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Goal: Gold Result: Pure frustration --->I quit the game
Shozis (EUNE)
: How would they solve the fact that this is a competitive game where one team will lose, one lane will lose, one player will be worse than the other? The problem clearly is the fact that some of players can't accept this and start flaming.
Well I meant balancing requests which they obviously dont give a sh*t about
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fRoyGe (EUNE)
: Top or mid ?
If you want to carry play midlane. If you want to have some nice lane matchups and fun in the early game, play toplane, but beware that you wont have any impact after the laning phase.
Moonspired (EUNE)
: It's funny how a lot of "seasoned veterans" would have the same reaction as you. Makes it feel like a one-way road! If it's bad, why play it? Anyhow, thanks a lot for your advice. I'll make sure I stick to minding my own business! <3
Well the thing is that people who played this game for a long long time notice that the game actually got progressively worse and it wont stop. The game you want to play will make you mad. You will just get addicted to a game ur only raging about. Stop before it actually comes this far. Go play some good games there are so many out there. But League of legends is definitely not one of those
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xHaz (EUW)
: Where is League going?
For me, ive playing adc for a month now (was toplane player before) and actually, even though I am now maining this roll, the whole role needs a straight up nerf. Whether its an crit adc or like something like draven every adc is able to 1v1 at least 1 fed assassin even if theyre 0/3. This is just insane and definitely needs to be nerfed. I would like to see riot actually banning people. Once me and 3 of my friends (so everyone except for 1 guy) reported that one other guy for raging and going afk. Nothing happened. Its just so frustrating that this guy is allowed to keep playing and my bro got banned for saying things like noob and stuff. xD
man no hot (EUNE)
: Top Lane
if you want to get out of it with the named champions you will probably notice that those champs do indeed have the same problems. The problem in my opinion however is the lane itself which is just so unimpactful .
: So, akali
: Play her and show me your win rate just doing E+R please.
999999% sry but she doesnt need skill since rework
: Atm Katarina because she is garbage
kata is just e+r shes not hard getting not fed is hard with her actually since shes broken it is undenieably a soloQ champion thats all
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Try Rengar, He might be a bit of a challenge
its about midlane.... I hope ur not an ap rengar player xD
DylxnBK (EUW)
: Whats the most difficult mid lane champion?
azir is not that hard hes just weird ( and weird is not the same as hard ) I would recommend you ryze. Hes pretty hard and using ur ult correctly can be hard to learn dont get frustrated try it
: Stranger Things by Rito Games
I know that just admit it
: I have 700k on Azir and 500k on Kindred, so i know if this champ is god or not. ;) Look at yourself novice.
I think they are good and if you have played them that much you actually should know that once mastered, theyre strong
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Champion Idea
If riot sees this they`ll most likely make that champ......
Dead Virgin (EUNE)
: hmm
The difference is that kayle can choose an ally to shield and taric is even aoe? The duration is fine, but I dont like how he can activate it while he`s silenced and stuff
: If I Were Working For Riot Games
Season 8 definitely was different and I dont really mean that it was a good different but rather a weird different. Riots problem is that they balance too much for competitive play and that is my only problem I have with their patch notes. I am looking forward to season 9 though since they announced that they wanted to make the game longer. So they indeed have some nice ideas and changes but there are some things, where I dont understand the mindset of those balancing team people. Like who had the idea for percent max health true damage and even buff that multiple times? And who had the idea to make a big change to the meta and then instantly regret it and take back most of the changes? They undeniably did something wrong in season 8 and I just hope that they listen more to low elo players.
haxprox (EUW)
: Started like a couple days ago. Why everyone is so toxic?
I am a low elo player (currently silver 4) and this has always been a big problem of league of legends. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is to mute those people. I recommend you typing "/mute all" as soon as the game starts. Or just do like me and report everyone who behaves like that :)
Dolken2 (EUW)
: I got banned 3 years ago for this.
