Krestek (EUNE)
: Lifesteal Quints.. 4.5% lifesteal + 2% from masteries.. and when u finish ur jungle item u get 8% lifesteal for the jungle.. 15.5% lifesteal for the jungle with only one item.. and first camps are easy if u do krugs>birds>red and fill ur health from scutler then move to the second jungle.. check my runepage/mastery. They're not perfect, I'm not a pro, but I've tested those and they work and may help u.
ah i used armor pen quints, maybe i need to try LS quints as well
Krestek (EUNE)
: Rengar not good in the jungle? HAHHAHHH DUUDE I USE NO POTIONS WHEN JUNGLING WOTH RENGAR XD u just need lifesteal runes.. and do red third, so u can keep at full health..
lifesteal runes?
: Rengar with Fervor of Battle is crazy good. But I'd pick Lee... he is always absurdly strong.
so zac isn't good enough?
Eazy AO (EUW)
: Zac Or Lee
i know rengar is good in the jungle, but as i said he isn't AS good as Lee or Zac right now. plus rengar is better top so i leave him for toplane
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Too Shy (EUW)
: Well i mean every champ does dmg. But Shen doesn't do the same dmg as for example GP or Irelia :p And building full tank on Shen is usually the best way to go. I mean sure you can build maybe Trinity on him. Idk if Titanic Hydra is good tho. Should be okay for waveclearing if you don't go sunfire
yeah hes pretty annoying seeing low targets go because you dont do enough dmg
Too Shy (EUW)
: Depends on what you wanna do. Wanna be a frontline who doesn't rlly do dmg? Pick Shen. You should build him full tank. He is good because you can learn map awarness with him. Imo he is boring tho :p GP is kinda harder to learn because you have to use his barrels effectivly, esspecially after his recent nerfs. But if you can play him he is probably still good and if you wanna have high DMG and 1v1 potentioal+splitpush you should pick him. And Irelia, She isn't too hard to play, has dmg and is tanky. So i would recommend her if you are the bruisertypeplayer. In general you just have to decide which Championkit you like the most.
shen does do dmg??
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Arsolt (EUNE)
: graves is the easiest of those 3 u can probably start with him , then jinx then kalista
would you say kalista is the best out of the 3, i already know how to play graves so im kinda moving on
: Not really the best, still snowballs ridiculously hard though, still has a free kill at level 6 with ignite and still cleans up for pentas.
hmmmmm, ill stick to yasuo or something then
: Yea buying a skin for a champ you dont play is completely normal #JustRichPlayerThings
would upvote if i could but i dont know how to ;)
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Snowfox (EUW)
: If you don't play her, why buy a skin? o.0
because i have some RP big boy
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feuerbach (EUW)
: I'd recommend playing an ADC without escape, to practice being a glass-cannon: Ashe - because she has 2 global abilities. if you make good use of them (spot the jungler, or jungle camp timer), you will help your team without leaving the lane. Kog'Maw - because he is a hyper-carry and living artillery (with a weak early game) Jinx - because she is cool.
why do i need to practice being a glass-cannon??
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Jens DV (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aáron,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ToFAKEAU,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2015-09-11T00:54:07.428+0000) > > i've been playing rengar ALOT thats why im looking for AP lol Did you click on the link? My Rengar IS AP.
lmao, forgot about AP Rengar, i'll try it sometime
Jens DV (EUW)
: Rengar, [trust me](
i've been playing rengar ALOT thats why im looking for AP lol
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Everything besides fiddlestick should be very viable Heck even fiddlesticks works to a certain extend
lmao someone just said fiddles is good, what u tryna imply?? ;p
: Solid stuff for AP Off-tank: {{champion:154}} {{item:3709}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3056}} {{item:1314}} {{champion:111}} {{item:3717}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3083}} {{item:1314}} - You can afford to avoid resistances with Naut, due to the crazy health scaling on his shield. I managed to out-tank and Alistar and Mundo with that build, whilst melting the opposition with my persistant damage output. [This build is also great for blowing up ADC's] And if you look at the damage chart for this match (I was playing Zac) you'll notice that my damage output was the 2nd highest in the match, surpassed by Fizz (only by 1.5k too).
zac is strong for me but i can't do much when im fed and i can't play him on a competitive level hes too fun
: Karthus is a dead guy.
lmao thought it had something to do with that
: Indeed a bit of ap because maokai is all about absorbing dmg but don't worry. You deal massive dmg with your ult and q while you are a more likely a tank. with his passive sustain, root (w) what Buddingsquaw mentioned ,focussing is very easy. If your really dont know where the fuck im talking about maybe you could watch some pro plays? Well, I hope your Fav. AP jungler will be found soon good luck.{{summoner:11}} {{item:1039}}
thanks man
: maokai tank/ap. cc,( slow and kind of stun), engage , so good pick + very good in teamfights. only disadvantage is that you need at least 3-4 tank items so you're not the player with the most magic dmg. i would suggest if your team has only 1 tank or all ad you should pick him. Elise is good too btw but i don't play her.{{champion:57}} {{item:3725}} or {{item:3724}}. {{item:3027}} {{item:3001}}
ummm i like mayonnaise, i've only played him twice though lol. but can he like, carry??
