BonZaiOak (EUW)
: My account has not received ranked from last season, and therefore i cannot play with my friends
My question: did you actually play in season 9 or after the season ended and pre-season started? If you finished your placements or ranked up after the season ended and the pre-season started it won't get you any season 9 rewards since the season already ended. Pre-season does **not** count for any rewards. The only reason for you guys being unable to que together would be a too big difference in your current ranks. I looked at your and saw you did not play any of your placement matches and he did several,l but did not complete them. So I imagine that his current provisionally rank is too high to que with him when you don't even have finished one to get your provisionally rank. In your case I would play my first match alone and que up with him after since your pre-season rank will defiantly be a factor for your provisionally rank after your 1st placement match.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: how can those misions be for LEC when the season starts on 24 ? and the mision ends by then
it got 16 weeks left dude ....
: Watch & Earn Rewards are not working
If I’m not mistaken the missions are for LEC matches and not for LPL.
: Ornn-Skins
The new skin line coming our tomorrow could have been a prefect fit for him as well. Since his playrate is going up right now maybe we can hope for a 2nd skin for him later this year,
: Aphelios nerfs are a joke. This champion needs to be destroyed in order to be balanced
I watched a free pro guides video on youtube and they suggested to play an ap mage into him as support cause he got the lowest mr in the whole game. If you buy an oblivion orb on top of that you basically deal true damage to him with t2 boots until he's buying a mr item (which delays his 2 item power spike a lot). I do that every time when I play support into an Aphelios and tbh it's easy to kill him in lane that way over and over again. If you do that and kill him or just zone him or bully him out of lane that way he's not being able to do much during mid or late game.
: Funny how you generalize "assasins" when the tanks, mages, adcs and actual assasins can be counted into this category Tanks do way to much damage. For building only into tank items. Mage and Assasins share same OP AP items. If we nerfed AP items abit the assasin meta would tone down a bunch. And everybody wouldnt blow up so often. Botlane.... The support does by default over 50% of the botlanes damage easily. ADC's only follow up in damage after mid to late game if not at all compared to some "supports" damage.
Agreed on tank damage, but if you nerf their damage riot seriously needs to create some good mr items (cause mr items right now are only good when you want to enhance your selfheal tbh - and that's the only mr item that makes sense at least if you got some inbuilt heal in your kit. Other mr items are just.......). Botlane: it's just normal during laning phase. ADCs are supposed to be a scaling class since they need items to enhance their auto attacks. So it's only natural that the support is dealing more damage during laning phase since their job is seriously just to babysit their adc until they are strong and fed enough to wipe the enemy team.
: Mastery Undefined
I opened a discussion for this a few month ago, but obviously riot doesn't care {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Sett's Calling Card Error
Morrhen (EUW)
: Have you guys tried logging off the client and logging back in?
Rioter Comments
I wanted to add: 6) pages not loading (champions, masteries, loot, shop) 7) grading system after matches not loading 8) client freezing after game has ended Extra: right now I'm trying for 10 minutes to open "Sett's calling Card" from the hidden quest. Thanks for wasting time with this great working client {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Just give us pure Solo Queue
You don't have to play alone. Maybe take the opportunity to find a new friend to duo with {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Gaining no lp in placements
I (last season s2 jungle) played duo with a support (pre season g2). We got placed in b4 and s4. That's okay since our ranks in pre season were 1 division apart. We won 8 out of 10 games in placements going to b1 and s1. Almost every game we played into last season gold/plat teams. Still getting like 30 lp per win and the most absurd thing is, that he got more lp out of our placements then I did. I mean what is that? Usually I should gain more lp based on the enemies we're playing into or not? Don't know what's wrong with this game right now tbh.
