: Also silver 4, my go-to ADC is Ashe, but I also like to play Jinx, Tristana, Lucian and a few others. :)
hey there, I will add you in game and we should have a practice :)
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: how many people in team, play times are set or flexible, since I have a busy life... u can send me a request on the game
I added you :) you'll see when I invite you :)
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: Hi there, i'm a silver 3 player add me ingame - iSpecialize
: Sounds interesting. Mostly a support main, however can do ADC and mid as well. Silver 2 this season. Gold 5 last season. Add Ahri the Kumiho in-game. Support: {{champion:99}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:103}} ADC: {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} Mid: {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} (Unconventional/Funpick supports: {{champion:84}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:92}})
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Riioll (EUW)
: **IGN:** Riioll (means the sewage in my country, however this does not mirror my play ofc :P) **Age:** 16 **Rank:** Currently silver IV (but i find solo q not enjoyable to play, so that why im looking for a team) **Availability:** All day, unless im at school or at my work. **Time Zone:** (CEST) Central europian summer time **Server: ** EUW **Communication:** I have skype and teamspeak, and i have a logitech g430 headset. **Me as a player:** I know alot about the top lane, from powerspikes to matchups. Which ofcourse works in my advantace. My english is pretty good, i made some grammar mistakes maybe in this post but i can speak it very well. On top lane i like to play tanks, because i want to be that wall for my team where the adc and the midlaner can work from behind. **Champions i use on top: ** {{champion:268}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:76}} **Oh, and i use nasus also :d** {{champion:75}} {{item:3070}}
: **IGN**: MrsMermaid2000 (I'm a male, the summoner name is due to a long story and an inside joke with an old friend.) **Age**: 14. (15 very soon) **Rank**: Platinum 3. **Availability**: Usually on for a majority of the day, unless I'm at school. **Time Zone**: GMT +0. **Server**: EUW About me: I have Skype and a working microphone. I have an extensive knowledge of League and how to efficiently analyse and help correct someone's gameplay, and am quite adaptable and mostly friendly. I want a ranked team to be in that has a friendly environment, whilst trying to help eachother improve and strive to get better at the game. I will happily go top lane, since I've played there and mained the role infrequently over a long period of time, and I can easily learn and pick up new champions.
Sounds very good. We are looking to assist each other and get better. We have a very new player who we are guiding your input would be great with that.
: Anyone else tired of putting 70% of the team's wards down?


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