: > [{quoted}](name=Elýzium,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Yprtq5xz,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-23T22:05:12.282+0000) > > Game 1 > In-Game > Elýzium: you come bot to throw a spear, **knowing full well you wont kil lanyone** > Elýzium: game was lost the second nida decided to int botlane :D > Elýzium: i dont really care now > Elýzium: why > Elýzium: you steal blue?=? > Elýzium: ok report > Elýzium: ok report > Elýzium: saying the word "report" isnt reportable i think > Elýzium: so > Elýzium: ok report > Elýzium: omg team!! > Elýzium: i do 3 kill and you not help! > Elýzium: cant win! gg! > Elýzium: good job! :)! > Elýzium: omg! > Elýzium: toplaner no help! > Elýzium: who fed mordekaiser!! > Elýzium: #no help! > Elýzium: ANY GROSS GORE WATCHERS HERE BRUV? > Elýzium: i did it! > Elýzium: JA MAN > Elýzium: that is report > Elýzium: omg > Post-Game > Elýzium: no honors? > Elýzium: okaay team I don't know why you can't see that you're consistently passive-agressive towards your teammates, flaming them over and over again. If you want to make a point: tell them in max 7 words (and 1 line) what went wrong or how to improve. Those 7 words/1 line are the max for each game. Yes, I sometimes blame my support when he's doing bad stuff. I tell them and I keep focussing on whats happening next instead of keep spamming: "toplaner no help! who fed mordekaiser! #no help!" You can keep saying that, but that wouldn't make the enemy toplaner lose 5 kills. Instead say: let's kill mordekaiser as a team to claim his bounty or something like that ("we need to kill morde as 4, so our toplaner can split" w/e you know what I mean). Saying things in that way is positive (killing someone with a bounty to make a comeback) while you also notice the fact that someone feeds him (maybe a csbounty is enough for that). In the end, asking for honors, while you weren't sportsmanlike is a bit strange. Maybe notice that if you carried and you were toxic that's its less likely that one will honor you, instead they honor the toplaner for "staying cool" as you blamed him during the game.
Youre right, but context matters. After I died three times in the first 6 mins, my team hard flamed me so I started typing like a moron (using tons of exclamation marks, pretending I didnt know English well) so they would maybe stop (they didnt). I checked their profiles today, and all of them are still playing even though they were actively insulting me. This just feels so unfair
: If you had before 25 games chat restriction then is normal to get now 14 days ban. The next one is permanent and can't be lifted. In time (months) your behavior will start to look good and you can get again 14 days ban instead of the permanent ban.
I had no restrictions previously tho...
: > so in the meantime, you be the judge. https://i.imgflip.com/3bcuhr.jpg 1. Is deserved because you already got it 2. Even if we are 100 who say that is not deserved your ban will still not gonna be lifted 3. After I end this point I will read them to tell you in an "edit" one type of each way of breaking the rules. Edit: Elýzium: ok report (report calling) Elýzium: i do 3 kill and you not help! Elýzium: cant win! gg! (negative behavior) ######Elýzium: saying the word "report" isnt reportable i think (now you know that it is)
Im not expecting you to lift my ban, I know you cant do that. I thought maybe the community can help me spot where I was too toxic for the game, because I cant see it Edit: Okay I see. I wasnt aware negative behavior could get you banned at all, much less for 14 days without warning. Teammates type stuff like "cant win", "game is over" or "report x for ..." all the time (even multiple times this game) and I have done it too in the past, but I dont think I or anyone I know has ever been banned for it. It seems weird that such "tame" flame would get me banned
Shamose (EUW)
: > Elýzium: ANY GROSS GORE WATCHERS HERE BRUV? Definitely this.
