: have you ever played with any of those champs when they have lost their lanes? they are basicly useless and do nothing all game. for them to be usefull they either need to stay even or be ahead otherwise they are just a bunch of wetnoodles doing nothing. vayne always has that pressure to easily kill you
bullshit I had a client crash that wouldn't let me connect for 8 minutes playing {{champion:82}} at 11 minutes into the game I solo killed a vayne, at 14 minutes into the game just 6 min after my reconnect i could 1v2 her and the jgl. A Vayne can't do that after being unable to connect to the game for 8 minutes
appeltje (EUW)
: A critical error has occurred.
similar error for me, started with this patch, i don't get a notification the game just crashes instantly the moment i load into the game and locking ontop of my screen I can only keyboard navigate me to the task manage to force it to close
: Player Toxicity - Death Threats.
I have played against an Urgot who told me to kill myself at least 10 times during the game suggesting different methods of how I should die as well as running it down cause I solo killed him 3 times in lane, didn't even get 14 days banned because he is still playing
: I %%%%ING LOVE YOU MAN GJ THAT WAS A %%%%ING GREAT OUTPLAY {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Upvoted
ty {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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Rena (EUW)
: I assume you mean "k-y-s" (first i thought you censored it but it was riot) There was once controversy that people got banned for writing it as a joke to their friends/premades and they got instantly banned. Which yea is not really fair to people who don't know how the ban system works and joke like this. I know many people say "why do you joke like that to beginn with it's wrong" but i am glad Riot chose not to just ban people for typing that out of any context. So yea Idk the context but maybe the system "missidentified" it. If he does that frequently he will get his punishment eventually. So don't be concerned about it unless you want the satisfaction of revenge by getting him banned.
I want those people out of the game because they might actually say it one time to a person with serious problems that might be pushed over the edge by a comment like this and that's why there should be no tolerance whatsoever for that
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Moca Sama (EUNE)
: Honestly, I admire the fact that you managed to keep it in for the game with people like that. The worst part when it comes to these toxic players is that if you say anything against them as a defense they will just use it against you and report you for it. And I feel like these 0 fun games are on the increase too. When all you see is "ez", "ok gg ff 15","report x9" in every single game you play, even normals, you just lose your will to play. Just to share a personal experience from yesterday: I decided to try out my friend's kayn style cuz I have to practice for a secondary role. Game starts I start at red, enemy xin comes to invade my jungle but I don't die. Bot lane just watched. After blue I decided to go for the enemy red since xin got pretty low after ganking mid. They camped there. Almost got away, enemy top had to flash but mine just stayed up farming even tho it took them like 15 seconds to kill me. ok w/e. Xin is ahead but dragon is free cuz xin is top. I ping bot lane 20+ times to help because I'm on 200 hp and the drake could kill me, no response (mind you I got 0 help after getting invaded, just negative comments for not being useful). "You sure do like ignoring me." Our leona:"I don't care about your useless pings." okfine.jpg aftzer this I just started to helpl out mid since yasuo was actually normal We won the game because they threw really hard and we got all the dragons. saltiest normal game I've had for a while
I didn't stay calm but at least i got a instant feedback for one of them, but all of them should have been banned, it's just not playable I will at least stop playing for a few weeks now except 5 man premade. It's not playable. I have an idea how riot could reduce toxic behaviour A TON. For every game where there is a report the chat of all reported players gets analyzed and the first to create negativity gets instant 14 days ban a 2nd time within the same split and it's a perma. While people could abuse it, excessive toxic behaviou like the current instant 14 days punishments still will be punished. But if for example 50% of the league community were toxic and in every game there would be at least 1 toxic player after 1 game it would only be 40% anymore after 2 games 31% etc it would eliminate toxicity very fast and soon people would be scared to flame others for mistakes etc, cause now people try to go as far as they can without recieving punishments, pingspamming and sarcastic flaming as well as phrases like "ez" "ur free" are the normality and that is making people really toxic and I can understand why. I actually wanted to wish death upon all of them, because I hate nothing more than people who abuse others to get their fun out of it.
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: And there's a reason for that. People start underestimating you. And you also have your cooldowns ready for a trade. It applies to every champion, especially all in ones.
I prefer a different approach scaring the shit out of them at level 2-3 and if they don't react accordingly kill them with that and then watch them crawl with fear under their tower every time i walk up
: It's not always the case. Azir and Kalista r so fun to watch and they r not in a good spot now. Sion is boring and he is super strong.
Ahri is very fun to watch too and she got nerfed even tho she was just slightly above average. In fact they should actually have buffed her early game with either slightly more Q dmg on early ranks which evens out at max rank or less mana cost on Q early on as Ahri is literally a waveclear bot in many matchups until 6 and they nerfed that point now too as you can get in 1 ult less if you manage to force a flash now or leave a bigger window to be abused if you trade ults with the enemy mid.
: The reason people hate yasuo is not because he is OP, but because his entire kit is anti fun to play against. Windwall, dashes, cc, shield
That's not the only reason, once mastered he is one of the very best champions unless you make 0 mistakes against him or if you have an easy matchup against him. Trading him seems impossible for some even strong champions because of his passive and windwall unless he comes up for free to take a basic attack or missuses his windwall, because he also has quite decent early sustain. I played with my friend who first timed Yasuo and he put down 1 great windwall which let us 4 for 0 win a teamfight, just by using one non ultimate spell at the perfect moment.
Banitsa (EUNE)
: I completely agree. People taking normals way too seriously. I was told to kill my own mother by the enemy laner I defeated. Funny enough when I died, I didn't care much at all. I mean sure I'd rather not have died, but it wasn't a big deal. Honestly I encounter much less flame on EUW. Even when they do flame it's kind of civilized and limited, no death threats and such. However, that could be due to my normals MMR, or luck, an EUW "native" could correct me on this, or shed some light on the attitude in soloQ.
i have people trolling(garen adc or disco nunu) in ranked because they dislike a pick or a summoner spell choice (around 1/20 games which is way too much for just a champion pick i feel) and 9/10 games the call report instantly if they don't like a pick also i get about instant feedback system once every 2 or 3 games and if it's true that on average it's only for every 10th punishment that is concerning to me that every game on averge 3-5 people are being toxic enough to be punished.
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