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: So we have a pattern here.
i also have BT the issue happened but only league wouldnt load
: DC'd from the game like everyone else. This needs to be fixed.
i cant even log in now EDIT: i can now log in
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=gFodQ2uQ,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-05-04T17:48:34.137+0000) > > Yasuo's W skill is called; "Wind Wall". =) i meant a TRUE wall. not a wall that we can pass through {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
its a wall certain things can pass through :)
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: I prefer the route: Golems -> Raptors -> Red Buff -> First Blood -> Scuttler -> Double Kill -> back -> Wolves -> Gromp -> Blue Buff -> Scuttler -> Killing Spree Also gives quick level 6 :D
not reliable but ok :P
: Wait, why did you include Amumu and Elise as slow clearing junglers, and count Rengar as a fast clearing jungler?
rengar isnt a fast clearer. but he is reliant on level 6 for ganking. and i put elise on the bad list because she tends to gank a lot and thus is better off getting blue and red sooner. amumu is also very mana hungry so he needs blue early also: "(basically champs with low clear speeds or are blue buff reliant)."
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Cons: longer buff cd's. Try this instead, works on almost any jungler; Golems (smite) -> raptors -> red (smite) -> grab -> gank or blue -> grab or gank or whatever :)
you dont understand why this route is good do you... the route provides the most gold and xp making it far superior than any other routes. if you are level 6 and the enemy jungler is level 4. who has the advantage? also getting the buffs later is better cos you can use them to duel and gank better (plus you are 6)
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Encrux (EUW)
: From your first 2 words I already know what this post consists of. You start with "last game..", explain how this extremely bad thing happened suddenly happens pretty much every game and then BOOM! A "statistic" that underlines your "statement". I didn't experience **any** difference between the old queue and dynamic queue. I've been playing solo pretty much the entire time. Even if Riot were to introduce solo queue again, there would be just as many posts complaining about the bad matchmaking and how every single game consists of trolls. Why are people expecting different players, when the only thing they changed was the system behind it? The players are the same. No matter how flawless your system is, it's only as good as the players using them. cheers, Encrux.
If you managed to read the post you would see that i go on about other things that happened the games before that one. you are one of them people who read the first sentence and then goes straight to the comment section. you are the type of guy who watches the first 5 seconds of a youtube video and then cry in the comment section
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: He doesn't need a nerf, the items need a nerf.
i know. and whats worse is when runic echoes gets removed he will be left with these nerfs which basically olafs him. and in 6.7 he is getting another nerf. udyr didnt get a stat change in about 4 years. but runic echoes has caused him to get basically olafed. a simple change they could do (however not fun) is remove the ability to buy runic echoes on udyr.
it used to be a bug where on any champ that had the ability to change forms the game would freeze for a second the day a new patch was released. idk why it happened
: Actually it does remove his dot, then all u have to do is walk away. If you've built tanky like you say you should easily survive.
nope his ults damage still goes on. it works like a WW ult
Kamdoro (EUW)
: I'm assuming this is about your last match, how do you call that a tank? -.- Malzahar is fed and you only have one item with MR and no HP to back you up.
i wasnt talking about me being a tank.
: > [{quoted}](name=BradLegend,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Wjx4qNzL,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-04-04T12:10:31.626+0000) > > look, {{item:3140}} {{summoner:1}}, counter play 0.o Cleanse doesn't remove Suppressions, unfortunately.
and QSS doesnt remove the damage too
: He cant one shot a tank with just e ult. Its not on a ridiculous cd, he doesnt even build cdr. If he gets fed like any other champion ofc hes gonna kill you easily just sounds like you dont know how to play against him. Actually like any champion he does take skill but awareness and understanding also comes into this. Personally I like his skillset however he has some major weaknesses too.
play against him? he just ults and you die. how is there any way to play against it?
Infernape (EUW)
: QSS removes the suppression. You're free to attack him, flash or move away after you remove the suppression.
still doesnt stop his damage
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: Yea that's true. But imagine, how would you script an ability with the utility to reset when killing an enemy champion? You need to script a timeframe for what "killing blow" even means. So the time after the ult is also something like a buffer to prevent incidents where the ult-animation could take a little more time than usual (even a 0,1s longer animation could be critical). dont ask me how this can happen, but it's not impossible.
its rather easy actually to script it to reset on a killing blow
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Sffc (EUW)
: Were you level 16/17/18 (aka: Rank 3 on the Dunk)?
nah i was like lvl 13/14
: This is normal. A Rioter already told this loooooooong ago, that this isn't a bug. It's intended tho.
but the ult is meant to only reset if its a killing blow (the tooltip)
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MrJossy (EUW)
: Some riot staff please help us
its like season 3 all over again ahah
Dodica (EUNE)
: Riven Jungle bug
its not a bug. its just you fell behind
Ponicx (EUW)
: well... his E projectiles are already daggers soooooo ----
his E isnt daggers. it is blood
Mackinrow (EUW)
: Is going great for those who don't have these problems.
i found a solution to your problem. add me on EUW and i will share it.