: Dead serious (geddit?), and it is fun. Just make sure to switch your W off right before something dies, so you get the mana back from its passive.
alrighty, thanks, lmao didnt get the joke btw
: {{champion:30}} - Sustain through sheer damage output. Used to be a relatively common thing, and with Runeglaive, it's crazy good. (Would recommend Spellvamp runes for it, though) And best of all, press R to gank. (Normal ganks are pretty good too, though)
if this is serious or not, im gonna try it because it seems fun as hell
: Elise is a pretty safe choice. She basically has everything a jungler dreams: Sustain (With her W), good ganks(with her cocoon), good burst and good escape. Nidalee is algo a good pick, she can poke, she can heal allies, she is pretty mobile but does not have any kind of CC. In my opinion, Elise is in a better position than Nidalee but that doesn't necessarily means that Nidalee sucks.
yeah i get you, thanks i have Elise but i haven't got round to playing her
Fler (EUNE)
: Fiddle, he is awesomeman, easy clear, just care for invades/counter jungle, he has insane counter ganks after 6, he is usefull in every phase of the game, he offers alot dmg and cc and also if u take all kills u can carry it easy.
hmm i've never thought about fiddles, i'll give it a try
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Eveninn (EUW)
: If you are talking about soloQ: Lee needs to get ahead early, he got a insanely strong early and therefore basically has to use that. Later on he indeed gets weaker (by a lot actually), since if you build dmg you get blown up too fast, and if you build tank... lets be honest, most other tanks got a better kit. However, the reason Lee still is played a lot is mainy his 'insec' move, enabling to basically catch someone, even if the enemy is grouped. Also, if needed he can peel nicely with his ult too, +havin enough mobility to usually have no Problem sticking onto the enemy backline, and either killing it, or at least forcing it to back off/Focus him, so basically a tanks Job. The main reason why Lee can be hard is to make his early game Count and ofc pull of insecs. Rengar is like a catch-king, you want that CS and go there solo? nope You want to split 2000 units away from your Team? nope You want to have a safe laning Phase? nope imo he is extremly strong in soloQ cus he punishes mistakes well, and we all know mistakes happen a loooot in soloQ. Also, while Rangos early is weaker than Lee's (not by that much tho I'd say) he can snowball better than any Nunu ever. Rengars main... hardness? is quick comboing (AA-Resets mainly, but also using E midair etc.) Since I don't main either I can be mistaken, but that's how I see them. ^^
Yeah I know what you mean, Rengars description sounds better
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Fújin (EUNE)
: I don't like your english and your vocabulary either, but I didn't insulted you or your mom either. Now where's Hansiman when you need him?
btw "i didn't insulted you" isn't correct.
: Hi, my main on NA is called youngMINI and I main Shaco. I'm Plat 5, but on EUW, Silver 3. Shaco is a very good jungler if used correctly. Snowball early and lead your team to VIKTORy
don't get the joke on VIKTORy but ok.
: I often like to play{{champion:20}} {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:2}} as it is pretty OP at the moment, I also like {{champion:103}} jungle but I only play her in the higher elo games.
lmao thanks for the joke, man
: Hi there, I main {{champion:35}} jungle. He's really good and can snowball really hard. In 2 days I climbed gold 5 to gold 2. I recommend him HIGHLY.
lol, what is shacos use what does he do in game, i heard he isnt in a good spot
Nethal (EUW)
: Maybe don't be an *ss and just answer his question next time? Or you know, press that back button if his English grammar offends you enough to make such a sucky remark. The unbelievable holyness of people on these boards.
thanks man, this guys annoying
Fújin (EUNE)
: Why're you so mad? Are you afraid of a normal discussion?
i didn't like the way you approached
: Play Jinx jungle
ok, i'll try that now
: So basically u can play Rengar/Kata. Basically get close to a target, smash your keyboard, and there you have it. A kill!
Fújin (EUNE)
: Go find another forum(and even game) if you can't control your vocabulary.
ok fuck off now, thanks and goodbye
Fújin (EUNE)
: Since we're on the english boards I guess you can talk in your mother language, what could go wrong. Who knows, Hansiman might help. He also helps people who need a nicer vocabulary.
read what you are saying. go away find another post if you aren't here to help
Emillie (EUW)
: Read my name.
shes my most played midlaner, i'm bored of her now
Fújin (EUNE)
: No, you want a dictionary and english lessons.
suck ur mum, are these boards where i submit my english work?
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: Riven does not have a move on short cooldown that makes her immune to almost everything. And she may have plenty of GCs but she does not have a point-and-click-i-dash-to-you-and-be-done-with-it and sometimes you can feel the difference perfectly. Moreover, you will naturally build Fizz with Ap Tankyness (hourglass, mainly) that will help you a lot in TF, while doing the same with Riven feels awkward cause even your shield scales upon AD. All in all, it's easier to go wrong with Riven than with Fizz, expecially if got a bad early and you are unable to come back. Ah, and the nerfplz "tier lists" are utter garbage, don't make any decision upon them. If you want to know what champs people tell are OP without any other reasoning, than that's the perfect place. Otherwise, even coming here and open a thread (like you did) is better.
oh wow i used to worship that tier list basing my champs on the list lol, thanks for the help
: Is this post about claiming Riven to be perfectly balaanced because she is hard to play?
No lol its basically about riven or fizz which is the better option
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: Wukong very fun to play and cool skins, Irelia very boring playstyle because you really don't need any mechanics or knowledge of the game to do plays, she can 1v3 triple with only auto attack where other champs need to micromanage 54000 abilities and may not do a single mistake, it's up to you, fair champion that is fun to play as and against or champ that makes you feel sorry for the enemy team
lol wukongs my main jungler and he can 1v3 as well haha
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