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: > compared to someone like an Akali or Leblanc she seems vastly underbuffed. Well of course she would be. Those two are designed to work primarily and are balanced as assassins. Which is why their CC is either short (like Akali's R) or designed to be (in theory) unreliable (LeBlanc's E). ######although the tether range on LB's E is bullshit. Ahri is a hybrid of a burst mage and an assassin. She has the utility of a mage (with her E) and the pseudo damage of an assassin. She deals less damage because she trades utility for damage.
I agree that she should deal less damage than an Lb or Akali but not to the point it is now. I don't believe Ahri should be able to one shot someone with a Q but I also feel that if you go even with her in lane then it is much harder to do any significant damage due to high item costs and low ap ratios. Like if you get ahead with her she seems quite good in most cases in terms of the damage however if it turns into a farming lane and you go even and at 15-20 mins in you start team fighting. It feels like she has very little impact apart from her CC. Again this is only my opinion and it's probably just me not playing well enough to have the items for the team fighting stage but from my point of view she seems quite lackluster especially considering they're now nerfing her
: Depends how you look at it, i used to play her alot but ultimately gave up on it when there was a patch a while back that cut her damage but amplified it if you hit the charm on a target. The reasoning why i stopped was mostly due to the playstyle this change enforced on you (or my style) and that was to dip in and out dealing sustained damage on multiple champs with Q & W due to the cooldowns being alot lower than E (roughly 2 Q's to an E?) Ofc you would try for a charm when it was up but you could harass mid to late with Q for good damage on tankier champs that simply didnt die to E Q W R like a squishy would as well as waveclear and soften the enemy or discourage a dive. With the change i mentioned above it now meant your team mates would die or be zoned before a 2nd charm became available and due to your lower damage harass tools your overall damage was not respected enough to discourage a hard engage or protect team mates. In short it felt like riot intended to push her back toward singe target kill mage or assassin which i dont feel she is imo but i know she is supposed to be. On top of the laning phase issues that was present before the change notably the high mana costs she has which often can leave you opting to Q the wave and not interact with the opponent ensuring you both get near perfect cs and in turn a coin flip being equally fed unless you get significantly better roams. The ult cooldown was really high in my mind memory wise (i cant remember the exact times but ill throw 100 secs out there at 6) So against competent opponents you would be rendered "anniefied" without the mobility of the ult. Choosing to fight in lane works well on paper if you have a 100% land rate on your charm but that shouldnt be the case vs an equally skilled opponent so often and by my personal metric of mid lane champs it boils down to mana to damage ratio ( how much poke damage you can do for the cost of mana) which often pre 6 or 1st item built meant you couldnt reliably 100-0 if they used pots/sustain etc. Any good opponent will punish low mana with or without a jungle gank too. Too much risk unless you can sense a massive skill gap to abuse. Id rate her slightly below average being if you are more skilled youll do well but in a equal skill games expect to lose <50%
Makes sense, thanks for commenting! She recently got some buffs quite a few patches ago buffing her damage and what not but the issue as you say with mana is still there and last patch or the patch previous her ult was nerfed to 130s from 110s at 6. The problem I find with her is why would you choose to play her when it seems there are so many other good middle laners that are potentially easier and stronger. I feel like if they are trying to keep her as a mobile mage assassin then her ap ratios especially early should be looked at to have a more fair match with other champions that have high mobility like Zed Leblanc Talon Akali Kata Irelia etc.
: No, she isn't weak.
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