Damn you were toxic as hell xD
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answer these questions
1.Vayne 2.God king darius 3.Ahri 4.bronze 5 because I want to start improving from the start 5.Rhaast 6.Urgot (fight fire with fire /hes ugly as a zombie himself ) 7.Balancing 8.star guardian urgot 9. A dabbing poro 10.tired
Damzthe15 (EUW)
: When Is The next 'Your Shop' happening?
They recently did one I think you have to wait a bit
King Lego (EUNE)
: What's Darius' favourite game?
His favorite game is called DUNK
: suggestion about champ select
You could pretty easily troll your team with this. Please not, thank you
I recently got this skin from hextech crafting and I thought, nice a legendary skin for a toplaner ( Im toplane main). But when I started playing him I felt kinda disappointed. The skin is so ugly and hands down this is the worst legendary skin ever
Dboos (EUW)
: New good Idea
They recently posted that they wanted to try to add this during preseason I think :)
Gosu Ace (EUW)
: Star Guardian Urgot
: My honest and deep opinion on what needs to change.
I agree with the skin camille thing, and in my opinion elise and lissandra are fine. Champs are not bad just because theyre not played in competitive play?!
: Azir, Kindred, buff plz.
They dont need buffs , just because they dont have a positive winrate doesnt mean theyre not strong, theyre just hard to play The winrate just explodes after you mastered this champs so keep calm, and invest some time.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: help
Ive got the same problem and have even stopped palying ranekd for a season heres a few quick tipps: 1.mute all pros: nobody flames (at least you dont notice) cons: no team communication on that part of the team communication I gotta tell you that its actually not important because in low elo there is no team communication anyways 2.You can pretty much solo carry if oyu know how to take obectives I have posted this many times in here but its undeniably one of the best options: play splitpush champions because you can actually solo carry games because low elo players dont know how to deal with the mental pressure put on them with this tactic
: Looking for a champion to main (mained Shaco)
I dont think they`ve forgotten about him, I just very assume that they are discussing whether to put him on the rework list or not
: "Has declined ready check" client bug
Me and my friends have had this pretty often and If were playing together, we need like 20 minutes just for the god damn queue because every single fcking time it doesnt show up at someone
MinchSko (EUW)
: rework yi or nerf him
Well I dont go up often against a yi, so I dont really have a problem with him. Sure hes annoying and all and definitely a bit too strong. I didnt want to talk about the gameplay part of yi but rather about riot games who accidently overbuffed him so fcking hard that broxah almost played him today in lcs finals. Its sad that low elo champions get forced into pro play so fcking hard without paying attention to soloQ
: accepting matches
Probably one of the small things that are just feeling more comfortable not important, but why not
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: Can we hear your oppinion actually? Repeating what Hashinshin and Tyler1 said is not an argument. Do you really think that 45% winrate is a problem? Even if we look at which champions are most frustrating to play aggainst, Zoe would never be on the top. We have Teemo, Yasuo, Fizz, the new old LB, Kha'zix and so many others.
why is it not my opinion just because some other person said it before? I dont care about winrates actually, the champ should just be interactive and fun to play against
: Yep, I've been annoyed by that ever since they released the new runes. Even made me start the game with wrong secondary runes a couple of times when I had to perform the last second edit.
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Maggusch,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uV3WLibb,comment-id=0001000200000000,timestamp=2018-09-09T20:49:37.597+0000) > > Well I enjoyed playing a few supports myself like rakan and thresh, but in low elo ( and most people are low elo ) you cant solo carry since trying to keep your carries alive wont help if your carries dont know how to play the game. Well Ima change my mind a bit: You have some carrypotential, but definitely not enough for such an actually important role. Yeah I bet AD Soraka was already carry potential if the team is bad. Which begs the question: When you play suppirt, is it still your fault or your team's fault that you didn't win despite not dying alot and trying your hardest to support your team?
well if your a supporter, and you do everything you can in order to support them, if they dont use the support, you still cant do damage (as long as youre not pyke)
Rstoniuss (EUW)
: Couple of points about Marksmen.
