: Why build BOTRK first with Ashe?
Simple answer : BRK on Ashe is the best possible "1 item power spike" buy. The long answer is that Riot completely %%%%ed up scaling on ADCs and crit items.
: this new adc "meta"
The worst part is that some people on social medias think the new META has brought some diversity… No it hasn't… The new bot lane top tier champions are simply whatever works on the current patch. Strong champions can be played on the safe lane with a support and that's it. They aren't original, they aren't diverse… This is a MOBA, it has tier lists, and super god damn good champions happen to dominate bot lane in the end.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Increase base mr.
YES PLS ! The removal of MR per level runes has been such a detrimental thing for the game honestly… especially since there hasn't been any compensations for low resist targets who would **ALWAYS** have picked +27 MR per level before season 8… I agree with this
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: Worse meta throughout the entire league history
What people Don't seem to understand is that "ADC" stand for **attack damage carry** And "carry" means that you can win the game and destroy every other champion that stands in your way once you have farmed and leveled up. Apparently a certain portion of the league player base doesn't understand that… The main issue is that ranged carry type champions die too easily to tanks, supports and other roles in the game. Also support type champions get far too much gold and XP through support items, catch up xp mechanics and other shenanigans. The main imbalance of the game lies in these two statements now. It hs brought Chaos/fiesta meta as a result. Chaos meta means : anything that has strong base stats and spells, with a proper item build is playable ad should be able to carry eventually because anything else can't even Lol.
: Now that botlane have been opened for other champions.
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: League is becoming way too complex for casual player
: Lucian, Mf , kaisa still playable.
Gold funneling Kaisa is playable Indeed !
: [discusion] How can we fix the meta?
Me play SHyvana Hard carry 2V8 with Braum mid Me take all the gold in the jungle and in lanes me level 18 & full build at 25 minutes Me win game, me smart Good meta Rito keep it this way ! (Kappa) Obviously this meta is toxic as F$$$ !
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What patch changes made this crazy meta where supports are mid and fighters replacing adcs?
Across the board changes : Bot lane Marksmen now have -5 less Armor, -3 AD, 50% less base health regen for base stats (lvl 1) Fleet foot work got nerfed Crit items now cost 300 more gold Infinity edge has been changed into a trash tier item In a nutshell : Nerfs to base stats, nerfs to survivability and scaling, as well as item changes…
Zoe RuIe34 (EUNE)
: ADC Role Is it really destoyed ?
Yes it sucks and it is really that bad. Imagine having the worst base stats in the entire game ADCs have the worst scaling from early to mid game and a pretty bad late game still because Crit items are gimped right now They are mostly team/support reliant You are a late game champion in games that do not last longer than 25 mins… and games are decided in the first 15 minutes The only marksmen that are slightly above average lose to any other "clown-fiesta bot lanes" which generally includes AListar and a bruiser or an anchantress and a hyper mage carry… ADC 2K18 OMEGALUL !!!
Voidner (EUNE)
: what about {{champion:236}} {{champion:119}} These 2 are overpowered
THey are only average in Marksmen match-ups …. Other than that, THey are TRASH and lose to any Fiesta botlane.
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Djake (EUW)
: AD Carry
Why would you pick something bad and unfun when you are free to choose not to ? AD Marksmen have no base stats (because of 8.11 nerfs) and no scaling (because of AD item changes)… The only thing that hasn't been destroyed are their spells… so spellslingers can do average and bully other marksmen. But that's it. They are not competitive anymore unless they get spoon-fed by %%%%%%s. You can't blind pick a traditional crit/scaling Marksman anymore… and even if you can pick one, you will have a hard time for 25 minutes at least… People get bored, and they move on, so they play Something else.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Except that they wouldn't build it… It wouldn't be effective on them
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: What happens when adc gets one little nerf, compared to adc mains when other roles have issues:
: What happens when adc gets one little nerf, compared to adc mains when other roles have issues:
Marksmen being terrible at their original and historical role/position is quite embarassing actually. Bot lane is such a mess right now…
: I need to try that Vlad bot lane, ty man xD
It was Vladimir + Pyke ( Saw it on SKT T1 Bang's Stream ) it is supposed to counter Mordekaiser's bot lanes if I understood it correctly. Against any traditional set up, you cleave them so hard … that they can't stay around and they inevitably fall behind.
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: Winning a game in season 8 is 100% Luck
Match making issues Balance issues being amplified in solo.Q Too much focus on early game snow ball Every role being gutted one by one… Many players not deserving their ranks… Coin flip games being won or lost on the bot side of the map in 10 minutes ... That's Season 8 in a nutshell.
: Support Item nerf & Shielding Nerfs
These changes are 100% legit. Weaker supports is a good thing. Defensive shield supports are Killing this game currently. But fear not, you will build {{item:3174}} which is actually far better than people think it is. THis will require much more gameplay and interaction tho. It is good for the game. We need more support nerfs… probably nerfing Tank supports then. THe absolute Kings of bot lane are those pesky and nasty tanks that get way to much stats and gold for what they actually do.