I said that when my teammate called me a bruv :D
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Endellion (EUW)
: If there is a clan tag and it's reported they should get punished appropiately for it. > It was obvious to everyone in that game that I meant it as a joke, and no one got offended by it. How do you know that? Did **everyone** that saw it laugh about it? In this age you've got to be very careful when using those terms. Hate speech are now more harshely judged. It's a (relatively?) new thing, don't know how long it's been about, that when some words are said in pre, in game or post game chat could lead directly into a 14 day ban or a perma ban. The most common are (in your case) %%% and k y s , I'm sure that there are others (most probably n%%%%%r etc). Since you have been banned before you could have wound up with a perma ban, your saving grace is that it was a long time ago. And since jokes and sarcasm sometimes don't translate very well over the interent and the fact that IFS is a program not a person the only thing it does care about is whether it's been said.
I guess I learned that the harsh way... but still, why did I not just get a chat restriction? I think that would make more sense, because after all my misbehaviour was purely chat-related. Actual bans should be reserved for trolling, AFKing, inting or repeated toxicity imo.
Endellion (EUW)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} %%% is a one way ticket to either a 14 day ban or a perma ban. It's one of the trigger words that the IFS gives out the harshest punishments for, no matter the context.
And how was I supposed to know that? I'm pretty sure there are people who have the word as their clantag, so it never crossed my mind that I would get an instant ban for it. And why no chat restriction? I did not intentionally feed or anything, I just said a bad word in chat
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how does the guy insulting you know youre female? why do you even tell him??? seems like youre desperate for attention
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: OMG this is sooooo fcking true *u*
wtf is going on with you? > [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4tf5AXYu,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-12T20:51:24.640+0000) > > OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! calm down lol.
Flintlock (EUW)
: How long has your brothers account been on your friends list? I ask this because i had the same error, so i looked here on the boards to find a solution and someone mentioned that maybe the reason people might be getting this error is because the person you are gifting needs to be on your friends list for 24 hours before you can send them gifts. That was the case for me, i added someone to my friends list to exchange the icon gifts yesterday and i was getting the same error, i waited 24 hours later and i was able to send the icon gifts today.
yes, I added him just to exchange the icon. That might be the problem.
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: [SUGGESTION] Baseball Ekko
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXCuFyQhA2Q This?
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: He's scripting or not?
AHAHA when the video finishes i get a video recommendation to a song called "It's not right for you"... and guess who the artist was: The Script xDD
Fissure (EUNE)
: You totally miss understand me, and where are you coming up with the numbers to shove waives? My only problem is not that TP is too strong, my only problem is that TP is stronger compared to other summoners. Yes i know math and that 240 sec is 4 minutes but when u compare that to for example ignite that is 210 sec, you can clearly see how much better TP is. Yes i am aware that some champions like Malph or Nasus are dependent on it but considering how much you lose when not picking TP is unreal specially in the toplane. Trading 30 sec for a summoner spell and allowing you not just to have more XP and farm than your opponent but also the fact that at any time you can TP bot or drake and collect a few kills is too much. Fact is you just cannot punish hard enough a TP laner unless he does huge missplays and this becomes more and more obvious the higher you climb on the elo ladder.
look at your downvotes... they speak for themselves
: Skin costs
So, if skins are free, how exactly is Riot going to make money? They need some income for the maintenance of the game, or they would have to make it pay2win, which I would really hate.
Fissure (EUNE)
: Teleport being too strong
Not really... do you know how much 240 seconds is? That's 4 minutes. So, lets say you force out the enemy at around 5 mins, he will tp and have it back up at minute 9. Even if he used it immediately, he would only have it back at minute 13, and then the laning phase is already over. So, two TP's during a whole laning phase. To me, that doesn't seem very strong. Also, you forget a couple of things. First of all, you kinda misplay when your enemy can soak up so much farm after being forced back / killed. Have you ever heard of shoving waves in? Basically, every time you force out your lane opponent and you wanna back yourself, just push as hard as you can. Once the enemy minions are dead, you recall. Your ally minions will walk into the tower and die. Even if your enemy uses TP, he wont get all of them because he has to heal first, buy items and then wait 4 secs for TP. This gives you enough time to walk back to lane. Taking ignite allows you to outduel your enemy, giving you advantages through killing bounty and being able to farm freely. TP'ing back to lane will never give your opponent as much gold as a kill and free minions that you get from ignite. Also, lets measure how much time TP saves. TP'ing back to lane takes 4 seconds. Walking back takes up to 30 seconds. Thats a difference of 26 seconds. The average top laner needs around 30 seconds to clear a whole minion wave. New waves spawn every 30 seconds. You see? You lose one, or maximally two waves, and your enemy laner will have to use a summoner for that. Not worth in my eyes. Last point: I don't think that TP should be nerfed in any way. It's a good alternative to ignite (basically the only one, champs like malph or nasus who will just farm just can't take ignite) and it should always be. TP was unused before it got buffed, and I'm happy to see it being viable.
