aCup of Tea (EUNE)
: Fluffy Bunny - modern, troll and fear inducing. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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topic from 2013.. and I see using titled recently..
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: I don't see {{champion:143}} anywhere. If you own her, then _end thread_ If you don't own her, Then look no further.
I have all champs xD but Zyra suckss
Anraton (EUW)
: meybe my post here helps you a bit ...
thank you I definetly check that
Anraton (EUW)
: a champion list without playstile (& itembuild?) doesn't help much ... tell us what u like about those champs.
Adc,Support,Mid is clear for me - easy2play champs because I want play mostly TOP and JUNGLE and in TOP lane I am not sure.. I like splitpushing (Fiora,Jax) a lot but I also like tanking and dealing a lot of dmg (Renekton,Darius) and in jungle I really like hard CC champs (Sejuani) but also champs like Jarvan, Master Yi.. hard to choose few among all the champs
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: Probably walked back way too far from the minion wave and missed one or two creeps EXP. or your jungler walked passed you and shared EXP for a creep or two. Or was your enemy laner participant in an earlier kill, from an invade?
nah we both 0/0/0 no jungler around and I think I was in range maybe I missed one creep but than I TABed and we had same cs dunno
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
this is what I want to hear it.. I really want be better player and stop being passive-aggressive blamer but If I had no options to make my punishments status better Its like reverse motivation now If I know I can change my status its bigger motivation to be better
Solash (EUW)
: Well then the solution here is simple. Don't flame. For any reason. Ever. If you're a bit stressed, refrain from using the chat.
and If I flame in year 2026 I will be permabanned because in 2016 I had 14day ban.. unfair
Solash (EUW)
: Nothing to see here folks. Just your daily ban thread that is literally no different from the last 200...
well my points is what if I start be postive and never flaming player and for example whole year never flame or blame.. and after one year I lost my nerves and I will flame for one game and I got perma ban because year ago I had 14day bans? pretty unfair what about behavior reset? and after for example 6 month not flaming you have reset and next punishment is again warning/chat restriciton
Cosmick (EUW)
: Quick guide on what not to do: * Comment on other players kda (It's literally useless and passive-aggresive) * Comment on what champ other players picked - See the above * Belittle another player * GG IZI (or any abreviation - there's never any need to be a big meme) * Another player starts to get toxic and you start arguing with him, or replying with toxicity * Call for reports on a fellow player Quick guide on what to do: * Gl & hf at game start to both parties * Comment positively if someone pulls of a nice play or survives where he / she should have died (Escapes from a 1v3+) - It's encouraging and boosts moral * GGWP, or if you or the enemy team had someone afk etc - Bg * Someone is harassing / flaming you, you instantly mute them with nothing more than letting them know they are muted for it (You don't need to tell them you will report them, it's unnessecary)
I agree with this and I admit I am passive aggresive but I never verbal abuse hard, never racism, never homophobia, all I do its calling them bad and talking about reports.. dont think this is reason for 14day ban and perma in future.. I know people who every game verbal abusing hard and they have not even warning
Solash (EUW)
: >9x zyra and wukong >trolling This is flaming.
well if they feed, verbal abusing me no I have no right to tell enemy team to report them?
D1nzu (EUW)
: "9x zyra and wukong" And there you have it. FLAMING Enjoy your ban
I cant see flame, just saying to report them thats not against rules!
Infernape (EUW)
: >and now if I "flame" again I will have perma ban???? are you serious? I have skins in price of hundreds € Well the 14 day ban is your final warning. If you do continue to behave in the same way, you will get permanently banned. And honestly, Riot don't care if you spent money on the game, they'll still permanently ban you.
yeah but what if I stop writing so my acc will be forever in bad condition? or for example after year non flaming is my acc behavior reset and I got againt warning instead perma?
Stell (EUNE)
: "stop fucking feeding" is exactly flaming.
yeah and someone with 0/10/0 is all right?
Solash (EUW)
: Those would be nice, yeh.
I have in email only one game then I transfer my acc to EUW (thats why different name) and after this transfer I dont have "warning" about my ban after I launch the game so I cant find other games 14 Day Behavior Suspension Count Dooku, You have received a 14 day ban following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Your peers judged your behavior to be far below the standards of the League of Legends community. Think through the conversation and reflect on your words. League is an intense, competitive game, but every player deserves respect. Read more about the effort to encourage sportsmanlike play, here. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this focus with full hp? u go heal? 9x zyra and wukong trolling xin bad? gg zyra they all low if you follow mistake xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD eu english flame? check my score and brand still feeds 9x report? nice focus :D this focus only I on tristana and u focus vladimir xD this build works this team why focus vladimir? tell me easy gg nice focus gg tutorial I saw player with bigger flame - F words, racism, big verbal abuse I am maybe annoying and blaming but I cant see actual flaming
Varjokani (EUNE)
: Its easy. If someone makes mistake you can be like "Hey you should not do that" or "please dont die in this game". Thats advising. But you cant flame. Flaming is doing "WTF go shoot someone I hate u I hate u" typed text.
if someone made a mistake a tell them its a mistake if someone is 0/10 I tell them to stop fuckin feeding I just be honored for teaching them
D1nzu (EUW)
: No one gives a shit if you owned 100 copies of all the skins in the game. That doesnt make you immune to the rules. Never use that as an excuse again. Flame = warning/chatban Flame = BAN Flame more = PERMA
didnt flame and still got 14days without warning
Solash (EUW)
: Yeh. So don't flame...
I dont flamed and still ban you want send logs?
nigelf (EUW)
: Intentional feeding system is too harsh on giving punishments
0/15 is stupid enough for ban.. when you are camped so why u go back to lane?
Stell (EUNE)
: So how about you stop the "flame" then and you won't get your perma ban?
I can but if I ever flame again I have automatically perma??? its stupid what about "reputation" reset
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