: this is just a case of learning how to adapt. the fleet footwork is mainly taking for the movement speed and not for the heal. u say a good support can totally carry u?? WRONG. as support main i can't do shit when i got an adc who can't position himself. if he runs in every hook, gets harrassed every second cause he misplaces himself theres nothing a support can do to help him. about getting harrased in lane. just be smart and rush {{item:1053}} .
You do realize that, being a late game (crit) marksman now means that you will have your spike past 25 minutes into the game ? Your core build becomes effective around 30 minutes : in late game… And that only happens if you survive in lane against {{champion:236}} {{champion:119}} or{{champion:21}} … not taking assassins and ganks into account. Let's be optimistic ! Games are far shorter than that. So you CAN'T adapt at all actually since the game is over before that. Even if you reach the late game with your full build… Lane bullies WILL OUTSCALE you, since {{item:3031}} is a trash tier item now… Squared circle ! You can't make do with this...
: Patch 8.11. How the adc role began to change.
**The LoL Meta in 8.11 and transitioning into 8.12 : ** Top/mid lane carry type champs rule the first 25 minutes of any game. Mid-Jungle, Top-Jungle synergies matter a lot more now. You are forced to play Lucian, Kai'sa, Miss Fortune or …. Ezreal sometimes and then you might be able to do Something if your support decides so. Best support wins botlane by default almost all the time. Other marksmen are irrelevent until 30 minutes, unless they snowball out of control (which should never happen at all). The trick is, games will never last 30 minutes and if they ever happen to last so long… the game would already be determined by then. You wont have a close game lasting until 30 minutes. It clearly sounds like late Season 2 to me. Back then, ADC was a non-impactful role too.
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: is adc supposed to be feel slow and useless now?
I would be somewhat ok with their changes if Crit marksmen were the kings of lategame … but they aren't. Even hard-carry types of marksmen are trash right now. Infinity edge crits are 230% … no longer 250% damage modifier. This is such a bad change. You Simply feel swindled when you buy crit. The biggest scam in the shop !
: If i’m not mistaken, adc should feel much slower now. Ad early was nerfed and Ad scaling was buffed. Despite that, I played a few matches with lethality {{champion:21}} , with {{item:3071}} and{{item:3035}} and she felt super strong. I’m talking about 2 shotting their adc with 2 q bounces when I only had 2 items (being ghostblade and duskblade)
AD and especially crit scaling is garbage right now …. The only things you can play right now are Rageblade/trifroce/letahlity ADCs… anything else is gimped.
: While I would also rate the essence reaver changes as much more drastic than the IE. The same logic applies. It was time for a shakeup. While I loved the Essence Reaver and all its awesome uses, The AD, Crit and CDR and Mana regen all on one item? it was bound to be changed and reworked at some point. I will miss it.
{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} Yhea... No ADC should have access to infinite mana, dirt cheap max CDR, and insance scaling at the same time ! That would be broken right ? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ps : on a more serious note, I do agree with you honest post.
Hecky (EUNE)
: New Infinity Edge (much weaker then before)
The biggest deal is about essence reaver honestly... IE changes are ok, you can deal with it once you get used to the new builds and all... HOWEVER ... ADCs no longer having free 40% cdr and infinite mana through {{item:3508}} is massive and it is still Under the radars .
: What is the counterplay to zed late game?
Buy this : {{item:3046}} & {{item:3812}} or {{item:3026}} Tell your support to build this {{item:3109}} And that's it ! You won't die to assassins ever again ! Bravo {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Dyrreah (EUNE)
: Jungler main crying a riven.
Being on the receiving end of the new jungle meta feels horrible... I swear it can legit kill the game if it lasts more than 2 weeks. Wee need it reverted. Scuttle crab **SHOULD NOT** be a game decisive neutral objective at all ! This is the worst Jungle update since release {{item:3308}} which brought back 2-1-2 stratégies, and that says Something ! ... The point is, if you do not pick a busted level 2 jungler with outstanding dueling power or a stun... you insta-lose. The nemy jungler will have 1 more level right away since he can take down the rift scuttle and you can't contest it. By the 20th minute mark, he can reach 3 more levels than you if he exploits his early lead properly. You can't gank level 5 sololaners when you barely reach lvl 3 in your first jungle clear... This patch is garbage.
: Sadly the newest patch made it even worse, junglers that power spike lvl 2 insta gank and get a kill or two due to laners not warding EVER. Haven't had a single enjoyable game today be it win or lose.
New jungle route : First buff into direct scuttle all-in duel or gank. Coin flip jungle wins the game {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Leto GT (EUW)
: As a jungler, I do not have any interest anymore in helping hard losing lanes. (Shutdown changes).
You are wrong : WHat you should do is, give the shut down gold to your winning laners. it requires a bitmore coordination, for sure, butthat's what you shall do anyways if you want to win. Your strongest lanes should shut down the fed enemy player.
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: Its about setting a standard for other ad champs wanting to go ad support. Playing lee sin for example. He doesnt benifit from relic sheild. Its essentailly the dorans sheild of botlane. We need the dorans blade equivalent.
