not a single person who never makes mistakes. > > Even in companies, people aren't valued by how little mistakes they make, but by how they fix them. Again extremely wrong way of interpretation , and using all kind of cliches. Althou people "do mistakes" at some point, you can avoid doing mistakes for a fixed period of time. And as I tried to explain it to you, people can make no mistake and still lose. Your logic of lack of mistakes leading to endless games is wrong. And I tried to explain it to you - expectation of making mistakes leads to mistakes. Verry, verry unhealthy attitude.
I believe you have me confused with the OP. Expecting mistakes is an unhealthy attitude indeed, and a lack of mistakes will definitely not lead to an endless game. The **possibility** of mistakes is generally calculated in, but one should aim to make as little as possible.
Eambo (EUW)
: Suggestions for champions to play?
You should pick up {{champion:127}}, she's evil, cool and powerful! I think she's also loads of fun to play. If you like {{champion:89}}, you might like {{champion:201}} as well. {{champion:266}} might also be your thing. Have a wonderful day :3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Zirve (EUW)
Congratulations! :)
: Maybe it's right in the real wolrd, but this is a game and people just say bad things just to have fun sadly, if you can't deal with that then you will not be able to play online games ever.
But wouldn't it be more ethically correct for others to just not flame? Is it really fair to tell someone they can't play a game if they can't deal with how offensive some others are, if the others are the ones participating in the offensive action? Don't get me wrong though, I agree with you. I only have control over my own actions, so those are the only ones limiting me from doing what I want. I just think that it is morally incoherent. I should just let it slide :P.
: > [{quoted}](name=pistachio,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WJdh03iE,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-06T13:27:53.844+0000) > > lol would be just one endless game.... so stop being so mad about every Little Thing that goes wrong in a game... summoners fuck up thats how this game works.... > this "Why?" after every missplay is just stupid. You can make no mistake and still lose. You logic is wrong, and your "expectation" of mistakes is even harmful.
There's not a single person who never makes mistakes. Even in companies, people aren't valued by how little mistakes they make, but by how they fix them.
: the spooky skins are out!
Might get SpookyWu as well this weekend :D
: Come on man stop caring what people say to you online as an online game vet, i learned that you just have to give a fuck, it's not just lol, every online game it's full of toxic people, i just laugh at the thigs they say xD
I'm unable to "shake it off" as Taylor Swift would say. It's in my nature to take everything personal, but I do realize that you are right and I should give 0 fucks. I just value the opinion of others a lot.{{item:3151}} Thanks for the comment :D
: Think that you need to start somewhere, and go into it thinking you'll probably land in Wood 5. And that's okay. It's just a different experience, still the same game you've been loving and playing for so long. Besides, if you do decide it's not worth it, might as well try a few ranked games first, nothing's gonna happen until you complete the 10 placement games anyways. So, just decide on trying a couple, click on that "ranked" button and understand that it's just the same old SR you've been playing all this time, there will not be a dragon on the other end waiting to eat you. Unless you go at it at level 3, then he might eat you :D Best of luck!
I **might** try ranked once the new season hits, clean slate and all. I'm just scared of the metaphorical dragons in my own team verbally devouring me :P Thanks for the nice comment! :3
Encrux (EUW)
: There's nothing more effective than simply jumping into the cold water. Just try it. Keep your expectations low, so it's easier to exceed them. Don't get mad about losing games, it happens. What really helps me to not go on tilt is simply not looking at your LP. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing "-24" after a long(maybe frustrating) game. The game will become more competitive in ranked and therefore your allies' mood can change rather easily. Be warned and have fun!
I'm not scared of the LP, I'm scared of the anti-funness that it -in my mind- entails. I'm scared of people flaming me because I've built {{item:3508}}. Or because I healed the wrong person as {{champion:16}}. You're probably right about the cold water thing though! Thanks for the nice comment! :D
Azzazhell (EUNE)
: Give the old skins some love rito!