mc4life (EUNE)
: First experience it before smartassing. leona wont work - he can ult before she stuns him alistart wont work -- its not long enough cc to kill 3k hp ekko with zhonya naut wont work -not long enough cc still, and its gotta be perfectly timed, naut r has some cast time while which ekko can ult out. Im not talking bout jg ekko, noone plays that, im talking bout midlane ekko which doesnt relay on early game slighest bit. Ekko isnt assasin and hes not played like one, he has his unique way of one shoting. zed, kat, fizz , khazix are assasins and require some skill: Zed - needs to hit pretty much everything and still might not kill adc thru PD, also is squishy and has no barrier/heal/shield/ momentum long range escape. Kata - easy to counter, while her dagger lands u have plenty of time to kill her. Fizz - Needs to hit r, and has no escape if he goes in. Kha - requires isolated target and must be in advantage entire game to be able to one shot adc later one. Pd counters him well too. Also i said that Ekko one shots with half item. With whole eko he can dive adc. Read carefully before smartassing Idk how it is in ur silver2 EUW elo, but in higher divisions ppl acutally know to play ekko and he is pretty damn broken.
Guess in my elo people actually know how to play morgana then Mr. toxic lvl 6 account {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: 2020 Zyra
I think an arcade skin would be awesome for her. imagine her plants in arcade 80s game design :D
mc4life (EUNE)
: As yolo said. I'd rather ban something that counters me in lane. Also I AM the jungler, i make that ekko go 0/3, 0/4 and show the ultimate hate, but after he gets half of ludens echo he will just start one shoting midlaner. When he acutally comepletes the 1st item he will start roaming bot with simple tactic: Dive tower - kill adc - ult back. Its easy to say "hit morg q", if you didnt know that champ has dash which can be used to dodge the same ability. He is also very fast when he procs passive(which isnt hard at all) making it even harder to hit him, your skill level must be isignificantly higher than his. Edit: NO CHAMP AT NO POINT SHOULD BE ABLE TO ONE SHOT WITH 1 SPELL THRU PD/DD
Okay so an ekko needs effectively 4 items to "one shot" an adc - jungle item, t2 boots to get in range, lichbane or at least a sheen and most likely a protobelt to gain free backline access versus a peel support e.g. - at this point he's like any other assasin - zed, kat, fizz, khazix, etc can one shot your adc at this point as well. Therefore build defensive items and look to peel for your adc. It's not hard to hit a close range q with morgana or even a long range when you control vision well. if that's too hard try leona, alistar, naut etc versus an ekko. There is enough counterplay so please just quit wining around. If he's turret diving your adc with half a jungle item there's something else off with the way your bot lane is playing laying phase - especially if he is behind.
: Why did you even bother replying to this...your answer is a mess. The whole point is we are NOT playing with people around our elo. ANd nobody cares about normals really. In what world is shorter queue better than playing in a team much lower skill level than you. Whatever you are smoking, to get you this confused, it's probably illegal.
Dude I honestly don't know what you are smoking, but compare ur link - it's an average difference of 2 tiers in pre season when not many people are playing ranked. People like you deserve an hour que to play a game of 5 gold 2 versus 5 gold 2 I guess. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I think I found a bug. I killed Lucian with Lee Sin while resurrecting by GA
To be honest the animation of infernal soul burn is showing in his moment of death. Not sure it would be enough to kill him (need to compare stats for that), but infernal souls dot is delayed to normal attacks so it could trigger during ur ga.
Morrhen (EUW)
: I'm honestly not sure. One thing I know is that PP last until this years February. So... i guess there's still time to make a prestige skin? Mecha Kingdoms should be online with release of Sett and new season.
Last champion on the 2019 pp skins was thresh so it's save to say garen is available with 2020 points.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Ekko ult...
If he gets to the point where he is oneshotting people ur own jungle either sucks or u did not counter him at all during the early and mid game. just pick Morgana into him with q+r = gg. Yes his ult cd is low, but u can still counter it. Same goes for a lot of assins late game with lvl 16 ult btw. If your team comb got no cc maybe just bann him since his pick rate is quite high atm. Especially when u don't want to play into him {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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: Terrible Matchmaking
I mean it's preseason so not many people are actually playing ranked games. I'd rather have a short que then playin into exactly my elo and tier every game. It won't hurt to play into someone 3 tiers above yourself anyways if u want to climb and improve. I'm more surprised about the matchmaking in normal games. Yesterday I played into a premade group of 5 - all in flex due plat and in solo que even some diamond. That is annoying! I'm playing ranked now so I can play into people again, that are at least similar to my elo. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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