I don't think anyone wants to see AD supports being a thing. Honestly... That would be gamebreaking and probably terrible. But maybe I am wrong =^)
: Pyke needs his own support item
I saw it on PBE... Relic shield is super effective on him, So, I guess it's ok, he doesn't need another toy.
: u can't go fight him melee. hes to slippery with Q,E,R to be able to fight him close up. however he can't do mush against ranged harras. if he can't get close to u hes basicly doing nothing.
Yhea you are right ... if he can't connect, he's damned so, It would be a shame if - He had a long range slow/stun that also dealt shlt loads of dmg - he could come out of the fog of war bypassing terrain and walls with improved move-speed... Yhea I Wonder why Riot didn"t give that to him huhum.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Baxtriks (EUNE)
: Blue Kayn is kinda balanced but Rhhast is cancer. Especially lethality one
Well ... You can eventually slow him.... but as soon as he unlocks one of his two froms, he starts getting out of control and Nothing can stop him lol. That's not snowball... Give him two kills, early form and he hits like a freight train right away. Imbalanced... need looked into.
: Kayn too snowbally?
THere is almost no counter-play against Kayn : - You can't shut him down early - If he's caught in a bad spot, he'll just wall-hack away - Lethality is too strong on him, his scaling is far too high - he's too easy to play, his combos are toddler-friendly if not brain dead - Once he gets going he can't be countered... he will simply murder any type of carry over and over and over - I don't even wish to comment on Rast/bruiser-form Champions like Kayle, or Zilean are ineffective against him. Anti-assassin champions do not counter him... So, There you have it. Perfect toxic anti-carry champion...
: Champion Sexualization
Star-guardian Ezreal is legit a trans-gender version of the champion {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} Obviously sexualized !
: Ty Riot for conqueror,now adcs deal 300 true DMG every AA
Conqueror means melee fighters were ( 10-30 AD + 20% damage ) underpowered earlier in season 8. This is a massive compensation buff. But I don't think it actually solved any issue : - Lane bullies were strong, they are even stronger now - ADCs would sometimes use other keystone than Fleefoot, and they now have access to another super strong offensive choice - Top lane is still very irrelevant, unless you play a teleport tank/juggernaut who is going to TP bot as soon has his ultimate is up - Junglers still clear 2 buffs, rush fast lvl 3 and camp lanes untill catch up XP kicks in - Lethality powercreep - Ambiant gold is way too high and supports are too strong and wealthy - ADC items ... Crit/Attack speed is too cheap; Ezreal's build is too strong far too early in the game -
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: Is it possible to climb in solo Q playing only support?
If your team is intelligent enough to play around you, Dragons, rotations and rift herald... Then **Win bot lane = Win the game ** And playing support well has a massive impact on the success of botlane.
: How to counter lethality as a tank?
I forgot the easiest solution =^) : Just do more damage than them in the first place...
: How to counter lethality as a tank?
Defensive stats in league of legends are subject to disminishing returns... that is why lethality assassins still do a lot of damage to tanks. The second armor item you equip is always less effective overall than the first. It is less stats for the gold spent, so it is less cost efficient too. If you stack only 1 defensive stat (typically armor), you will be crispy and you will flop instantly regardless. So in order to avoid that, you have to **diversify your deffensive stats** : A good exemple would be a combinaison of Armor, Health and health regen, along with flat % damage réductions. {{item:3047}} {{item:3742}} + 1 big health item like {{item:3022}} /{{item:3083}} Important note : passives of Flat % damage réductions are better than armor stacking now. You should prioritize them all the time. The tankiest set up against AD damage for instance is made up of : {{item:3047}} {{item:3715}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3046}}{{item:3812}} It provides the highest combined damage reductions along with a handfull of defensive stats. Spot on ! You can also tank ADCs damage with it. The Phantom dancer seems very weird... but if you look carefully, it gives even more damage réductions... so it is super good on Attack speed chapions like {{champion:102}} {{champion:5}} or{{champion:11}}. As far as Runes are concerned... you can pick Resolve secondaries : Boneplating + Chrysalis mostly. I stopped dying to Shaco, Zed and Kha'zix once I had understood this.
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Naniup (EUW)
: Agree.90% of the games are decided from botlane.If your bot wins takes first tower can take drake can rotate and most of the time they easy win game.I dont main support but i do play it because i wanna be sure i win games..I win bot and easy win games.
Silly thing is ... most support/junglers in Silver don't know it. They haven't heard about this sick strategy that auto-wins game literally. If you are a jungler... you can simply abuse this meta and Camp botlane, then get all objectives for free afterward.
: Actually to get THAT strong, he has to actively auto attack at least 4 times before the shots deal huge damage. As a result, you have quite a large window (as his auto's are quite slow + a reload ), to kill or control him before he gets that spike. It's like how Katarina goes nuts if she gets one kill, there's a distinct ramp up to get to that point, where you can shut it down.
Lay siege to a turret, clear the minion wave and then engage ? This isn't uncommon... and in such situation you CAN'T contest anything as soon as the jhin has built his stacks.
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