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: Well he got a graphics overhaul recently so I can’t see a rework anytime soon, I think the fact he is a stacking champion like Veigar nasus , all a bit static making them hard to compete early even mid but even cho truly is a late game Monster , his infinite stacking health pool also increasing his feast dmg (true dmg btw) he can essentially 1 shot any champ in the game if the game goes long enough and you actively stack your ult on cd. It’s just an early game meta right now , games don’t normally get to a second baron spawn the way it is. I think the meta will change in chos favour before they rework him
So is bad (+will receive nothing ) and the meta go against him .... It seem i wasted blue essence. It's maybe time to play something better =/
Zanador (EUNE)
: Too bad i can't watch your matches, and op.gg seems to be down at the moment too. So, i'll just go with what i can. Chogath is one of my favorite surprise/counter pick. People usually don't expect him, and he is naturally strong against a lot of otherwise annoying top laners like Riven or Irelia. I can see that you always start with Doran's ring+Q, and often go for a quick Righteous glory, but what exactly is your play style? How do you combo? What runes do you have?
before i was always using doran's shield but i feel like it's not realy worthy will the ring increase a bit my damage and help me to recover mana which is cool because he's out of stam quickly at the beginning i use Q but it think E can be usefull it's just that i prefer it to prevent a dive i find righteous glory good but moreover its movement speed boost is realy important to help you to feast someone . In most of the case during the lane phase I poke my opponent and when i think there are low enought it try to finish them (most of the time i use righteous glory to rush him and slow him if he play safely or i use it to pursue those who try to run away) i also use it to try when it's possible to go mid to gank ,with righteous glory , the Q and the Z it's realy ez to get someone I use the runes which are advised on opgg for a top cho (resolve with precision)
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EL Crabo7 (EUW)
: Cho-gath tips ?
thanks for your answers ^^, but i stop to playing cho , is to trash there is no reason to pick him.There is always a better champ (in everyway) than him
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