: Zed:The master of shadows
> Zed,my main,is getting weaker and weaker along the patches. No.
: you miss typed lulu
Kog'maw + Lulu, Kog'maw + Kayle, Kog'maw + Janna, Kog'maw + Soraka. It's all the same, he's broken with pretty much every utility support. The reason his win rate hasn't sky-rocketed is because people only play 'muh cool Vayne' and 'DA BIG%%%% Lucian' because they think they're the strongest soloq adcs. Kog'maw win rate would be higher without all the inters and trolls who play him as well.
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Kay Pacha (EUW)
: This guy knows something about Lulu we don't
Someone's getting boosted . He can't even boost without the help of his duo, though. Pitiful.
justRhymZ (EUW)
: LeBlanc and Azir changes
No. The old LeBlanc is impossible to balance.
: Stoneborn Pact and Trundle Q
Łµx (EUW)
: when ppl forget to ban yas in ranked games
Trashuo is broken but not OP. He's often the reason you're winning the game with ease, as most Yasuos are useless regardless of which team they're in.
: Current state of Rylais
It's in a sweet spot now.
I suggest trying maining some other ADC as well. I mean, I know you probably like Vayne, but she's not the optimal ADC if you want better chances of winning.
Helsinth (EUNE)
: LeBlanc nerfed little too much?
Considering the utility and mobility she has, I find it very plausible that she got some (roughly 10-15%) of her damage cut off.
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Why would you want to have Janna on the mid lane? Adding a 3s stun to her kit would not make her better for mid lane, but extremely powerful as support.
> [{quoted}](name=Gojiraw,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GTzUbKwH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-12T10:02:57.275+0000) > > Why would you want to have Janna on the mid lane? Adding a 3s stun to her kit would not make her better for mid lane, but extremely overpowered as support. Fixed.
KataZen (EUW)
: LeBlanc, The Chains Lady.
LeBlanc's chain is longer than a year of famine, lol.
Strexius (EUNE)
: Aatrox, and his not that much of a rework?
'Cept you don't have to deal damage to yourself.
: No offense bro but i watched 3 of your riven games and i got eyecancer, your mechanics are okay but by far not boxbox. Everything you do after the laningphase is %%%%ed up. Everytime you were fed from the laningphase you kept splitpushing and letting your team lose because they are playing 4v5 and after the enemies got fed of your team you got caught all the time while splitpushing x'D. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Split-pushing is not the problem, it's taking care of teams that don't understand anything about macro.
LovroLox (EUNE)
: Are you freaking kidding me...
: Think of the likes of: {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:202}} Destroying him
Kog hard-counters Jhin, lol.
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GripaAviara (EUNE)
: How riot thinks master yi is balanced?
I have been wondering the same, he's so weak.
: ADC is bad they said
: Is it possible winning a 4v5 and if it is, how ?
Below diamond, yes. Diamond 4 upwards, no.
: If you could choose a custom summoner icon, what would it be?
: Vayne smurf detected, or scripting? (Pentakill)
The player isn't even good enough to seem suspicious and you claim he could be scripting. Lmao.
XxkitsunexX (EUNE)
: Zed is kinda weak after masteries nerf,vs adcs as well.
xClutchKidx (EUNE)
: Best ADC atm?
Varus is broken. Nerfed next pact, though.
: Give ADCs basemovespeed
: Is Orianna a hard champ?
Depending on how you judge, she's both easy and relatively difficult. For a newbie, I'd say it takes a while to get used to. However, in terms of playstyle and effectiveness n comparison to risk-taking and such, she's extremely easy to be relevant as.
: NEW - Dazed - Status
Too confusing, possibly irrelevant / impossible to balance.
: Be honest..
If it's under my command - confidence. Anyone else - OP.GG or GG.
: Leblanc nerf for 7.5!?!
LuckyGp (EUW)
: Yeah, but varus wasnt even close to dying.
: Be honest. Do you leave one honeyfruit for Rift Scuttler to eat?
You're assuming I have time to consider doing that before the greedy animal already jumps my fruit.
: I know that Turtle is famous for his rather agressive flashes. But this was without a doubt a missclick.
It wasn't a misclick, he wasn't expecting the auto go off before the flash, neglecting the need to flash altogether.
: Is it alright to say that Tahm Kench is a horrible design?
How can he do everything better Braum does if they're 2 champions with completely different roles.
Musiicy (EUW)
: Warlord's Bloodlust incoming rework ... help anyone ?
Trying to make every champion a jack of all trades breaks the game. Trying to give every ADC mobility breaks their intended mold of strengths / weaknesses. It ruins balance. No deal.
Happee (EUW)
: Why is there no LCS this weekend?
Because Lethality broke the game.