Well, I have loads of old skins as well, but see it this way: You've been able to use the skins as they are up to now, which means that you got what you paid for. We didn't pay for a skin that gets updated ever so often, we paid for one in the state they were upon release. They'll probably get updated when the character itself gets an update (e.g. Kassadin and Gangplank). **Allow me to bring up the following analogy:** The year is 1962, and you've managed to save up some money from your job in the potato factory. You -excitedly- go to the car dealer and buy a nice Chevrolet Impala with your savings. You're pround of your chevy and show it off to everyone you meet. Years go by and as you age, so does your car. Soon enough, it can't keep up with all of these new cars that are getting released. You decide to go to the car dealer, now a nearly retired fellow and tell him the following: > I love the new cars, but my 40-year old impala can't compare to the newer cars. The dashboard is really mehish and now the new Suzuki is absolutely gorgeous. > Also, if you don't have time to upgrade my car for free, why not lower the price and pay me back the difference? Because in my opinion it's not really fair for us "veterans". I bought this car in the past to support you, and now you have a huge garage and that's thanks to us right? Of course this is an analogy, but it does point out the flaw in your reasoning. The skin don't need to get an update, you've been using them to your satisfaction for a while and some have even been put into a legacy vault which means that they are essentially collectibles. Have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
raishinari (EUNE)
: Ekko, Diana, Fizz and maybe ... Ahri?
They all have their own strengths, but {{champion:103}} is the easiest to play, while {{champion:245}} is probably the strongest. I would prefer {{champion:131}} though.
MacDeath (EUW)
: I would recommend to play with friends (like duoQ) or if you're in the right mood and able to bear your fellow summoners. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thanks for the advice! Most of my friends play ARAM-only though (because I met most of them there).
bs17 (EUNE)
: Need a good name for Brand main
A Brand New World You Have Been Branded Burn Baby Burn Brimfire All Fired Up Not a Flamer It IS hot in here Burning Up {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: He said: "So after playing a freaking ranked game with a trolling feeding fizz".... I think that's clear enough. If that Fizz had just a bad game and tried to play for victory at least, this guy would not waste time by posting some threads on Friday afternoon.
> Because he purposely ran from fights and turrets when he could defend or fight, he had mana, he had full HP in most cases. They removed the unskilled player report so I went with this one. Also if asking for a report is bannable, then I'm without a doubt quitting normal and ranked games after this season...< (quoted from OP) This is not a trolling player, this is a bad player. Plus, he went 2/5 and it was hardly intentional. And he's making a post about it, because he's feeling powerless and is frustrated about his report not having any meaning.
: So when someone menaces me of rape/murder, I shouldn't assume they are angry 12 years old? I should assume they are sentient mature beings?
Believe me, I know a 65 year-old guy who acts like that towards his team when he is underperforming. Needless to say, it's not a person I play a lot of games with. (That, and he's extremely homophobic, but I digress)
: One thing I wonder... WHY is LoL toxic, while HotS isn't? Is it the playerbase? HotS having a much older general playerbase than LoL, so change of getting angry uneducated kids in a game is much more scarce?
HotS is a bit more casual and has the drawback of people not communicating at all. I like both games, but due to the competetiveness of LoL it attracts way more toxicity. I used to play Dota2 as well, which has an even rougher playerbase. Almost CS:Go-worthy.
: Kassadin got a visual update... and no recall animation.
Correct, which is probably an oversight. One white raven does not make a flock! :)
: What ward skin should I buy?
I'm using the Shurima one, which I really like. In the end the choice is yours mate! Pick what calls out to you :D
: Wow, If this guys said truth about that Fizz and Fizz wont get banned than Saudi Arabia will rule Human Right sections in United Nations. *edit: Just found out that Saudi Arabia really leads the Human Rights councill. Dunno what to think about it now.
Well, he didn't say the truth. He reported {{champion:105}} for intentional feeding, which is not what this Fizz did. Ergo, it's a false report which is an offense in itself.
: Evelynn
I tend to get the following items on her: {{item:3146}}, {{item:1325}}, {{item:3025}} or{{item:3078}} ,{{item:3124}} ,{{item:3022}} or {{item:3116}} . I generally build her a bit hybrid-y. Gankwise, she's the queen. It's the main reason I'd get gauntlet on her.
Rioter Comments
: Must. Resist. Urge. To. Abuse....!
I think these are {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ! Although I get a feeling I'll need {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} and {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} a lot :P
: whats with Gold players and above recieiving rank rewards? this aint fair
The point of a reward is that it is being handed out in response to an achievement (in this case, getting to gold+). However, I would like to see stuff to acknowledge the players (like me) who don't want to touch ranked with a 10-foot pole. An icon for played Aram or Dominion games would be nice :D!
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