badezari2 (EUW)
I'm not from Riot, but no, theres probably no chance. One big part of ARAM is that your champ is chosen at random, and this is just something that contradicts every competitive aspect.
: Playing kalista and yasuo
Yasuo flat ad reds, armor yellow, mr blue, ad quints, 21/9/0 masteries. Start dorans, rush stattik shiv, go for vamp scepter if youre up against poke, then either mercs if they have cc or berserkers greaves. After that, go IE and then complete your lifesteal item (i prefer bloodthirster, but botrk is better against tanks). Go last whisper for armor pen and then finish with a defensive item, preferably guardian angel or banshees.
jaexiste (EUW)
: free games
advertising other websites... this post will get deleted within minutes
You will realise that if URF is available permanently, people will stop playing it after a while because it gets boring. A lot of the fun in URF also comes from the fact that its a special mode.
: Random
Uhm... how is that supposed to work? How do you think that somebody is going to accept you in their team when you haven't even chosen a champ?
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Is there a way to disable those worlds notifications?
Yep, there is. Go to settings in your client (the little gear wheel) and click on the box with "enable worlds notifications". The tick in the box should disappear.
: After all these trolls, feeders...
typical bronze player #stayclassy
: League puns throw 'em at me.
you stole all of them from reddit rite? Not really {{champion:75}} sarry
lqeorugh (EUW)
: league of legends in ps vita
: ww ult should be meele range.
Yea, but what else does he have? After using his ult, WW has no damage. And if your team is not completely stupid, they will peel for you and shut down WW when he ults
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: Just an idea.
I never had any problems with champions I didn't like. Basically, play them in free week and you will notice if they're worth buying. I'd rather save my refunds for skins.
: Nerf ekko?
Let me guess... you played a game vs an Ekko and he got pretty fed and dominated the game. Please, stop judging champs based on one game where they were strong, because Ekko is not broken or OP at all.
: 1. Agree. Although they should give mastery points in ARAM at a lower rate compared to SR, because ARAM is basically a simplified version of a Summoners Rift match (no laning phase, no objective control, etc.), hence the less points for playing it, compared to SR. 2. Disagree. All RANDOM All Mid. If everyone gets plenty of rerolls to get their preferred champ, it's not so random anymore. 3. I'd like to add one more suggestion, regarding ARAM queue dodgers. Whenever you enter an ARAM queue and get a random champ, that champ should get "locked" to specific player. If that player dodges, next time he reenters ARAM queue, he should get exactly the same champ he had when he dodged. That would eliminate the point of dodging games when you get an unfavourable champ.
Yea, number 3 seems like a good idea. To number 2, I would already like it if you had the assurance that you can't get a champ that is worse than the one you have now when you reroll.
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: Because I want to speak in the chat, gives it more _**"immersion!"**_
just create a new account... I feel like you're just searching a weak excuse to get unbanned
: disgusted
How exactly did those two know that your partner was a girl? Did she say that? Because thats kinda pathetic.
: RIOT Please Unban my me on you're riot games channel!
why do you need to get unbanned for worlds? you can watch them anyways, even when youre banned.
Tröll (EUW)
: Permanent ban
Dude... insulting those who take their time to answer your thread won't get you unbanned. Imo, the ban was completely justified, and I'm sure there were more occasions than just this one where you flamed. Also, a Rioter won't join in on this complete flame war that you're doing on here
Noibla (EUW)
: Dear Kennen and Aatrox from the last game:
Yeah, those two will surely read this.