Dage (EUW)
: How to counter Nasus?
Udyr tiger top with ignite. ez game. just keep Qing him for 150 each at level 1 and have a nice relaxing ride while he has about 30 stacks at 15 minutes (yes this actually happened once)
: it 100% is the jungle timers because riot has stated this themselfs. if you look it up your find it. its due to the fact they are on the mini map. i know its stupid but thats the reason. and riot allows other ways for you to get their skins for free just mk jogo was one of the first so its the most popular. if you do a bit of research or just figure out how to swap the files you can do it yourself... for free... and riot did state if they remove those features they will not be banned for it. and lastly custom skins are not how riot detects if your using 3rd party problems they are looking for overlays to league and stuff like that for mkjogo since thats the unfair advantage they are trying to get rid of. hope you understand.
they also say that MKJogo is reducing the amount of people buying skins
: Aye lad, I got the exact same issue. So if you're Jungle, play zac, get runic then tank. If you're mid, go Kindred or Jhin (I SHITE YE NOT LAD) Went from 0 lp to D4 series in a day just doing that shit.
Udyr tiger top is insane also. with thunderlords and ignite. NOBODY can out trade you
Ponicx (EUW)
: Vlad Rework
E throw daggers? he is a noxian blood mage. not {{champion:55}} mixed with {{champion:91}}
: Next week, most likely Wednesday.
I thought that the next patch was going to be after worlds has ended
Elepole (EUW)
: So, not everyone buy all the skin they want, it might be crazy, but most of us have a limited budget. Then, since when people actually think about team composition when picking champ ? Most of the time people pick whatever the f*** they want without thinking about the team, and sometime they think about counter picking, instead of thinking about what champ they are good with. At least, if they spam the same champ all season they will have some degree of knowledge of that champ.
it is like I nearly have 200 games as udyr with a 57-58% win rate as him. I play him top lane and people abuse me in champ select saying it is a bad pick and say this is a lost game. idk why people rage at people who play their mains.
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: Selecting favourite Place in Pickorder
nearly EVERYBODY would pick first place :)
: Yes they will lose , alot ;) . Cause some of the players will trade other skins for the new ones instead of buying them
actually they wouldn't lose money because somebody has already purchased the two skins. the RP for both skins have already been paid so they would lose no money
Noibla (EUW)
: Good on paper, bad on execution. The only skins that'll be bought (ever) are gonna be the newest one (or possibly a mystery gift). Riot = loses money. With this, I can just trade - for example - my Master Yi skin as I hate it for someone who wants it and OH HEY I SOMEONE WANTS IT AND I GET A DJ SONA INSTEAD. Riot doesn't like losing money. Riot will not implent this idea. My thoughts on it.
1) if you read the entire post it states mystery gifts would not be tradable 2) actually they wouldn't lose money because the RP for both skins have already been paid so they would lose no money
: But not the newest skins , i could give you 2 skins from 2012 for arcade riven and blitz and then : why does riot create new skins when 50% of the players just trade them ?
because players will still buy them and thus they would not lose money. its all business
They should add a system where if u get demoted or something you do not have to do promotion series in order to get back into ranks you have previously achieved
GRwolf12 (EUNE)
: Nasus Q bug
ive noticed that sometimes the Q strike takes like 2 seconds to fully do the animation. it is like nasus is in slow motion
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings [Submit a Request]( to Riot Support. They can show you some chatlogs eventually :) Soon(tm) Riot has planned of sending reformcards out with CR/RR automatically.. but for now, Support is your way of getting more info. False reports dont get you punished btw.. they get ignored.
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings [Submit a Request]( to Riot Support. They can show you some chatlogs eventually :) Soon(tm) Riot has planned of sending reformcards out with CR/RR automatically.. but for now, Support is your way of getting more info. False reports dont get you punished btw.. they get ignored.
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this problem is also in dominion I went 53/1 within 5 mins and got 2 penta kills
: [Suggestion] Ranked DCs/AFKs - Needs Fixing
I made a post about this yesterday :) im glad its not just me who thinks LP shouldn't be removed from the team with the AFK member Also another reason somebody may afk is in emergency sircumstances e.g family problems and you could just add a time window of like 20 minutes of being afk for the loss prevented to kick in to avoid ladder abuse :)
: Happened to me to completely screwed my game as I had multiple screen freezes every time he changed stance It happened with the primal udyr skin
for me it only happens when I play him
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