Tekenis (EUW)
: You inted, what do you expect to happen except getting reported? Your intentional feeding is not something you can blame on someone else, that was your decision, not hers. Normal games are games where people want to play the game without getting trolled, just like ranked games. Your Vayne might not have done what you wanted her to do, but that happens, people make their own decisions. 'Soft inting' as you call it is more often referred to as 'having a bad game', the difference: they still try to play and win. What you did was refusing to cooperate in the worst possible way. The best way to not get banned is to not get reported for anything. You get reported if you violate other peoples games in any way, so: just don't do that. (Edited after comments from "Call me Teddy", "mikrogane2305" and "Mary Ridlan")
This is the first penalty of the account !
íGengar (EUW)
: Then grow up and don't act like a child over basically nothing, irrelevant of the game mode.
: So you inted? Ban deserved.
So people care about normal games ?
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