Lessons (EUNE)
: WW immune to Morgana's Q (stun)
Morgana's Q is NOT A STUN. Warwick's ultimate acts in similar ways to Hecarim's, he's immune during the casting but can't move himself or cancel it.
: How can the adc:s be bad?
1) ADC players lack the mechanical skill to play the role 2) Few people in low elo know how to peel for their carries. 3) Warlord's Bloodlust doesn't protect you from burst, it's primary function is to sustain you against poke in lane and winning you 1v1 fights late game. 4) Knight's Vow is a sub-optimal item on most supports and Zeke's is situational.
Goperod (EUW)
: Play brand. got plat 1 with 80 % win rate on brand support last season
: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
Broom. Brostache. Broro. Le Stache.
: > [{quoted}](name=EasternBladeStar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6e90V99Q,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-22T14:23:20.671+0000) > > Nope, not his ult. I'm well aware decent Hecarim players can and will use it to avoid CC (as it's basically a flat second reduction for the dash). > > I mean his E. The skill that SHOULD BE INTERRUPTABLE by CC. Well, it's kinda akward, it's like a nasus Q as it is an augmentation yet it isn't blindable and can give some funky hits...
Which is BS. Riot makes every other dash uninterruptable by CC nowadays, and the ones that can be are so buggy it doesn't matter.
: I think you mean his ult here, the second he activates it, it attacks with a wave
Nope, not his ult. I'm well aware decent Hecarim players can and will use it to avoid CC (as it's basically a flat second reduction for the dash). I mean his E. The skill that SHOULD BE INTERRUPTABLE by CC.
RuffioCas (EUW)
: I see that you don't even know how to read, great. A pleasant day to you with all that networking knowledge of yours. :)
I think it's you who failed to read my point along with the OP's.
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RuffioCas (EUW)
: Please tell me how you are going to avoid an ISP maintenance. No? Tell me how you are going to avoid your ISP having technical difficulties. No? Tell me how you are going to combat signal loss between your apartment/house and the ISP. No? Tell me how you are going to defend your ISP from a cyber attack. No? These are just a few that comes to my mind, there are tons of others which are out of your hands. You simply can't. Edit: Just to clarify, I was in a game yesterday with friends on another server, in my main account. We were 5-man and when the game started, I noticed I was teleporting around and whatnot whereas my connection was perfect just a game ago. I didn't experience any lag during champ selection either. I followed a few steps such as checking for any other devices that might be connected to internet, checking what uses my internet on my own pc all of which returned nothing but normal values. I tried resetting my modem and it didn't help either. I called my ISP and they told me that they were having a technical difficulty. So, how is it fair that I get banned for 24 hours just because my ISP ia having a technical difficulty? I am sorry but stop looking for things to blame, as I said, this is the same guy who created a topic and said that enemies get better and allies get worse in promos. You don't need "basic" knowledge to save yourself from lag, if that was the case, I wouldn't have experienced it in the first place, I study computer engineering.
Blaming ISP is sometimes just a bad excuse.
Xiley (EUNE)
: Banned for motivating my team full of trolls + bonus KDA player
VVhizzkid (EUW)
: Mordekaiser, "op" right now?
He's never going to be OP again because no matter how high his numbers are right now, he gets destroyed by kite. He's also very vulnerable to Lethality bursts.
BlueStr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=EasternBladeStar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Weeza0BY,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-02-22T08:51:23.657+0000) > > Wrong. Care to elaborate, or is shouting words now considered as a valid argument to a discussion? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Draven Blitz can't control waves the same way Jhin and Brand can. Blitz isn't a bad matchup for Brand unless the ADC is a potato and can't position properly. Post-6 is just becomes impossible for Blitzcrank to engage without jungler pressure. Basically the fact that Brand and Jhin have strong bush control combined with Blizcrank's lack of proper engage tools without a flash means the lane is dead without pressure from mid and jungle. The lanes aren't decided by which party has more gap closers. If it were this simple, the game wouldn't be played by anyone. Does this answer your question?
Nijelous (EUW)
: Are You a Clutch or Calculated Player
BlueStr (EUW)
: Brand support is absolutely destroyed by any ACTUAL support champion, especially ones with 2 or more CCs. Just go Draven + Blitz and laugh your ass off as these two immobile f*cks get obliterated.
RuffioCas (EUW)
: What if your connection was perfectly fine up until you joined the game? Connection issues have nothing to do with how good/bad your internet is. There are several factors to consider, not just "the internet being shit", don't rant if you have no idea what you are talking about. It seems to me as if you create a topic ranting about different things whenever you lose a game. I remember your topic from a day or two ago, "enemies get stronger and allies get weaker in promos" lmfao
Most of those issues are easily avoidable, if people just cared of / had basic understanding of these things.
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