: I've been having disconnection problems and have been "AFKing" for like 3 games now and the clock is fixed on 20 minutes of 5 games, it doesn't bother me too much which is the reason I'm not whining to Riot about it.
to you maybe but to me it bothers me ... 20 min is just too much .. 5 min i don't mind .. 10 min np i can make a coffee in 10 min .. but 20 min ?! i can start a game and end it in 20 min ...
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: Low priority ?!
its so annoying that i am gonna create new account -.- ty Riot
raps1355 (EUW)
: It does go down from 20 mins if you play alot of games without any afk you will even get a pop up in the top right eventually.
i know after 5 games .. but what about the next low priority ? will it be 20+ min ? or reset to 5 min ?
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