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: For your first issue, you hovered over your Trinity Force after you bought it and probably accidentally sold it (right-clicking your items now sells them). If you do the maths for finishing Trinity Force and then sell it, it adds up to the gold you had when you left base.
The trinity force was not in my inventory, I could not have sold it. The phage and sheen were deleted when I tried to buy the trinity force with a right click (which buys items) in the same frame. This is a bug that needs to be looked at.
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Block (EUNE)
: The problem is not from u dont worry
I do worry man, I love streaming and this is cutting into it pretty badly. Just feel useless right now.
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: Yup, i hope this gets resolved soon. Just trying to tell you don't be too upset. It wasn't a game changing arrow
Won the game in any case. ^_^
: Dude that was a bad arrow. Even if it hit you wouldn't have done any damage and you wouldn't have killed anyone. Nor would your team have caught that yorick you almost hit{{champion:22}}
This isnt about What happened after the arrow. This is about the arrow not working as intended.
: Ashe Arrow Bug, Caught on Video.
Thanks to Xanius on Reddit, I've learned that this problem is being addressed on PBE with some new skill shot fiddling. So all skillshot champs will have less of a problem soon. :) [PBE Skillshot Statement](
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