I would like to see some marksmen changes as well but not int heir playstyle, but rather in the mechanics. You cant deny that 99% of marksmen are just designed in order to right click people. Twitch? oh right hes invisivle and then he starts righclicking you. Caitlyn? oh yeah she rightlicks you and with a w she rightclicks you really hard. Ashe? wtf is this champ its so boring. Master yi? wait thats not an adc. Still do you get my point? most of their spells are just designed in order to help them rightclick people and thats just dumb. If you get attacked by a marksmen, the only counterplay is to kill him and thats dumb as sht.
: Achievements
I would like that as well and I would like getting rewarded for playing for a long long time I mean at the start of this season the really old players that had thousands and thousands of IP only got one laughable ward skin, pathetic.
: Which ADC should I main?
dont main adc, ty
Otivnaig (EUW)
: Tips for Yasuo's Early Game
Okay I have played yasuo a bit so let me teach what I learned myself: I am a toplane main and so I mostly played him toplane.Though I have played him midlane as well, I think that hes better in toplane. First of all: Dont wait for ur 3rd item wtf ur a lane bully?!?!?!? If you want to bully lane though: you should know how to trade. In toplane you usually fight for every single last hit, so feel free to autoattack him when he tries to last hit (its even easier wiht q). Because his autoattack animation is on cooldown. I dont want to tell you everything now, but I can recommend you a guide on youtube: Skillcapped made some very interesting videos about how trading works on toplane. If you dont want to do anything about your gameplay, you can also just pick ignite cuz thats fcking busted. (you should watch out for ganks though you get countered by any kinds of cc)
Sąint (EUNE)
: Let's talk about somethng riot.
Well you got the free to play champion rotation and I think thats enough
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Unfortunately Victorious skin tends to be given to the champion who performed very well during season. Besides Graves (and iirc he has victorious skin already) I don't know who could that be, but definitely not fiddle.
fiddle was actually not bad this season, he had some time where he was actually pretty strong
Satrap (EUNE)
: Is this the right interaction for tryndamere?
It is, sadly. Ive complained about this before and I just think that against a champion, which only counterplay even COULD BE CC, he just kinda ignores it.
: you mean like nidalee spears....oh right they got deleted from the game
They at least are hard to hit so I can live with them
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Maggusch,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uV3WLibb,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2018-09-09T20:00:09.207+0000) > > People probably are not playing support because there is no and I mean literally NO individual carry potential. You have to actually play together with a team mate on lane and teamplay in lower elos is doomed for all eternity. Everyone wants to be the carry. To be honest, support is not a bad role. I've had my moments where I was playing support and I was carried and managed to save all my carries (well most) from dying. Am I the only one who finds it satisfying to heal your allies though? Or shield or block enemies?
Well I enjoyed playing a few supports myself like rakan and thresh, but in low elo ( and most people are low elo ) you cant solo carry since trying to keep your carries alive wont help if your carries dont know how to play the game. Well Ima change my mind a bit: You have some carrypotential, but definitely not enough for such an actually important role.
Vespaj (EUNE)
: Is this what you wanted Rito?
Well last game I had a minion igniting me in my death recap so theres definitely something wrong with the deathrecap xD But I think you actually mean the damage output of these two champions just let me answer all of your questions: 1. Yes it seems that rito wanted this 2.Season 8 is happening here, probably the worst season ever in league of legends history 3.Sadly it is real 4.And its not okay (the rammus thing is not important since its true damage and that has nothing to do with the champ) Well I think riot just wants to add more and more true damage into the game after tank meta and it looks like they completely want them to get fcked by everyone but I think riot wont listen to anything like that.
: Can ryze just stop getting nerfed and start getting a ult rework that makes him valid again
The problem with ryze is that, he is a high elo champion and will always be. While abilities like ryzes ult suck for soloQ, theyre pretty important for high elo and competitive play. Its the same with TF and Galio and shen. And dont ask riot if they could start patching for soloQ, they simply wont. They rather patch for 0.15%of the playerbase so I guess we all just have to kinda accept it :)
: No ult for mana
You can see the mana bar of you r allies on the right hand side :)
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