: hilfe
Also erstmal postest du es am besten im deutschen Forum, sonst kriegst du keine Hilfe.
: hilfe
Also erstmal postest du es am besten im deutschen Forum, sonst kriegst du keine Hilfe.
: update
check your internet dude. for me, it took less than 10 mins.
: because karma is the new "Spearbot" now that nidalee is nerfed to oblivion
lol nope. Karma Q has half the range of a Nid spear and does less damage. Karma is mostly a support that deals decent, but not overpowered damage. She has way more utility than just being a "spearbot"
: It's not balance if all of Mordekaiser's power comes from his Q. It's not balance if Katarina can only be countered if somebody happens to have a stun or disable and is closeby. Which will occur 2/10 of the time, unless people leave their role solely to disable Katarina. It's especially tough because of Katarina's passive. I'm not crying for a nerf, I'm just saying we should all abandon our lane to help mid disable Katarina's ult. :) I love how high elo people become pretentious and gloat towards people who know how to play games for fun. Surely, in normals, only few know how to stop Katarina. So pretty much any normal game becomes unplayable if it has Katarina in it. Which is every game.
Kata is weak to kiting, especially early. At Morde, I agree, he is a mess of a champ
ZseLotH (EUNE)
: Few options here Either you played but dont remember or some one else has access to your account which is alarming. Dunno why someone would log random account just to sit through a game pressing buttons unless they were stealing a post game lobby skin from you. Or the game itself issued you into random game as a afker(what?)
I dont think anybody has access to my acc, I think it might be something with games being started even though someone left duing champ select
: Riot's process of thought.
I love when low elo people complain about balance while they have no idea of it. Yes, the juggernauts were a little too strong, but other than that, the game is extremely balanced right now. If you have problems with Kata, go learn how to play against her instead of crying for a nerf.
: Nidale FOTM 300k DPS BUILD. 100% WIN RATE. Free Autowin. OMEGA FREE ELO CHAMP. NEW META!!!
uhm... are you really complaining about Karma? Really? Karma is super weak and has probably lower winrate than Nid. Also, Nid is very strong atm, you just have to play her right. She is no longer the spear bot that she used to be, now she is more of an assasin that deals incredible damage and is very annoying. I think the last thing we need is a Nid buff or a Karma nerf. Stop judging champs based on one game where you were playing Nid and got stomped by an enemy Karma...
Hi Im Tsaki (EUNE)
: you said it by your self i cant compare yasuo and trynda because they have different playstyle and your right.you have to know what to do with yasuo and you will have high reward.but with trynda? high reward and you don't have to do something at all... man don't get me the wronk way. i don't have a problem when i'm playing vs trynd :D if he picks first i'm happy with it because i know his weaknesses but in team fights its not the same we cant just looking at the whole fight how you will counter trynda because he has a team too, to help him fk your carries trust me.and when he split push must go 2-3 guys to stop him... is this real?. i just don't want to exist champs like him only 'hits,hits,hits,and with passive all hits are crts' :D his only hits and have this passive.think about it -.-. and that you said the super-fed trynda ofc he will be because he is op :))))).if you think that you will counter him and that's all i won the game your dreaming,he can just def under turret with his no 'op' heal and just farm until finish 1-2 and then you will see the pain.trust me,you need to see the champ.i have a friend that he maining trynda at plat 3 and he can snowball the lane or he can def until take his items or he can totally lose the lane but to lose the lane its kinda hard because i saw him at many games.at least at plat he can also carry,and i dont care about trynda i have some much time to see trynda enemie,but i dont want to exist this champs.fiora was one like him but as you see they rework her and she's still strong but you have to know how to play her from now on,because she is harder than the old one,that's all.
Yes, those champs are annoying, you're right. But please man, don't ever say that Tryn is OP again, because he surely isn't. Just ask anyone that is high elo, a streamer or someone, they all will tell you what I told you. He is weak, has a lot of counterplay and playing him just doesn't pay off, you could better pick someone else. The amount of downvotes on your post shows that I am not the only one thinking like this.
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